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  1. Jeff Fletcher

    Relief Pitching

    If they blew a game that wasn't close enough to be a blown save when the bullpen took over, it would still be a blown save eventually because at some point the lead would shrink to where it was a save situation, unless one guy came in with a 4-run lead and gave up 4 runs all by himself. Usually someone would come in with a 4-run lead and then give up a few runs and then someone else would come in, and if he blew it, it would be a blown save. As for losses in relief, which would include most blown saves plus tie games when the bullpen takes the loss (like last night), the Angels have 13, which is exactly the major league average. The Mets have 19. The Mariners have 12. Again... The Angels bullpen has been an issue and it could be improved. It has not been "terrible." It only seems that way because you remember the failures more than the successes. (Anyone say anything about Thursday or Friday's games?) It is not even the main reason for the team's struggles. I still say the offense is a bigger problem, because in a lot of the games that get blamed on the bullpen, the offense gave them no help. (Last night, for example, the Angels scored 1 run and never had the lead, but you're all going to talk about how the bullpen lost it.)
  2. Jeff Fletcher

    Angels Claim RP Hansel Robles

    Optionable reliever. Now Paredes, Pena, Morris, McGuire and Robles.
  3. Jeff Fletcher

    The Latest on Shoemaker?

    I agree. He was expected to start a throwing program in early July. I haven’t heard that there’s been any change to that. Barring any setbacks, I assume he would be available sometime in August.
  4. Jeff Fletcher

    7.5 GB of the 2nd wildcard

    You are talking about very small percentage of innings when teams depart from their standard “score as much as possible and allow no runs” strategy.
  5. Jeff Fletcher

    Relief Pitching

    Some facts... The Angels have 15 blown saves in 14 games. They are 5-9 in those games. 6 of the blown saves were in the 9th or extra innings. In 10 of the blown saves, the pitcher who blew the save was charged with 1 or 0 runs. 3.86 ERA (14th in MLB) 1.385 WHIP (21st), 9.4 K/9 (9th) .753 OPS (21st) 20% inherited runners scored (T1st) 57% sv pct (28th) Leading after 6: 35-6 (.854), MLB (.870), 1 game worse than average Leading after 7: 36-7 (.837), MLB (.907), 3 games worse than average Leading after 8: 38-4 (.905) MLB (.955), 2 games worse than average
  6. Jeff Fletcher

    Relief Pitching

    Honestly, the Angels bullpen has probably been about average, all things considered. The blown saves figure is a little misleading because those can happen in the 6th inning and a lot of times when you have one you still win the game. The Mariners have 14 and the Angels have 15. Otherwise, some of the stats are good and some of them are bad. No one ever says anything or even remembers when they pitch well. This is not to say the bullpen couldn’t use some help. They could. I think it’s not that hard to find two relievers in July and that can make a huge difference. The 2014 bullpen was pretty bad in the first half. Then they got Huston Street and Jason Grilli and Kevin Jepsen (who had been mediocre up to that point) became unhittable. They went from having one reliable reliever (Smith) to having four.
  7. Jeff Fletcher

    Trout's finger

    I assume it’s because it hurts when his finger gets bent backward, which never really happens when you’re hitting. Only when you throw.
  8. Jeff Fletcher

    7.5 GB of the 2nd wildcard

    Run differential Mariners +10 Angels +32
  9. Jeff Fletcher

    Trout's finger

    I’m actually just repeating details that were in my story posted 25 hours ago, which you all should have read.
  10. Jeff Fletcher

    Trout's finger

    He said he began feeling it in Oakland. He said it doesn’t bother him at all hitting.
  11. By the way, I believe Suarez and Ward are due to be added to the 40-man this winter, but Canning and Thaiss aren’t. As soon as they go on, they take up a spot forever (essentially).
  12. Jeff Fletcher

    Bullpen Volatility 101...

    Also, one time a GM told me, only half joking, that the best way to turn a bad bullpen into a good bullpen would be to bring back all the exact same pitchers.
  13. Jeff Fletcher

    Bullpen Volatility 101...

    Relievers become relievers because they don’t have the tools to be starters. They aren’t as good. Period. So you start with that. Then you put them in high visibility, small sample size situations, and their highs and lows are maximized. If an everyday player has a span of 15 PAs in which he’s not good or a starter isn’t good over a 15 BF stretch, that’s just a blip. If it happens to a reliever, it could be 3 blown saves and the end of the world. Also, if a reliever comes with a guy on base and allows a blooper to fall in (Bedrosian on Sunday), it’s also the end of the world. Relievers also never get bullpen sessions to work on things between outings, like starters do, so it’s harder for them to correct issues.
  14. Jeff Fletcher

    New Standing Prediction

    Fun fact: on this date in 2014, Ernesto Frieri was the Angels closer.
  15. Just to be clear, Justin Upton is going to end up being in the top 5-10 percent of players in major league history. Easily.