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  1. Cool! I can walk to the game this summer.
  2. jdodd

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. jdodd

    Bourjos Back!

    Some where this is a warehouse with an inexhaustible supply of Peter Bourjos bobbleheads.
  4. jdodd

    50/50 Split

    Is it possible above post is about a pool of money generated by tickets sold and then split in a 50/50 drawing?
  5. Looking for season seat holder password and time/date to purchase Spring training tickets. thank-you
  6. jdodd

    Season Seat Early Pay Prize Incentive

    Not renewing this year- told my rep i was on the fence and he had nothing to say. Season seat holder for 16 years.
  7. So, Finally got a call back and was told i COULD drive our van to the stadium since we season seat holders.But that will definetly be a problem next year as I do not plan on renewing for 2018.
  8. My ticket rep Marcus Sims says that this is there policy. He was going to have his boss call me. Still waiting.
  9. Still waiting for ANYONE from the Angel's to call me. Left messages for 3 different people
  10. I plan on calling tomorrow. Seriously though, this is probably last nail in coffin. I have had 3 reps this year. I told the last and present one Marcus Simms last month we might not renew. It seemed like it was not a huge loss to him. This year the Angels did away with the option to purchase all promotional items in a box. I have purchased my limit and donated all to a local Christmas Toy drive for years. And the resale value of my upper view mvp tickets is almost zero dollars. I will still attend games just buy ticket's when i want to go.
  11. Yes I do. Palm Springs Auto Wash
  12. Tonight we almost weren't allowed to park at tonight's game because our 2003 Honda Odyssey has an advertising wrap for our business. We have been season ticket holders for 13 years and have been driving this van to the stadium with a wrap since 2009. We live in Palm Springs and have 3 boys, 2 large dogs, and stay at the beach when we go to games. We HAVE to take our van to fit everyone and everything we need. Tonight we were stopped at the parking booth, the attendant called over his supervisor, and his supervisor told us we couldn't park in the stadium lot because we had a wrap on our van. The only reason they let us in was we made lots of noise that we are season ticket holders. They told us to "park close to the cars next to us", so the City of Anaheim wouldn't see the wrap. We've been debating whether or not to renew our season tickets, and this will probably seal the deal on giving up our seats.
  13. jdodd

    Join our ticket group, great seats

    Hello again, I am not renewing my great cheap seats next year. I would be interested in 5-10 games for next year if possible.Just a heads-up for your future plans. thanks john