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  1. I dont have a problem if they are planning on going with Canning or Suarez. I have no idea who Peters is. I do know the last three years we have been crushed by lack of pitching depth. Like I have been saying (and you guys have been ignoring) I didnt have a problem with letting Shoe go. It's not replacing him. And if we had guys in the minors better than him than why did we have McGuire, Lamb, Despaigne, start games for us last year?
  2. Take the damn injury away and name them! And dont be enslaved to quantitative analysis. There are factors that explain why numbers aren't always an accurate assessment.
  3. Than replace him with this so called better option. I am not saying shoemaker was a great option. However we haven't replaced him yet.
  4. We haven't had many better the last three years. If they are so easy to find why haven't we found them?
  5. Find me a replacement that is better and I will stop complaining.
  6. I forgive the guy for getting hit in the head and almost dying and I forgive him for a doctor misdiagnosing the problem. Like I said it's a good gamble. Get me someone better for the price and I am ok with it. Right now it looks like we are just dumping salary despite pitching being a position of need.
  7. You know he is better than that when healthy. Like I said find someone better and I wont have a problem. 4 million is a small risk imo.
  8. He will get a major league deal from another maybe cheaper than his arbitration figure had he stayed with the Angel's but he has shown too good not to take a chance.
  9. I will be glad when we have a better replacement. Right now we don't.
  10. Why did we give up Shoemaker if it's a limited market?
  11. stormngt

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Letting Shoemaker go may end up being a big mistake
  12. Didnt even try to draft a rp in rule 5. Wtf!
  13. stormngt

    Tulowitski for 3B/1B??

    What is the F'n risk of trying it out? Minimum wage?
  14. stormngt

    Why not waive Pujols?

    That statement includes extending your soon to be big time free agent.