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  1. itsKnoppUitsme

    Best Angels giveaway of all time?

    For two 8 and 7 pitchers Who I don’t think were even that good
  2. itsKnoppUitsme

    Sandoval to undergo Tommy John Surgery

    But, was it
  3. itsKnoppUitsme

    Detroit Tigers

    Jinx thread!
  4. We could probably use that guy tonight
  5. itsKnoppUitsme

    How many more starts does Harvey get?

    DFA’d Thanks for the memories!
  6. itsKnoppUitsme

    Aaron Boone blasts the homeplate umpire

    The Rays beat them on Monday!
  7. itsKnoppUitsme

    Throw at Marisdick

    Especially since he has “One Love” stitched onto his glove.
  8. itsKnoppUitsme

    Gameday Thread: Astros @ Angels 7/16/2019

  9. itsKnoppUitsme

    Throw at Marisdick

    The realization that he had F’d up!
  10. Wow! I can’t believe they actually let him pitch to Trout, Amazing!