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  1. Turd Ferguson

    Ohtani Medical Update from Angels

    I really, really do want to be excited about this. But (for obvious reasons) I just have a sinking feeling that it only puts off the inevitable, and potentially to a point when we actually might really need him.
  2. Turd Ferguson

    Official 2018 MLB Trade Deadline Thread

    Just came in to post something like this. I wonder if Hedges becomes a target.
  3. Turd Ferguson

    Garrett Richards set to have TJS

    Absolutely. Gleyber Torres underwent TJS in June last season and was ready at the beginning of the season -- and he plays MI. There's no reason Ohtani couldn't have it now and be ready to DH next season. I'd be shocked to see him pitch again this season but it would be devastating to see him get re-injured this season or even next and lose him until 2020-2021.
  4. Turd Ferguson

    This upcoming Trade Deadline

    My guess is we do nothing before the deadline, go on a bit of a run, make a move or two in August, and finish 8+ out of a playoff spot.
  5. Turd Ferguson

    You're Welcome

  6. In other words, throwing strikes
  7. Great clubhouse guy though.
  8. Turd Ferguson

    The Blame Game of 2018

    I’m with you. I’ll be the first to say I advocated for Holland—which would have been a disaster. It was obvious that the pen was a problem, but if the purse strings are closed how do you improve it? if I’m Eppler, RP is the toughest to predict, so why not try to fill the other holes and hope you hit on a couple arms. In hindsight it has cost us big time but I don’t fault the approach. I agree that SP has emerged as a strength. But with Ohtani likely out and Richards likely gone, we will need to fill a couple spots. We also have 3b and RF to take a long, hard look at. This offseason is pivotal.
  9. Turd Ferguson

    The Blame Game of 2018

    We needed a LF, 2B, 3B, SP, and RP this offseason. And we needed to get them without dipping into the farm. Eppler gets Upton, Kinsler, Cozart, and Ohtani. All without dealing a decent prospect. What would you armchair GMs have done differently? I think many underestimate how deep of a hole we were in.
  10. Turd Ferguson

    The Blame Game of 2018

    I blame deyhdration.
  11. Great situational hitting. Can't execute a hit and run, pull a ball with a runner on 2nd and nobody out, K with runner on 3rd and 1 out, and lightly ground the 1st pitch right to the SS. For a team that used to be lauded for fundamentals, this team sure has none.
  12. We can't find a decent reliever. Meanwhile, the worst team in baseball has one that 2-hits us over 7 innings. Oh, baseball.
  13. Turd Ferguson

    Updated top 10 prospects per fangraphs

    The Maitan blurb was promising.