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  1. Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    You never bothered to address my point, you just brought up a strawman and are now demanding I address it. And yes, he was "good." In the sense that as a 32-year-old failed starter who has a career 4.96 ERA as a reliever, he pitched well for a couple of months and then turned into a pumpkin. Great, we got a couple of good months out of him and then you move on. Hell, Jepsen had one good year for us and has a better career track record in relief than Norris, and everyone hates him. We're not talking about Kimbrel/Jansen/Chapman/etc here, we're talking about a guy who only took over at closer because Bedrosian and Street were injured. Why this insistence on shoehorning him into the closer role, especially after one clean appearance. If he absolutely must be the closer, at least give him 3-4 weeks to regain his rhythm in middle relief before running him out there with a one run lead on the road in the middle of a wild card race.
  2. Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    Moving the goalposts. His ERA since the break is 12.66. Twelve. Sixty. Six. And then he put two runners on and barely got out of the inning. And yet he's reinstated at closer all because he had a whopping one inning last time out where he didn't shit himself. Meanwhile Bedrosian hasn't given up an earned run this month, converted 3 saves last week without issue, and actually gets pulled from the closer role and put in a low-leverage early relief role. Not to mention Parker who's been excellent all season and hasn't been given a chance. Absurd.
  3. Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    Norris sucks, I don't care if he managed to actually keep his head out of his ass for one inning. He still put two runners on.
  4. Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    Should've pinch hit for Suckington
  5. Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    Because as our closer what better way to use him than on the 8 and 9 hitters in the 7th inning? That way we can save guys like Norris and Chavez for when they can do the most damage.
  6. Salas is back

    World Series Game 7, the Angels hold a 9-1 lead heading into the bottom of the 9th. Fernando Salas takes the mound, and the rest is history.
  7. Gameday Thread: 8/19 Angels @ Orioles

    According to Gameday all 6 pitches to Valbuena were strikes, lol
  8. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    Yes, because you save Parker/Petit/Bedrosian for the 7-9th. Or use Chavez, who's been serviceable in relief. Not Scioscia's fault he only has 3 good reliever's to work with, but that should make it easier to use defined roles.
  9. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    Yes, due to bullpen mismanagement we had already used our 3 best relievers and were forced to rely on a guy who had struggled in his previous save appearance. And as someone else mentioned, if use him in the 6th and worst case scenario he has a meltdown, at least you have 3 innings to make a comeback. And regarding the use of Petit, he's already 2nd in the majors in relief innings thrown, so he's been worked pretty hard all year. He should never be expected to throw a two-inning save.
  10. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    And Middleton was left to pitch to a guy who already had hit two on the night, and Beckham, one of the hottest hitters in the league
  11. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    Bedrosian's been pitching well, clean sheets in 7 of his last 8 appearances coming in and three straight converted saves. No idea why people still think he sucks because of one bad appearance 3 weeks ago. Using him in the 6th is absurd.
  12. Gameday 8-18-17 @ Baltimore.. Heaney Returns!

    ? Bedrosian successfully saved his last 3 opportunities. Middleton nearly cost us against Seattle and that's enough reason to not try it again.
  13. Gameday 8-18-17 @ Baltimore.. Heaney Returns!

    We do have a closer, we just used him in the 6th inning because Scioscia insists on fitting a square peg into a round hole with Middleton.
  14. Gameday 8-18-17 @ Baltimore.. Heaney Returns!

    Middleton = Norris 2.0. Horrific bullpen management costs us again