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  1. itsKnoppUitsme

    A bunch of players...

    All of the unnamed ones above plus a few that haven’t gotten here yet!
  2. itsKnoppUitsme

    Gameday Thread: Astros @ Angels Cinco de Mayo

  3. His Bachman Turner overdrive reference last night was the last straw
  4. itsKnoppUitsme

    Predict Canning's line tonight

    5ip 4runs 1ER 6KS 2BB
  5. I can’t seem to find any bullpen help in my marriage!
  6. itsKnoppUitsme

    Lucroy & Smith

    Except Smith is horrible as well!
  7. itsKnoppUitsme

    Worst Halos decade

    I have been around since the 60s also. Though there was always periods of futility and disappointment. To have arguably the best baseball player To have played this game and just continually trotting out teams I would have to say this decade has been the most disappointing!
  8. itsKnoppUitsme

    Mental Errors

    Failing to acquire enough starting pitching and hitting!
  9. itsKnoppUitsme

    #1 and #2 Starters (2019 elephant in the room)

    The same can be said for #1
  10. itsKnoppUitsme

    Cody Allen

  11. There anybody here who believes Allen should be the closer right now? Aaarrggghhhh!!!