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  1. wopphil


    I have been a big defender of his, hoping that with a bit more playing time it would start to click. But I now think he is done as a major league player. He contributes nothing to this team.
  2. Seems like there are a lot of no-namers like this who are really pitching well.
  3. Fletcher on pace for a 5-WAR season. Probably wont happen, but it isnt difficult seeing him get to 3.5+. It is remarkable that a team with such a solid core - Trout, Upton, Ohtani, Simmons, Fletcher - is so stuck in mediocrity.
  4. How about the jackass who led police on a high speed chase into the circle. Problem is, he didn't realize it was a circle and hit the metal chains and fountain. He entered the south side of the circle, and came out on the north side. His bike remained on the south side. This was probably 4 years ago.
  5. Clearly my wife will never be a biker.
  6. wopphil


    I am in Chicago right now. Eating Giordanos. This stuff is life changing. Why is there no decent deep dish in SoCal? Seems like it would be easy enough to do.
  7. Anyone with back problems at age 20 is fu***d. This dude has all the potential in the world. I'll be shocked if he ever throws a pitch at the major league level.
  8. wopphil

    AOC Thread

    And yet i dont know that she is even on the left side of the current Democratic Party.
  9. Thaiss is heating up. I look forward to seeing what he does the next few weeks.
  10. wopphil

    Looking for a date?

    We need to return to the days of lobotomizing the crazies.
  11. What's the deal with Madero? Is he a legit prospect?
  12. wopphil

    Eppler’s dumpster diving tactic for FA’s

    I can't judge, as many of the moves I wanted to make would have been as bad or worse (I wanted Cobb and Darvish). I also didn't think the Cozart deal was bad. My bigger concern is the farm. To say it has disappointed this year would be an understatement. Guys who I expected to start contributing this year or next - Thaiss, Jones, Rengifo - have either underwhelmed or flat out sucked.
  13. Wonder why they pulled him after just 50 pitches.
  14. I fully expected this was going to be an article about the Angels getting stuck in Chicago on Sunday. I was stranded in Chicago on Sunday due to a snow storm - but I guess your odds of getting out are a lot better when you charter your flight.
  15. wopphil

    Starters ERAs

    With his right arm or using a game console?