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  1. Hitting in the Yankee Little League park isn’t much different than hitting in Colorado. The AL East is littered with hitters parks unlike the NL West. Arenado doesn’t strike me as a Yankee type. I think the Red Sox would be more of a fit than the Yankees. Let’s hope he wants to come home.
  2. TroutTrumbo

    What's up with all these 1-year deals?

    I am curious why Arte has kept the payroll at the same level for the last 3 years. Having to pay three players 9o million really facilitates the need for the plethoa of 1 year deal. Until Pujols is off the books this will continue to be a problem especially if Trout signs a huge extension. Unless Arte is willing to add to the payroll Eppler will be hamstrung. The yearly increase for Trout, if he signs an extension could be 10 million. Signing Simmons could add another 5-10 million. Given this the only way they could sign a Cole or Arenado would be to increase the payroll by 20-30 million. Arte hasn’t shown an incling to do that. I hope Iam wrong.
  3. TroutTrumbo

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    The two years are actually one. If Trout has one year left on his contract, even being one of the greatest of all time, the return would be way undervalued unless the acquiring team thinks it can sign him to an extension. There are several teams that would love to have Trout but are they willing to take a chance on signing him to an extension. I certainly would float the idea out to other clubs that Trout is available and see who is interested. It is becoming more apparent that the Angels chance to sign Trout to an extension is to show great improvement this season.
  4. TroutTrumbo

    Craziness... 3 way trade idea?

    The Phillies could look at the Angels and see that just having Trout in the lineup doesn’t guarantee winning. The Phillies wouldn’t give up that much just to trade for one season of Trout. I think it will take more than one team to complete a trade for Trout. The Angels will need a long term solution at catcher and third base, not to mention a potential TOP. No one team will have that to trade.
  5. TroutTrumbo

    One Bold Idea....

    Wil Meyers is not a good fit. If you trade Calhoun and replace him with Meyers you create an all right handed hitting team. If the Angels are going to make a trade it should be for lefthanded reliever, a 3B or catcher. If Brandon Marsh is ready in 2020 or 2021 he would be a good candidate to move to 1B.
  6. If Anna Hendrick is in your bed why do you need porn?
  7. TroutTrumbo

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    Grandal was never a serious option based on Eppler’s approach. He wants to keep stocking the farm and would not want to give up a pick. All the signings have been for one year. If a good one year deal comes along he will jump on it. The Angels still need a late inning reliever and a left handed hitting infielder. They could also use a right handed hitting outfielder to platoon with Calhoun.
  8. A healthy Ohtani is an ace, way better than Harvey and Cahill. Mostly, this team needs to stay healthy. The starting five are okay but the depth is not great. One or two of the RP nust be consistent in the late innings. Right now there are no proven late innings guys though Buttrey and Robles showed some promise. They still need a lefty or two for the pen. The offense is still iffy. Maybe Calhoun can have a good season in his walk year. Fletcher needs to continue with his on base ability and Upton needs a. Big season. The key may be how much of the season that Ohtani misses. The Angels need Ohtani’s bat to protect Trout. Who knows who the catcher will be. Bottom line, a lot has to go right for the Angels to be in the mix. Hopefully, Canning can make a contribution along with Suarez and Rengifo.
  9. TroutTrumbo

    Would you trade Pujols for.......

    The only way Pujols is moved is if he wants to retire as a Cardinal. Given the money he is owed this is the only scenario that would make sense. Obviously, the sooner the better!
  10. TroutTrumbo

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    This is taking a chance on a 29 year old with a high upside. This beats Lance Lynn for 3/30. Now Eppler needs to add a quality catcher and a couple of pen arms. One more starter like Marco Estrada would be nice too.
  11. The Padres have an excess of OF so that won’t happen. The Angels are deep in OF on the farm so that doesn’t work either. Hedges can’t hit so that takes care of that. Myers is owed a lot of money and his production has been way down the last two seasons. Calhoun makes too much money with his walk season coming up so he will be hard to deal for much of a return unless it is a trade of bad contracts.
  12. TroutTrumbo

    Alvarez to Philly

    No thanks on Harper. Who wants another 10 year contract at a ridiculous amount of money. That would leave you with four players making 120 mil. Kikuchi is a Boras client so that probably eliminates the Angels. Right now the Angels are playing for the second WC. They have too many holes to compete with Houston, Boston, New York and Cleveland. I think 2019 will be another .500 finish .
  13. TroutTrumbo

    Two little birdies

    No to Greinke. The Angels are on his no trade list so to trade for him he will want compensation for dropping his no trade clause. No thanks!
  14. TroutTrumbo

    First Base (still the elephant in the room)

    Moose isn’t the answer. The Angels need a more versatile bench player, someone like Wilmer Flores who can play multiple infield postions. The ideal guy would be Merwin Gonzalez.
  15. TroutTrumbo

    Trout trade scenario on Braves FB group

    Trout wants to win so if he doesn’t feel the Angels can compete no offer will be good enough. Houston has a young core and so does Oakland. The Yankees are set up to be consistently in contention. Toronto has an exciting group of young prospects. If the Angels can’t compete with Trout then it will be time to get a haul for him.,It would pain me to see him leave but it is probably inevitable.