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  1. Stassi makes Mathis look like Johnny Bench.
  2. gurn67

    Six man rotation in 2020?

    Since they don't seem to have anyone that they trust to face the same hitter 3 times in one game, maybe they'll have to go with that "rotation" the Rockies tried at one time. The Rockies had each pitcher throw every fourth game, Everyone became a long reliever that would each go 3 innings. a starter, a middle man and a finisher. Then they had a closer if needed. I'm joking about doing that, but in over 50 years of watching this team, I've never seen the starting pitching this bad.
  3. So, 4-20 meets 4-12. Good thing they don't have ties in baseball. Somebody has to win. Right?
  4. 10 of their first 21 games against Houston including 7 at Minute Maid.
  5. gurn67

    The age of our rotation

    Last time I checked, half of the Angels' pitching staff is made up of 1 inning guys, and half is made up of 4 inning guys (if we're lucky). Having a rotation would be nice, but we don't get to have nice things.
  6. Chad Curtis. this isn't so great an idea after all.
  7. gurn67

    We're not done yet

    Since the blown home plate call in the extra inning game against the Orioles, the Angels have gone 2-10 and been outscored 78-39.
  8. gurn67

    Get ready for Zack Godley

    Blue Jays grabbed him.
  9. gurn67

    Here's the thing: Mike Trout is the GOAT

    Now on pace for 54 Home Runs this season. If he averages 37 home runs over the next 6 years, he becomes only the third player besides Foxx, and AFRAUD, to hit 500 before his 34th birthday. By the way, Pumpkinhead didn't hit his 500th until he was almost 37.
  10. gurn67

    Time to Abandon the Opener

    Right now they don’t have ANY good pitchers. Fixed
  11. gurn67

    Get ready for Zack Godley

    I think he'll get claimed one of the 11 teams with a worse record than the Angels. He makes almost the minimum, and he's had success before. If it doesn't work, they can just non-tender him.
  12. He ended up with a single, double, two walks and 3 runs scored. Exactly what you want from a leadoff hitter.
  13. gurn67

    Angels DFA Jonathan Lucroy

    Or, they could have signed Grandal for a year, and picked up a few veterans off the scrap heap with what was left of the $34M. At least they would have invested in something solid, and gambled with the rest. instead of spending all of that money on lottery tickets and getting nothing in return.
  14. gurn67

    Angels bring up Adam McCreery

    I thought he froze to death at the end of The Thing.
  15. It's been five full seasons since the Angels have had consistent, reliable starting pitching. It's been four full seasons now since the Angels have had even one good, reliable starting pitcher (Richards 2015). It's been a lot of wishing and hoping since then to put together even a decent starting staff, and one of those hopes is now tragically gone forever. I'm sorry, but I still see nothing on the roster, and at the upper levels of the minor leagues, other than guys who have to come back from serious injuries, and/or have no proven track record of success at the Major League level. The good news is the offense should be okay, but they can't just keep counting on the bullpen to give them four, five, six innings every single night.