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  1. Lol at an Angels fan saying another team really sucks
  2. Cozart and La Stella shouldn’t even be on any major league roster and here we are starting them both on opening day. Go team.
  3. My dude CRUSHED that one
  4. CanadianHalo

    When does Eppler get an extension?

    Yeah now that the extension is done we can look back and say Trout must’ve been onboard. I also think it’s a good sign that management and Arte have assured Trout they’re going to do their best to be competitive again sooner than later. All in all a good sign all around for us fans
  5. CanadianHalo

    First "Extend Trout" thread

    Nah by then I think most of us will understand if he wants to go and try and win a ring
  6. CanadianHalo

    Trout project done. Now do you sign Keuchel?

    You don’t follow up a giant step forward with two steps backwards
  7. CanadianHalo

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Welp that settles it... it’s time to properly tank!
  8. CanadianHalo

    The Angels rotation

    That was the joke...
  9. CanadianHalo

    The Angels rotation

    I mean you did this exact thing with our rotation.
  10. CanadianHalo

    The Angels rotation

    I’m also taking into account Jam’s minor league year last year as well. There’s definitely cause for concern. However, I’m talking to a bunch of guys that actually think the Angels are going to compete this year so this discussion is pointless.
  11. CanadianHalo

    The Angels rotation

    Blind optimism at its finest. Look I’m hoping for the best too but I’m not going to ignore the fact that guys like Jones looked completely lost at the plate this spring. Especially when it’s looking like the Angels are counting on him.