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  1. My only concern with Canning is the walls. Lots and lots of walks. Weaver, of course, had impeccable control.
  2. Guys 1 and 3 are clearly missing a chromosome, and guy number 4 looks like the offspring of Vira di Milo and a Chupucabra.
  3. wopphil

    This season sucks so far

    Outside of the first 3 weeks, it has been a very dissatisfying year.
  4. wopphil


    My take on the immigrant situation: (1) Trump is using this is a negotiating chip, just as he did with the dreamers, to get his wall. And its pretty disgusting. It isn't much different than a terrorist targeting innocents until his demands are met. (2) On its face, this is sad and cruel. You don't need to over analyze it or find ways to try to justify it. We all should be embarrassed that this is what our nation has become. (3) Politicians on both sides of the aisle won't do a goddamn thing about it because they are chicken shit. We have a complete dearth of leadership at the moment, which is pretty terrifying.
  5. Adell with another huge night. Gotta wonder when another promotion is coming. He is quickly working his way into the conversation of top 5 position player prospects.
  6. Skaggs has been one of the top starters in the AL this year. A true front of the rotation arm.
  7. wopphil

    How Angry Will You Be if Trout Leaves/Demands Trade?

    I literally said these exact words to my assistant yesterday.
  8. wopphil

    Kole Calhoun news

    I have as much hope for Calhoun finding his old form as I do Pujols. It's just not happening.
  9. The farm has taken a huge leap forward this year. Seems like just about everything that could go right, has.
  10. I wonder what teams might actually put up the $400 mil or so it is likely to take to sign him. I can easily envision the Yankees, Red Sox, Astros, and Cubs shying away from that, given their other commitments and their own young stars who will need mega-contracts (guys like Judge, Betts, Correa, Bryant, etc.). Add the Nats to that list if they re-sign Harper. The Dodgers could have the financial ability, but I don't see Trout leaving for a cross-town team. I guess the Phillies probably do seem like a legit threat, but they have been loathe to spend the last few years. Point being, I think Arte can and will make a money offer consistent with anyone else.
  11. wopphil

    FACK!! Ohtani has UCL grade 2 sprain

    Good article in one of @Chuckster70competitors the other day. Basically said that hitting puts little/no strain on the UCL. Ohtani could DH out the rest of the year, then get the surgery, then come back and DH by the early part of next season. He wouldn't pitch again until 2020, but he wouldn't miss much time as a DH.
  12. wopphil


    I agree. I know Scioscia gets a lot of shit from this board for his loyalty to vets, but the vets have established themselves, and shown time and again that they will rebound from slumps. Not saying some of these guys shouldn't be replaced (namely Calhoun and Pujols), but I think it is best to err on the side of favoring the vet.
  13. wopphil

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    I am starting to get interested in what Fletcher and Rengifo might become. I know Fletcher isn't exactly young, but he is flat out hitting. And Rengifo is young for his league and also dominating. If Rengifo finishes the year in AAA with a season slash line of .300/.400/.480/.880 and 50 steals, doesn't he pretty much have to be a top 40 prospect?
  14. Something about his delivery looks odd...like he is throwing all arm.
  15. Yeah, I am no scout, but the difference in the two clips is noticeable. Nonetheless, if the guy can hit, he ought to be able to overcome weight issues. Lots of overweight guys are still excellent hitters.