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  1. Puello claimed by Rays

    I've been driving the Revere wagon all by myself all year
  2. Signing Justin Upton in FA won't cost a pick

    Is it worth an offseason of headache and phone calls to try and get an extra year added? I have no idea what Upton's market will be like and if I remember correctly it took awhile for him to get something with Detroit. I know everyone was kind of waiting around for Heyward but yeah. Outfield market is pretty meh this offseason so it could be the time to do it but there are also going to be teams saving money for the big guys coming up the next couple years and many won't want to blow their wad on Upton
  3. Signing Justin Upton in FA won't cost a pick

    So Upton is willing to gamble away his 4/88 for a chance at getting an extra year? He performs decent enough over the next 4 years he'll get another nice 2 year contract. With 88 million left I don't think it's worth gambling with, take your 88 and play well and if you still need more money after that sign another 2 year deal. On another note, having a little involvement with a beat writer for another organization you learn pretty quickly some guys know A LOT more than they can ever tell. Jeff has been pretty straight forward with how he thinks there will be no major deals/splashes at waiver deadline or this upcoming offseason. As much as it sucks, some of us may want to start taking what he says serious now so it'll lessen the blow later
  4. Stanton Clears Waivers

    So is this happening or not my dick is starting to hurt
  5. Richards Rehab

    I would seriously hope the dude isn't driving around with the license plate "Angels43" ha!
  6. Stanton Clears Waivers

    We've seen the Marlins do this just a couple years ago when they traded Buerhle, Reyes and Johnson to the Jays for a bunch of prospects. Now obviously that didn't work out to well for Jays, especially if you look at the prospects they gave up but at the time they weren't big name prospects I don't think. We could do the exact same thing. I'd like to think the guys we'd be getting are slightly better than the 3-4 guys the Jays took on. I think we could essentially keep all our prospects if we just took on the money. Tell them to throw in Yelich and we'll take on Chen's contract, if they're serious about lowering payroll that's one offer hard to turn down. It all depends on Mr.Moreno and just how much he's willing to spend, the Marlins have enough crappy contracts that you could essentially pay to keep your prospects
  7. Stanton Clears Waivers

    *Gets excited when he sees tweets* *Realizes they're from Incarceratedbob* *moves on*
  8. Thanks for doing these @totdprods, I really appreciate it
  9. This game basically sums up how my fantasy season is going. Roark pitching against a Nolasco-led Halos team and Nolasco ends up with the W I'll take it though
  10. Now that's the Howie I remember!
  11. I go back to the same pitch here 3-2, you walk him so be it
  12. You just know Howie going to kick us in the nuts here
  13. Petit or Parker no idea why Bedrosian even in right now