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  1. Game of Thrones

    The last 2 episodes have really taken me out of the story. It's still enjoyable TV, but it's not great TV. It's a good action movie every week with a slightly better plot. It used to be better than that. It's still enjoyable for what it was but it's not where it has been. I'm not sure why they decided to end it so quickly and with short seasons if it's causing them to rush and make a worse product. Make 9 seasons instead of 8 or at least make them 10 episodes each. It's like they spent 6 years chiseling away to make a beautiful sculpture then set a two year deadline because they we're almost finished making it. Then in order to meet the deadline decide they only have enough time to use a jack hammer on the face. It's still entertaining to watch, but it lacks the artistic quality of the rest of the work.
  2. Is Mike Trout winning MVP again?

    I'm as big a stat guy as there is out there, but I agree with this. That guy makes so many smart plays that do show up in the box score (but not for how rare they are). He makes a throw and picks a guy off, etc. It shows up as recording an out, but it's a play that not many players make in a lifetime let alone several times a season.
  3. The dude was 6' 2" 140 lbs and then grew 4"? Hopefully there aren't any stiff gusts of wind.
  4. The front office got the players that got them into playoff position...
  5. I wouldn't even do 5/90. I agree with your post but would add the following. This team is more than one bat away. This team has literally 2 pieces you can count on. Trout and Simmons. I'll even throw Calhoun in the mix to make it 3. Each of these guys is locked up for 3 more years. We don't have any veteran players exiting their prime or leaving for FA who shortens our window. The goal of the team should be do what it takes to lock Trout up long term. That means being competitive in 3 years, having a good long term Outlook, and having the payroll flexibility to sign him to a big money deal. This team also has some talent in the lower minor leagues so help may be in the way in 2-3 years. Going back to my point about being more than one bat away and having only 2-3 cornerstone pieces. Every other player/position is a question mark. Why not wait in committing to a long term plan until we have more information? Maybe Cowart works out and Calhoun and some of our minor leagues flame it and we need outfield help in 2 years not a 3b. Maybe several of our injured cheap young pitching just isn't very good and we need to spend money there. I'd rather save the money for when we have better information on our position of need. It's not like there aren't 2-3 WAR players available every year. It's not like we are pigeon holed into only needing a 3B. Sign the Mike Moustakas type of 2018 or 2019. 2. I like the way the team has drafted. Keep the picks and the signing pool money.
  6. 2018 fixable fast

    I think a Cowart/Gordon duo will probably help our run differential more. Run differential is far far far more important than simply run production. I'm not going to argue that defense is as important as offense, but the run differential is. You can argue it's too hard to measure defense to get an accurate run differential. I'll disagree, especially now that front offices have more tools to measure player movement and ball speed. In this I mean being 20% better than league average as a hitter is better than being 20% better than league average as a fielder. But saving 8 runs on defense is better than creating 7 runs on offense. But to create 7 runs on offense you might only have to be 5% better than average but 30% better than league average on defense to save 8 runs. But I agree that cost ($ and talent) should be more of a factor in determining where Cowart plays than just "he is a 3rd baseman". He is an average 2nd base defender IMO and his bat will play better there. I was just agreeing with Ace that he was moved to 2nd because he was blocked. They weren't looking at FA at the end of the season or even 2 years out when they started playing him there. If they find a good 3B for a good price then keep Cowart at second. But if they find two equally good options for equal price at 2B and 3B respectively then they are better off taking Cowart's above average defense at 3rd even though his hitting will be further from average.
  7. 2018 fixable fast

    The goal is to have above average players at each position no matter how they get it done; hitting, running, or defense. The goal is to have the highest run differential. Moving him to 3rd base makes it easier for him to be above average defensively compared to second base. Andrelton Simmons in 2015 and 2016 put up 4+ WAR in each season and was below 100 OPS+. In other words he was below average offensively. Are you suggesting the goal should be to replace him with an average offensive SS even if he posts a significantly lower WAR?
  8. 2018 fixable fast

    Moustakas won't sign at a fair market price and it will keep us from signing players when this team is actually ready to compete. I'm not really for taking in bad contracts. But that includes long term FA signings. I'm against forfeiting slot money. If we're going to take on a bad contact I'd rather take a chance on a marginal prospect than giving up slot money. There is a Moustakas available every year. No need to lock this particular one up right now.
  9. 2018 fixable fast

    Yes we will.
  10. 2018 fixable fast

    Don't take on other's bad contracts and get prospects for it! Sign bad contracts and give up draft picks and signing pool money!
  11. Game of Thrones

    I really enjoyed the episode save for 2 things. 1. A giant crossbow is able to wound a dragon? These people have been fighting against dragons for a thousand years with crossbows and no one thought "let's make a bigger one" until now? 2. Dragon fire melts thick castle walls made of stone. It vaporizes humans instantly. But being 5 feet or less under water protects you? Jaimie would be boiled alive.
  12. He's definitely had a solid season. I just meant I don't think this was a reaction to him hitting .500 with 3 HRs in a week and them promoting him because of that. I think that's a good thing.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Hermosillo hasn't been setting the world on fire over the last week? I like this promotion for that reason. It's not a results based promotion that is reacting to a hot week. It's a process based promotion showing that MH has "gotten" what he needs from AA.
  14. Are we closer than we think?

    This team is also not that far away from being not so good. As bad as 1B/DH, 2B, RF and SP have been - we've gotten surprisingly good performances from LF, C, BP and SS. I'm not saying all the regression evens out. We may be a little unlucky in that aspect this year but I wouldn't expect a huge gain from returning players. I think this team is still probably 2 years away from making a real playoff run but that's not too bad. The good news is that this team will still have Trout, Simmons, and Calhoun. The farm will be in a position to finally contribute some help.
  15. This whole thread is really counting chickens. Go through any to 100 list and see how many guys in that list have become average regulars (2-3 WAR/season). Any guess on what the percentage is? If I had to guess it's 50% give or take 10%. It's lower for guys not in the to 100. I'm not saying these guys aren't talented but there's so much uncertainty with all 4 of them that it's probably not best to be making MLB decisions based on their potential.