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  1. itsKnoppUitsme

    Angels Claim RP Hansel Robles

    Gretel is having TJS!
  2. I’m still waiting to see this good fielding that I keep hearing about from Hermosillo!
  3. Garrett Anderson would’ve caught it ;0
  4. itsKnoppUitsme

    Ian Kinsler

    How much more would we like Kinsler if he batted in the 7-8-9 slot?
  5. itsKnoppUitsme

    Angels program from 1975

    I remember going to a game with my father when Ryan pitched against the Rangers and he gave up a first inning single to Alex Johnson and that was it.
  6. itsKnoppUitsme

    Who is still in love with Blash?

    As with all new Angels ball players we HOPE that they do well and are the piece! NEXT!
  7. itsKnoppUitsme

    Game day thread, Angels @ Oakland, 6/16

    Fletcher seems to have the same type of baseball IQ as Simba.Please keep him in the lineup!
  8. itsKnoppUitsme

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Mariners (6/11/2018)

    Of course, a guy that couldn’t make it as the fifth starter on one of our bad teams is shutting us down us right now!
  9. itsKnoppUitsme

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Mariners (6/11/2018)

    Do you guys realize that Wade LeBlanc pitched 10 games for the Angels a few years ago. He’s been Dipotophiled!
  10. itsKnoppUitsme

    Ohtani to miss at least one start

    Or like being dehydrated then needing Tommy John Surgery!
  11. That was painful to listen to. It almost took the enjoyment of the win away
  12. That was painful to listen to. It almost took the enjoyment of the win away
  13. itsKnoppUitsme

    Prepare to Blasht off...

    That ball was just crushed!
  14. itsKnoppUitsme

    Luke Bard DFA'd

    Hopefully he/it doesn't come back to haunt us in the playoffs!