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  1. Related to the Skaggs controversy or something else? Haven't been aware of this
  2. For all the criticism of Scioscia he seemed to at least keep the team together even when the injuries piled up. We never had a season under him like this one where the bottom fell out and the team just cratered.
  3. AngelsFaninGA

    2020 is going to be great

    If we keep saying it, one day it will actually be true.
  4. AngelsFaninGA

    This f'n season

    Eppler, Arte, and Ausmus have this team going in the right direction, I don't see the issue. Not to mention we'll be adding a top 10 pick this year that will join the team in 2023/4 right in time for us to win 4 WS in a row. Trust the process.
  5. AngelsFaninGA

    Bregman for MVP

    It's the same as with Lebron in the NBA (up until recently at least). Everyone knows he's the best player, but they're just looking for any excuse to vote for another player out of boredom/fatigue/etc
  6. AngelsFaninGA

    Now begins the schedule of brutality.

  7. No. We already have Eppler and he's doing fine. We're not the Red Sox
  8. AngelsFaninGA

    The Other Guy (not Cole)

    Wheeler strikes me as exactly the kind of guy that turns into a pumpkin as soon as we sign him. Getting strong shades of Eovaldi from him. I'd steer clear
  9. Eppler and Ausmus are here to stay, whether we like it or not. They will get all the time in the world and then some, and then some more.
  10. Ausmus hasn't had much to work with, and he's done very little with what he has had to work with. Failure seems to follow him.
  11. We'll probably score 8 runs off him. Then lose 13-10 anyway
  12. AngelsFaninGA

    Angels are not calling up Jose Rojas

    Not gonna lose sleep over Rojas or Ward or Hermosillo or any of these other fringey AAAA players
  13. AngelsFaninGA

    Gameday Thread: 9/5 Angels @ Athletics

    So what you're saying is we're winning the WS next year.
  14. AngelsFaninGA

    Tyler Skaggs autopsy results

    "What are you talking about, he threw a perfect game" : ex-MLB stud Phil Humber