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  1. Belinger is good enough offensively to play 1B. While Marsh Matt develop into a premium hitter, until he does a good portion of his value will be derived from defense. It's not the same thing as putting Belinger there. Additionally, the Dodgers do that to make room for other players they have to get in the lineup because they are so good. Moving Marsh to 1B to keep Upton in LF instead of putting Upton at 1B and letting Marsh play the outfield keeps the same lineup it's just a different defensive alignment.
  2. How much would it cost to buy Houston's analytics and coaching staff on the pitching side? You think it would cost $10 million a year to get most of them? If they can get 10-20% more out of nearly every pitcher than isn't it worth far more than that? I'd much rather have that then take a chance on the next Matt Harvey this offseason.
  3. Ben Lindbergh's new book, "The MVP Machine," takes a really deep dive into player development. Might be worth a read if you're interested in that.
  4. eaterfan

    Even IF we get Gerrit Cole...

    Gerrit Cole's numbers are extremely similar to pre-free agency Max Scherzer's. They are even slightly better and he's a year younger. Then you add inflation. I don't think it's unreasonable to think he could get $30 million. I don't think the Corbin comp is as good as the Scherzer comp. Corbin has a career ERA+ of 112 (including his career best this year). Cole's is 121. The two years before FA Cole posted an ERA+ of 141 and 152 so far. Corbin's 2 years before free agency were 116 and 132. Both entered free agency after their age 28 season. Teams are definitely getting smarter and cheaper, but I think Cole hits the $30 million a year mark.
  5. eaterfan

    Updated Fangraphs farm system rankings

    If Thaiss is able to be a solid major leaguer the lineup versatility on this team will be top notch. Thaiss can play 1st and 3rd, Fletcher can play anywhere, Rengifo can play up the middle, La Stella can play 2nd and 3rd. You need more right handers in the lineup? Pujols at 1st, Fletcher and Rengifo in the infield. You need more lefties? Thaiss, La Stella and Rengifo. Plus in the outfield you can sub in Goodwin (LHB) for anyone coming in.
  6. eaterfan

    Updated Fangraphs farm system rankings

    What do you think the odds are that we don't sign any position players this off-season? If catcher and 1B are solved I can't see them signing anyone unless there is an unexpected trade. I don't see a better back up IF than Rengifo - when factoring in play, options, and salary - nor a better back up OF than Goodwin. All the starters are locked in. It really might be all pitchers this winter.
  7. eaterfan

    Updated Fangraphs farm system rankings

    I just really can't see how fans can be disappointed with the direction the team has gone this year and a lot of it is because of the farm. The MLB team is clearly better than last year's despite worse health. Yes, last year Trout missed time and he's been pretty healthy this year. Simmons and Ohtani were hurt last year, too. This year we've missed Simmons, Cozart, Upton, Ohtani, La Stella, and Skaggs for significant time and actually gotten better. I'm not sold yet on Thaiss, but if he plays well for 2 more months I think it solves 1B. That means heading into the off-season literally the only needs the team will have will be catcher and pitching. Not bad for a club with what will likely be close to $45 million to spend. Compare it to 2-3 years ago when it was a hole everywhere except CF, RF, SS, LF (once we got Upton), and maybe 3 SPs. We've gone from cash strapped with 7-8 answers on the roster to spenders with 5-6 questions.
  8. eaterfan

    Updated Fangraphs farm system rankings

    Sorry, I was being absurd to point out the unreasonable expectations of what some people think the farm needs to be in order to be successful. I thought the idea of 5 more Mike Trouts was out there enough that my intent would be obvious. But I guess the expectations are so absurd my comment sounded sincere.
  9. eaterfan

    Updated Fangraphs farm system rankings

    Sure $14 million in excess value seems useful, but by those same calculations Mike Trout was providing like $80 million in excess value per season when he first came up. If Eppler is so good and the farm is so good then why don't we have like 5 more guys like that in the system?
  10. eaterfan

    Matt Thaiss

    I think a big issue is that Simba and La Stella are FA after next season and Pujols probably shouldn't be playing much and is a FA after 2021.
  11. I don't understand how anyone can be disappointed with Marsh's season. He's pretty young for the league, playing good defense, and sporting a 122 OPS+. I think everyone here had gotten spoiled by what Adell did. These super strict guys, especially the two sport ones, are projects. When drafted they were supposed to be slow developing players who may pay off big down the line. Marsh already has a pretty refined approach at the plate. If the power kicks in then he's an all star.
  12. eaterfan

    Olney: Teams interested in Goodwin

    I think trading Goodwin makes it harder to let Like go. I'd prefer an experienced 4th outfielder and primary back up to Adell if Kole is gone.
  13. eaterfan

    Is Billy E passive?

    People continue to mock Rondons, but the only reason we're in a position to sign a Cole type is we have had 2 Rondons save our season. Fletcher and Rengifo are the damn definition of a Rondon. They are going to make about the same as a well off poster on this board. That money saved is why we can finally spend on a big FA even with Trout, Pujols, and Cozart still on the books. Having a Rondon or several is so valuable. I don't think it's a coincidence that the two best GMs we've had in the last two decades have been the ones criticized for hoarding the Rondons.
  14. eaterfan

    Is Billy E passive?

    Also, this year makes the least sense to get a quality arm at the deadline. Every contending team needs an arm or two. We aren't getting a discount. Why would a guy like Syndergaard be worth more to the Angels, who get 3 chances (2020, 2021, 2022) to win a World Series with him, than to a team like the Yankees, Astros, Twins, or Dodgers who get 4 chances (2019-22) to win a World Series with him?
  15. I think every year the goal is to find long term solutions at positions of need. Heading into this season 3rd, 2nd,1st, C, RF, BP, and SP. This team found answers at 2nd, 3rd, and RF. Four holes have been plugged. The team is going to be 5-6 games better than last season. There are fewer holes to fill and more money to fix them. I really thought 2021 would be when it was reasonable to complete. I now think 2020 is very reasonable. I think we need 2-3 starting pitchers of various calibers. It's not an impossible task.