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  1. Well they only give it to one person.
  2. Alex Bregman is in the conversation because he’s had a very good year. If he had the same year with the Tigers, he’d deserve to be just as much in the conversation. At the moment, though, Bregman’s year hasn’t been as good as Trout’s. Trout is ahead in WAR, OPS, OPS+, HR, wRC+, WPA and a lot of other things. I would vote Bregman 2nd, right now. Of course, Bregman has another 10 games or so that Trout doesn’t have, so it’s not over.
  3. That’s still a different question, in my opinion. A player’s value is absolute, not relative to what is around him. Just like the $20 bill in the pile of $1s
  4. If I take a watch to be appraised at two different places, they can legitimately consider all kinds of things about the watch to determine its value. If the guy say “I’m not sure, let me see your cuff links,” then there’s a problem.
  5. WAR is not a perfect stat. There are a lot of ways to determine how much value a player provided. You can use WAR or OPS or BA or RBI or anything you want .... as long as it’s an individual stat that describes what that player did. Not what his teammates did. It is still an opinion. The issue is that some voters are giving an opinion on the wrong question.
  6. The problem is somewhere along the line someone decided the word “valuable” mean something that it doesn’t mean. It really shouldn’t be that complicated.
  7. Yeah. That’s true. You’re talking about a different part of the argument than I was talking about. I was really only referring to the argument about “value” being related to whether the team is a contender.
  8. That is exactly correct. And seems kinda obvious, right?
  9. I have another one for you. Two piles of cash Pile A: a $20 bill, and 24 $1 bills Pile B: a $10 bill and 24 $5 bills Pick the most valuable bill. (Part 2: Oh crap someone knocked over the table and all 50 bills are now on the floor in one big pile. Now which one is the most valuable?)
  10. If you subtract Trout and the Angels win 10 less games, and you subtract Bregman and the Astros win 8 less games, who is more valuable? If you add in any other variables, like the other players on your team or the other teams in the division, it is no longer an individual award.
  11. Jeff Fletcher

    Concerned about Trout

  12. Jeff Fletcher

    Concerned about Trout

    There is a big difference between going into a season like the Angels did and like the Marlins/Royals/Orioles/Tigers/etc did. The Angels had an over/under of about 84 wins probably, which was pretty much the same as the Twins and Rays and A’s. Obviously it failed miserably, but they didn’t start off in a lot different place than those teams.
  13. Jeff Fletcher

    Why are fans like this??

    I don’t think they expected to win 90 games with that pitching staff. I think they couldn’t get the guys they wanted, so they took what was left and hoped for the best, fully aware that it may not work, but if it didn’t work they could just try again in a year.
  14. Jeff Fletcher

    Why are fans like this??

    The other thing is they literally can’t fix it now. After July 31, that’s it. You can do virtually nothing till November. No amount of screaming will make November come any sooner. A lot of bad stuff happened to get the Angels here but right now we’re in a three-month limbo between when it happened and when it can be fixed. So it seems like a waste of time to just keep getting angrier and angrier about it. It is the ultimate beating a dead horse. It’s like a kid sitting in the back seat every 5 minutes saying “are we there yet?” If really upsets you that much, and you can’t find little bits of encouragement (Patrick Sandoval?) to get you through, you ought to stop watching, because it’s going to be ugly for two more weeks. (Crossthread: imagine playing multiple seasons in a row that all looked like the last month, and then decide if you’d rather the Angels “blow it up.”) I guess I should be happy that people are so emotionally invested because those are my readers. Lol
  15. Jeff Fletcher

    Concerned about Trout

    Tanking means everyone knows you don’t have a chance when the season starts. The Angels have never done that.