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  1. Aaron Judge???

    I'm seeing .125/.276/.292/.568. Plus 16 K's. Basically he's Adam Dunn with slightly more power. Nice player, but hardly a generational talent.
  2. Would Scioscia save Pujols?

    I was thinking along the lines of saving him spiritually. If Pujols took just a few minutes to let Scioscia tell him about our lord and savior Jesus Christ he'd put up better numbers.
  3. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Theme of the playoffs so far has been awful pitching. Nolasco could do what a lot of these guys are doing.
  4. Aaron Judge???

    He might hit the over even if the Yanks get swept
  5. Las Vegas Shooting

    His father was also a diagnosed psychopath and psychopathy is genetic, so this guy may have been one as well. Psychopaths have a natural tendency toward violence and get a thrill out of the sense of power that it creates. Narcissism definitely plays a role as well, these types of people think they're better than everyone else so they tend not be very sociable. Daniel Day Lewis's character in There Will Be Blood is a great illustration.
  6. Las Vegas Shooting

    Unfortunately, the narrative that the guy just snapped doesn't give the media and the 4chan crowd much to work with, since mental health isn't edgy or a divisive political issue.
  7. Hansen will not return

    I legitimately didn't know Hansen was out hitting coach. I miss the days when we complained about Hatcher every game.
  8. Thoughts and Prayers

    Frankly, it's a labeling issue and I've never understood why communism appears on the left, right alongside anarchy (which is pretty much a polar opposite). Communism has always been considered a far-left ideology but in practice communist dictatorships have basically been identical to far-right dictatorships like Germany and Italy, as well as theocracies, in that they're all characterized by a highly centralized authority and suppression of individual rights. Going by Wiki, leftism is defined by concepts such as "equality, fraternity, rights, progress, reform, and internationalism," while right-wing ideologies are defined by "authority, hierarchy, order, duty, tradition, reaction and nationalism." Communist regimes clearly resemble the latter. When Marx describes the 3 phases of communism, in phase 2 "A dictator or elite leader (or leaders) must gain absolute control over the proletariat. During this phase, the new government exerts absolute control over the common citizen's personal choices -- including his or her education, religion, employment and even marriage. Collectivization of property and wealth must also take place." Then in phase 3, all non-communists are eradicated, wealth is magically redistributed to the people, and everyone sings kumbaya. But this has been proven to be practically impossible for obvious reasons and as such communist dictatorships just stop at step 2, in which they resemble their far-right counterparts. Communism was never even meant to be practically implemented in full, it was just used as a selling point by aspiring dictators to rally the working class and win power. So I get that ideologically it differs from the far-right, I just don't think it makes sense to label an ideology that's blatantly flawed and likely even intentionally misleading based on what it's "supposed to be."
  9. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Twins pitching is pretty bad. They have the worst team ERA out of any of the playoff teams, even worse than Colorado.
  10. Las Vegas Shooting

  11. Las Vegas Shooting

    The girlfriend was born in the Philippines, so it makes sense for her to visit family there. Would be interesting to know where exactly she was visiting, as most terrorist activity there has occurred in the southern islands
  12. Las Vegas Shooting

    I think it depends on the medium as well. Can't speak for radio since I don't listen to it but traditional TV news and their online sites tend to lean left, while online platforms (Reddit, Yahoo, even Facebook), tend to lean right, which explains Trump's ability to rally his voter base through those channels.
  13. Las Vegas Shooting

    I read something recently along the lines of "the moment you fix something, you become useless." The Dems have been doing it to the inner cities for years, and the Repubs have been doing it to the poor whites for years. A poor, uneducated, and thus dissatisfied voter base keeps the political machine rolling.
  14. Thoughts and Prayers

    Socially, yes.
  15. Thoughts and Prayers

    But Trump would never go after the people making the argument that they need guns to protect themselves from the government, because that's his voter base. The irony is that the type of authoritarian regime that would turn against its people is exactly the type of regime that hardcore gun owners aren't likely to be threatened by, since most of them lean right.