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  1. halomatt


    A bit harsh, don't you think? I agree with your opinion. I'd like to see Ward get as much playing time as possible to develop and adjust to playing this game at it's highest level. However, at the end of the day, I'm just a dude playing a dude, disguised as another dude.
  2. halomatt

    Trabuco Canyon Fire

    Yup. Pretty Hellish looking out there.
  3. halomatt

    Trabuco Canyon Fire

    We can see it here in Corona. Doesn't look like it's moved beyond the ridgeline to our side yet.
  4. It would have been interesting to see how Beane ran the Red Sox if he had accepted their offer.
  5. halomatt

    What the Maldy trade tells us

    Agree. I still remember the riff-raff that patrolled left field after GA left AND the Zeros that held down Second Base when Howie was traded. Unless the team picks up young players that are ready to assume those positions, it doesn't seem to indicate that the Angels would be interested in making such deals. (Unless of course they were absolutely blown away by offers.)
  6. halomatt

    Realistic Off Season Signings

    SELL IT!! Haha!!
  7. halomatt

    Trade proposals for the Future

    DeGrom. Not Adell, but any other combinations of prospects. After seeing how they screwed up the Familia trade, the Angels should throw in dollars to facilitate the trade.
  8. halomatt

    Realistic Off Season Signings

    Machado. He’s young (not the typical 30+ free agent) and would give teams a reason to pitch to Trout. He would go a long way toward deepening the lineup. And convince Pujols to retire.
  9. halomatt

    Where is Billy Eppler

    Playing Fortnite with Stoneman.
  10. halomatt

    Mike Moustakas

    Now begins to muse about Moose.
  11. halomatt

    Angels and Yankees, trade partners?

    Bunch of crazy talk here. I do not believe it's in the team's best interest to trade ANY of their starters. The team wants to compete with the last two years of Trout's contract. That would be more difficult without Skaggs, the Angels' BEST STARTER. I get the temptation to trade for young talent, but this team, despite the shit show it currently is, can compete next year. No. The team keeps Skaggs and fixes the offense with a couple of smart free agent buys and from the farm.
  12. halomatt

    If Ohtani is rusty...

    Seems to me the main point here is that many people in this thread appear to be rather unfocused at work this morning.
  13. Looking for negatives is easy. It's finding positives that people often struggle with the most. He's a kid. Let him be.