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  1. Any golfer knows that Player B always wins.
  2. Turd Ferguson

    Day Off Tomorrow

    I’m just glad we have so many quality DH options.
  3. Turd Ferguson

    The biggest thing I notice this Spring....

  4. Turd Ferguson

    How Many Games Do the Angels Win in 2019?

    Incurably negative? I appreciate your optimism but how does losing Ohtani on the mound and signing a bunch of alsorans on 1 year deals take this team from 80 to 90 wins? I love this team as much as anyone but if this offseason has demonstrated nothing else, it’s that this is a transition year. I don’t think that is negative, I think it is realistic. Ill enjoy watching Angel baseball but if we are sniffing a wild card in late August, a lot went right.
  5. Turd Ferguson

    How Many Games Do the Angels Win in 2019?

    I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see this as being a very good team.
  6. Turd Ferguson

    More teams jump in on Harper bid

    Sign him.
  7. Turd Ferguson

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I would love to get in on Harper.
  8. Turd Ferguson

    Angels in on Moose

    Makes too much sense. Isn't there a 4A guy we can bring in on a 1-year deal instead?
  9. Wouldn't that be tampering?
  10. Turd Ferguson

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    Isn’t this pretty consistent with our entire offseason—1 year gambles? How can you like the other deals and not this one, or vice versus? Its all or nothing folks.
  11. Turd Ferguson

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    Another 1 year gamble. Check out his 2014-2017.