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  1. I think Marsh is going to be really good if he can stay healthy. He was a two-sport athlete in high school and has been injured a lot. His development has been a little delayed as a result. He's still really young for the league he's in and holding his own. He's probably not going to be a Hall of Famer, but he could be a really good player. I think somewhere between Kole Calhoun and Tim Salmon is realistic. I think he's comfortably a top 3 prospect in the system.
  2. I think I'd have Ward and Rengifo higher, but solid list.
  3. eaterfan

    And in Fast Food News Part 2 A brewery was dumb enough to rip off In N Out's I.P. and tag them in an Instagram photo doing it. Anyway, InO responded with a good cease and desist letter. I think the whole thing was a marketing ploy by the brewery.
  4. It probably has more to do with Arcia batting lefty and Rivera and Briceno both hitting righty.
  5. Wrong. I was told Ward would be on the bench tonight.
  6. Adams was a UNC wide receiver recruit. He should be able to take a hit. Maybe Williams got flagged for targeting and was ejected.
  7. eaterfan

    I Am Pumped Upton!

    I think adding a bat better than Upton would be a fantastic idea. But it's far easier said than done. He's 36th in WRC+ and we already have one guy ahead of him. There are probably only 4 guys who I would expect to be better than Upton going forward who will be available next year and two of them are Machado and Harper. Guys who are better than Upton offensively are really hard to come by.
  8. eaterfan

    I Am Pumped Upton!

    There's a new stat where they are using statcast data to track distance covered from contact and hangtime on flyballs. That takes positioning out of the equation. However, I'm not sure whether or not that's a good thing. Cal Ripken positioned himself incredibly well and converted many more plays than most would have with his athletic skills. On the other hand good coaching could help move more athletic players into the same positioning as the smarter players.
  9. eaterfan

    I Am Pumped Upton!

    No worries. I'm pretty into the stuff, too, but it's hard. Once I think I've gotten it figured out then I realize I totally misinterpreted something. Or they get better sources of data and change their formula.
  10. eaterfan

    I Am Pumped Upton!

    I don't think either system (UZR or DRS) uses errors, if I'm correct. They basically just classify each ball pit into play. Basically they classify balls hit into play (pop up into zone 2, line drive into zone 6, etc.) and then compare how many times that ball is converted to an out. Take that Padres misplay last night. That wasn't an error but it was a play that hurt the defensive ratings because an out wasn't recorded on a play when an out is recorded probably 98% of the time.
  11. eaterfan

    I Am Pumped Upton!

    It's not so much that they value defense that differently, it's the systems they use to value defense. One values steady play over more erratic play. The other values the spectacular play over the routine.
  12. eaterfan

    Gameday: 8/13. Angels @ Padres

    I enjoyed the HR more.
  13. eaterfan

    Gameday: 8/13. Angels @ Padres

    Stat nerds are killing baseball. We need more bunting like in the good old days.
  14. I've been doing no carbs as well. Yesterday was a cheat day. Had a Blind Pig and a Fundamental Observation. It was a great day.
  15. eaterfan


    Also, Mike Trout put up .5 rWAR and .7fWAR in 135 PAs that season. Over a 650 PA season that translates to 2.4 rWAR and 3.4 fWAR. That's certainly not a bust.