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  1. wopphil

    How has Eppler performed so far?

    I'd give him an 8. Ohtani was huge, he has built the farm up, and the team can compete if he makes a few good moves. That being said, the major league product has underwhelmed. But overall, I think he has done very well and I'd favor an extension for him.
  2. wopphil

    Why not Gio Gonzalez?

    Another solid option if the price is right, IMO.
  3. wopphil

    S*** it might happen

    I hate the Sox more than any team, ever. Dodgers in 4.
  4. Wanna bet? He is going to sign for 6/136, on December 11. Not sure with which team. @Lou, can you bookmark this?
  5. I'd love to sign him, but fully expect he will command 6/130 or more.
  6. If he is healthy, I am all for bringing him in. And non-tendering Shoemaker and J.C. Ramirez would cover almost the entirety of Gray's salary.
  7. wopphil

    peeing on the toilet seat pros

    Yeah, we have one pink bathroom and one yellow. We are about to do a large addition and major renovation, so the yellow bathroom is going to go. But I am not sure I'll have the budget space to do the pink bathroom. It may take another couple of years before we get to it.
  8. wopphil

    peeing on the toilet seat pros

    Wipe capacity is purely trial and error. See what your toilet can handle, and test its limits. There will be f-ups, but that's how you learn. I typically go wet from the start, though if things are really muddy a dry wipe or two isnt a bad idea. Yes, there are 7+ wipe dueces sometimes. And yes, you have to sit and wait for the water to fill back up. I do have a pink porcelain toilet. Along with a matching sink and bathtub. It was bad ass in 1958.
  9. I agree with much of this, but am not nearly as optimistic as you about Calhoun. His last 37 games (nearly a quarter of a season) he slashed .159/.269/.246/.515. That's horrific, and almost exactly what he did for the first two months of the season. But I agree that we probably shouldn't spend on a right fielder. For the price of a Harper, we could have a Corbin, a Keuchel, a Kimbrel and a still have money left over.
  10. wopphil

    peeing on the toilet seat pros

    You are only supposed to flush one at a time, but my master bathroom toilet can handle three plus the deuce. The pink toilet bathroom can only handle two (and the deuce has to be flushed first).
  11. I think he was abnormally bad early, abnormally good later, and then a mix of the two the last six weeks. I think his season average accurately captured his abilities.
  12. Calhoun is done. Every major metric has fallen significantly two years straight now. He is a 4th outfielder now. Expecting him to improve significantly is like expecting Pujols to improve - it's not happening.
  13. wopphil

    peeing on the toilet seat pros

    I dont know how anyone can pee standing up at night. I can barely walk to the bathroom without falling over. I sit and hope my ass lands on the seat. And I converted to wet wipes years ago. Unbelievably better than dry toilet paper.
  14. wopphil

    Cross country train trip

    Sounds like a great idea. Until about three hours in, when you are somewhere between Riverside and Banning and realize you are stuck on the train for 5 more days. Good luck.