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  1. NJHalo

    What are you listening to?

    Collective Soul:Saw them live earlier tonight at the Wellmont theatre next town over, Montclair NJ. Small venue, so great up close show. They performed almost all their hits and worked in some new ones. I have always thought they are an underrated band.
  2. NJHalo

    Describe this season in one pic?

    Well done. Now do one for the Yankees,...
  3. I appreciate you having my back Chuck, but I know it's not serious. It's all good so far as that. I am only upset that some narrow-minded Mod deleted the whole thread, and won't man up and explain why. Maybe the language got out of control overnight, and I didn't see it. But if that was the case, just delete those comments. I just took it as childish censorship.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Never mind the facts. Something, something, money, *uck you, obnoxious fans, etc....
  5. Pass Tried to make a legit post giving credit to the Yanks persevering over a MLB record injury list that would have sunk any other team. No one seems to know how it got deleted. Obviously a mod got butthurt and lacks the balls to admit to it.
  6. The Cars, one of my favorites.. https://www.google.com/amp/s/pagesix.com/2019/09/15/the-cars-frontman-ric-ocasek-found-dead-in-manhattan-townhouse/amp/
  7. NJHalo

    Yankees thread taken down?

    So where did it go?
  8. NJHalo

    Yankees thread taken down?

    Someone on the team would probably hurt themselves doing it and need TJ surgery. Meanwhile, the cork would probably hit Trout in the eye, scratching his retina, making him a mere mortal.
  9. NJHalo

    Yankees thread taken down?

    My alerts show Chuck responding to 3 of my comments @ 5 hours ago, so it wasn’t him!
  10. NJHalo

    Astros Dynasty?

    Careful with your compliments. You might get this thread deleted.
  11. NJHalo

    Yankees thread taken down?

    Thread is on the IL and done for the season