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  1. LAA Road Tripper

    Gameday Thread: 8/9 Angels & Red Sox: Tovar at SS again

    Angels and Rockies. Only two franchises to never lose 100 games. So we’ve got that.
  2. LAA Road Tripper

    Baseball Expansion thoughts?

    I think a radical realignment is a bad idea. Let's face it, if baseball were introduced to the public in the 21st century, it would be a second or third tier sport. It's a leisurely game that relies on nuance in a society where nuance has little value. No other sport in America is supported by its legacy and tradition like baseball. No other sport honors its statistics so highly either. To steamroll the existing leagues would detract much more than the sport would gain in my opinion. Although I'm not a particular fan of pitchers hitting, I actually like the fact that the NL hasn't adopted the DH if only to hold on to one last vestige of differentiation. So the trick is how does the sport leverage its history -- and there's a ton of value in the brand if done correctly -- yet position itself for the future? Replicating the NBA and NFL is a fool's game. You can't win that way and if that's the path Rob Manfred and team elect I think it's a long term loser. In the end, baseball has to live or die on its own merits. So I'm not sure what to do moving forward but I'm pretty clear on what not to do. I'm also good with two new expansion teams slotted into each league. Portland and Montreal or Charlotte would be my choice.
  3. My job takes me all around the country. It’s always interesting to get the local flavor across the US. Having grown up in Southern California and still live here, I’ve always found it interesting how this area gets so caught up on county boundaries. Literally no other place is like it. I was in the Minneapolis area earlier this week and went from county to county without any impact of note. No one who lives in Edina is hit with “Well, it’s not really Minneapolis or Hennepin County.” But in SoCal a different county is like a different world. Look at a map, the old kind with yellow representing population. You know what you see when you look at the entire metro area? One metro area from Calabasas to Ranch Cucamonga to San Clemente. Every other place in America would consider that a city.
  4. LAA Road Tripper


    Actually, they did. They beat Cincinnati 4 games to one and won the AL quite comfortably. But they did lose the World Series in both ‘60 and ‘62 if that matters.
  5. LAA Road Tripper

    Rest In Peace Paul (Pablo) Smith

    So very sorry to hear this sad and tragic news. I’m praying for you and your family.
  6. Regardless of the passion for baseball in the DR, Cuba, Mexico City, etc., I’ll go on record as saying that there will never be any MLB franchises in those locations. The economic, political and other logistical barriers are just too high. That’s not how the business of professional sports works. There is a reason why the Sun Belt has more NHL teams than Canada and it’s not because they love their hockey more.
  7. LAA Road Tripper

    Let’s go Dodgers

    I never envisioned a scenario where I would pull for the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series but here we are. After typing that I think i’m going to be sick. Correction: After typing that, I’m sick.
  8. I really do like Anderson’s stuff. Now if he could only throw strikes...
  9. LAA Road Tripper

    Any word on Trout?

    Just what an incredibly terrible and tragic situation. My heart really goes out to Jessica and her family, praying for them a peace that goes beyond understanding because I doubt that understanding exists right now. I cannot imagine the pain and confusion that the Cox family is enduring. Very, very sad. Mike rightfully needs to be with his wife as long as possible while dealing with his own pain of losing a friend. I'm sure Trout will be back at some point in 2018 but that is so secondary to everything it's hardly perceptible.
  10. LAA Road Tripper

    Trout Day to Day with wrist injury

    Greetings tonight from Citi Field, home of the Angels, East Coast chapter.
  11. LAA Road Tripper

    Teams you root against

    Pretty much right there with you. I could never pull for Boston unless there was a direct benefit to the Angels. Although I was always a big Scully fan I just couldn’t root for the Dodgers. Yankees? I agree there, too. I don’t generally want them to win but their fan base is much more tolerable to me than the Red Sox base since they handle winning a bit better. Also, I can’t stand Bay Area teams. Oddly enough, though, I can put up with the A’s as long as they aren’t too successful probably because of their little brother status compared to the Giants.
  12. LAA Road Tripper

    Gameday Thread 07/28 vs. Mariners

    Arcia = the Angels’ Max Muncy? OK. Maybe that’s wishful thinking. But he’s exciting.
  13. LAA Road Tripper

    Gameday 7/8 Dodgers @ Angels

    I was at Ohtani’s first home start on the mound in April when the feeling was just the opposite. The stadium was buzzing, hope was in the air. Seems like a long time ago now.
  14. LAA Road Tripper

    Gameday: 7/6 Dogers@Angels

    If he didn’t used to be Albert Pujols, and say he started his career in 2012 with the Angels, could you imagine any universe in which he would have gotten the leash he’s gotten over the years? This franchise is just way too polite.
  15. LAA Road Tripper

    Gameday: 7/6 Dogers@Angels

    Pupils Ks. Shocker.