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  1. Jeff Fletcher

    Interesting article on Realmuto trade value

    I think a catcher like Realmuto is a much safer play than the equivalent pitcher. (Trevor Bauer? James Paxton?) Pitchers get hurt more. And also play less. It’s harder to find a good catcher who can hit than a good pitcher.
  2. Jeff Fletcher

    OC Register: Angels Offseason Options: Julio Teheran

    The Braves could also just sign McCutcheon and keep Teheran or trade him for prospects.
  3. Jeff Fletcher

    OC Register: Angels Offseason Options: Julio Teheran

    I probably wouldn’t because then you need to replace Calhoun, which costs more money and/or prospects. Sure you could end up with a better RF than Calhoun but you’re going to pay for it. And I wouldn’t want to block Adell. I also don’t think the Braves would do that.
  4. Jeff Fletcher

    $30 Million Off Season, how do YOU spend it?

    Well that was last year. And I dont think they count they against what they consider their “payroll” to be. I think it was probably a one-time exception for Ohtani, rather than opening the door for an extra $20M this year. Arte has always said he’d go over the budget for the right player. They did with Ohtani.
  5. Thanks. Share it with your friends and subscribe to the OCR if you don’t already
  6. Jeff Fletcher

    OC Register: Angels Offseason Options: Julio Teheran

    By the way, one of the things I learned at the GM meetings is this guy is definitely available. I don't know how interested the Angels are or what the prospect cost would be, just that the Braves are open to moving him. Seems to me he'd be a pretty good fit if they could get him for something like Jose Suarez and another mid-level prospect.
  7. Jeff Fletcher

    Eppler extension to be announced?

    This is false by the way. I was intrigued enough to check.
  8. Jeff Fletcher

    Interesting article on Realmuto trade value

    I added their ages for you in 2019.
  9. Jeff Fletcher

    Current payroll and where we stand This really ought to explain it. Right now for 2019 they have committed about $164M in terms of actual payroll (including arb salaries, 0-3s, bonuses and benefits) The CBT (Competitive Balancer Tax, ie luxury tax) is calculated based on the Average Annual Value (AAV) of your contracts. That's so you can't circumvent the tax by the way you distribute the money throughout the deal. (You can, of course, do that to manage your budget, but not to avoid the tax). Anyway, according to the CBT, their current payroll is $147M (including arb salaries, 0-3, bonuses and benefits). The luxury tax threshold is $206M. So, as you can see, they can't get anywhere close to that, without laying out an actual payroll for 2019 of about $225M, which would be way more than they've ever spent. The reason we're suddenly talking about actual payroll instead of luxury tax is because it's only been in the last year that's been there a big difference, because Trout and Pujols suddenly got to the heavy end of their contracts, when their salary exceeded the average. Trout made $20M in 2017 and $34 in 2018, because 2018 was the first year he would have been a free agent. The AAV of Trout's deal is $24M. Simmons and Calhoun are now on the back end. All of them are making more than their AAV. One of the best ways for the Angels to balance this is to re-do Trout's deal, so he gets paid less now. They have a lot more room in terms of AAV under the CBT than they do in actual cash flow. If they rip up his contract and give him a new one that has an AAV of, say, 33M (12/400?) but pays him only $27M or something this year. Now they are saving $7M in terms of actual payroll (Trout's salary goes from 34M to 27M) and adding $9M in CBT payroll (his AAV goes from 24M to 33M). But that's OK, because they have 60M of space in the CBT. Why would Trout give up $7M in 2019? To make the 2019 Angels better, and of course to get paid a bazillion dollars later.
  10. Jeff Fletcher

    Current payroll and where we stand

    Just last year, I had to cover the Dodgers at the winter meetings, and I was sitting in Andrew Friedman's suite. He never tells anyone anything, so we were sort of just bantering and killing time. I asked him what is the number you use to estimate all the 0-3s, benefits and bonuses, for CBT purposes. He said $20M. I don't try to interpret the CBA myself. I tend to just ask people who know more than me. And @floplag, it is the difference between what they are actually paying the players and what the CBT counts. The latter uses AAV, but of course most players are not paid their exact average in a given year. Trout's AAV is 24 but his salary is 34.
  11. Jeff Fletcher

    Sonny Gray Opinion

    When another GM talks privately to Cashman, what should Cashman say? -We just have too much pitching. -We can’t afford his $9M salary. -We are trying not to be good so we don’t want him. -He’s a bad pitcher. -He’s hurt. The first three are obviously not true and the last two obviously hurt Gray’s value even more. Seems to me the only thing he can say that’s both believable and has a chance to help his value is: “He can still be good, but not for us.” You don’t have to believe it, and some GMs won’t. But I don’t see any better alternative narrative for Cashman to push. And if he’s willing to say it to any other GM privately, he should be able to say it publicly.
  12. He got hurt (after he got a lot of money because he’d suddenly become “proven.”)
  13. And where did Brandon Morrow come from last year?
  14. Jeff Fletcher

    Sonny Gray Opinion

    If this is what he’s telling the other GMs privately, by going public all he’s doing is saving himself some time. Other GMs have to make the same decision on whether to believe him if they read it or hear it from his mouth. So really the only issue is whether Sonny Gray’s feelings are hurt. Since I’m guessing Cashman told him the same thing first, I’m sure he’s OK.
  15. Jeff Fletcher

    Sonny Gray Opinion

    Because he’s not the Oakland version in NY. But he’ll be the Oakland version out of NY. That’s the point Cashman is trying to make.