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  1. Don

    My New Puppy

    Ranger looks like an awesome pup. I love dogs in general, but I really have a soft spot for Aussies.
  2. Don

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    Snowing balls here currently. Supposed to continue through tomorrow afternoon. Could make the Chiefs game pretty interesting tomorrow.
  3. Don

    Your concerns regarding 2019 Angels

    Same as everyone. I’d say the bullpen is my first concern. Rotation a close second.
  4. Just watched the Golden Globes. Penelope Cruz is still like an 11.
  5. Honestly, if GA had remained healthy I’d say him and Baines end up with incredibly similar numbers. Considering the number of seasons they each played, they’re fairly similar.
  6. Don

    Connecting Flights

    Pretty sure there are still direct flights to/from SNA/MCI.
  7. Don

    Napoli Retires

    Gotta respect the dude for building the career he did without ever being a “hyped” prospect.
  8. Don

    Connecting Flights

    If it’s the same airline, I’d say 45min-1hr is fine. Different airlines, depending on the airport, I’d want at least 1:30. Dallas seems to be the worst in my experience for connecting flights. They love to put connecting flights for the same airline in different terminals for reasons I don’t understand.
  9. i find shit like this legitimately worrisome. I would consider myself left of center, but this is a bad ideological path to do down. Kind of a snake eating its own tail sort of thing.
  10. Don

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    Had our first real blizzard here in quite awhile last weekend. Got about six inches total, with winds going at about 50mph the whole time. Made travel a bit interesting for a couple days. It’s generally been above freezing during the day then below freezing at night since then, which basically means everything is covered in ice after sundown and muddy/gross during the day. Gotta love the Midwest.
  11. Don

    Mathis Signs Again!

    Agreed about defensive stats for catchers being a bit unreliable. A lot of them are based on factors outside of the catcher’s control as well. That said, Mathis has never really looked like an elite defender to me (super subjective I know), and his offensive skill set doesn’t merit such a long career. So... could it be that people just like him? Like pitchers enjoy working with him, he’s good in the clubhouse, coaches like having him around, etc...? I mean no team really expects a ton of value from their backup catcher, so why not get a guy that is serviceable in that role that your coaching staff and pitchers will have a solid relationship with?
  12. Don

    Angels Interested in Nathan Eovaldi

    Perhaps this is just me being jaded after the last few years, but Eovaldi feels like type of guy that we sign to a pretty big deal, then he’s hurt in ST, makes 4 starts in May, gets hurt again, then we keep paying him for four more years for nothing. Not saying that will happen, but these high-risk guys haven’t worked out great for us. Obviously it won’t happen, but if this was a short term not much money deal, I’d be fine with it. But the idea of giving him several years at 15-ish per feels like the exact sort of decision the Angels would make to ensure continued mediocrity.
  13. Don

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    Got our first real snow of the year here today (already snowed once in October but didn’t stick). The dog is quite happy.
  14. I’m lazy and chose not to read through the last couple pages. That said, it’s a solid joke that deserves repeating.