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  1. Marsh upped his value dramatically the last month of the season, IMO. I don't move him unless it is as the centerpiece of a deal for a very good rotation piece with at least 3 years of club control (or an ace with at least 2 - e.g., Syndergaard).
  2. What on earth is wrong with him? Seems odd.
  3. wopphil


    Someone is getting criminally charged out of this.
  4. Great post. The time to compete is now. And I don't think a huge win swing is an impossibility. Just look at the Twins this year (on pace for a 22-game swing), or the 2014 Angels (same). It's not hard for me to envision the team going from 90 losses to 90+ wins with a few good moves and some better luck.
  5. wopphil

    Reasons for Optimism: Starting Pitching

    Keep in mind, Ohtani and Canning will be on innings limits. So unless they bring in 3 guys, there will be a lot of innings given to guys like Suarez, Peters, Barria and Sandoval. That might not be a problem if those guys take a step forward and the offense performs, but I think it still leaves us rather thin.
  6. wopphil

    Reasons for Optimism: Starting Pitching

    It has to be three starters, the team is truly that short on SP.
  7. And for the record, I think the team absolutely must bring in three starters from outside the organization. Not one or two, three. I realize that will cost a ton, but it needs to be done: 1. Cole 2. Bumgarner 3. Odorizzi 4. Ohtani 5. Heaney 6. Canning 7. Suarez/Sandoval
  8. I agree with Chuck's point. This offense can be pretty uninspiring. If there was a way to trade in some of the superfluoty for a Donaldson type, I'd be all for it. That being said, this team needs to drop like $60 mil annually on pitching to fix the staff. Cole, Bumgarner, and Odorizzi - bring all three in.
  9. wopphil

    Ken Rosenthal: No more excuses for Eppler

    Dont forget about Starsburg. No way he doesnt opt out. The Angels need three starting pitchers from outside the organization. One definitely won't cut it, and I am not sure two will either. Seeing as how they cant afford to sign three starters, they should aim to sign a top of the rotation guy (Cole or Strasburg) and a mid rotation guy (Odorizi), and then trade for a cost controllable guy like Boyd.
  10. wopphil

    Ken Rosenthal: No more excuses for Eppler

    And it really shouldn't be a tough offseason. The need is glaring - pitching. There is tons of starting pitching available on the free agent market, and he team has lots of money to spend. On day 1 of free agency, Eppler can literally make half a dozen offers and sign the first three who accept.
  11. wopphil

    Ken Rosenthal: No more excuses for Eppler

    You get the sense everyone knows this is the last year the team can rebuild, and they must get competitive starting in 2020. Assuming the organization in fact believes that, this will be a huge offseason for the team.
  12. wopphil

    Looking back at underrated players

    Albert Belle. He was a beast until injuries killed his career at age 33.
  13. wopphil

    Where Labor Day Got its Start.

    I worked a few hours today. My way of saying F.U. to the unions.
  14. wopphil

    DJ LeMaheiu is the MVP