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  1. NotMyCat

    Calhoun Considerations: Three Moving Parts

    Wow AJ a little games theory on Kole and Jo Adell. I wonder if there is a way to put realistic probabilities on each scenario.
  2. NotMyCat

    "Progress" on Realmuto trade

    If Realmuto is traded, maybe we should call him Jeffery Loria Jeter.
  3. I've noticed that where I work. It takes a introvert type to do that kind of number crunching. When new rates are being created, they never come out of their office.
  4. Jizz decreases over time. Ask any old man.
  5. NotMyCat

    Harper vs What we actually did

    There hasn’t been much coverage at all on the Angels. Most of the focus has been on: The big free agents The Yankees And the Phillies getting Trout.
  6. NotMyCat

    Angels sign Kevin Kelleher

    When I first saw the title I thought it said Helen Keller.
  7. A very odd thread. My 2 cents. Remember when the Angels signed a outfielder for way too much money and he didn’t perform and another team signed a journeyman that went on to have a decent season at a fraction of the price? This signing could be like that. Grandal could decline, Realmuto could never realize his potential, you never know.
  8. Agreed. I was one of the ones arguing that he was worth his contract - until the Angels received nothing from him the 5th year of the contract.
  9. NotMyCat

    We can get Bridwell back

    Yankees/Angels like doing this stuff...
  10. More like MarinersTank. So Dipoto is going to start tanking the Mariners after it's not working for several teams.
  11. NotMyCat

    Why the Angels won't sign Yasmani Grandal

    That throw to second reminded me of Jeff Mathis. This video does not represent what Grandal can do, but I agree with Eye Chart (Dtwncbad) on this one.
  12. NotMyCat

    Why not waive Pujols?

    I hate this argument. Put Jose Briceno there then. TA DA!!! Better that what Pujols gives you.
  13. NotMyCat

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Blash (from February 21, 2018: Traded by the New York Yankees to the Los Angeles Angels for player to be named. Hmm.... they still haven't named the player???
  14. NotMyCat


    OK I'm rising to the occasion. Do you know where all those new Nevadans are from? California. Mainly Southern California. I knew one guy that moved from Orange County in the early 2000's. He had a 2 bedroom 750 sq ft home there, built in 1940's. One with the flat roof that you put rocks on top of to keep the roofing paper down (they're all over Orange County). He sold it for nearly half a million, bought a brand new 4 bedroom 2000 sq ft home in Vegas for $150,000 and put the rest in the bank. I bet that crappy 2 bedroom home is close to a million now and has 3 families living in it. There is a huge business park a couple miles from where I live. Almost all the businesses in it are originally from California. The reason they moved? Higher taxes. The owners can make a better living here. There is a fallacy that everyone here works at a casino. Honestly it's not true. I walk my neighborhood, or a couple of the local parks late at night in the summer (it's cooler). If I tried that in the neighborhood I grew up in (in California), I would be dead. So the air conditioning bill is higher in the summer. I'll take that trade off.
  15. NotMyCat

    Alvarez to Philly

    This thread has gone, well interesting.... The philosophy BA (Before Ausmus ;)) was to have multi inning relievers. Garcia's stat's look like he's one inning or less. Is this a change in tactics?