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  1. More Thoughts & Prayers

    I've been waiting for the image that shows the English teacher has a fountain pen.
  2. Yankees and Red Sox

    I'll take the Angels over both teams.
  3. Construction Project

    I'd move on. I bought a fixer in November and have had some issues, but what helped me was to ask people in the trades who to call. For example, we knew the kitchen needed to be done, so we asked him about the guy he uses for plumbing. (I already had an electrician.) From the plumber, I got the name of a drywall/texture guy who was awesome. From them, I got the name of a stucco guy who does good work. Maybe you should start with an architect or interior designer. I'd also use Yelp, Houzz, and Angie's List for research to help confirm any feelings or hunches you might have about people you interview. Just make sure you do your research and get references! Good Luck!
  4. New Senate Tax Plan

    Me too. It's like getting a free tank of gas every month!!!
  5. I like the Ianetta comp above, and I believe this quote is very important for Ward. He is going to need time to develop and the Angels are going to see that he develops at every stop in their system.
  6. I’d extend him for the next ten years right now. Get him to his age 36 season and everyone wins. If he hasn’t fallen off a cliff by then but still wants to stay I’d go year-to-year if he’d take that.
  7. Ohtani??

    I say yes. Do whatever is necessary to get him. He's young and many who have seen him say he's the real deal.
  8. Gordon or Moustakas

    Where is "Neither"? Neither.
  9. I don't see the Angels biting on Stanton, as much as we all might wish. Instead, I see the Angels taking another year of small bites. Maybe a trade for second base; someone that the Angels control for multiple seasons. I would also like to see this be an offseason of extensions. Mike Trout needs to be locked up for the next ten years. Then Simmons. Extend him another three/four years. I'd also like the Angels to lock down Richards, Skaggs and maybe even Heaney. These guys don't have much value out there, so why not see if they will take the security of a four year contract? The Angels might get tremendous value while locking them up at lower rates. I don't even care too much about Upton. I don't see anything but misery in the kind of contract he would get if he opts out. In all, I'd rather be patient and let these outfielders (and other prospects) get another year of development in them, and then see what they're worth in trades, while also going all in on guys like Machado in future offseasons.
  10. Chili Davis going to Cubs

    Argument from Ignorance, no?
  11. This is what I would hope for in this case. I dunno. Part of me thinks that this team should, once again, plug left field, and wait for the farm kids to develop. From what I've read here, some are getting close to contributing. Some might say we are "close to competing", but as someone else pointed out here, the only reason the Angels even made it a close race is because everyone was an average team too. What I wouldn't want is another Hamilton contract. If the Angels did extend or re-do the contract, I'd rather see Upton make more money over the same time span(four years). I'm not sold on how this particular player will age.