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  1. Other than Maitan and Jones I don't think anyone has really struggled. A lot of guys got off to slow starts but I think it may have a lot to do with the weather. Marsh and Adams turned it around big time after rough starts. Adell came out of the gate crushing it, and hopefully, Knowles continues to crush it like he did last year. Combined with improved pitching (how much of that is because of cold weather?) I think the system has taken a small step forward. I think we didn't maintain our trajectory from last season where Canning came out and exceeded everyone's expectations, even @Lou. Suarez and Barria did the same. Ward completely turned his career around, and Adell proved he was the real deal. Sandoval was unhittable after coming over from the Astros. We weren't going to have 5 guys breakout again.
  2. Well the LA metro population is about 5.7 times that of KC and 4.7 times that of StL so ratings can be much worse and get the same number of eyeballs. Now that may be your point, but it's unclear how much of that deal is due to the size of the metro area and how much of it is due to the name. But I'd imagine Arte did some research on the issue and found it would make a difference. Also, if the Angels are drawing equal eyeballs to KC and is getting a much smaller market share, then there is a lot more potential for growth.
  3. Are they bottom 5 by eyeballs or by market share? There's a huge difference.
  4. Then I will defer to your expertise on this.
  5. How many people have you seen wearing Angels gear and asked them why they bought it?
  6. Then why is the Mets and Yankees series called the subway series?
  7. eaterfan

    Comparing Expectations vs. Reality: Draft

    Calhoun is on pace to put up about a 4.1 WAR season. What are the odds that Adell does that next year? What's that $13 million going to get us, someone slightly better than Matt Harvey?
  8. eaterfan


    It depends on which flavor of WAR you like, but Donaldson had a pretty consistent 4 year run. His best year happened to coincide with a "bad" Trout year and that's why it seems like it was a career year, but it's certainly consistent with his play in that 4 year stretch. Also, Betts had a great year in 2016, too. He's starting to look like an every other year type of guy. I'm not ready to believe he'll never put up another 9 WAR season. Heck, he might do 2 more. But, yeah, Trout is the man. He's the standard. He is unchanging. I'm a Chargers fan so this is what it was like when Tomlinson was playing. The other running backs changed, Ricky Williams, Priest Holmes, Shawn Alexander, etc. but they were always compared to LT.
  9. With rent that high it's impossible to save up for a down payment, especially if you have student loan debt. It's a huge problem and it's why SB50 would be a huge help. Allowing more density in urban areas will help relieve some of the pressures on the rental market. But we're just so far behind on building housing that even if we build at a much improved rate it will still be decades until we get where we need to be.
  10. He's definitely better offensively than Merriweather this season, but I'm not sure the consistency from year to year make the gap only a slight gap at most.
  11. I think Whit Merrifield gets the nod. They were comparable offensively work a slight advantage for La Stella. Merrifield is better defensively and did it last year, too. Plus, who else will make it from KC?
  12. Maybe it has to do with the population increasing at a much faster rate than housing has increased over the last thirty years. Zoning restrictions have made keeping up with the population increases impossible and driven up the price of homeownership and rent. Combined with wage stagnation over that time period, it's a recipe for homelessness. But I'm sure it's just that 16% more people decided to live on the street this year.
  13. Yeah, from that video I can't even tell what sport they're playing. Hockey? Football? Maybe it's a marching band out their. Why anyone would want to sit behind home plate with that wall blocking the view I'll never know.
  14. eaterfan

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    I think you might be right about additional affiliates. It might also be that they just feel like there are guys with known Ace type potential and they go in top 10. Beyond that it's just a numbers game. Pitching is so hard to project, develope, and keep healthy that you just need to draft as many guys as you can.
  15. eaterfan

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    Yes. Blew it in the regional, but won the Big West and were something like 40-9.