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  1. stormngt

    2018 Hot Stove League

    If Harper gets only 300 million and machado's gets less. What does it say about Trout? I think that helps the Angel's in extending him.
  2. Actually yes. It after 30 when ones physical ability starts to regress due to age.
  3. stormngt

    No more "Disabled List"

    The time is here that society needs to tell the PC people to go F*** themselves
  4. stormngt

    Two Questions

    To be honest had Eppler got the ok to pursue Harper or Machada and passed I think the Angel's would have reported it that they tried but too expensive.
  5. stormngt

    Two Questions

    Some serious speculation! Is it possible that Trout wanted to sign an extension for league minimum?
  6. stormngt


    I will take the under.
  7. stormngt


    If he has a healthy po itching staff he will do better than Scioscia. If he has four batters not suck he should do better than Scioscia.
  8. Sorry, but a good organization has to consult with the player what is best for him. I highly doubt if the Angel's encouraged him to get the surgery sooner Ohtani would have chose to get it sooner.
  9. The only logic for not getting the surgery in September was that he would still be able to play by opening day. Was him winning ROY worth a month or so of 2019? I dont think so.
  10. stormngt

    Lefties in the Pen

    Bias was an absolute beast. The Pistons wouldn't have won back to back had he night killed himself on cocaine. Destroyed that franchise for decade and half.
  11. stormngt

    Random baseball thoughts

    We would have taken him a spot earlier had we kept Teixeira
  12. stormngt

    Lefties in the Pen

    Impressed that you know of Lefty since he was a 1980s U. Of Maryland basketball coach. I had the chance to hung out with him a few times. A very funny person
  13. stormngt

    Pujols weight

    there will be a buy out agreement
  14. Weren't you the one that says winning the championship is all that matters?
  15. Pretty telling considering that's Mike Trout contract for three years.