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  1. I just posted this in the Prospect thread. How does Baseball Prospectus stack up with other prospect sites?
  2. Baseball Prospectus: 2. Adell 56. Canning 68. Jones 94. Marsh 99. Adams Baseball Prospectus
  3. Boras isnt Manny's agent Dan Lozano is. Dan Lozano also represents Albert Pujols.
  4. Im a boxer owner and think they are the best dogs. Makes me like Adell even more and I didn't think that was possible. HA!
  5. Cdaniel

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    Id rather sign Grandal and keep Barria. Giving up a 2nd pick would suck for the Grandal signing but I view Barria higher than that, plus add additional prospects on top of thank you.
  6. Cdaniel

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    I thought the way you make money in the stock market is to buy low before the price starts rising to maximize your return.
  7. Cdaniel

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    I like it! Lock in Grandal at catcher and we are looking good.
  8. Cdaniel

    Angels sign Trevor Cahill

    I don't get saving for the Trout ext, wouldn't it be just adding additional 5-7 mil based on what he is making now? I think we end the offseason by signing Kikuchi and Grandal.
  9. Cdaniel

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Me either, i was wondering what I was missing and why people thought it was a bad contract.
  10. Cdaniel

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Why is the Lynn contract for 3/30 a bad contract?
  11. Cdaniel

    Rule 5 Draft Thread

    we passed.
  12. Cdaniel

    What about a Cozart for Gray deal?

    Check out his splits. Gray is a pretty good pitcher outside of Yankee stadium.
  13. Cdaniel

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I think the price drops the longer you wait for the lower tier pitchers and FA position players.
  14. Cdaniel

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I wouldn't mind 2 of the pitchers you mentioned. I would even add Sanchez as a target as well. Gray would be a good target if we trade for a SP.