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  1. CanadianHalo

    Would 90 Wins & No Playoffs Make You Happy?

    God forbid you find a real hobby. If you’re going to suck, you suck right and get the highest draft pick possible.
  2. CanadianHalo

    Trade Targets : Mets and Orioles

    The Angels can trade anyone not named Adell, Canning and Suarez and I’m fine with it. Marsh hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy and I’ve soured on Jones. I also doubt other clubs see Jones as much of a “piece” in a trade. I would like to keep Thiass as well but you have to give in order to receive so if he must go that’s ok but we better be getting something good in return. Thiass could very well be our 1B next season if they’re willing to cut ties with Albert. Regardless, what we got going on now isn’t working so hopefully they make a move or six.
  3. CanadianHalo

    The "Poor Mike Trout" perception & reaction

    Lol whatever helps some of you sleep at night. The Angels better get their sh!t together and start winning or Mike is gone.
  4. CanadianHalo

    Several Moves Today - None of which are good.

    I just assume everyone is hurt unless stated otherwise
  5. Sees lineup on Twitter Notices Fletcher isn’t in it Immediately comes to AW to check the page count of gameday thread Isn’t disappointed
  6. CanadianHalo

    Meow Button

  7. CanadianHalo

    How Angry Will You Be if Trout Leaves/Demands Trade?

    How could anyone blame him? He’s done more than enough every year only to watch from the couch come October. At some point he’s going to say “f*ck this” and I don’t blame him. Hooefully some of this talent we have in the farm pans out sooner than later and with a big signing (Machado) we could really have something to sell him on
  8. CanadianHalo

    GRICH; Extend/Re-sign??

    I’d be entertaining offers for Richards if I was Eppler. Even if you can get a decent position player for him I’d take it. If Richards wants to be here then he can come back after seasons end like Chapman did with the Yanks. The MLB is so top heavy this year and we can’t compete with the Yanks, Sox, Stros come playoff time. We really don’t have much we can trade but it’s better to get something than nothing in a year where the final few teams has already been determined.
  9. CanadianHalo

    Gameday 5/30 Angels @ Tigers Ohtani Returns

    These Tigers announcers can’t get Pujols dick out of their mouth. So far they’ve gone as far as possibility crediting Pujols with Simmons offensive change and just said Fiers is obviously being careful with Pujols here. Even though Simmons is on deck “he is no Pujols”, you’re right he’s not and thank god
  10. CanadianHalo

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros 4/25/2018

    Marisnicks ball hit the satellite
  11. CanadianHalo

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros 4/25/2018

    Serious business apparently, christ
  12. CanadianHalo

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros 4/25/2018

    Oh right... 2018 and stuff. Joking isn’t allowed
  13. CanadianHalo

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros 4/25/2018

    Which taco stand on the way to Minute Maid did they find this bum working at?
  14. CanadianHalo

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros (4/24/2018)

    Watched 2 fastballs right down broadway both AB’s only to go ahead and swing at the very next pitch both times. I was afraid this was the Cozart we’d be getting