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  1. As for Cozart, the games he starts now will most likely be in place of Goodwin vs a LHP, with Fletcher going to left. Goodwin is hitting .208 vs LHPs.
  2. I think people are over reacting to this news. With Simmons the Angels had maybe a 12 percent chance of making the playoffs, and now they have maybe a 10 percent chance. Based on what he said about the injury and how quickly he got back after his previous two injuries, I also wouldn’t be shocked to see him sometime in early August. There are still like 17 weeks of the season left.
  3. Jeff Fletcher

    Can we please get out of the AL West

    That’s the only reason I have this job!
  4. Jeff Fletcher

    Can we please get out of the AL West

    Realignment would suck for my airline status.
  5. Jeff Fletcher

    Adell hires Boras?

    Don’t worry. Shohei Ohtani was in the majors on opening day.
  6. It probably gets them 5 good innings instead of 4. If they’re good enough for 6, they don’t need an opener.
  7. It doesn’t improve the game. But each team is only responsible for trying to maximize their chances of winning with the players they’ve got, not improving the game. Openers are basically training wheels for starters who arent as good as you’d like them to be. Maybe the starters get better and then you don’t need them, or maybe you get better starters. But in the meantime, you use an opener to help them out. Its really no different than a platoon. If you can make a player better by only playing him against righties or lefties, that’s what you do. For that matter, if you can make a starter better by making him a reliever, that’s what you do.
  8. Say the goal is to not face the top of the order a 3rd time. If you start the game, you can face 18 batters before facing the top of the order a 3rd time. If you start with batter No 5, you can face 23 batters before seeing the top a third time. That’s a whole extra inning. The point is to have your primary pitcher (or whatever you call him) actually pitch more, which saves the bullpen.
  9. Jeff Fletcher

    We're gonna take the 2nd wild card

    He said when he was a starter that he preferred starting. But I don’t think he’d complain. I think after TJ he’ll just be happy to be pitching again.
  10. Jeff Fletcher

    We're gonna take the 2nd wild card

    The Angels said once Ramírez gets up to 60 pitches in his rehab outings they will decide if he’s going to be activated as a reliever or keep going to 90 (2 more starts) as a starter. They will not activate him as a reliever and then make him a starter. I just don’t think you can schedule 75-pitch relief outings in the majors in order to build him up. Once he’s done in the minors, that’s it. That’s why I suspect they build him up to 90 in the minors. Then they can put him in rotation immediately or put him in the pen for up to 2-3 weeks while they decide, then he could still go back to starting. Ramírez is at about 30 now. Next one 45, then 60, etc.
  11. Thanks for reading, and clicking.