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  1. And Scioscia being an idiot for playing Valbueno
  2. Sorry was thinking Skaggs because he is not on the dl
  3. Five out of top 6 going Into the season. Adding ztropeano its 6 out of 8. Myers would make 7 out of 9!
  4. We now have four starting pitchers out of our top 6 on DL. Our top reliever and middle reliever! Four straight years of crippling injuries
  5. Seriously when will the injuries end? Plus if Trout is going to be DH they should call up Hermosillo
  6. stormngt

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Mariners (6/12/2018)

    That's not the reason you are a troll!
  7. stormngt

    Pitching matchups for Toronto series

    We play kc again? I know the makeup game but but another series?
  8. So he would stay in Newport beach instead of playing for a Workd Series? Despite the fact he only lives in Newport beach 3 months of a six month season.
  9. It's called autocorrect. I dont put apostrophe there.
  10. stormngt

    Would 90 Wins & No Playoffs Make You Happy?

    I would be happy with 90 wins Not as happy if we made the playoffs Not as happy if we win the Pennant And not as happy to win the WS. Everything is relative.
  11. Why not? He is under contact for the Angel's after 2020 season. You say we suck and will not contend. Your trying to tell me he turns down Seattle and chance to play for a contender and stay with Angels? You logic doesnt fit. Trump can't want to leave the Angel's in two years because he wants to play a contender and turn down a trade to a contender to stay with what you call a losing team! He either wants to leave for a contender or he doesnt! BTW I dont by the location argument. Baseball season is only 6 or 7 months. Of that time you only at home for three months for seven or ten day stretches. The argument to play for a contender makes sense. That is why your argument that Trout will decline a trade to stay with the Angel's doesnt make sense.
  12. Your clueless. You say Trout will want to leave the Angel's because we cant contend? Hypothetically we get a trade offer from a contending team. Now your saying Trout will decline a trade to a contender? In that case why wouldnt he sign an ectension with the Angels? Try using logic if you can.
  13. He would go to Cleveland in a heartbeat if they were competing for a WS! Are trying to say if the Angel's were willing to trade Trout to Cleveland last year (when Cleveland had the best record in baseball and favorite to win the WS) Trout would have turned it down? You say Trout wants out of Angel's because they cant compete. Now your saying Trout would rather stay with the Angels than go to Cleveland where they compete. Make up your damn mind!
  14. Bullshit. I know he has a no trade clause. However this whole conversation is based on Trout wanting out of Anaheim. Anyone trading for Trout mid year would be a contender. Why wouldn't he want to go to a contender? Haven't you been constantly saying that Trout wants to play for a contender? Why would Trout not want to be traded to a contender? Your debating against your own logic.
  15. Extend him in the off season this winter or trade him by July 2019. Simple solution. Trout for life or we get a boatload of prospects