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  1. bloodbrother

    S*** it might happen

    Yeah sorry I'd rather see the Dodgers lose. I can't stand the Red Sox or Boston sports in general but they've won so damn much over the past 20 yrs(in various sports) that seeing them win another title doesn't really register with me anymore. The Dodgers haven't won in over 30 years and I'd rather keep that streak going
  2. bloodbrother

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    Kind of surprising. Maybe Sosh ends up as the Twins next Manager?
  3. bloodbrother

    Mike Scioscia steps down as Angels manager

    Truly an end of an era and something that's best for both parties
  4. bloodbrother


    Dipoto and Servais got extensions midseason. Great stuff
  5. bloodbrother

    Gameday Thread 09/22 Angels vs. Astros

    The players are ready for the offseason, and so are the fans.
  6. bloodbrother

    Gameday Thread 09/22 Angels vs. Astros

    Farm system getting another top 15 pick. Cha-ching
  7. bloodbrother

    Rangers fire Bannister

    Remember when he won Manager of the year?
  8. bloodbrother

    Gameday Thread 09/22 Angels vs. Astros

    The good news is that Pujols will be healthy going into next season!
  9. bloodbrother

    Gameday Thread 09/22 Angels vs. Astros

    I'll look back fondly on the Angels bullpen of 2018
  10. bloodbrother

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

    Games like today are why the Angels need to find a franchise QB in next years draft. Couldn't even get a damn TD today smh
  11. bloodbrother

    Jaime Barria

    Wanted to wait until the season wrapped up before making this thread but it's been a great rookie season for Barria. 21-22 yrs old for the season and putting up a low to mid 3 ERA with double digit wins with solid K/BB peripherals. One of the few bright spots this season and hopefully we see more growth next year. Doesn't have top level stuff but I think he'll fit in well as a mid-rotation type
  12. bloodbrother

    Ohtani will win AL Rookie of the Year

    He should because he's been the best but he'll get docked for missing time and Andujar's played well all season for the most popular team in baseball and a team that's going to the playoffs