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  1. Well if you wanted that single you’d bunt and be the mop-up man both. How big is that desire?
  2. Could you see Albert as an on -field coach?
  3. Anglels fans in general say stupid shit , because we’re Angels fans. I sometimes can’t tell the difference between an outrageous comment and a drunken statement? Thanks
  4. Perhaps on some level he wasn’t sure that was a question or a statement?
  5. Revad

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    How long has that been percolating?
  6. Certifiable. Yep.
  7. I know I’m crazy but if Harvey could get going and Heany comes back health it would change things considerably.
  8. Revad

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Interesting game at 7 EST- Astros (Cole) and Red Sox (Porcello).
  9. Revad

    Dipoto vs Eppler

    Plus Dipoto sucks.
  10. Revad

    Dipoto vs Eppler

    I’m anxious to see results at the MLB level - really need to see that by next year. On the other hand I’m watching a team with Trout, Otani and Simmons. Fletcher has been amazing and I look forward to his at bats. I’d extend Eppler for sure because I think that he’ll continue to improve the overall quality of the organization and we’ll see the playoffs before to long.
  11. Revad

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    I think a win today would be huge, I hope it will be another close game. I’m thinking Cleveland still will beat out the Twins for the Central Division with the Twins on target for the second wildcard. Angels may be right there so winning face to face games is key.
  12. Revad

    A bunch of players...

    So Craig? Duh....
  13. Revad

    A bunch of players...

    Goodwin mainly. I had some confidence in LaStella but am still surprised. Fletcher but he’s doing what I was rooting for.
  14. Revad

    Trout and his Love of Fans

    This is a tough crowd at AW. Trout gets marketed but in a genuine way, then comes through with a HR for what, a 3 year old boy. And no comments from anyone. well happy Mother’s Day
  15. Percy says a coffee drink- make it a double.