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  1. 2017-2018 General NFL Thread

    Cowboys paying for drafting Zeke over Ramsey.
  2. Looking forward to Albert getting "healthy" again this offseason. He should be ready to roll next season and will DEFINITELY be better and healthier. Woo hoo!
  3. Pujols won't sniff 100 runs scored lol. He can't get on base at even an average rate and we all know about his "speed" on the base paths.
  4. I don't think the Angels should rebuild at all. In fact, I think they should add more good players to the roster. Thoughts?
  5. Swept back to .500 reality check

    Also another $24 million to somebody who isn't even playing MLB anymore. At least the team can finally wash their hands of that contract after the end of this season
  6. Swept back to .500 reality check

    Not hard when you remember that $26 million is being forked over to one of the worst hitters in MLB
  7. Offense down the stretch: F-minus

    Well the offense was bad all season long so it makes sense that they'd stink up the joint with WC hopes on the line.
  8. Swept back to .500 reality check

    Just like the Angels have been this month heheheh
  9. Justin Upton showed up at least...

    Silver lining, Angels improving their draft position. Farm system gonna be BOOMING
  10. Gameday: 9/22 Angels @ Astros Calhoun lead off

    They really gonna get 1 hit by Verlander again?
  11. Gameday: 9/22 Angels @ Astros Calhoun lead off

    The Tigers are tanking. The Twins are going to crush them. Angels put themselves in a position where they probably have to sweep Houston to keep any hopes alive. In short, I wouldn't really worry about things.
  12. Gameday: 9/22 Angels @ Astros Calhoun lead off

    Great news. Lance McCullers will be returning to pitch against the Angels on Sunday.
  13. Next 12 Games = Season (4-8)

    Angels just need to win 2 of 3 in Houston and then go 5-2 next week. Piece of cake
  14. Swept back to .500 reality check

    Honestly, it's your own fault if you needed a reality check with this team. I'd say it should be pretty known by now what they are. I've actually quite enjoyed how they've somehow stayed in the race all this time. Granted, the 2nd WC this year is going to go to a team who really isn't any good so that mostly played a role in this but I still didn't think this team would stay at or above .500 for this long with all the injuries they sustained. I don't know how they're doing this with the state of their rotation. Nolasco would have definitely been replaced by now if they had even decent luck regarding pitcher injuries this season
  15. Are the Indians this good or are we this bad?

    I'd say the Angels have been savvy and resourceful to try and keep this heavily flawed and marginal roster afloat despite a myriad of injuries. Look how many guys have contributed this season who weren't even on the roster last year. The difference is that the Indians have more top-end talent on their roster where they can account for players missing time. The Angels simply aren't there yet.