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  1. OCAngelsNotLAA

    School fundraisers

    A 50/50 raffle is a good way to raise money without having any items to raffle off. Another plus is if one of the parents wins they might just donate their winnings to the trip too.
  2. OCAngelsNotLAA

    MLB Sees a Sharp Drop in Attendance

    I love live sports, but the cost/hassle of attending games plus the quality of HDTV leave me with little motivation to attend more than 1-2 games a year and i live a 5 min drive from Angels stadium or ponda.
  3. Why Yankees have a better shot at adding Mike Trout than Bryce Harper http://www.nj.com/yankees/index.ssf/2018/06/why_yankees_have_better_shot_adding_mike_trout_tha.html This is just an article that caught my attention on google this morning. I do like the idea of the Angels talking to Trout this off season and asking if they have any shot at extending him or if he has his heart set on playing closer to home. If he wants to be on the east coast then lets trade him for the best package we can this off season and go after Machado and Harper. I dont know anything about those yankee prospects but the idea of getting 4-6 of some teams top 10 prospects is a nice concelation prize to losing maybe the best player ever.
  4. How does Ward have a 400 batting average and a 385 OBP?
  5. OCAngelsNotLAA

    Now RF is a black hole

    AP for Bruce...
  6. OCAngelsNotLAA

    13 strikes called balls for the Halos today

    They should be grading all umpires on their accuracy of the strike zone in all levels of baseball. Demote the bottom 20% each season to the minors and promote the top 20% of minor league umpires to replace them. This way we force the umpires to be as accurate as possible if they want to make MLB money as well as give the better minor league umps a way for them to get into the show.
  7. OCAngelsNotLAA


    I think he saved us from a loss with his defense at least once this year too.
  8. OCAngelsNotLAA

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Huh? Bieksa had a NMC. Vegas wasn't going to take Bieksa. They would have taken Vats but we gave them Theodore so they would take Stoner in the draft. i didnt like the deal but we were never going to lose Bieksa unless we bought him out.
  9. OCAngelsNotLAA

    My 5 year old son

    Bribe him? Try giving him his favorite candy anytime he poops in the potty.
  10. OCAngelsNotLAA

    Ohtani pitching on Sundays

  11. OCAngelsNotLAA

    What have you watched recently?

    Im on episode 4 of the current season. it's good but it isn't as good as the first couple seasons.
  12. OCAngelsNotLAA

    Now That This Game Is Behind Us

    Peaky Blinders, a show on Netflix
  13. OCAngelsNotLAA

    What have you watched recently?

    I binged the whole Wire series in 2014 when i was staying up late with my newborn. I liked it a lot! Then I tried to watch OZ and I dont think that aged well, couldn't stick with it.
  14. OCAngelsNotLAA

    Anyone here get the SNES classic?

    I have one that i havent even opened yet. I have the NES mini too which my 3 year old is just starting to get the hang of so i will introduce her to the SNES soon. im not super tech savy but i built an emulator out of a raspberry pi by watching a youtube video but i thought the games felt a little laggy and not all the controls worked correctly so i broke down and bought the NES instead. I love it i just dont have much time to play, looking forward to introducing my daughter to Yoshi with the SNES.
  15. If he isn't cutting it at the plate in the big leagues can't we let him pitch a game for the angels and then send him down to AAA for 2/3 games between starts to work on his hitting?