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  1. wopphil

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    Why not just have kept Blake Parker? Probably would have cost less too.
  2. wopphil


    This implies you got to bang your wife twice over a 4-day period. Impressive.
  3. wopphil

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    I agree with most of this. And keep in mind, Trout will be 3 years older than Machado/Harper at the time of free agency. If teams are reluctant to go 10 years on Harper/Machado at age 26, you would think there would be some reluctance to do the same for Trout at age 29. A 10/350 offer to Trout would appear to me to be a damn strong offer.
  4. wopphil


    How long do you have to wait, post surgery, to rub one out or bang?
  5. I am white. And have been registered Republican the last 20 years.
  6. I am all for border security and trying to reduce illegal immigration. But Trump's wall has nothing to do with securing the border. Rather, it's purely symbolic: brown people are bad, and the United States doesn't want them in. This is consistent with Trump's view of the world. Many of his supporters feel the same way. This is why he won't condemn white supremacists, wants to ban Muslims, and doesn't care that his government has now killed two young immigrant kids (because they are brown). Trump's America is white, and the wall will help symbolize that.
  7. This is exactly what I want to happen. I hope Chuck and Nancy don't blink and Trump comes out of this looking even worse. Maybe he will get so mad that he has a heart attack. A massive one.
  8. wopphil

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I'd definitely pass on Grandal at this contract. And I agree with @Stradling...if we spend another $15, we will probably like what we get more than we would have liked Grandal.
  9. wopphil


    This is it. Wrapping it sucks. Cant feel a damn thing. And she won't go on the pill. And I'd rather not have a number 4.
  10. wopphil


    I need to get this procedure done. I have heard mixed things - some people saying it isnt so bad, others saying it sucked. I am absolutely terrified to get it done. The mere thought of it puts me in pain. I realize I am a total pussy.
  11. wopphil

    Your concerns regarding 2019 Angels

    I am concerned about the rotation. But I think it could turn from a weakness to a strength with literally just one move (Keuchel). And I am concerned with the large number of question marks in the lineup. I'd like to see one more proven hitter brought in (Lowrie or Moustakas).
  12. He actually might profile quite similarly to board favorite Cesar Hernandez. Good OBP, limited power, average to slightly better defense. In fact, both players are even listed at 5'10", 160/165.
  13. If Rengifo could put up a .360+ OBP, steal 30 bags and play average defense, he would be a 4-WAR player.
  14. Nice list, but it blows me away that yet another list doesn't include Rengifo. It's almost as though the people who rank prospects dont even know who Rengifo is (perhaps because his 2018 was a breakthrough season).
  15. It isnt hard to envision this being a 90+ win team if a few things break right. But another good starter and pen arm would go a long way. And I am getting on board with Mous as well.