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  1. Jeff Fletcher

    Next year's bullpen

    The gameday robots had trouble with him. He was just tossing BP fastballs in there, playing catch. And they showed up as all kinds of pitches.
  2. Jeff Fletcher

    One positive from the game today

    What he said
  3. I’m sure he’s not the first to catch and pitch. He’s the first to catch, pitch and hit a HR.
  4. I wouldn’t really invest much of anything in the bullpen. There are just too many examples of guys you pay for being busts and guys off the scrap heap being good. Id rather go try to pick up 5 Blake Parker’s for nothing than buy one Greg Holland.
  5. As I said earlier, I think you’re better off trying to spend money on good starters than good relievers. I think you fix the bullpen just from having a ton of volume in cheap arms with some potential. You almost fix the bullpen by accident when you stumble into Petit, Norris and Parker. You don’t fix it by signing Greg Holland. Craig Kimbrel is the only reliever I’d say is worth spending any serious money on, and the Angels still probably have other needs that are more pressing for the resources they have.
  6. @mulwin444 and @floplag This is like “tastes great” vs “less filling.” You guys are both right. The A’s bullpen is better than the Angels. Also, the A’s offense is better than the Angels, which shows up in helping their bullpen be better than the Angels. Thats why they’re 17 games ahead.
  7. Yes, the A’s bullpen is better than the Angels. It is a major reason they are better than the Angels. (I personally wouldn’t use saves and save percentage as the best measure of that, but whatever measure you use will probably yield the same result. WHIP is probably the best metric for relievers.) On a side note, do you remember who the A’s biggest offseason acquisitions were? Stephen Piscotty and Yusmeiro Petit. I think if you look around at the teams that make big jumps from year to year you’ll find that it’s not the “marquee” offseason additions that make a difference. It’s a) guys you already have getting better or b) guys you pick off the scrap heap have comeback seasons. Same with the Braves. How often do the teams that “win the offseason” really win on the field?
  8. If a reliever enters in the 6th with a 1-run lead and a runner at 3rd with one out, and he gives up a fly ball that scores the run, that’s a blown save.
  9. The other thing to remember is that improving your starting pitching and lineup also improves your bullpen. If you need 6 outs a night from the bullpen instead of 9-10, you can match up better and use who you want and not just who is fresh. Also, if you have a 5-run lead more often, you can rest all of your high leverage guys. Good everyday players can also contribute to run prevention if they happen to be good defensively too. Your resources should go to, in this order... 1. Everyday players 2. Starting pitchers 3. Relievers
  10. Jeff Fletcher

    Wil Myers

    Pujols 28 Trout 34 Simmons 13 Upton 18 Calhoun 10.5 Cozart 12.67 Shoemaker 5 Parker 3.5 Alvarez 3 Skaggs 5 Heaney 4 Bedrosian 2 Ramirez 3 Tropeano 1 0-3, bonus: 20 That's about 163. They're going to be around 195-200ish.
  11. Jeff Fletcher

    Wil Myers

    That's not counting the $20M for 0-3s, benefits, bonuses, etc.
  12. Jeff Fletcher

    Wil Myers

    Some of these threads remind me of this...
  13. Jeff Fletcher

    Wil Myers

    I don’t think you’re hearing what I said about the luxury tax.
  14. Jeff Fletcher

    Next year's bullpen

    Yeah. About that. June or July.
  15. Jeff Fletcher

    Spending this off-season

    Man, I leave you guys for a while and look what happens. To answer from way earlier... The Angels have about $30-33M to spend on players who are not here now. That means it doesn’t count raises and arb salaries for guys who are here. As I’ve said before, don’t look at the luxury tax number. That uses the average salaries and some players have actual salaries much higher than their average. Trout, Pujols, Simmons, Calhoun are at the back end of multiyear deals. The good news there is that any free agents they sign now to 3-plus year deals, they can backload to have less of a hit in 2019. It’s also a pretty good motivation to extend Trout, so they can reduce his 2019 salary (as they did with Upton). Also, you can trade away or nontender guys to make some space. JC Ramírez $2-3M, Bedrosian 2-3M, Parker 2-3M, Shoemaker 4-5M. Carry on....