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  1. TroutTrumbo

    The Billy Eppler appreciation thread

    He also gave big money for a washed up Harvey, a journeyman, Cahill and Cody Allen. While the Angels have been better they will held back by these ridiculous signings. DFAing Allen was a great move the other two must also be dumped.
  2. TroutTrumbo

    Cody Allen DFA'd

    Next, Cahill I hope followed by Harvey. I feel sorry for the other pen pitchers who have been way overused.
  3. TroutTrumbo

    Will they trade Calhoun?

    Upton would require a huge payout for any team to offer anything decent. Upton is still one of the best LF in the game. He provides power and protection behind Trout and Ohtani.
  4. TroutTrumbo

    Matt Harvey suffers a setback

    Harvey pitched 2 2/3 8H 8R yesterday. I doubt the back had anything to do with it. He is a shell of his former ability. Everything that he throws is eminently hittable. He is through as an MLB pitcher. Hopefully he gets frustrated and retires before he gets released.
  5. TroutTrumbo

    Jose Suarez removed from start, not injured.

    Dump Cahill already and bring up Suarez on Wednesday when the 10 days are up. If not then send Cahill to the pen. Hopefully, Skaggs can pitch well enough to trade .
  6. TroutTrumbo

    When Upton returns

    I think LaStella plays some first with Rengifo at second and Fletcher at third after Simmons returns. As far as Ward goes, he has shown nothing with the bat and even less with the glove. It is time to give Thaiss an audition.
  7. His swing sucked before the surgery. Dump him. Why make Rengifo have to be sent down so that Cozart can be a horrible utility player.
  8. TroutTrumbo

    Suarez recalled to start Sunday

    Does this mean that Cahill gets sent to the pen or are they just giving the other starters an extra day of rest. I am going to the see the Angels in Wrigley on Monday, if Cahill pitches I may shoot myself! I want to see Canning.
  9. TroutTrumbo

    Ty Buttrey vs young Percy

    Buttrey doesn’t have to worry about facing Manny Ramirez! When Percy came up he threw nothing but fastballs, mostly up. His had little chance ntrol with his curveball and also telegraphed the pitch by slowing his delivery way down. It took a couple years before he started nailing the corners with his fastball and cleaned up his delivery with the curve.
  10. Don’t you think that Eppler would have been happy to trade him? He has bo trade value. Nobdy will ge willing to pay 13 mil/season for a useless utility infielder! I hope today is the day he is released.
  11. TroutTrumbo

    Why is there so much secrecy...

    Activate Ohtani and DFA Stratton or Bour. The Angels have plenty to choose from to remove from the forty man. I would like to see Walsh up and dump Bour.
  12. TroutTrumbo

    Cahill to the bullpen?

    If he can’t keep the ball in the park as a starter then why would you want him in the pen. Eppler should be on notice from the higher ups that his job is on the line if they have to DFA all his one year contract pitchers plus Bourgos and Bour. He has done a decent job with the farm but he has greatly mismanaged the 40 man roster, not to mention Ausmus.
  13. TroutTrumbo

    40 Man Roster, what to do....

    You have to pay Cozart either way so dump him. He would just take time away from Fletcher or Rengifo. Stratton is a no-brainer as is Ramsey.
  14. TroutTrumbo

    Cody Allen to be removed from closer role

    First the Angels have to be leading after eight innings before they need a closer. Allen definitely needs to be removed from the closer role. Robles should get first crack at it. First, the starting pitching needs to be addressed. If they keep only going 5 innings at best then the pen will be taxed by next month. The risk of injury is high. This appears to be a throw away year so bring up some starters and give them a shot.
  15. TroutTrumbo

    Cody Allen

    This team has so many holes, Allen being just one. The starting rotation is so bad that there is rarely a need for a closer. If we are talking dumping guys how about Stratton, Noe Ramirez, Bard. When you go dumpster diving you should expect to come up with garbage.