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  1. Pujols has been terrible

    Would love to see what Eppler could’ve done this offseason if Pujols had retired. He’s holding this team back imo. Either I never read the article or had forgotten about it but the one posted on page 2 or 3 leads me to believe he’s for sure playing this thing out
  2. Angels linked to Addison Reed and Zach Britton?

    I agree to an extent. Just like the few of us that figured Moustakas isn’t the type of guy Billy would sign. But if he plans to limit his starters even after moving to a 6 man rotation he may want a legit bullpen piece. Now I wouldn’t expect him to go get 2 guys and spend the 24 mill remaining but possibly grab Wade Davis and at least have a legit closer
  3. Angels linked to Addison Reed and Zach Britton?

    Maybe Eppler’s plan is to try and get both of them. 6 man rotation and a 5 inning limit for most guys and then hand the game over to your pen.
  4. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal
  5. I'm so &#@%ing pumped right now

    Yep! He’s given himself a lot of flexibility for the next few years. Valbuena 7.5, Johnson 4.5, Kinsler 11 and Street’s 1 mill all coming off the book after this year. 2B and Catcher will be our only everyday starter spots to fill next year and he’s still roughly 23 million under tax line right now.
  6. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal This gives us 4 guys in the top 36 of WAR leaders in the majors. Simmons, Trout, Upton and Cozart
  7. I'm so &#@%ing pumped right now

    I’d like to move on from Valbuena and Cron and find a replacement there but I’m guessing Eppy is done with the offense (minus 4th outfielder) Im down for Sabathia and a reliever. Sabathia is usually good for 5 innings a start
  8. 4th OF?

    Yeah you’re probably right. Dyson did have 7 (28 to 21) more stolen bases in 2 more games than Revere (111 to 109)
  9. 4th OF?

    Yeah I prefer Dyson simply because he provides speed as a pinch runner which is a HUGE plus
  10. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Sabathia’s pretty heavy
  11. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    I’ve been pro Kinsler since August
  12. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Yep definitely gives us flexibility moving forward as well
  13. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Yeah and suppose this gives us a little insurance if Kinsler bombs and is only a 1 year thing