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  1. Angels sign Maitan

    lmao hopefully they can find a hat that fits Livan Soto
  2. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    They were around $20 million under the threshold or around there, so they still have enough to make another move. They'll likely look to trade some of their prospects for another starter under club control(Gerrit Cole rumors) and then perhaps re-sign Frazier for 3B or something like that
  3. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Damn, woulda been good with the Halos doing that
  4. Angels linked to Addison Reed and Zach Britton?

    the new look infield will certainly help an extreme GB pitcher like Johnson
  5. Next Move?

    I'm not sure if the Angels are looking for another SP but if they are, it likely would be Sabathia or Darvish since neither have draft pick compensation attached to them. Lynn/Cobb/Arrieta all received QO.
  6. Angels linked to Addison Reed and Zach Britton?

    Not sure I want the Angels adding another injury risk to their current collection of arms. Britton missed time last yr with a forearm strain and struggled with his effectiveness throughout the season. Add in having to pay in prospects to acquire him, and I'd rather they just look at Reed or Wade Davis in FA
  7. Next Move?

    Cron is the odd man out only because the other option is making $24 million. In a perfect world they'd be able to keep Cron and remove Pujols from the roster
  8. Angels are the champions!
  9. The Official 2017 MLB Winter Meetings thread

    Yes, they should. I think they'll be the ones who sign Moustakas now tbh and I wouldn't be a fan of that move for them
  10. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Angels RH heavy lineup appreciates another ALW team adding another LHP to their rotation
  11. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Trading Matt Moore to the Rangers
  12. Angels hire Eppler as GM

    Gotta be some other long Sosh thread from around that time about how he's the one controlling the org so whichever person they brought in as GM didn't matter. Maybe that explains why this thread is so short
  13. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Cincy's park is a hitters heaven though. I'd expect regression from Cozart with regards to his HR totals here(think more 15-18 HR). If he can maintain a .260+ BA to go along with a good OBP then we'll all be very happy I'm stoked we won't have to endure watching Escobar sail throws to 1B anymore
  14. Angels hire Eppler as GM

    Hooray for me not making a kneejerk reaction!