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  1. itsKnoppUitsme

    F**ck Everything :-(

    F the Doyers!
  2. itsKnoppUitsme

    Mike Scioscia steps down as Angels manager

    Thank you for 2002 it was something I will never forget or thought ever would happen!
  3. Turned on the game see the last inning of the year that was fun! Adios Sosh!!!
  4. itsKnoppUitsme

    Eric Chavez emerging as favorite to replace Sosh

    Just like Sosh!
  5. itsKnoppUitsme

    Kole Calhoun - Historic 1st/2nd Half Split?

    I'm very surprised that Valbuena's 2017 season is not on there!
  6. No, Josh Paul is the notorious catcher that got screwed by a completely inept umpiring squad!
  7. Arcia does NOT want to go back to the minors!
  8. I absolutely root for everyone we call up, always hoping for that miracle! That being said NEXT! He should not be pitching in MLB,Hit the Deck!
  9. The knob is the "eye" of the bat. If the eye isn't going to the ball, it usually ends up being just a right turn...
  10. itsKnoppUitsme

    Gameday: 7/31 Angels @ Rays

    Wow Upton really is a terrible fn fielder!
  11. itsKnoppUitsme

    Gameday Thread 07/28 vs. Mariners

    He will sit tomorrow it’s a day game
  12. itsKnoppUitsme

    Gameday Thread 07/28 vs. Mariners

    Left-handed hitting catcher with power Check lol