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  1. Ochocinco!

    What's up with all these 1-year deals?

    Just punting in FA until Calhoun and Cozart contracts are off the books and the Upton/Pujols contracts are more manageable as when they only have 1-2 years left
  2. Ochocinco!

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    Free-agent reliever Cody Allen in discussions with #Angels on a one-year contract, sources tell The Athletic. Agreement believed to be in place, pending physical. Allen was looking for team that would give him opportunity to close. Per Rosenthal
  3. Ochocinco!

    Wake up, Eppler

    If he finishes the offseason with Kikuchi Gray Maldonado ... I can live with that If he finishes the offseason with Maldonado Gio Shelby Miller type ...gg
  4. Ochocinco!

    The Eppler Plan Revised

    Or he does none of that and just resigns Maldonado
  5. Ochocinco!

    Way too early 2019 RH lineup

    Am i the only one that thinks this looks like a .500 lineup
  6. Ochocinco!

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Has got to be the worst Winter Meetings ever, absolute nothingness going on...
  7. Touchdown- Bauer or Kluber Field Goal- Gio Gonzalez/Sonny Gray
  8. Ochocinco!

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Of course
  9. Ochocinco!

    2018 Hot Stove League

    So Bowden picks 7 teams for two players considers it some fking insight?
  10. Ochocinco!

    Alvarez to Philly

    @Jeff Fletcher Please explain wtf Eppler is doing here?
  11. Ochocinco!

    Alvarez to Philly

    Another dime piece this offseason from Eppler
  12. F**king bombshell coming from the front office today
  13. Ochocinco!

    Two little birdies

    No way Eppler or Arte even thinks of doing this without trading Calhoun, Cozart or possibly Upton first But holy mighty hell Trout Machado Ohtani Thats a mid lineup punch that’s one of if not the best in the MLB plus I do believe Eppler is starting to feel the pressure of trying to win now to keep Trout happy
  14. Ochocinco!

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Can we just trade for K Bryant and Marcus Stroman and call it an offseason