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  1. halomatt

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    Aussmunch! Meh...I don't know that it even matters who the manager is, what with all the data and front office analyses. It's all so aussinine.
  2. halomatt

    Vice (film trailer)

    Looks like Christian Bale.
  3. halomatt

    Starting Pitcher Trade Targets

    I suppose if I'm being realistic, there won't be any "ace" coming this way. If it's a trade, it decimates the system. If it's a free agent, the cost and age of the pitcher is burdensome. I would hope the Angels have learned a valuable lesson about older free agents and will not be going that way any time soon. Stick with the kids for pitching. Now Machado??? Yep, if he's willing to play third and Trout is already extended, then sure.
  4. halomatt

    Starting Pitcher Trade Targets

    I like DeGrom as well. He definitely fits the need. However, if he's too expensive, I'd look at Baumgarner. The Giants are an older team and it appears they might be due for a rebuild. A trade with the Giants might be attainable. With either option, I could see trading one of the current starters (Heaney,, Skaggs, Barria) as part of the package to offset the loss of prospects. I'd imagine Barria would be the choice due to his years of control left.
  5. halomatt

    Apparently John Lackey has now retired.

    GEEZ-US!!! I come home from work and find all you good -for-nothings horsing around. Quit foaling around and do some actual work or hand over the reins to someone beneath you who has some sort of ambition!
  6. I like this. "To the Honorable General Manager Tank, I say 'HUZZAH'!!!"
  7. It does seem a little bit like false logic. I dunno, I haven't learned a whole lot about this.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely check it out.
  9. Curious...do you know of any studies that demonstrate this is bullshit?
  10. halomatt

    Facebook games suck

    Yep. My girlfriend plays Candy Crush all the damn time. If, at any point, one of our friends gets close to her level, she spends the next two hours pulling away from them just so they know who the mother fuckin boss of Candyland is. These math teachers. So gangsta.