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  1. Pujols4MVP

    2019 Entry Draft Thread

    #3 Turcotte - elite skating Center with very high skills & 2way play. He's like the next Brayden Point ! #4 Cozens - elite skating Center with an Elite shot & is 6'4 in height. Size/Speed/Shot all there in 1 package. #5 Byram - fast skating (but not elite speed) Dman with great goal scoring ability with potential to be a 1D. #6 Zegras great center prospect, good skater. #7 Krebs another great center prospect, good skater too. #8 Dach - Center with mediocre skating but has great vision & IQ. Sound familar ? Probably a liability in 3 on 3 OT where his mediocre speed is exposed. #9 Boldy - LW #10 Since the Ducks won't be drafting Podkolzin no matter what: Lavoie, Newhook, BroBerg is probably on their list at #10 Podkolzin has basicly stated he won't be coming to the USA anytime soon, will develop for a while in Russia. Pass. A guy who already says he doesn't want to be here = big risk. My guess is Podkolzin falls to the Rangers who won't mind him developing in Russia while they tank next year. Other 1st round talent: Kaliyev, Pelletier, Caufield, Soderstrom, Brink, Seider, Suzuki, Harley, Robertson, Heinola.
  2. I agree give Trout his 400 million, the longer it goes the more it'll start to look like the John Tavares scenario. MLB needs to change the rules so that "Superstar Tier players" return alot more draft picks if they leave as a FA. Like the 1st, 2nd, 3rd from the team that signs him in addition to compensation picks in the form of a 1st(fixed at #10 pick), a 2nd rounder, & 3rd rounder. This also makes it easier for teams to get more in a trade return as the offer would have to be greater than getting two 1sts, two 2nds & two 3rds. The NHL & NBA should also do this for when Superstar level players leave as a FA.
  3. Pujols4MVP


    Those numbers mean that he will start the regular season in a slump !
  4. Generation Z is losing interest in baseball(& no Generation Z is not millenials), the changes are needed. However the mound distance & base size is bad idea. It'll cause the scoring to go up too fast. 15-10 games will become too common.
  5. Pujols4MVP

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    The best the late first pick can get is #20 pick if that picks spot finishes exactly at #20, thats a decent late 1st when considering that will be higher than any of the 1sts moved at the deadline. However SJ pick could fall to #23 since Erik Karlsson appears to be shutdown right now & if they exit the playoffs within 2 rounds it should stay where it is. Still nice insurance on the SJ pick if STL can finish at #20 to #23 as i think its most likely the SJ pick will be #25 to 27. So the only games the Ducks should win is vs SJ & lose the rest of their games. Losing to STL was huge in both boosting the Ducks chances at moving back into #4 pick pre-lottery & helping STL get back towards #20, their now at #19 & another few wins they will be back at #20
  6. Yes to Newport Beach. Its a nice city. I'd feel more safe to going to games there than Long Beach in cesspool LA County. Besides that Dodger photo of those two gang members in bathtub would apply to the Angels if they moved to Long Beach as there would become the Angels version of it with gang members from Long Beach. Don't want to see the Angels turn into a 'gang' team like the Dodgers by moving to LB.
  7. Pujols4MVP

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    I'll pass, Long Beach is a ghetto hell hole. Everyone in LB is a Dodger Fan so the Angels wouldn't be gaining any new fans at all. If it happens, i'll go join PadresWin.com. Arte giving OC the middle finger is unforgivable.
  8. Pujols4MVP

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Another RHD that should be in the 20 to 25 range in the draft: Soderstrom. Either Seider or Soderstrom could be part of why Murray made the trade with Buffalo vs other teams knowing that other teams would net them a later pick in the 26 to 31 range. Either of those guys are BPA at 20-25. With a Center/Winger heavy draft, Murray may be confident those guys are there with the STL pick which sits at #21 right now.
  9. Pujols4MVP

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Thats why i stopped doing business with game stores. Amazon/Ebay/Steam/Origin only.
  10. Pujols4MVP

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Was hoping Henrique would be shipped out. Draft Cozens & put him in as 2nd line Center with Steel centering line 3 & Rowney in Line 4 & Kesler can GTFO.
  11. Pujols4MVP

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Guhle has wheels, had one of fastest skating speed records in AHL allstar game skating speed competition. A big boy with wheels. The STL pick is #20 on http://www.tankathon.com/nhl so we get the #20 pick as of right now but that could change. Interesting about having #20, one of best players available at the #20 to #25 range is Mortiz Seider RHD from Germany, 6'3 in height & plays a strong defensive game & has more offensive upside than Josh Manson. German Josh Manson. If his Slapshot is any good he could earn the nickname Moritz Howitzer. Or if they want a forward a guy like Pellettier could be available there but Seider might actually be Best Player Available at that spot despite RHD being a position of need as well.
  12. Pujols4MVP

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Maybe Murray is tending to his son named Cam Fowler about a trade their about to make sending him to Montreal/Detroit/STL/Colorado. Thats the teams highest paid Dman locked up long term in a 8 year deal. Moving him clears a ton of cap & injury risk. Then you have Henrique who's overpaid but if you go full tank you don't need Henrique for next year as Getzlaf/Cozens(Or Dach/Turcotte)/Steel/Rowney/Kesler is enough Shore is making 2.3 million this year & next year so they could dump him on some team for a 2nd rounder.
  13. This better not be a Tavares situation where the team gets screwed over.
  14. Pujols4MVP

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Lindholm is not soft, in fact he drops some very nice hits often, the softest on the D has been Fowler for many years now who rarely drops a hit on someone & breaks down despite never playing physical. Fowler has been crap on possession numbers this year despite playing with Manson & getting alot more offensive zone shifts than Lindholm. If you took a peak on HF Ducks forums you'd see that Gibson/Lindholm are among the assets the Ducks will never trade. There everyone has posted the advanced stats, metrics & eye test from every fanbase & they all know Lindholm is the Ducks most valuable player on the Defense. If they are going to trade a Dman it'll be the 27 yearold Fowler, he has a risky long term contract that could become very hard to move in a few years & at this current rate that could be next season.