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  1. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    A bunch of whores
  2. Trumped

    I bet her pits are hairy and she smells like cheese
  3. Trumped

    embarassing? It's awesome
  4. Las Vegas Shooting

    Totally agree with its practice usage. That’s why I have no problem putting additional regulations on them. Even the NRA is fine with that. By the way grenade launchers are illegal
  5. Tax Cut-Would you?

    In your scenario, I would.
  6. RIP Ralphie May

    Being fat has it's downside. He was funny though
  7. Las Vegas Shooting

    I know you're being sarcastic but automatic weapons are illegal for a reason. The bump stock gets awfully close to the rate of fire of a real one. .
  8. Las Vegas Shooting

    No and I don't think they should be allowed. Whoever the manufacturer is does not make them for military or law enforcement use so the reason for making them was not intended to be murder.
  9. Las Vegas Shooting

    Correct, murdering people in any fashion is against the law
  10. Las Vegas Shooting

    That’s not why the manufacturers make them. I’m sure there are thousands out there and this is the first mass shooting with one I am aware of
  11. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Article seems to be off. Those numbers are on FEMA’s website
  12. Thoughts and Prayers

    Anti gun broad advocating for the murder of 5 million Americans. Pure class
  13. Thoughts and Prayers

    Yeah, I'm not down with that. The 5th is important too
  14. Thoughts and Prayers

    Who makes that determination? If there is due process involved then I am OK with that too.
  15. Thoughts and Prayers

    Nope. Pumps, single actions, bolt actions and breech action do not automatically chamber another round after the trigger is pulled.