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  1. AngelsFaninGA

    Zack Cozart Diagnosed with Calf Strain

    This sounds like a good thing. He's basically dead weight anyway
  2. Lol. The last 7+ years of this deal are gonna be fun.
  3. AngelsFaninGA

    Machado to Padres....

    The Padres never learn do they. What a hopeless organization
  4. AngelsFaninGA

    Anyone dealing with snow or cold ass conditions?

    I moved up here about 3 years ago. Do you live in Chicago (Lake Forest?)
  5. One of our many injury prone pitchers suffers an injury. Never could have seen that coming.
  6. AngelsFaninGA

    Anyone dealing with snow or cold ass conditions?

    I live in Chicago. So.....yes
  7. AngelsFaninGA

    No more "Disabled List"

    Not 'Murican enough. They should call it the 2nd Amendment List
  8. AngelsFaninGA


    Before the first game even starts, when the lineup is released and we see Albert batting higher than 7th.
  9. AngelsFaninGA

    Is anyone else rooting for the SD Padres?

    No. Not only because they're inept, but also because they're so boring
  10. AngelsFaninGA

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    ERA under 5 which basically makes him our best reliever by default. Good signing.
  11. AngelsFaninGA

    Are we cutting Eppler too much slack?

    The Trout extension should essentially be treated as a given though. Unless our standards have dropped to A's/Marlins level where you're simply thankful that you've found a good player that you haven't alienated yet.