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  1. In all honesty why? Surely there has to be a better option then the 2nd worst starter in mlb...well actually Jackson is now "hurt" so he might be first.
  2. IIIII

    AL Player of The Week

    He won it in the second week of this season.
  3. IIIII

    6/22 Gameday thread Angels at Cardinals

    And all that momentum is gone just like that. 3 game losing streak F*ck yeah.
  4. They had a power outage https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamChodzko/status/1139327480802791424/photo/1
  5. Well glad this wasn’t just me. Everyone seems to be having the same issue.
  6. We need Fletcher back. Hopefully Tommy La Stella can get out of his few game funk!
  7. IIIII

    Gameday: Jun 11th Dodgers vs Angels

    One of the better live games I've attended for quite some time (in terms of the crowd). Watching Dodgers fans get all excited and talk shit every inning then the team proceeded to waste opportunities was hilarious.
  8. IIIII

    Alex Curry

    Sounds like baseball
  9. Yeah for sure, I'm only talking about this year. Either way I don't expect him to get in. Realistically Trout, La Stella, and Fletcher are all deserving but no way a mediocre team gets 3. Also this fanbase isn't like the royals, so the votes won't be there.
  10. La Stella is noticeably better in every offensive category. I agree that KC needs a player and Angels fans don't vote as much so I doubt La Stella gets in.
  11. IIIII

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    Interesting decision to draft Molnar. Pretty cool because I know him personally. Hopefully he can follow Canning path to the team but his injuries shave really derailed what was once an extremely promising career.
  12. Back from my trip and the team is in the same position as before. Actually surprised, thought they would tank.
  13. And once again we have to question Asmus’s decisions. Man he’s been horrible.
  14. I wonder what Harvey and Cahill think seeing a dude in his 5th start dominate in a way they can’t despite being in the league for 10 ish years.