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  1. NotMyCat

    Meow Button

    Yeah a typical cat response. Meh.
  2. NotMyCat

    Nolan Ryan on injuries

    I was thinking velocity had something to do with it. Seems like every kid that comes up throws 95 or better.
  3. Did anyone take a screenshot of it? It seems they have come to their senses...
  4. And cheap for a few years as well. Seems like a blueprint for success for any club.
  5. According to the link, Hoying had 46 at bats in 1 game in 2016. How did I miss that game on Sportscenter? I guess Texas suffers the same bias we do.
  6. NotMyCat

    So, Starlin Castro?

    Don't you think the reason the Marlins took him was because they didn't have anyone to play 2nd? I realize that the Yankees were dumping a little payroll. Or do you think the idea is now for the Marlins to tank for several years ( a la the Astros) and build that way. If that's the case, it still sucks to be a fish fan.
  7. NotMyCat

    Jerry Dipoto

    And Figgy had an arm.
  8. NotMyCat

    Angels Pursuing Ohtani

    Which wouldn't be a bad thing at all. I wonder how much stronger it would make the Mariners.
  9. NotMyCat

    Angels Pursuing Ohtani

    Bathroom issues. Take your tablet.
  10. Hmm. This pokes a hole in my theory that Shane Robinson will be back for another season.
  11. Dang it. That's a name I would rather forget. Announcer: Now pitching Mike Holtz. Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  12. NotMyCat

    Where is the interest in Hosmer?

    Channeling your inner Stoneman. I like it.
  13. NotMyCat

    Is anyone else torn..

    I guess I'm the only one that didn't like the fact Houston tanked to build a winner. Don't like the dogs either. Redo?
  14. NotMyCat

    How are our Vegas AngelsWin peeps doing?

    I've been telling relatives all day that my wife and I are fine. My wife and her best friend used to go to the Route 91 concerts every year. A couple of of years ago they stopped people from bringing folding chairs and they stopped going. One of my neighbors friends got hit in the leg but he's ok. Someone was was stating the nutcase bought the guns at a local gun store, do you have a link? I don't think the police have released anything.
  15. NotMyCat

    Still a chance (update: no chance)