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  1. wopphil

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Nominal price to pay. He was basically Andrew Heaney last year (our best pitcher), and a top 10 Cy Young vote getter the year before. And he costs less than what we are paying the injured duo of Tropeano/J.C. Ramirez.
  2. wopphil

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Mind-blowing to me that the Angels weren't in on Gio at this price. Almost makes you think they are totally comfortable punting on 2019.
  3. wopphil

    Optimism for this season

    This captures how I feel as well. I am looking forward to the season, of course, but I have no expectations that this team will compete.
  4. 15 runs in 31 innings? BR has him having thrown 11.2 innings before getting shit-canned.
  5. wopphil

    The Angels rotation

    Yes, I am. Not because of the talent level of our top 5, but because of health concerns (there is no way more than two of them throw in excess of 150 innings). Gio Gonzalez makes way too much sense for this team.
  6. wopphil

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Just went to Carl's Jr. On Brookhurst and Hamilton in H.B. Paid $9.14 for a regular, single, western bacon and a medium coke. Unfucking real. @Stradlingwhat would that get me at INO? Two double doubles, fries and a coke?
  7. wopphil

    Alex Trabek

    Sucks. He is a bad ass. Still sharp as hell.
  8. wopphil

    Vlad Guerrero Jr.

    What is the alternative? Every player is a free agent immediately? The whole service time "problem" - which really isnt a problem at all given how few players it affects - can easily be fixed by giving a player credit for a full season once he spends, say, 60 percent of a year on a roster. That would require teams to hold back the player into June, rather than 10 days into the season. Teams would be far less likely to do that for players like Vlad Jr.
  9. wopphil

    Matt Thaiss

    Thaiss will play if he performs and if Pujols/Bour don't produce. I can't imagine the team feels any loyalty to Bour, and #timesup for Pujols if he doesnt't perform.
  10. The premium deals as far as AAV goes (Arenado/Machado) run through the players' age 35 seasons. The premium dollars for a position player are $30-32 per year (Cabrera, Machado, Arenado). While it may not appear this way, I think beating these AAVs by 20-percent is huge. So that would put Trout at about $36-37 per. You'd have to give him a 9 year deal to get him through his age 35 season. Let's assume you add another year, or maybe even two, to maximize the odds he accepts. That puts a deal in the range of 9 to 11 years, with a total contract value of $324 on the low end, to $407 on the high end. Or a middle point of 10/$365.
  11. Probably not. I am risk averse, and Boras is a risk taker. We therefore probably wouldn't be the best match. Also, money isn't my highest priority in an employment relationship, whereas I think it is Boras'.
  12. What owners are crying poverty? I think that narrative is increasingly looking unsupported. Players are still getting paid nicely.
  13. Good, we need as many superstars as possible signing for around $30 per to hopefully set a reasonable number for Trout.
  14. Why "imagine" a Trout/Harper combo when we can actually watch an even better Trout/Ohtani combo?
  15. wopphil

    I want to buy a dog ASAP

    We gotta hit up a game this year. You buying your mini pack again?