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  1. They announced they are officially going with the powder blues as the regular uniform. It looks like they will have gold facemasks. Looks pretty awesome.
  2. eaterfan

    Barria sent down

    Guys! It's safe to return to the ballpark! Barria is back! Buy your tickets before prices skyrocket. You've been warned.
  3. eaterfan

    Beach Pit BBQ

    That's Beachwood, not Beach Pit. They do have good BBQ and great beer. I'd highly recommend it.
  4. Simmons has put up 17.0 bWAR with the Angels. I think it's likely that number is higher than Newcomb's career war when it's all said an done. Obviously salary matters and the windows of contention. But I think it ends up a pretty good trade for the Angels.
  5. eaterfan

    Beach Pit BBQ

    Not sure if they're related, but there was one in Tustin. I used to go to that one once in a while. How does it compare to the best places in Austin? I won't say anything negative about them so I'll just say that they are better than Left Coast in Irvine.
  6. eaterfan

    Barria sent down

    I'd rather have Barria. But how sure are I that he'll have the better season? Not very. I'd put it at 60/40. But I also know that i'd rather have Stratton pitch if someone gets hurt than someone they pull off the street at this point. And that isn't possible if they keep Barria instead of him.
  7. eaterfan

    Barria sent down

    Yes. Fans are lining up to watch Barria pitch; literally storming the gates every fifth day to watch him. How dare the Angels deprive fans of that pleasure?!
  8. eaterfan

    Barria sent down

    People were really upset the Angels were alienating Trout by paying him squat after his rookie season. He wasn't going to extend or sign back here because of it. These kids know what's up. Even if they are a little upset, they get over it and the good ones perform well anyway. I'm not saying how the kids feel doesn't matter, I'm just saying maybe we project our fears and frustrations onto the players when we have no idea how they actually feel about things.
  9. The top prospects seem to be getting off to rough starts. In the long run it doesn't matter, but I'm a prisoner of the moment. I'm getting a little nervous.
  10. eaterfan

    Double Play question

    I think it's that the team would have been better off with a sacrifice.
  11. eaterfan

    Hypothetical Ridiculous Questions

    If the Angels are guaranteed to score 8 runs each time and he gives up 5 then I say we start him. I'll take a 3 run win every time.
  12. eaterfan

    Tommy La Stella

    Playing the hot guy gets you the best lineup yesterday. Guys can cool off or heat up any game. La Stella wouldn't have been playing the last two
  13. eaterfan

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    Along with those already named (Chuck Finley, Tim Salmon, Darin Erstad, and Bengie Molina) I would like to add Vlad Guererro (former RF) and Mike Trout (recentlly extended) to the list. I miss them and am not sure they are remembered enough.
  14. "Disgraced ex-referee Tim Donaghy alleged as much Tuesday in a filing made by his attorney in U.S. District Court in New York, " That isn't exactly "proven." Donaghy is like Michael Cohen without any of the supporting documents or recordings.
  15. Provide a link or I call BS. Watch game 2 of that series and tell me the refs were favoring the Lakers.