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  1. I wonder if Upton would be the best use of resources. Wouldn't it be better to sign Kendrick to play second, let Valbuena and Cowart play 3rd, and Revere lead off and play LF next year? Save any budget for pitching? They're not one McBigbat away.
  2. Seattle Mariners

    Story of my life.
  3. Seattle Mariners

    Captain Dipoto: "Where are you swimming? Get back to the ship!!"
  4. Parker Done Didwell

    I'm kind of surprised he didn't pitch in the 7th.
  5. Puello called up?

    Ok it makes sense now. You would think this would be brought up during union negotiations, but maybe they don't care. You would think a fringe player would get an additional option or two with a new club. It seems that it really hurts a fringe player. I remember a pitcher that the Angels signed that hadn't played in several years a few years back. He had one option left. After that year, they lost him when he the Angels tried to send him down (claimed by another club). If I remember correctly his career ended after that year. With an additional option he might have been able to go the majors a couple more times.
  6. Puello called up?

    I don't get DFAing him. Doesn't he have options? Pounders is still on the 40 man, seems like he would be better choice to DFA. Maybe going full retard on the bases did it.
  7. Will Simmons be a Future HOFer?

    Yeah or Simmons will go in as a Brave.
  8. Madero He looks like a young Chavez. And is a 5 inning starter in the minors...
  9. Hey, Nick Franklin accepted outright to AAA Salt Lake I guess that doesn't count though......
  10. Wow, thought I was on YankeesWin for a moment there.
  11. I was totally surprised that Hernandez was in the position he was when the Angels picked him up. His career numbers seemed solid to me.
  12. Nick Franklin Designated for Assignment

    Franklin wasn't a bad pickup by Eppler. Too bad it didn't work out.
  13. Surprised he's not hitting 8th. I guess baby steps.
  14. Ricky Nolasco Innings Watch

    I don't know a bout that Scotty. I think he'll get every opportunity to do it. It's part of Scioscia's DNA. Anytime there is a contract that is tied to innings he tries to make it happen. Been his M.O. since Ken Hill in 2000. He will get the starts and a long hook. It will be up to Nolasco to take advantage of it.