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  1. halomatt

    School fundraisers

    Can you run an after-school dance and run a snack bar? Our clubs make some decent money off of the dances. We hire a DJ and still make profit. How about hitting up your PTA/PTSA? Any grant opportunities through your affiliations?
  2. halomatt

    New Standing Prediction

    I predict a win tonight. That's all that matters. OGAAT!!
  3. halomatt

    Kole Calhoun news

    Shoulda tried, "Sixta".
  4. halomatt

    Kole Calhoun news

    The lights at home plate are not aligned well for him. Oh yes. I did go there.
  5. halomatt

    Trade Target: OF Michael Conforto

    Both Cespedes and Familia are on the DL. They'd fit right in.
  6. halomatt

    Trade Target: OF Michael Conforto

    That would be great. The Mets have messed with Conforto for years. Let's up the ante and add DeGrom to this!
  7. halomatt

    Gameday Thread: 6/9 Angels @ Twins

    Anyone find this game on TV?
  8. halomatt

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    I had the pleasure of teaching this lad when he came through our school as an 8th grader. Taught all of his sisters as well. Great kid, great family.
  9. meh. Trout appears to like Pujols and respect him. Why go after Pujols now and risk alienation from your franchise player? Not worth it.
  10. halomatt

    Gameday 4/6/18 A's @ Angels

    You know the old saying, "If it ain't broke, try to improve it so that it won't break again the next time." -Jose Mota
  11. halomatt

    Where is Kaleb Cowart?

    Cowart and Baldoquin for...I dunno. Whoever. DiPoto would wet his pants.
  12. I often complain about the wall borders available for classrooms if you're not an elementary school teacher (I taught middle school, 7-8). My buddy, who is a Special Education teacher and artist, went home and took out all of his Eighties baseball cards (absolutely no monetary value), taped them together in a row, and laminated them. Then we cut them out in their strips and made borders for my classroom walls. I called them "Man Border" cause they didn't have bees and flowers on them. They looked awesome and the dudes who came to Back to School Night and Open House would spend all of their time looking at the cards. Big hit!
  13. No hell? Clearly he hasn't seen my seventh period class.
  14. halomatt

    2018 Angels Runs Prediction?

    Scored: 789 allowed: 690