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  1. Freese & Salas for Bourjos & Grichuk trade revisted 5 years later. My reaction at the time is I wanted Freese because he's a winning player, but I wanted no part of Salas the human gasoline can. Most importanly, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous to give up on Grichuk so quickly, and was a perfect example of why the Cardinals front office has consistently been superior to the Angels front office.
  2. gurn67

    Rest In Peace Paul (Pablo) Smith

    That's horrible news. Life's way too short. For those of you fortunate enough to still have your dad around, give him a call today.
  3. If Albert would retire, that would probably move them into first place.
  4. gurn67

    Why haven't Harper and Machado signed yet?

    I know neither one is going to have to go the Moustakas route, but it would be the funniest thing ever.
  5. When Ohtani gave the interview in Japan a couple of weeks ago saying how much he looked forward to facing Kikuchi, I figured he knew they weren't going to be teammates.
  6. He's got a career OPS of .539 in Oakland Coliseum. I'm sure he's thrilled to be going anywhere else.
  7. gurn67

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    I'm not sure why, but today I had a flashback to this infamous day in Angels' history.
  8. gurn67

    Yusei Kikuchi Maybe I'm reading too much into this, or maybe they left that part of the interview out, but Ohtani never says a thing about playing with Kikuchi. Only, about hoping he faces him as a hitter.
  9. gurn67

    Why the Angels won't sign Yasmani Grandal

    The Mets agree as well.
  10. gurn67

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Don't overpay for catchers. Defense is what matters at that position. I'd rather get Maldonado back at a fraction of the guaranteed money that Ramos & Grandal are going to get.
  11. I hope that means that if Albert doesn't go back to his pre-2017 numbers against lefties, he'll be riding a lot of pine. However, I highly doubt it. 2017-2018 Pujols against LHP .217 BA .353 SLG
  12. Now they have two first basemen who can't hit lefties.
  13. Baines never even had ONE season where he was one of the top 15 players in baseball.
  14. gurn67

    Napoli Retires Mike Napoli post-2010: 52 post-season games. 1 World Championship. Angels post-2010 3 post season games.