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  1. Trumped

    Definitely don’t want to see someone do this and receive a tax payer funded pension
  2. Like banging some porn star that happened years ago. Like it will change anything at this point
  3. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    It should be but our elected officials are OK with this kind of stuff. They love collecting data on us.
  4. That’s exactly why she is still relevant in theses threads. I doubt you hope she runs again but there are many that do
  5. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Of course they are different but it seems like all the cable networks are heavily editorialized. I just thought it was widely accepted that they were.
  6. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    Wow. It is just baseball they're playing
  7. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    You can't have too much depth, especially with a rotation full of questions marks.
  8. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Are there people that don't view the cable news shows as opinion pieces?
  9. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    You're probably right but what if he's still struggling through April and into mid May? Does he go then?
  10. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    Exactly. Let him develop like every other prospect in the game.
  11. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    Baseball is different than the other sports where they actually have a very good minor league system to develop talent. The major league level is not the place to do that. I fear placing too much pressure on him could have a lasting, negative impact on him.
  12. Blowtani

    Not at all. He needs to be viewed as a prospect. He will improve but he needs some seasoning in the minors first
  13. This is true but there are still many on the left that are still "with her"
  14. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Meh, it’s just the constitution.