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  1. Craig Landis is his name. A lot of people who aren't Angels fans have never heard of him, but the guy deserves credit. He has taken care of Trout with smart, and generous contracts twice now. This was done without the fanfare that Boras brings to the table. No 80 page binders being sent to Arte, and then leaked to the press. No public airing of the negotiations trying to get the public approval of a major extension. Well done Mr. Landis!
  2. Wow! I didn't think my opinion of Philadelphia could go any lower. Stupid and classless. Talking a lot of shit for a team that hasn't done anything but spend money. Disney still owns the Angels? We are still paying Hamilton's contract?
  3. Harper after failing to get Trout to join him in Philadelphia:
  4. Trout walking into the spring training clubhouse
  5. And now he's stuck living in Philadelphia...LOL
  6. One of the greatest days...
  7. Smart move by Mike. The market was not going to get any higher, so he only stood to lose value, and risk injury. If he wasn't signing now, he wasn't signing.
  8. Yes, 12/430. The guys on WFAN reported the wrong total, but who cares. That's a lot of money!!! F/U Philadelphia
  9. I thought the board was quiet about this lately. I was just about to post why?
  10. Has anyone watched After Life on Netflix? It stars Ricky Gervais, who I find hilarious, and has a Curb your Enthusiasm look to it. Finishing up the last season of The Americans, and will probably start After Life next.
  11. NJHalo

    Taking a NYC/DC trip in May

    We did the observatory a few months after it opened. Had dinner up there. Would not recommend it though. Poor service, food was bland, and very expensive. I know you said your wife was afraid of heights, so I need to tell you she might be bothered up there. If you do decide to go up top, pay for the upgrade to pass the line. It gets long, and does not move at healthy pace. You might have your fill of boat rides going to the Statue and Ellis Island, but if not, I definitely agree with Red’s recommendation of taking the free Staten Island Ferry. Nice relaxing and scenic. Just try to avoid it at rush hour.
  12. NJHalo

    Taking a NYC/DC trip in May

    If possible, purchase your tickets ahead of time for the 9/11 Memorial Museum. They sell online 6 months in advance, and you pick your time to enter. Walk up tickets should be available, as you are not going at a busy time, but the walk-up line takes a while as it will be a diverse crowd, and many have difficulty. Once inside, everything moves nicely. If you want to try something different than the Empire State Building, try going to the Top of the Rock. The view from there is still amazing, and your pics will have both the Empire State Building, and the Freedom Tower in it. My wife is afraid of heights too, but had no problem there. Lots to do in the area as well. Restaurant recommendation: San Pietro on 54th Street between 5th and Madison. Easy walk from Rockefeller Center. The best service I have ever had, and the food is fantastic. https://www.sanpietroristorantenyc.com/ Don't waste your time going to Little Italy. It is Tiny Italy now, as Chinatown is slowly absorbing it. If you are in Chelsea, take a walk on the High Line. Nice walk, and early May should have everything blooming. https://www.thehighline.org/ .