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  1. bloodbrother

    Dipoto vs Eppler

    The way Dipoto operates reminds me of fantasy baseball managers. Dude loves to make a million trades. He's traded and then re-acquired guys on numerous occasions
  2. bloodbrother

    Dipoto vs Eppler

    TBF Kirby Yates became a completely different pitcher. He was a FB/Slider guy and only after he left did he develop a splitter which made him take off. Dude has abandoned the slider completely.
  3. bloodbrother

    Justin Bour optioned to AAA

    Exciting. Can't be any worse than Bour and adds another option in the pen during mopup duty or if they need guys in extra innings.
  4. Tigers fans were right
  5. Angels offense vs soft tossing lefty...
  6. Ehh, if they bring up their young talent I'd rather it be to get everyday AB's and not to sit on the bench.
  7. Canning never really had his slider but he at least battled and kept the score manageable. Finally looked like he had a good feel for his changeup today at least. Looking forward to that start where he's got all 4 of his pitches working
  8. If only that pop up was hit towards Simba
  9. woops that last one was his changeup
  10. O's teeing off on Canning's FB today
  11. Didn't get the FB up and well...yeah
  12. Good. Means he'll be out of the game soon. The fact it's still tied right now is a huge win for the Angels
  13. Can't decide who had a better Angels career. Matt Harvey, Tim Lincecum, or Raul Mondesi. All have certainly been very memorable of course