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  1. AngelsFaninGA

    Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Oh hey I was right about something. Pessimism does pay off after all
  2. AngelsFaninGA

    Dipoto vs Eppler

    I mean comparing Eppler to Dipoto is low hanging fruit because Dipoto was so awful. Eppler is pretty meh though.
  3. AngelsFaninGA

    The Official MLB .Gifs & Video thread

    Decent speed and cutting ability. Raiders just signed him to a 3 year deal
  4. AngelsFaninGA

    Brad Ausmus: "It's a performance based game."

    Because they're friends
  5. AngelsFaninGA

    Brad Ausmus: "It's a performance based game."

    This is the standard "we need to be more accountable" spiel used by upper management in many organizations where that accountability only applies to lower level employees. See Jeter and the Marlins as another example of that
  6. AngelsFaninGA

    Justin Bour optioned to AAA

    Yeah this was exactly what Tigers fans told us. He's surly and kinda dumb Like your typical Brad/Chad trying to manage a baseball team...oh wait his name is Brad after all
  7. This is a good lineup. Which probably means we'll get no-hit
  8. AngelsFaninGA

    The Angels shine in K-BB% versus wOBA

    The fact that we're about average in wOBA could indicate that we're simply exchanging strikeouts for weak contact in some cases. That could just be an intentional approach as opposed to an indication that our offense is better than it looks or anything like that. At the end of the day the starting pitching is still the issue though.
  9. Yes. He projects as a bench player and is better than Bour, who hasn't adjusted to major league pitching playing 2 or 7 days a week. Otherwise trade him, because with Pujols and Ohtani in the fold there's no room for a 1B in the pipeline until 2022.
  10. Except that Albert is here for 2+ more years and generally plays through injury.
  11. Which is exactly why you bring him up as a bench bat, because he doesn't project as a regular.
  12. Thaiss most likely projects as a bench bat anyway. He's probably a better bench bat than Bour.
  13. AngelsFaninGA

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Orioles 5/10/19

    Outside of Bour this is a solid lineup. They'll need about 12 runs to overcome Cahill though
  14. 2019: Albert saves young boy's life 2052: Young boy becomes next dictator of Mongolia, eradicates 60% of population
  15. AngelsFaninGA

    Eppler's Signings This Year

    I mean yeah, signing a shitty player for multiple years is worse than signing them for one year. We've just chosen the next worst option. Would be kinda neat to sign a good player sometimes though. There are teams out there that are doing so and winning games so it's possible. Maybe we'll be one of those good teams one day, would be cool.