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  1. gurn67

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    Actually, I was lucky enough to see Nirvana twice, The Smiths 6 times, David Bowie 3 times including once at Anaheim Stadium, The Clash & Prince (Purple Rain Tour) once. Never saw The Police.
  2. gurn67

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    Actually, I saw Nirvana twice. First time was a month after Nevermind came out at a club in Tijuana, Mexico called Iguanas. Second time was two months later when they had gone from playing clubs to headlining arenas. I never saw The Police.
  3. gurn67

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    The Clash The Smiths David Bowie The Police Nirvana Prince
  4. Just wish Trout would get back to doing Trout-like things. .253 batting average & .830 OPS over his last 27 games is definitely not Trout-like.
  5. gurn67

    Justin Bour optioned to AAA

    If the game was 9-2, I agree that Bour would have had a better chance of hitting a mop-up reliever's meatball down the middle for a home run than Fletcher. In a potentially game winning situation, where their closer is on the mound throwing his best pitches to close out a win, Bour's chance of hitting a home run was exactly zero point zero. With a runner on base and one out, Fletcher's chance of doing something to help potentially win the game was significantly higher. If that was his rationale, I'm dumbfounded.
  6. gurn67

    Ongoing NBA Thread

    I wonder who Linda Rambis is going to pick?
  7. So far in 2019. Albert Pujols the 1B: 66 AB 8 HR 15 RBI .682 SLG 1.015 OPS Albert Pujols the DH: 67 AB 0 HR 6 RBI .239 SLG .499 OPS
  8. gurn67

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    I don't know what's more painful to watch. Felix pitching as a shell of his former self, or Albert hitting as a shell of his former self. At least Mariners fans got 7 years of great pitching from the King. Angels fans got 4 months of great hitting from El Hombre.
  9. Bour should come out to the Addams Family theme to get back to his roots when he played Pugsly as a boy.
  10. As horrible as this team has played at times, it's incredible that they're only 3 games out. Seattle finally started to play like expected. The A's proving that last year was one of those years where everything during the regular season that could go right, did. Biggest surprise in the division thus far, after Seattle's ridiculous start, is that Houston isn't at least 5 games up right now.
  11. La Stella now has an OPS of .903 and is leading the Angels in HR's & RBI's. He's got more home runs (7) than strikeouts (5) and has walked more than twice as much as he has struck out 11 to 5. Playing a position that has been an offensive black hole for this team since Howie was traded.
  12. gurn67

    Gameday 4/27 Angels @ Royals

    Glad to see Bour's in there behind Trout. That will definitely keep Trout's OBP over .500. Because of zero protection behind him,Trout's OBP with runners in scoring position is .722 with only 6 actual at bats! In comparison, Simmons has 35 at bats with runners in scoring position. Where are you Shohei? Please come back!
  13. gurn67

    Lucroy & Smith

    If incompetent umpires were allowed to be fired, or demoted, for not knowing that a strike is based on where it was thrown, not where it was caught, this stat would be meaningless. Bring on the machines!!!
  14. gurn67


    If he's on the bench tomorrow, then Scioscialism still lives!
  15. gurn67

    Do you miss Scioscia yet?

    It's kind of like asking someone whose second marriage is starting to go downhill whether they miss their first spouse. In most cases, the answer is still no.