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  1. Take a look at the k/9 rate of some of the best starters from the 60s and 70s. Guys like Carlton, Seaver, Drysdale, Sutton and Ryan, etc. You will be shocked how low they are compared to today's pitchers. Jim Palmer had a career ERA+ of 125 despite a career k/9 of 5.0
  2. wopphil

    Who Gets Called Up in September?

    I'd be shocked if Shoemaker was rendered a contract. Makes little sense to do so given his salary and health. Ramirez is another guy who is a non tender candidate.
  3. wopphil

    Who Gets Called Up in September?

    But isnt it historically the case that the team calls up only a few guys? An extra catcher, an outfielder, and one or two arms? I cant see them adding 4 or 5 outfielders and infielders.
  4. Funny, I saw the box score and wondered the exact same thing. But it would have to be a pretty bad collision to take out two players.
  5. wopphil

    Worst possible debut for Ward

    If I had to bet my life on whether or not Ward starts today, I'd bet against it. And I think most of you would as well. And that is because more often than not in situations like this, Scioscia elects to bench the player. Hopefully I am wrong though.
  6. I am not convinced either guy, especially Meyer, will ever throw effectively again. And if they do, they have more value as starters IMO.
  7. Damn, you are strict. No beer at all on the diet? I have done great on my diet, but have definitely cheated a fair amount. I have, however, cut my IPA intake from 6 or so per week to about 1 per week.
  8. Firestone makes good tasting IPA, but some of their beers are rather low in alcohol content.
  9. wopphil

    Helpful Honda Dealers

    @mp170.6, just to clear up any confusion, the guy giving us the tour said something to make me believe they weren't actually fighting the fire, but were instead stationed at various locations as lookouts so to speak. He did have sleeping gear in his truck and claimed they had to sleep back there. The interior of the truck smelled heavily of smoke. The badges were actually sticker badges. Looked like they cost pennies. And other than my wife's suggestion that they shouldn't have to pay for their dinner (which I set her straight on), nobody said anything that would indicate they weren't going to pay their dinner (or that they felt they should get a free dinner). But you are correct on the pay and the hero worship. The pay is crazy. I dont understand why departments can't stagger shifts so as to minimize OT (frankly, the Cal. Legislature should exempt these guys from OT in the first place). And the hero worship is crazy too, but not much that can be done about women and children fawning over them.
  10. wopphil

    Helpful Honda Dealers

    No longer have a minivan. Lease ended and we upgraded to a Chevy Traverse.
  11. wopphil

    Helpful Honda Dealers

    It isnt too late. According to the firefighter who gave us the tour, they just swore in a 41 year old. So I still have time.
  12. wopphil

    Helpful Honda Dealers

    Went to Lucille's for dinner tonight. Sat on the patio. About 15 minutes after we sat down, the waitress informed us that 30 firefighters were coming in for dinner. Instantly, everyone's mood improved. My wife started smiling, which doesn't happen often. My kids got excited. My in laws get excited. Our cute 27 year old waitress was besides herself. Eventually they arrived. Everyone stopped and marveled at the scene. 30 firefighters, in uniform, walking into a restaurant. I imagine this is what it will be like if Jesus ever comes back. They entered the patio and sat down. Tired and hungry from being stationed around the Holy Fire (I dont believe these guys were actually fighting the fire). They sat down. Well, most sat down. Four of them - yes, FOUR - didn't sit down. Instead, they surrounded our table and started handing out junior fire fighter badges to my kids. It was instinctual - like opening a door for a lady. Think about it - these guys their trucks, their uniforms, and their junior firefighter badges. Only the esential equipment. By this point, I think my wife is actually starting to get aroused (something I am incapable of making happen). Sadly, we had to leave the restaurant. We started walking out. We all got high fives from each firefighter. Even me! I dont know what we did to deserve the high fives, but we got them. We were parked right next to the patio, so I unlocked the doors for my family and in laws to get into the car, and I proceeded to the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, my family was nowhere to be found. They weren't in the car. Instead, they were being lead by a firefighter across the parking lot, over to where the caravan of trucks was parked. They were about to get the full tour. I caught up in time to get the tour as well. These guys weren't actually in fire trucks, but instead were driving their fire captain 3500 series trucks. It didn't matter, my wife and kids were floored. They got to sit in an actual Ford F350 - like the kind they sell at every Ford dealership in town (my wife has been opposed to my request to buy a truck for at least the last four years). As we are walking back to the car, my wife asked who was going to pay the food bill for these guys and suggested we make a contribution toward it. Unteal. And she is still smiling over the thought of the 28 year old rookie firefighter who gave the truck tour.
  13. wopphil

    Chicago Shooting Gallery

    Why shouldn't we? They dont kill people. You have to type in a code or push a big button for that to happen. Plus, it's our right. Says it right there in the 2nd amendment.