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  1. Since he plays for the Angel's it should be ER Ward
  2. That's why suggesting he starts for a couple inning like TB wouldnt work.
  3. I have only browsed this thread so I maybe misinterpreting the message but I find it appalling that people link Trouts fresh agency with this tragedy
  4. Wouldnt you lose the DH if he pitched and hit?
  5. stormngt

    American League Playoffs Set?

    Had to bump this. On June 18th, the 4th plays A's were 12 games back 10 behind the 2nd Wild card. What a difference 2 months make. Should never pay too much attention to early season standings.
  6. Newcomb improved? From his first minor league season? Segura was also a farm prospect Trumbo hit 47 hrs in Baltimore Colon sucked several seasons until he drank magic dust in the Dominican science center Nice try
  7. So we are keeping Marte for the time being!
  8. stormngt


    I wouldnt mind seeing our prospect. I assume that will be promoted when front office thinks it's best to do so.
  9. stormngt


    The mete fact of winning and losing is meaningful. Competitors compete to win. No game is meaning because of competitive pride.
  10. stormngt


    Heaven forbid we would expect the players to play for pride
  11. stormngt


    It's amazing that so many do not understand this. How are fans on a message chat board looking at their stats know more than the organization who is analyzing their prospect thoroughly. The debate about bringing up Ward is beating a dead horse. There are reasons why the Angel's dont want to bring him up.
  12. stormngt


    Paying 500k when he is not ready? Also it's a year or two earlier for arbitration. Dont you want to pool at that money when he isnt a defensive liability?
  13. stormngt


    Does the service time have anything to do with it? I maybe wrong, but if we bring him up now (when he us not ready defensively ) dont we lose a year of club control than if we bring him up in June 2019?