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  1. Pujols has been terrible

    GIDP or time it takes to get to 1st base
  2. As tough as many of his bats are to watch, he still has some clutch left in him.
  3. Who started a Silly Idea club?
  4. I really wonder what it is that motivates him at this point in his career? It's not World Series aspirations, obviously it isn't BA so it must be HR/hits that he's striving for. Maybe he just likes playing regardless of his performance.
  5. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/21/beat-her-criminal-charges-for-mom-caught-on-tape-urging-daughter-14-to-fight-with-pregnant-girl.html Cops shouldn't be the main concern for the inner cities. They have some other issue too.
  6. Well this game turned to shit real quick. As for Skaggs, he's a backend of the rotation guy. Don't expect greatness from him
  7. Trumped

    There has to be some normalcy to him, right?
  8. $8 Million Vacation

    Who was the last guy that made the middle class a priority?
  9. Trumped

    Because most normal folks would be embarrassed by their memorialized moments of stupidity
  10. Political Gallery

    Someone's art school is paying off.