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    Random Thoughts Thread

    Sorry I took so long to respond. I've been having meetings and phone calls all week with parents who don't know how to enforce expectations and would rather give a 11-14 year olds (who LITERALLY have half of a developed, functioning brain) full and complete control over a smart phone that has no limits, and are truly and completely addicted to having said phone, and then having said parents scream into the wind asking, "What can YOU do to help MY child?!?!" What was your question again?
  3. halomatt

    The Mariners staff is falling apart

    I was pretty lacquered up!
  4. Yep. The Cy Young vote might indicate that there is more hope for Trout than some think.
  5. halomatt

    Harper Hypothetical

    I would be shocked if this happened. Absolutely shocked. I'd go so far as to say this is an impossibility. That said, I'm often wrong.
  6. halomatt

    Trump 2020 Poll

    Bush Fatigue?!?!
  7. Randy Winn. (Dwight Randolph Winn)
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    He’s a Hall of Famer. Albert Deserves.
  9. As long as the Contact Play is still part of the playbook, I'm okay with this move.
  10. halomatt

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    Aussmunch! Meh...I don't know that it even matters who the manager is, what with all the data and front office analyses. It's all so aussinine.