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  1. These are the most improved teams in MLB

    I look at it like this: we won 80 games last year, and we did it without much contribution from Richards, Heaney, Skaggs and Upton, as well as two months without Trout. In 2018, we will effectively be adding Ohtani, Richards, Heaney, Upton, Kinsler, and Cozart (health permitted, of course). These are huge additions. Absolutely huge. Upton and Cozart were two of the best at their positions last year, Ohtani and Richards have top of the rotation talent, and Kinsler was consistently a top 20 player in baseball until last year. If things break right, it would not surprise me in the least if the Angels win 95 games.
  2. Pick 6

    Above: Heaney and Skaggs both have very solid years (150 innings each of 4.00 ERA). Richards gives 150 innings of 3.30 ERA. And Kinsler falls somewhere between 2016 and 2017 numbers, making him a 4-WAR player. Below: Simmons falls to an 85 OPS+. Trout proves to be merely great, with a 150 OPS+ (his "worst" season). And Blake Parker spends almost the entire year on the DL.
  3. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Couldn't agree more. If you are going to sign one of these guys and lose a pick, you better get at least two years (but preferably three).
  4. And in Fast Food news

    When I finally got to the window I nicely bitched to the young man working there. He handled it perfectly - very nice, very apologetic, very understanding. The typical good attitude from INO employees. I felt a lot better after venting.
  5. And in Fast Food news

    Does the rain always slow down the lines so much? I am guessing the line pace is half what it normally is.
  6. And in Fast Food news

    @Stradling, just FYI, the chapman/Orange location is a complete cluster fuck any time there is a drop of rain in the air. Nobody taking orders outside, line moves at a snails pace, and dummies entering the line from the wrong direction.
  7. Are we concerned at all about Ohtani's pitching? Fastball isn't anywhere close to the speed advertised. And his control isn't very good, which shouldn't be a big surprise given some of his walk numbers in Japan.
  8. Trumped

    I hate Trump, but I can envision scenarios in which he goes down as a good (potentially great) president. He has already appointed a good supreme court judge and passed a huge tax bill. If he could de-nuclearize NK and get some legitimate immigration reform done, he will have accomplished far more than most other presidents.
  9. #metoo

    I am always amazed at the guys who can so effortlessly find a vagina (allegedly). Like, a woman can be hiding under four layers of blankets in a mermaid costume in the dark, and before she even feels the sensation of touch they have managed to sneak in a finger or two.
  10. It is stories like this that make me think no matter how much I despise today's Republican party, the brain dead left is just as bad.
  11. Another thing to keep in mind regarding the demand for IPAs: they have almost double the alcoholcontent of many other run of the mill beers. When i drink alcohol, i want to feel it. I dont think I could physically consume enough bud light to make that happen.
  12. Yep. I want to say the grocery store was charging $23 for a 12-pack of Sculpin this week. Absurd. Even mid-road stuff like Fat Tire was $9-10 for a six pack.
  13. Is he a decent defender?
  14. The guy had an .864 OPS in AA, as a 29 year old. What suggests his ceiling is anything better than a AAAA bench player?