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  1. Has anyone played their way on/off the roster?

    Pretty much every pitcher except Richards has played himself off the roster.
  2. Gameday: 3/3 Angels vs Mariners

    Hopefully for another team or out of the bullpen. I'd still like to see us add Lynn/Cobb and move Skaggs to the pen. He's awful
  3. Skaggs extremely overrated IMO

    Skaggs is still riding his top prospect status from like 6 years ago. Any other pitcher with his profile would have been forgotten about by now.
  4. Fire Scioscia

    Too early? It's already been a full game! We may already be too late
  5. Hosmer to Padres- 8 years

    Tatis Jr is probably another 2+ years away from the majors. He struggled in AA last year. Plus, what productive hitters have come through their system in the last 20 years? The three best hitters their system produced in that time span (Rizzo, Turner, Gyorko) have all had their success with other teams. That organization is hopeless
  6. Hosmer to Padres- 8 years

    Why sign a 28-year old to a massive contract when you're in the beginning stages of a rebuild? This is one of the dumbest signings in recent history and I'll bet the Padres will try to unload him before the beginning of next season. Reminds me of when the Marlins signed Jose Reyes in 2012.
  7. Another Mass Shooting

    We just need to arm everyone with aircraft carriers and fleets of imperial star destroyers and this will never happen again. It's our right as Americans to command vast intergalactic fleets that we can deploy against our neighbors in self defense.
  8. The Official Vladimir Guerrero - Hall of Fame thread

    I remember being so excited when we got him, never thought we had a chance. And the one time the Angels played in Atlanta I never got to see him play because that asshole Red Sox pitcher (Beckett probably) broke his hand and he was out.
  9. Yelich Dissatisfied in Miami

    The Marlins are also a complete dumpster fire in sell mode so they'll trade him for much less than what he's worth. I doubt we get him but I'd bet the final price for the team that does is shockingly low, like a top 100 prospect + spare parts.
  10. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    That's an obscene contract. Rockies will regret it.
  11. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    How is Bieksa still in the league? I remember owning him on my fantasy 14 years ago
  12. New Senate Tax Plan

    It says mine will go down about 2.5% if I do itemize, 4.3% if I don't. Not sure what that means.
  13. Closer?

    Parker is the obvious choice. Bedrosian is a headcase, Middleton is way too hittable, and Johnson struggled in the role last year so he'd need to earn his way back.