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  1. AngelsFaninGA

    WT Serious F Manfred?

    I think the fair thing for the MLB to do would be to rig the league so that the Angels are more successful, thus making Trout more popular and marketable.
  2. AngelsFaninGA

    Betts looks like runaway MVP

    Trout is baseball's Lebron. Everyone knows he's the best player in the league, but he'll lose the MVP most years to merely solid players who have one-off great years.
  3. AngelsFaninGA

    Cards fire Mike Matheny as manager

    I for one will welcome our new Mathis overlord when he retires and takes the Angels job
  4. Valbuena might be my least favorite Angels player of all time. Not only is he awful, he's a showboating jackass
  5. Why do people still think Harper's a good player? Yes, let's sign a guy to hit .275 and 25 homers a year but for twice the money Upton's making. We'd hate that contract more than Pujols'
  6. Then cut him already. This has gone on far longer than Espinosa, Ibanez, Joyce, or any of those other abortions.
  7. I'm worried Valbuena is being groomed for a future with this team beyond this year. The amount of playing time he gets is bewildering.
  8. AngelsFaninGA

    Richards, Trout, and Free Agency

    I think we're being paranoid and significantly overstating the effect that retaining Richards/Scioscia will have on re-signing Trout. Has there even been a high-profile instance where a player refused to re-sign with a team because they didn't keep his manager or best friend around?
  9. AngelsFaninGA

    A bird in hand is worth. . .

    The reason why there's a hoarding mentality is because our farm system is better than it has been for many years. This is the first time in a while that we can get excited about everyone in our top 10-15. Obviously they won't all turn into major league regulars but we shouldn't be using past trades as a barometer.
  10. Yep. On the one end of the extreme is the Rockies, and on the other end is us. Both strategies don't work.
  11. AngelsFaninGA

    Current DL

    Ok, that's one additional player who has the most extensive injury history on the team, and we're lucky to have gotten as much as we have out of him. Shoe and Trop are fringe #5 starters. Ramirez and Meyer IIRC were already ruled out before the year even began. Cozart has been awful. The rest of the guys on the list are non-factors. Point being that we've been playing poorly for the last 65 games, back when most of these guys were healthy. The injuries turn us from a .500 team into a .450 or .400 team, which doesn't really matter, since we're not a playoff team anyway. It just results in a more boring product on the field.
  12. AngelsFaninGA

    Current DL

    I keep seeing the DL argument but outside of Ohtani and maybe Middleton (who was showing signs of regressing before getting hurt), the players on this list just aren't that good. We'd still be a .500 team with them
  13. AngelsFaninGA

    Why would Scioscia return?

    Lol. This schtick has gotten really old. I think the final iteration would be somehow blaming Trout for putting too much pressure on Scioscia to succeed.
  14. The Red Sox or Yankees will probably sign him and he'll be hailed as a heart-warming redemption story after he becomes successful thanks to steroids. Or some team like the Royals will sign him and the public backlash will force the owner to sell the team.
  15. It's like our entire team save Trout and Simmons have figured out that perfect equilibrium point where they play just barely well enough not to get DFA'd.