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  1. Trout and Simmons are great. Ohtani and Upton are good. I think you about nailed the rest.
  2. eaterfan

    Payroll budget is 50% of revenue

    While people on here were making it sound like Arte is pocketing $150 million each year, I think criticism of Arte's spending can be fair. I'd imagine he's making a pretty good return even with all the expenses you point out. I'd imagine he and some family members probably make a decent salary "working" for the Angels which contribute to some of the expenses you mention. Add to that the increase in franchise value each year and Arte is doing great. Arte can treat the Angels like an investment, it's his team. But the goal of baseball is to win and it's fair to point out that Arte is treating the Angels like an investment. I don't think people are expecting Arte to lose money (cash) year after year, but I'd bet he can increase payroll by $50+ million pretty easily and not lose money. I don't think he was going to be forced to take out a mortgage to sign Manny Machado. I'm sure Arte wants to win but it's just that he wants to make money more.
  3. eaterfan

    Payroll budget is 50% of revenue

    I'm not a CPA, but I've read about this. Basically the player contract can be treated as a depreciable asset. So they get to pay a salary expense and take a depreciation expense. It doesn't effect revenue, but it lowers net income and taxable income. Here's an article.
  4. eaterfan

    Angels in on Moose

    He's hit 30 HR once in his 8 year career. He's only hit 25 HRs twice. I hope the other guarantees in your life are more reliable.
  5. Could be very helpful for a team with few lefties in the pen.
  6. eaterfan

    Fangraphs top "100" prospects for 2019

    Also, it's important to understand their system. It's not a straight number of spots and will a pitcher be one of the top x number of guys, ie. if he's a top 30 pitcher in the league then he's a #1 starter or 31-60 then he's a number 2. They have said a #1 for them is an ace and there are maybe 6-8 pitchers who fit that description each year. Finally, over the last 2 years they have been a lot more conservative on pitchers because of the high bust rate and the high injury rate. I think they both see the ceiling of Canning and Suarez to be a #2 starter, heck, maybe higher in some years, but very few pitchers reach their "scouting" ceiling compared to position players with the same relative "ceiling".
  7. Fangraphs does things a bit differently. They include anyone who has a 50+ future value. This means they made a top 130 list. Aside from that, this is the most unique ranking of Angels players I've seen. 11 Jo Adell LAA 19.8 AA RF 2021 60 79 Jose Suarez LAA 21.1 AAA LHP 2019 50 91 Brandon Marsh LAA 21.2 A+ CF 2020 50 101 Griffin Canning LAA 22.8 AAA RHP 2019 50 128 Jahmai Jones LAA 21.5 AA 2B 2021 50
  8. eaterfan

    How overrated is Bryce Harper?

    Sign or trades... I guess I should have said acquired. But in that range we've acquired Maybin, Kinsler, Cozart ($13 million, but I consider that the $10 million dollar range). I didn't really research this so I'm probably missing a pitcher or two.
  9. eaterfan

    How overrated is Bryce Harper?

    Finding 3-4 guys who will sign for $10 million and give you 2-3 WAR consistently is way easier said than done. See the Angels over the last 5 years as an example.
  10. eaterfan

    How overrated is Bryce Harper?

    Roster spots and lineup spots are finite as well. Mike Trout is worth way more than 9 one WAR players even if they cost half as much total.
  11. eaterfan

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    I don't think an NFL team would like it - they want people who only want to play football. They want robots, especially from their QBs. Josh Rosen faced backlash for having interests that aren't football. But in reality, I couldn't see a baseball team agreeing to this. Who wants a player who will never help them make a playoff push or help them in the playoffs? Who would use a spot on the 25 or 40 man roster for that? Either the player is good enough that his absence at the end of the season would hurt the team or he's not good enough to warrant a roster spot.
  12. eaterfan

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    They weren't the QB. From this question I get the impression you don't follow football, so I'll try to break it down. The QB is the most cerebral position in football. They need to know all the plays in the playbook, read defenses, and choose where to distribute the ball. College QBs often enroll early in school to get a headstart on learning the things. In addition to just the increased mental demands of the QB position, building a report and timing with the WRs is critical. The CBA has reduced practice time for NFL teams so getting all the practice reps possible is very important. It's why back up QBs have been getting fewer practice reps. NFL offense has become more pass heavy so the QB position has gained importance over the last 20 years. So losing the starting QB for 1/4 of the season is huge. Finally, QBs are really expensive. Finding a capable back up would be really tough on its own. Then you have to fit that QB under the cap. And that QB is taking up resources that could be used to improve the team in other ways. Nearly all teams have 1 good QB and if that guy goes down the team is screwed. Teams have several RBs and CBs. It's like a shortstop vs. a pitcher. There is one SS who plays and there are usually 3 or so pitchers who play each game.
  13. Except he doesn't. Our farm system has been really terrible for a decade. He was one of the few national guys who had Trout ahead of Harper in the rankings. He also ranked Newcombe pretty highly. He missed on Calhoun, but who didn't? Have we had any other prospect worth a damn other than the above since he began raising the farm system ranking? He's been pretty consistently high on Jones, Adell, and is the highest of anyone I've seen on Adams. I think he's a little high on the Angels system right now, but I'm not going to complain about him ranking us 7 when we're probably closer to 10 as I wouldn't complain about anyone ranking us 13.
  14. Love the DH rule. Ambivalent about the 3 batter rule. I assume there is an injury exception... I'm not sure it does up the game that much. Most pitching changes after the starter is removed are between innings. I think mostly time is wasted between pitches. Actually enforcing a pitch clock would be better. I like the expanding rosters to 26 and limiting to 28 in September as an idea... But it would just be one more spot for a reliever in practice. It will just slow the game down more. I do like that it means one more guy making major league money.