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  1. pinetar

    Leroy Stanton R.I.P.

    It was single vehicle. Leroy was a former professional trucker and a good driver. He was probably dozing off or suffered some kind of stroke. He veered off the highway and struck a tree. Unfortunately he was not wearing his seat belt. Tragic. He was a class act and a good ball player. Did well with Seattle after he left Angels and played a year in Japan.
  2. pinetar

    Leroy Stanton R.I.P.

    Doing okay Chuck. I was down in Tempe last Sunday signing books. Didn’t see any Angelwin folks. Feel bad about Leroy. He was a good friend and a great person. How you doing?
  3. pinetar

    Leroy Stanton R.I.P.

    Sad news from S. Carolina. Former Angels outfielder Leroy Stanton (1972-76) was killed in a auto accident Wednesday. A good friend to those who knew him and a fine ballplayer.
  4. Hey Everyone If your at the Angels game tonight I'll be signing books in front of the Team Store downstairs. -Once They Were Angels -Tim Salmon, Always An Angel -Nolan Ryan, Making of a Pitcher Come by and say hi. Rob
  5. pinetar

    Bobby Grich At Nixon Library

    Tank (saw this on Facebook yesterday, rob. will see if i can make it.) Hope to see you there Tank.. It will be fun to catch up.
  6. pinetar

    Bobby Grich At Nixon Library

    Thanks for posting this, Rob. I'll post it on our Blog and social media outlets later as well. Going to miss this by one day. Damn! Thanks as always for the support Chuck, Wish you were coming. It's gonna be a good one. Grichie has incredible stories about the old Angels and Nixon. I'll see if we can tape it.
  7. pinetar

    Bobby Grich At Nixon Library

    DowningRules: The library is a great place-tranquil, loaded with history and artifacts. Nixon's old house is there, so is his grave.. Whatever else Nixon was, he was a great baseball fan, very loyal to the Angels and Gene Autry.
  8. I'm doing a presentation with Bobby Grich at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda on Tuesday, August 4th at 7:00 PM. We will be talking Angels old and new and signing books. (flyer attached) It will take place in the main auditorium, We'll have a slide show and a Q&A. Ryan/Grich original memorbrilla will be on display in the lobby, We hope Angelswin members will join us, Bobby is a great speaker with wonderful stories and I have a few myself. A book signing including "Once They Were Angels, A History of the Team, "Tim Salmon's "Always An Angel," and "Nolan Ryan, The Making of a Pitcher," will follow. We're looking forward to seeing Angelswin folks. It's gonna be a fun night. See you next Tuesday the 4th Pinetar lib_baseball_flyer_su15.pdf