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  1. CanadianHalo

    Team has gotten worse?

    LOL @ “chance at the playoffs”
  2. CanadianHalo

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    He’ll be taken in the first round, sign a contract with more guaranteed money than 4.5 million. He’s doing the right thing financially. It’s no guarantee he ever makes it to the majors if he goes the baseball route. So if things don’t work out in the NFL, he can then pursue a baseball career if he still wants.
  3. CanadianHalo

    Angels were main finalists for Zach Britton

    You’re right in the sense that it doesn’t appear that they’re afraid to spend money but we aren’t quite sure what exactly they offered Corbin are we? (I’m legit asking) I saw a tweet from one of the bigger named reporters saying people believe Machado will get somewhere between 200-250. I think Albert will need to give the FO a heads up that he’s retiring after this season in order for Arte to hand out another big contract and I doubt Albert does that. I also doubt Harper has seriously been discussed within the organization. I wonder if Harper would even want to come here. Bryce has probably been the best player on any team he’s ever played for and having him play along side Mike Trout sticks Harper in the back seat. That may or may not matter to Bryce but there is a possibility that it might. Would be quite the 2-5 in the lineup with a nice R-L-R-L mix eventually when Ohtani is back (Trout-Harper-Upton-Ohtani). As I sit here and wish we were a dark horse I just don’t think so. I think Eppler will shift focus to Ottavino, Kimbrel and Kuechel.
  4. CanadianHalo

    2019-20 Free Agent Class

    lol I’ve seen this before Oh right the last couple off seasons... “The Angels MUST be saving money for next off season” Next off season comes and we get more of the same signings and on field results. At this point there is no reason to believe that they’re planning on doing anything more than seeing the farm play out and extending Trout while Eppler continues to fling poo against the wall during FA hoping something eventually sticks.
  5. CanadianHalo

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    lol at anyone who can objectively look at this roster and actually think we’ll compete this season. Not sure how Trout doesn’t let these last couple years factor into his decision going forward. You can’t waste someone’s career and then when it’s time to sign a new deal expect him to forget all of the bad.
  6. CanadianHalo

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    Ooo burn...
  7. CanadianHalo

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    Is that how you justify it to yourself that it’s ok to be so out of shape?
  8. CanadianHalo

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    Here you go again... Going out of your way to turn every thread into your very own pissing match. Ain’t doing this with you today, have fun
  9. CanadianHalo

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    Here comes Stradling to the rescue! How dare anyone have a negative opinion on what’s happening this offseason or anything organization related for that matter! Grow up dude.
  10. CanadianHalo

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    Yeps. If this is our opening day rotation you’re good with it and I’m not. Obviously I hope I’m wrong but we’ll see how this one plays out.
  11. CanadianHalo

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    Better not hear you bitch once when mid summer rolls around and this team stinks
  12. CanadianHalo

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    LOL at the Harvey and Cahill signings. It’s obvious that their priority isn’t competing this year and as a fan it’s tough to be anything other than pissed off. Well that basically does it for the budget this offseason. Come the start of June we’ll already be talking about next years offseason. What a rush.
  13. CanadianHalo

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Yep, see my post above yours