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  1. stormngt

    Betts for Adell?

    Wait a would only think about it if Adell plays like Wood?
  2. I would love if he had a Garveyesque career!
  3. Growing up most of my friends felt baseball was boring. It was slow on action. However those were people who really didnt follow the hame. As I learned more about baseball I appreciated all the different strategies that could be put in 0lay. Ate the going to steal?, hit n run, bunt or squeeze? I would live pitching duels and the art of creating rins off outs. Those things rarely exist today.
  4. stormngt

    Gameday Thread: 8/19 Angels @ Rangers

    Waiting for someone to say Thais is being punished for hitting a HR yesterday
  5. stormngt


    The A's dominate the standings? Is it 2013?
  6. stormngt

    Trout slump

    Just think the Marlins passed on Mathis (still playing), Kendrick (still playing), Adenhart (very well could be playing because he wouldn't be in Anaheim on that fateful night) Wood (ok a bust), and Joe Saunders (solid major leaguer).
  7. Since the Dodger series we have won 4 out of 21. We currently sit with 58 wins if we continue on this pace (which is very possible with the strongest schedule stretch of the year and all of the youth in the line up) we would finish the season with 66 or 67 wins...a record worst for the franchise.
  8. stormngt

    Eppler’s concerning gamble of 2019

    When was this posted? La Stella is not having a career year because his year is done.
  9. Besides the p virus, trout, obtain, fletcher la Stella voodwin etc Seeing the prospects play
  10. stormngt

    Do we contend in 2020?

    Who replaces Upton?
  11. Was that the TV hird error this inning?
  12. Dont know if ots meant to be serious or sarcasm. I snapped after the 16 inning loss because I knew that was the end of the season. As for the difficult time you must remember I have been a fan since 1969. I followed them through the miserable 70s, t h.g e blown opportunities of the 80s, the worse 90's. I am used to losing streaks for the Angels. I dont mind the losses. And fact it they were are giving some prospects experience. It frustrated mean inder Scioscia that when the team was knocked out of the race that the Angel's never brought up prospects to test them out.
  13. stormngt

    No relief in sight

    So what's different than the four years,
  14. Joe Jackson was a member of the white Sox
  15. stormngt

    Gerrit Cole seems to be a must signing.

    They need to do something drastic and like having their DH pitch.