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  1. NJHalo

    Mathis Signs Again!

    Jeff Mathis was a Yankee killer in that 2009 ALCS. Batted .583
  2. https://trib.al/PwFD2pz Says it’s because the Jets suck
  3. NJHalo

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    Heard a rumor that there were threats made against the families of the NFL players by a drug cartel as revenge due to the start of the El Chapo trial. A lot of the players threatening to boycott was mostly due to fear for their safety. Don’t know how true it is, but it was discussed on WFAN today
  4. NJHalo

    New York Yankees butthurt thread

    I hope you mean New England and not Northeast, because we don't want him!
  5. NJHalo

    New York Yankees butthurt thread

    He’s trying to work his way back into the NYC market. WFAN is a shit-show with a major implosion coming in the near future. He wants back in.
  6. NJHalo

    New York Yankees butthurt thread

    You are correct that he is a twat, however, the guy hates the Yankees. Lifetime fan of SF Giants. I listened to him and Mike Francessa argue for years on WFAN
  7. NJHalo

    California Burning...again

    My condolences Nate. I hope the future brings a happy and healthy new norm for your grandfather. I hope the fire season ends without affecting anyone else here. My friend from HS lost her house in Malibu one day after thinking she had dodged a bullet. She got her cars and some belongings out as well, so things could be a lot worse.
  8. NJHalo

    Random pics for no reason

    1. Lost in Space (TV) 2. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 3. Robot from Lost in Space (danger! danger! Will Robinson) 4. ? 5. ? 6. Planet if the Apes 7. War of the Worlds 8. The Day the Earth Stood Still
  9. He did transition from SS to 2B, so he would seem to be "moveable". I guess its a matter of arm strength. https://www.nj.com/yankees/index.ssf/2017/01/what_yankees_starlin_castro_thinks_about_trying_3r.html
  10. I wonder if expanding the deal to include Starlin Castro would help our cause? We get a second baseman, and they get rid of another high salary.
  11. NJHalo


    You might want to hold off on sending them any money. I paid the full price of $800 and have yet to receive my ATM card. My calls and emails have gone without a response. DHL said without a tracking number they can't help me! I'm seriously considering getting the FBI or Jeff Sessions involved.
  12. NJ.com ? Other than myself, there are no credible sources in NJ. Remember, I’m the one who heard Jon Heyman say that Arte had a handshake deal with Tex
  13. WFAN was discussing the possibility of the Yankees signing/trading for 4 starting pitchers! They have the money, and were embarrassed by the Red Sox. Kluber, Keuchel, Corbin, and Paxton.
  14. I had read that it was available on Netflix Italy only, starting October 28th, but had not heard about a start date over here. Thanks for the heads up! I need to go look for it. I have a whole new level of interest after visiting Florence and seeing the Medici name everywhere.