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  1. eaterfan

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Good pick. Allows the Lakers some flexibility to move some front court pieces. I wouldn't give up too much just to get Leonard a year early, but I wouldn't give up nothing. I like Randle, but IMO he's the most expendable of the young pieces. He's a bull in a China shop. That can only take you so far and I think we've nearly reached that point. I wouldn't let him go for nothing, but Leonard is an MVP candidate, Randle isn't even an all-star.
  2. Pitching at that altitude can force pitchers to pitch differently. Maybe they pick up some bad habits doing that and the habits are hard to break. Many good pitchers have gone to Colorado and we're never the same even after leaving.
  3. Yes. But there were different rules back then.
  4. eaterfan

    Ian Kinsler

    Would you make him a qualifying offer? I think there's a 70% chance he would take it. I think there's a 50% chance he lives up to the dollar amount, 25% chance he isn't close, and 25% he provides surplus value. The Angels lose in only two situations, he takes the QO and is bad... or he takes the QO and plays worse than what Fletcher could provide even if he plays well. The Angels win if he takes the QO and plays well, or if he doesn't take it and signs somewhere else, or if he doesn't take it and pulls a Moose and pretty much has to sign with us for less because we're the only team who doesn't lose a draft pick.
  5. Mike Trout was taken in the first round. In 2009 there were 50 rounds of 30 picks. There were probably around 100 compensatory and sandwich picks. That's around 1,600 players who were drafted. Mike Trout was drafted in the top 1.5% of players taken. Scouts weren't even really able to see him play much because of bad weather in the North East that year. There are literally hundreds of thousands of draft eligible high school seniors, college, and JC players each year. The fact that they found a kid in New Jersey and took him in the top 1.5% of the draft and in the top .0001% of all eligible players in the country is a triumph of scouting.
  6. Unpopular opinion but I think the best way to ensure Trout is an Angel for life is to kill him if he doesn't sign an extension with the Angels.
  7. eaterfan

    The Official TROUTstanding Thread

    I wonder how many position players have ever accumulated more WAR in a week than the number of games the team won.
  8. eaterfan

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Woj is reporting Leonard wants out of SA. His preferred destination is the Lakers.
  9. eaterfan

    The Official TROUTstanding Thread

    That catch was pre stat-cast era. The rating system used is based on stat-cast data.
  10. eaterfan

    Trout 60-WAR Watch

    I said "there are other factors". I'm willing to concede Ruth was more dominant compared to his peers than Trout has been. But if you think MLB was better in quality in Ruth's era then there really is nothing to discuss.
  11. eaterfan

    Trout 60-WAR Watch

    I think this is getting to the point of willful obtuseness. If you can't even concede that a ball moving faster is harder to hit then there isn't much to discuss. There are other factors, yes. But look at the league BA and slugging against fastballs of of varying velocities. Hitters are far less effective against harder pitches. The reason the velocity has risen over the entire time the radar gun has been used is because velocity has been found to be a huge factor in how well a pitcher performs. Jered Weaver wasn't any less deceptive as he aged, he threw the ball slower. Here's an article about from just this week about how much better pitcher have gotten
  12. eaterfan

    Trout 60-WAR Watch

    No. But it takes some real mental gymnastics to believe that velocity has steadily increased from the invention of the radar gun until now but decreased between Ruth's era and the invention of the radar gun.
  13. eaterfan

    Trout 60-WAR Watch

    If a stat isn't accurate doesn't that make it bad? What is the point of a stat if not to describe something? If it isn't describing something accurately then isn't it bad?
  14. eaterfan

    Trout 60-WAR Watch

    It's pretty well proven players are better today. Pitching velocity has steadily risen. If you want to think about it a little more deeply, read Ben Lindberg's article on pitcher hitting over the last century. Pitchers are basically a control group - players who aren't selected for their ability to hit. The closest thing we can get to pulling an average Joe from the stands and putting him out there. Pitcher hitting has declined relative to league average steadily over the last century. It suggests that relative to the general population the players have gotten steadily better over the last century.
  15. eaterfan

    Trout 60-WAR Watch

    Nothing screams "coherent argument" like claiming a stat is bad because a player is the best of all time when that's exactly what the stat says.