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  1. 2112

    better angeles

    Wow. The cranky one was nice... The universe must be out of whack.
  2. 2112

    better angeles

    <humor> As the non official in any capacity whatsoever AngelsWin member... </humor> Welcome aboard!! And to answer your question: El Angels son muy mal. (Spanish isn't my my strong point)
  3. I know. It was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw your comment. I wasn't being mean just trying to be humorous.
  4. Yeah they get the chick all hot and bothered, then you have to wait 3 hours before doing anything about it... Its like the female guppy likes her male with all kinds of pretty colors, the flashier the better. Do you know what happens to the flashier colored male guppy? He gets eaten by a bigger fish. To survive the male has to be as drab as possible. Males can't win in this world.
  5. 2112

    Will you watch the ASG?

    Honestly, if La Stella was playing (and especially if he was starting) I would be watching it. Other than that, probably not.
  6. Could this have something to do with park factors. He seems to hit more toward center as an Angel.
  7. 2112

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Ok That's it! No one else on the Angels dies ok? Please? And to the board: We just get to be cranky whiny butts to each other forever and ever? Amen. Love you all. And @tdawg87 the above statement is purely platonic.
  8. 2112

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    That is best. My wife called me and told me and I'm not handling it well. And I'm a old man.
  9. 2112

    Wilfredo Tovar DFA'd

    But Barria, Cahill, and Jewel are all on the 40 man roster. It's the fact that Tovar doesn't have options. I'll admit I might be brain dead.
  10. 2112

    Wilfredo Tovar DFA'd

    They have 10 days, right? Can they put him back on the 25 man roster and sent Rengifo down when Simmons comes back?
  11. Do you think that velocity has a lot to do with starting pitching problems? I remember watching baseball as a kid there were several ground ball pitchers as starters. They would go 7 or 8 innings and turn over the ball to some reliever throwing 95+ MPH. It wasn't sexy, but it got the job done. Now it seems like everyone is a strikeout pitcher and goes 5 innings.
  12. 2112

    Alex Curry

    Am I the only one that hopes she loses a step or two when the water cooler bath is coming for the player she's interviewing? Oh and I'm happy she's getting chances to further her career.
  13. 2112

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    We've all seen several good managers canned because of a "change in direction." Of course that being said I see Servais staying on, at least until the Mariners start winning again.
  14. Anaheim was a Disney thing. They weren't really branding the Angels, they were branding the people trap that was down the road.