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  1. OCAngelsNotLAA

    first time in vegas next week

    I feel the same way. LOVE was the best show of any kind that I have seen in vegas.
  2. OCAngelsNotLAA

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    I worked on the ADA team at Coachella for a few years back in 2010 and 2011 so I have some good stories. CeeLo Green hopped in my golfcart one time when I was near the camping area. He said that some girl was going to "suck his soul through his D#@K" if he stayed there any longer. Another time I was working in the lot for handicapped parking and the oldest brother from Malcom in the Middle pulls up with an SUV full of people. I tell him he can't park in there without a handicap placard. He is nice and says "Ok no problem" and then just drives to the other side of the parking lot and double parks behind someone elses car. I walk over to tell him he still can't park there and he hands me and the other guy working $200 each and the keys to his escalade and walks in the venue without saying a word. We moved his escalade to this corner spot in the lot and backed up a trailer with 2 handicapped porta potties on it and blocked him in. Wish I saw his reaction when he came back.
  3. Just finished Quicksand. A Swedish series on Netflix about the events that led to a school shooting. Still worth a watch I say.
  4. OCAngelsNotLAA

    The Official 2019-2020 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    I like it. We are injecting a lot of youth into the roster right now so they will already be familiar with him and he doesn't have any obligations to the vets so its be productive or get comfy on the bench/press box. His failures in Edmonton dont scare me. The gulls playoff colapse last year was concerning but they looked good this year so I still like this hire.
  5. Watched Free Solo this weekend on Hulu. It's about a rock climber attemping to climb El Capitan without ropes. I have never had my hands and feet sweat so much watching a movie! So if you want to lose some water weight I can't recommend this movie enough.
  6. OCAngelsNotLAA

    LA homelessness numbers increasing

    33. I went to Cal State Fullerton too.
  7. OCAngelsNotLAA

    LA homelessness numbers increasing

    Seriously! I went to a state school so that I didn't need any student loans. I might not have a "prestigious" degree but I had $0 student loan debt when I graduated.
  8. OCAngelsNotLAA

    LA homelessness numbers increasing

    People need to make smarter decisions with their money too. Its easy to save when you live with your parents but everyone wants to move out asap and be on their own. I lived at home through college instead of renting somewhere like most of my friends and had a fulltime job at the same time. In those 4 years I saved up enough for a down payment on a 2 bedroom condo in Anaheim. Rented out one of the rooms to a friend for the 5 years i lived their because i couldnt afford the $1,600 mortgage on my own. Sold it for 150K profit and bought a 3 bedroom house in Anaheim with the profits. My mortgage is now $1800 and I only owe 244K on a house worth 570K. I have never made more than $55K/year at my job and yet i have friends that make 100k+ a year and can't afford to buy a house in OC. I understand people have different situations then me and not everyone could do this but i always saw renting as the biggest waste of money and made my monetary plans around that thought process.
  9. OCAngelsNotLAA

    2019 Stanley Cup playoffs

    Yea, you hate to see a noncall lead to a goal. I did think the Bruin threw his leg that wasn't contacted in the air pretty aggressively trying to draw a call which I hate too.
  10. OCAngelsNotLAA

    The Official 2019-2020 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    I am guessing the ducks are looking to interview one of the assitant coaches on one of the teams playing for the cup.
  11. OCAngelsNotLAA

    When Upton returns

    Phillies need an outfielder. Maybe we can get a low level minor league pitcher for Goodwin. I would rather get a lotto ticket arm for him then to lose him for nothing.
  12. OCAngelsNotLAA

    Game of Thrones

    I dont have a problem with the way the show ended, i just wish it was 2-4 episodes longer so we could have had more scenes of events just glossed over (the Stark girls reaction to Jon's real parents, Lannisters/kings landing fighters preparing for the battle. Were they confident or were they questioning Cersei too? Jons arrest and explanation after killing the Queen). I know this show got crazy costly towards the end so I understand why they shortened it but it did hurt the story a little. I wish they were following Arya's character west. She would be the only actress from the original cast so the actors salaries would be way more manageable and you get to create a world that hasn't even been written about yet. Seems like a missed opportunity.
  13. OCAngelsNotLAA

    Game of Thrones

    In the preview for next week's episode there is a scene where 2 dragons are flying in the air. I am guessing Jon's dragon survived.
  14. OCAngelsNotLAA

    Ausmus on Ohtani

    Seager got it in April, Ohtani's was the end of September.
  15. OCAngelsNotLAA

    The Official 2019-2020 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    The Gulls first playoff game was great last night. Gulls won in OT against the San Jose affiliate. Game 2 is tonight.