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  1. Angel Mook

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    This is my first post (Hi guys, loooooong time lurker), but I just had to say that as an Angel fan for 41 years this has got to be in the top three greatest Angel moments of all time. If not number one!
  2. Angel Mook

    Lou Gehrig, born 110 years ago today

    Classic movie. Hey, Tangle Foot!
  3. Hi everyone, I was born a NY Mets fan on Lawn GuyLand but became an Angels fan when I moved to Los Angeles 35 years ago (I was very young. I was a sperm. Ok, not that young) and realized that rooting for the Dodgers was against the laws of nature. I was elated/deflated in '79, '82, and '86 and stunned/delirious in '02. I love this team and enjoy this site, so here I am.