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  1. Lineup balance problem?

    I'm not sure the handedness is the biggest issue re: double plays. Cozart hit into 18 double plays the last 3 years. Moustakas hit into 18 last season alone. So if annoying double plays is the goal them Cozart is a better signing than Mous. IMO way too much has been made of the RHH lineup because of the failure of the Dodgers to hit LHP the last few years. They had an unplanned lineup too dependent on lefties. I don't think they are really comparable. The splits between LHH against LHP is far greater than RHH v. RHP. There is a reason why there are lefty specialists in bullpens and not rights specialists. I think the only time it could matter would be in a playoff series when the team plays in a park that benefits LHH. But I don't think the Angels should sign a worse player for that eventuality.
  2. Fangraphs: The Angels Have Won the Offseason

    If AP puts up his 2016 numbers then it's basically like adding what we could have expected from adding Moustakas. I don't think it will happen. But it would be a nice surprise.
  3. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Kelvim Escobar already had that one taken.
  4. 21 Games Back in the West

    True talent wise, I think this team is 10 games better than last year. I agree.
  5. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    This post didn't make sense. 1. How does LHP faring worse against right handed hitters matter to any argument in this thread? If you're trying to say that cross handed match ups favor hitters while same handed match ups favor pitchers then let's discuss that. You are kind of correct about this. Traditionally, LHH do not fare well against LHP. It's largely due to the fact that LHH don't have a lot LHP coming up. They aren't used to seeing it. RHH traditionally fare much better relative to LHH facing same handed pitchers. If you can't hot RHP you aren't making it to the big leagues. 2. No one is a sure thing. Doesn't matter if a player is left hand or right handed.
  6. 21 Games Back in the West

    Not sure that's true. Parker Bridwell pitched better than anyone could have hoped. Simmons played better offensively than he usually does. Pujols was clutch and the pen was nails for long stretches. The Angels had some bad luck. But they had a lot of good luck too.
  7. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Hopefully the transition is smooth. But theoretically, WAR is designed so that any offensive loss caused by a position change is mitigated by a defensive gain. It doesn't hold up around the extremes but for most players it's fairly true.
  8. MLB investigating Ohtani medical info leak

    I haven't gotten to listen to the podcast, but wasn't it Olney Dating it was DiPoto? I'll going to assume he has some sort of basis for it. He is open to a lawsuit. Had it not been for that, I'd actually have assumed it wasn't him. It's not like Ohtani's injury makes him look better. He was still all in on him knowing about the injury. If anything it makes him look worse. He traded prospects and assumed all of Gordon's contact to try to get a pitcher he knew had an injured elbow? I'm not seeing how that helps his reputation.
  9. This isn't as big a slam dunk as you would think. If you are accepting FG's version that this is a good trade it's hard to discount that they out performed their base runs by a fair amount. They were probably closer to a mid 70s team in terms of wins but had a little good fortune with hit sequencing. That being said. They also had terrible luck with injuries. I think they far more talented than last year, but I don't think it's as easy as saying - add healthy pitching, full season of Upton and Kinsler, and Ohtani and it's a really good team. We need to subtract a little sequencing luck. Still really like the trade. I wouldn't be surprised if Kinsler puts up more wins for the Angels in 2018 than the minor leaguers we traded put up in their whole careers. I also think there's a 45% chance he out performs C. Hernandez next season.
  10. Yes. The going rate for one win last year was about $9 million. I doubt very few relievers even sign a contract for less than $11 million total. How many starting position players will sign for less than $11 per season?
  11. Manny Machado

    What are your thoughts on Simmons?
  12. Are they all the same position? Do they have similar defensive profiles? What is the reason for the difference in games played? For me it's a choice between A and B based on the information given. I like A's ability to stay on the field and his OBP. Player B is slightly better offensively. But the playing time concerns me. Is he injury prone? Is he only used in platoon situations? Was his manager just not playing him enough?
  13. Gonna need range at 2B

    The second baseman can cheat over toward first a little. Simmons covers a lot of ground on the other side.
  14. Cesar Hernandez

    Plus he'll be pretty cheap for the next three years. It will allow the Angels more room to improve other areas as well.
  15. A possibility regarding third base

    Especially in what is supposed to be a loaded draft class.