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  1. eaterfan

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Lakers are going to give up a lot of boards. They have one legitimate inside big man. It's possible to overcome this when you shoot 3s well but if you don't then it's tough to win. Hopefully they improve the shooting. Playing small allows them to play effectively in transition but it comes at a cost. It might be time to give Svi some looks and definitely time to get Hart more playing time.
  2. You and I both know Eppler isn't using Gold Glove nominee as his defensive metric. You know he isn't a very good defender. He's average at an offense first position and you, I, and Eppler know the value he brings is on offense. You can't argue with a straight face that Eppler brought him in or resigned him for his glove. If Eppler wanted defense out there then he wouldn't have replaced Maybin with Upton. That move didn't "shore up the defense."
  3. I don't think that's really a fair assessment of Eppler. Bats are expensive to get and he hasn't really spent a lot of money. Defense is cheap. Plus, other than Martinez (who was always going to Boston) how many truly big bats have been on the market? He got Upton who is a bat first guy.
  4. That's what I said on Twitter. Best way to keep Trout.
  5. eaterfan

    Recipe Of The Day: Boiled Water

    Tried it. Recipe was easy to make but really lacked flavor. I've heard wild caught sustainable sea water might be more flavorful. Anyone try this? It's more work. Is it worth it?
  6. Yes, because traditionally it's been stat nerds who judge players by physical appearance and not traditional scouting...
  7. Teams are making money. But there is a point at which they won't. But acting like Arte has been unwilling to spend is absurd. I think he's learned throwing big money at FAs doesn't guarantee anything. I think seeing the budget gives fans something to understand. In reality, since every team is making money then every team could spend more. We hold Arte accountable for this but the only advantage we gain is if Arte is willing to go to the break even point when other owners aren't.
  8. eaterfan

    Do Rebuilds Ever Fail?

    Yes, and why when the Angels have picked in the latter half of the first round they've picked safer picks who would be easier signs like Ward and Thaiss.
  9. eaterfan

    Do Rebuilds Ever Fail?

    I don't think this analysis is worth going deeper because nearly all of this FA class was drafted/signed under the old CBA. The new CBA has made first round picks even more important. While those middling first round picks may all be similar from a talent perspective, they aren't the same from a slot money perspective. Getting those early pick slot dollars is huge for building a draft class and keeping your first and even second round pick is nearly essential. I think we'll see a flattening out of talent between the first few rounds. More of the talent will fall to the second and third rounds as teams try to get guys who will sign for under slot in round one and then use that money for more relatively expensive talent in rounds 2-5. There will still be some correlation between talent and draft spot, but I think it will be weakened.
  10. What makes you think they can make the playoffs if they spend a lot of money? I'm not joking. The Angels finished 18 games back of a wild card spot. I assume you believe that spending correlates to winning otherwise you wouldn't have saying they should spend or not expect to win. Studies have shown the cost of a win is about $9 million in FA. That translates into $162 million in additional payroll to get those 18 wins. No, it doesn't work that way. But even if this team signed the two best FAs (Harper and Machado) they would have wouldn't be a playoff lock. But it's also unreasonable to assume that if they don't sign those guys that they were unwilling to spend money. The Dodgers and Yankees both look like they are going to spend big this off season and both have more resources than the Angels and are more attractive FA destinations if the FA wants to win now. Once you get beyond those two free agents how many guys would it take to realistically increase our win total by the 10-12 games it would even take to make the wildcard? Like if we signed each of FAs 3-10 on the best FA lists would that put us over the top?
  11. eaterfan

    Do Rebuilds Ever Fail?

    What are we calling the post Santana, Hunter Twins? Was that a rebuild or was that just a team getting bad? I don't think they got talent in return for a lot of their veterans. But whatever it was building Sano and Buxton seems to have stalled.
  12. eaterfan

    Do Rebuilds Ever Fail?

    Tons of them fail... I've been advocating a rebuild, but it can be a total failure. Sure the Padres current rebuild is looking like it's nearing completion, but this is like their 3rd or 4th attempt since trading Jake Peavy. Kansas City had several rebuild attempts starting in the mid 90's and didn't succeed for 20 years. The Marlins have failed with their rebuild after the MCab trade. Sure if you wait long enough no team will be bad forever, but all these teams have had several concerted efforts to rebuild with talent waves that have failed miserably and they started again.
  13. eaterfan

    Creating Roster Space

    Pujols, Marte, and Cowart are gone to create extra room.
  14. eaterfan

    Angels compete by what year?

    Houston has averaged 102 wins the last two seasons. I think it will be awhile until the Angels hit that level.
  15. eaterfan

    Starting Pitcher Trade Targets

    We only have to be behind one other team to lose a player and not every player only cares about the resources we offer or the market we're in. There are probably 15 other teams trying to win and a handful of them have more resources and play in better markets than us. We finished 18 games out of a 1 game playoff spot 24 games out of a 5 game series. We weren't the big dogs on the block we don't dictate the market.