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  1. eaterfan

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Hot take coming: I tried McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese now that they are using fresh beef. It's a good burger.
  2. eaterfan

    Tulowitski for 3B/1B??

    Look at his numbers. He's been not good offensively for 4 straight seasons. His numbers might be passable if he wasn't making much money as a SS. He shouldn't be playing in a corner.
  3. What is a field goal? Is that a three point kick?
  4. eaterfan

    Yelich deal. Missed Opportunity? I'm not a gambler so I don't know how good a list this is, but Vegas Insider had Yelich at 200-1 to win the MVP heading into 2018. Breakouts like that don't happen often. To put that in perspective, the Angels are 50-1 to win the World Series next year on the same website.
  5. eaterfan


    They have the summer league there, but that's mostly first and second-year players who are there for the league. LA is the offseason training center for a large plurality of NBA players. LeBron, Carmello, Chris Paul, Kevin Love, Russell Westrook, and Klay Thompson are just some of the names of guys who live in LA during the offseason. They work out at Pauly Pavilion all summer. I'm sure @Lou can tell you all about that. Once again, I don't think Vegas is an unreasonable market, but it will be an expansion team or a team from a market like Tampa Bay or a market much smaller than Southern California moving there.
  6. eaterfan

    Good News for Republicans

    Fake news! This is election fraud, not voter fraud. No voter has done anything wrong. I'm just kidding about "fake news" above. Most people will know what you mean, but I think in times like these it's important to make clear the distinction because Republicans will try to use this as a way to further restrict access to voting.
  7. When I was 3 we learned bicycle safety in preschool. We were told to wear a helmet and not to cross the street, etc. I had a speech impediment so my Rs came out like Ws. My dad is driving me to preschool one morning and is stopped at a red light. A typical biker dude pulls up next to us. I tell my dad to roll down the window and he thinks I'm going to throw up so of course, he does. As soon as it's down, I yell "Weaw a helmet, you dowk!" right to the biker next to us. That window couldn't have been rolled up any faster.
  8. eaterfan


    Clark County is 2.2 million people. It's a million fewer people than Orange County and it's the only population center it can reasonably draw from. Riverside County has more people than Clark County. The Angels TV broadcast reaches from Santa Barbara to San Clemente and East to Riverside County. Even assuming everyone is Dodgers fan the current market is twice as large as Las Vegas. I'm not saying Vegas won't get a team, but I just can't forsee someone moving a team from the Angels' market to Las Vegas.
  9. eaterfan


    I'm not too worried. Teams don't move to smaller markets very often. You aren't going to find a bigger market than OC without a team already. I'd say LA is the only place I could see Arte moving outside of OC. The only reason he would have to move is if they were to kick in a bunch of money for a stadium. I don't see any chance in hell LA would use public money to help the Angels build a stadium.
  10. eaterfan


    Nevada, not Las Vegas, I mean the whole state, has 3.0 million people. Orange County alone has 3.2 million people. If Arte wants to move there then bless his heart. I will also point out that from a baseball standpoint - Arizona has the second highest elevation of any MLB team's stadium at 1,000 feet. They are using a humidor to keep the ball from flying out there. Las Vegas is 2,000 feet above sea level. It's certainly not impossible to play there but it's going to be very different than pretty much anywhere except Coors Field. Some more information - median income is about $20,000 higher in Orange County than in Las Vegas.
  11. eaterfan

    Two little birdies

    I said in my original post that unless the player behind you is historically bad. I'd think Andrew Romine would qualify. But with guys like Upton and Simmons or Machado behind him, the Angels are better with him on base than making an out. But if we're going to take this to the absurd ends with both know weren't meant, if hitting a double or HR is the best then why not seeing for a HR on every pitch?
  12. eaterfan

    Two little birdies

    So does a HR and it helps slugging even more than a double. I think Mike Trout should hit only HRs. The argument was that Mike Trout should be more aggressive and sacrifice some OBP for slugging because it will help the team score more runs. I'd love it if Mike Trout could add more power without sacrificing his OBP. Yes a double is great, but an out is bad. The difference between a double and an out is much greater than the difference between a double and a walk when it comes to scoring a run. The original point I was referring was about making more outs but creating more power, it wasn't about creating more power without creating more outs.
  13. eaterfan

    Two little birdies

    His OPS+ has been really good three of the past 4 seasons. His raw numbers will likely decline, as you point out, but OPS+ is park adjusted. He's also very good defensively. I look at him as a Simmons with the Angels type player with a higher ceiling. The offense is better than Simmons and there's room to grow. The defense is just as good as Simmons but not as productive because 3rd base isn't as valuable. But I see them as similar types in that the offense doesn't have to be great to be a great player. Average for Simmons and slightly above average for Machado and they are helping a team win a lot of games.
  14. eaterfan

    Two little birdies

    Why do you believe that? Are there numbers to back that claim up? Because from everything I've ever read, there is lots of actual math using numbers accounting for current trends and historical norms saying OBP is more valuable than slugging. Sure, if the player or two behind Trout is historically bad it changes things, but I don't think the guys behind him are historically bad.
  15. eaterfan

    Two little birdies

    This whole thing is BS. Bryce Harper doesn't hustle either. Hustling is stupid. Increase your chances to get injured to maybe get 2 -5 extra hits per year? Both guys are very good hitters, Harper is a great one. Both guys play hard on defense, Machado is a great defender at a tougher position.