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  1. Jeff Fletcher

    Why Upton should move to 1B.....

    My point is that’s easy to say in retrospect, but I don’t think it was that obvious at the time. It wasn’t a 5M savings in terms of AAV. It was a $5M savings in actual salary. It has nothing to do with the threshold. They subsequently added $24M in Kinsler and Cozart.
  2. Jeff Fletcher

    Why Upton should move to 1B.....

    I am not referring to the decision to get Upton from the Tigers. (He was expected to opt out of Detroit and the minor leaguer the Angels sent was not highly rated, so that was a no brainer on both sides). I am referring to the decision to give him the extra year in order to keep him. Lots of people here were certain Upton was going to opt-out and go sign for $150M. That was just before the FA market disappeared. There were some hints that it might be crashing, but it hadn’t yet. I think it was obviously wise of Upton to take the extra year instead of going on the mark. And from the Angels perspective, they were playing it safe by making sure he stayed, because filling that hole with someone else would have been tough. Also, when they renegotiated his deal they knocked about $5M off their 2018 payroll.
  3. Jeff Fletcher

    Why Upton should move to 1B.....

    That’s a fair point. As others have said, this really isn’t going to be a question until Marsh arrives, which looks like 2021ish, and is ready to be an above average offense corner outfielder (which may be never).
  4. I think they are unlikely to trade him, but unlikely doesn’t mean they won’t. Basically he said any move they make while 2019 is in play has to make them better in 2019. Once 2019 is out of play, any move has to make them better in 2020. That means you don’t trade anyone who could help you in 2020 for someone who may not help till 2021+. As for the option, that is a whole different discussion.
  5. Jeff Fletcher

    Why Upton should move to 1B.....

    I think you should go back and read some threads from September-October 2017.
  6. Jeff Fletcher

    Why Upton should move to 1B.....

    So the question is this: Do you believe having a bad 1B hurts you less than having a bad LF?
  7. Jeff Fletcher

    Why Upton should move to 1B.....

    Back when I covered the Giants, there were a lot of fans who wanted to see Bonds moved to 1B when he was declining in the OF. I remember JT Snow getting a real laugh out of the notion that 1B is easier to play than LF. The mistakes in the OF may cost you more bases, but there are way more plays for the 1B. There is a lot more to do and learn (cutoffs and relays, bouncing off the bag when holding a runner, etc). All the LF has to do is go get the ball when it’s hit.
  8. Go back and read my other 20 posts on it in the other thread.
  9. Jeff Fletcher

    Noe Ramirez

  10. I’ve still never had anyone explain to me why a guy with no history of dirty play would chose a collision that may injure himself instead of scoring what is likely the winning run of the game. Also, why would Justin Upton choose to jump five feet away from where the ball landed on the warning track instead of just catching the ball?
  11. I neither saw nor heard any evidence of that. I think that got started by a fake account.
  12. Or, they gave a 2-game suspension to someone who has played in 75 percent of his team’s games and a 3-game suspension to someone who has played in 33 percent of his team’s games. If Heaney would have hit Marisnick intentionally he’d have gotten a 5-game suspension. It was also pointed out to me that Marisnick was the first player ever suspended for a home plate collision.
  13. Tim and I — two people who are not fans of the Angels or Astros but talk to a lot of baseball players — agree on this.