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  1. Kind of a pussy

    Wow it looks like he’s coming out for the 8th Maybe not... bullpen is quiet though
  2. Kind of a pussy

    Strasburg says “look at my big ol’ dong” as he smacks a few across the face with it in this thread
  3. I think Upton may want to know what direction the Angels are going to go this offseason before commiting. Given that he needs to decide within 3 days after the World Series ends, what Upton does could be a good indication for us fans as to what we can expect this offseason from Eppler and Arte.
  4. MLBTradeRumors: Angels Three Needs

    If Arte is willing to spend on Upton (if he opts out) and Moustakas that money that would go towards Moustakas could be so much better spent elsewhere. Nunez or Escobar at 3rd is fine by me Trade for Caesar Hernandez at 2nd Flip Cron if you can get anything for him. Pray to whoever that Albert retires and then spend the remaining cash on pitching!
  5. Gameday: 9/23 Angels @ Astros

    How so? He hit two home runs today
  6. Angels roster could change a lot before 2018

    Trade for Caesar Hernandez, do whatever it takes to keep Upton and give Escobar another 1-2 year deal. Spend whatever else on pitching!
  7. GAMEDAY 9-21 Tribe @ Angels

    Really screwing me over in fantasy. If the Angels are going to lose I might as well benefit from it
  8. GAMEDAY 9-21 Tribe @ Angels

    Where the FUCK is Cody Allen??? What the hell
  9. GAMEDAY 9-21 Tribe @ Angels

  10. GAMEDAY 9-21 Tribe @ Angels

    There just isn't an excuse good enough as to why you let Maldonado hit in that spot
  11. GAMEDAY 9-21 Tribe @ Angels

    Scioscia the man of making moves all the time can't be bothered to make one when he absolutely should
  12. GAMEDAY 9-21 Tribe @ Angels

    Seriously Sosh? Maldonado?
  13. GAMEDAY 9-21 Tribe @ Angels

    LV with one hell of an at bat followed up by Cron just swinging away Why the hell is Martin hitting?