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  1. halomatt

    Judges are great

    I went back and re-read my post to make sure that did not write that or anything that might be construed as similar to that. I did not. In fact, I would say that rape falls under the, "violent criminal" category that I did specifically allude to in my post. However, I would say that rehabilitation is possible for some criminals accused of some crimes. I know it's vague, but, as I wrote in my original post, I haven't done the research, so to speak on this would be intellectually dishonest.
  2. halomatt

    Judges are great

    Got it. Thanks. I was curious because I know there is, and has been, an argument for "rehabilitation" over "punishment." In general, there is research that has shown rehabilitation is more successful and less expensive than incarceration and punishment. It's been a long time since I looked up this issue, but I would agree with you that violent criminals owe society a debt that must be repaid, sometimes with their life or incarceration for life. Of course, those choices also must have cost as a factor.
  3. halomatt

    Judges are great

    Curious...what do you mean by "leniency", and what do you mean when you write, "serious?" Seems like those two terms need to be defined.
  4. I enjoy both Gubi and Victor. In my opinion, they are very talented and have great chemistry. They seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company.
  5. halomatt

    Eppler Polls

    You all suck. I'm right.
  6. halomatt

    The season is over

    I don't think the Angels are "tanking." I think this team is going to tank. As in: they suck and they're NOT going to get any better for the remaining two months. Thus, they will tank, whether by purposeful intent, or by virtue of being a shitty team. I make light of it, but it will be interesting to track their record in the reverse standings. It would be good if they landed in the Top (Bottom) Ten. sigh...
  7. Supposed to be a strong draft next year. Right now, Angels would pick at 15. I would assume that by the time September rolls around, the arms of our remaining pitchers will have fallen off, and the losing will begin in earnest. Top ten, here we come!!!
  8. halomatt

    Favorite Toy as a kid

    Soo...question: does anyone still have any of their childhood crap? I still have some Hot Wheels, one GI Joe large format, several GI Joe/Cobra small format stuff (F14 Tomcat, Blackhawk?), my skate and my BMX bike.
  9. halomatt

    Favorite Toy as a kid

    GI Joes. The old 12 inch poseables that had buzzcuts and the hair would fall out if it got wet. Weird. Also, someone mentioned Evel Knievel. Totally into that wind up motercycle thing. I was also into the Six Million Dollar Man (Steve Austin) with his bionic eye and the panels that opened where you could see his circuitry. Cool stuff. Also sports and Hot Wheels and the little green army men. Star Wars shit. Man I had it all. Good times.
  10. This still creeps me out after all these years. Do you think he would still be a serial killer today, or would he save up the money and get the operation?
  11. Hehe: You used, "staid". Yah Yah!! hehehehehehehe. "Staid." "I was at the party and "staid" to get "laid!"
  12. I just looked at the replay and I'd say he got his hand on the plate before he was tagged on the head. Oh well...onward.
  13. halomatt

    Canceling Student Loan Debt

    While I understand completely what you are saying, I'm not sure that it's necessarily true. It seems as though many spout these talking points (in bold print), but I'm not sold on the hasty generalization of these groups. Indeed, it seems that these phrases are generated for us to use in our discussions with others, so that the illogical nature of the statements become fact. I owe money still, and hell yeah, if my debt were covered, that would be cool. But I'm also more than okay with the personal responsibility of paying my debt. The issue, as I understand it, is that universities and colleges have caught on to the economics of higher education (supply and demand) and are quite willing to exploit students to make money off of them. In all, I'm not sure what the answer is, but it certainly isn't limited to the demand side of the issue. The answer must also reside in the supply side, and if the government needs to regulate it due to the relative naivete of the students, so be it.