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  1. Jeff Fletcher

    Team has gotten worse?

    They have done exactly what Eppler said they were doing. They made as many small short term improvements as they could to give themselves a chance at the playoffs this year, while sacrificing none of the farm system and taking on no large financial commitments. They have a chance at 90 wins this year, and next year the farm system will be even better. Remember, an improving farm system helps you in 3 ways: the players play for you, they save you money to spend on established players, they give you capital to spend to trade for other players. A good farm system is the only way to have an extended window of success, so they’ve been operating around that. It’s like having half the store open while you’re doing renovations, as opposed to closing the whole place (tanking). Next year’s FA’s include OC natives Gerrit Cole and Nolan Arenado.
  2. Jeff Fletcher

    Sonny Gray about to be traded

    Maybe an 8-15 ranked prospect type.
  3. Jeff Fletcher

    Sonny Gray about to be traded

    That's waaaaaaaaaaaaay off. He's got one year left and he was terrible last year and he's going to make like $10M. He wouldn't cost a top prospect.
  4. Jeff Fletcher

    Angels bullpen is the ultimate Eppler gamble

    The lack of offense also hurts the bullpen. If the relievers are constantly being asked to hold a 1-run lead for 4 innings, they're going to blow a lot. Also, the leverage relievers are going to be used a lot, which is going to make them less effective. Sometimes the starter needs to go 7, and sometimes the bullpen needs to inherit a 5-run lead. Neither of those things happened nearly often enough for the Angels last year.
  5. Jeff Fletcher

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    This was a tweet, and not even the main point of the tweet at that. If he actually had anything solid saying that a Trout extension was unlikely, you can bet your butt it would have been a story with a headline.
  6. Jeff Fletcher

    Angels bullpen is the ultimate Eppler gamble

    You’re going to have to be more specific than that. What is a “regular basis”? What does “hold leads” mean? If they have a 3-run lead and give up 2 is that ok? If they have a 7-run lead and give up 6 is that OK? And for how many years?
  7. Jeff Fletcher

    Angels bullpen is the ultimate Eppler gamble April was the bullpen's best month. They were also good in July and August.
  8. Jeff Fletcher

    Lozano's Had Enough (Press Beat-down!)

    Sources talk in order to benefit themselves, usually. That’s just a fact. Knowing that, a reporter has the obligation to try to determine if he can trust that the source isn’t lying or misinformed. I have reported things that I knew I was told in order to benefit the person who told me, but as long as I still believed it was true and of interest to the fans, I still reported it. If you learn something you believe to be true, you can’t withhold it just to protect the interests of one party. (At least when it comes to baseball, not rape or child abuse or national security or other serious issues.) In this case, I’d like to give the sources and the reporters the benefit of the doubt and think it was a misunderstanding rather than a blatant lie by the source or a reliance on a questionable source by the writers. Maybe 7/175 was the first offer, and there was some misunderstanding about the latest offer.
  9. Jeff Fletcher

    Angels bullpen is the ultimate Eppler gamble

    Ok then. Give me some objective definition of “proven” and I’ll look up exactly how many pitchers fit that description.
  10. Jeff Fletcher

    Lozano's Had Enough (Press Beat-down!)

    Well you just eliminated 99 percent of what’s reported and talked about over the winter. Does that also mean none of you want to know what the Angels are planning?
  11. Yes. He was designated the day after I left him out of the story on the starters. I guess I was on to something!
  12. Jeff Fletcher

    Angels bullpen is the ultimate Eppler gamble

    By my point is the “proven” guys barely exist.
  13. Jeff Fletcher

    Angels bullpen is the ultimate Eppler gamble

    That's what I meant. I stand by my statement. In fact, let's look it up. Let's just call 50 games and an ERA of 3.50 or better "exemplary." That's a pretty low bar for exemplary. There have been 13 pitchers who have done that each of the last three years. Only 40 pitchers have done it two of the last three years. Point is, relievers are a huge crapshoot. Your chances of getting quality out of an $8M reliever are not much better than a $2M reliever.
  14. Jeff Fletcher

    Angels bullpen is the ultimate Eppler gamble

    Very few relievers have an extended history of success on the mound. There are probably 15 relievers in the majors who you know will be good. Then there are probably another 50 who are good 2 of every 3 years. Then there are 100 who are coin flips.
  15. Jeff Fletcher

    Angels acquire John Curtiss

    Relievers with options are huge. The more you can move them up and down, the more you can keep them fresh.