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  1. How are our Vegas AngelsWin peeps doing?

    I've been telling relatives all day that my wife and I are fine. My wife and her best friend used to go to the Route 91 concerts every year. A couple of of years ago they stopped people from bringing folding chairs and they stopped going. One of my neighbors friends got hit in the leg but he's ok. Someone was was stating the nutcase bought the guns at a local gun store, do you have a link? I don't think the police have released anything.
  2. Still a chance (update: no chance)
  3. Gameday Thread: Angels vs. White Sox 9/27/2017

    Garrett was being squeezed. It might have affected the outcome.
  4. Upton opt out question

    Wait! You used two different words there with two different meanings! We might be getting bamboozled! I'll have to check to see if I still have $2 in my wallet!
  5. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    I'm impressed with this thread - it's nice reading on a subject like this without all the emotion bleeding in. My thoughts: I thought that Kapernick had every right to kneel during the anthem. I didn't see it as offensive. What I did see as offensive is the media coverage of every 49ers game last year. The "baggage" everyone is discussing here, I think a lot of it comes from that coverage.
  6. I hope I'm wrong. Obviously you're more in tune with the inner workings of Albert's mind.
  7. I don't think he will. I think he thinks he's helping the club.
  8. What everyone is thinking?

    4 more years! If they made Pujols a part time player next year - I would be happy. Go back to the days that a hot reserve or a tired outfielder was the DH for the day.
  9. Offense down the stretch: F-minus

    But you have to look on the bright side. Uhhh...... (Now that is sarcasm. )
  10. I guess slant is something the Times is known for. Too bad it made the sports page.
  11. I've watched this for 20 minutes, and she hasn't slowed down once. I'm impressed.
  12. Valboner

    I was enjoying the fact that Valbuena was actually throwing batters out at 3B. I could see him and Cowart playing 3B instead of Escobar.
  13. So we had 4 vs Dodgers and 4 vs Nats

    Tdawg87 was on a roll.......... it's like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
  14. Elvin Rodriguez

    His arm is still attached. Rare commodity around here.
  15. Elvin Rodriguez

    I think the frustrating part about now is the fact the Angels are one of several shitty teams competing for the last wild card spot. Just a little less mediocre and they would be in.