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  1. Oh yikes....dude was only 24 so you can likely guess how this ended. Awful news and sad
  2. bloodbrother

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    Remember when Matt Kemp was good for 2 months for them? Total dogshit now, just like Muncy
  3. I'm already excited about next season. Ward hopefully getting everyday AB's. Fletcher as the super utility guy, and then guys like Thaiss/Rengifo/Canning/Suarez all likely earning some sort of playing time. Might even see Jo Adell make his debut
  4. I know he's trying to make a good first impression with his team mates but pls don't slide head first into home on that play next time
  5. bloodbrother

    Gameday: 8/11. A’s @ Angels

    This is always fan speak with no real basis in reality. MLB FO's have analytics departments for a reason In any case, Skaggs would likely net a solid return not because they'd be "selling high" but rather because he's a good, cheap, LHP with multiple yrs of control. Teams value that for a reason and the Angels certainly value that, which is why they aren't trading him nor should they
  6. bloodbrother

    Gameday: 8/11. A’s @ Angels

    It is indeed a wise decision for any contending team to remove a 3+ WAR SP from their rotation
  7. bloodbrother

    Gameday: 8/11. A’s @ Angels

    But they could have traded him for another pitching prospect who could maybe be as good as Skaggs!
  8. bloodbrother

    Gameday: 8/11. A’s @ Angels

    Bad post and you should feel bad for making it
  9. bloodbrother

    Can someone please explain Mookie Betts to me

    More like Mookie BUTTS because he is ASS Trout #1 forever
  10. bloodbrother

    Seattle fires 10 scouts

    They are entering 2015 Angels territory
  11. bloodbrother

    The shift has ruined Pujols

    The only options this team has regarding Pujols is to either DFA him(doubt this happens) or make him a bench bat going forward(also doubt this happens) So I guess the next best thing is to just hope they keep adding good hitters via FA/trade that will hopefully push Pujols down further in the order.
  12. bloodbrother

    Seattle fires 10 scouts

    Yep. Him and Servais both got extensions for Seattle's smoke and mirrors season this year.
  13. bloodbrother

    Seattle fires 10 scouts