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  1. Sherlock31

    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    Salt lake bees might score more runs than this lineup........
  2. Sherlock31

    4/12 Angels Vs Cubs(Trout Out)

    Lol @ this lineup.... Is anyone hitting over .250?
  3. Sherlock31

    Gameday Thread: 8/18 Angels @ Rangers

    Need like six more runs....
  4. That Drake guy is a disaster, give me back Ian Krol....
  5. Sherlock31

    Several Moves Today - None of which are good.

    Year after year after year......Wtf is this? When Will it end?
  6. Sherlock31

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Mariners (6/12/2018)

    Sigh..We tried four rfs this year and none of them hitting over .200....Wtf is going on!!!!
  7. Sherlock31

    Shin-Soo Choo?
  8. Sherlock31

    Trade Target: OF Michael Conforto

    I like the guy but he's soon to be demote......There is no way we trade four our top prospects for him.
  9. Sherlock31

    Gameday Thread: 6/9 Angels @ Twins

    Just another halo victory, light that baby up!
  10. Sherlock31

    Angels trading for proven closer?

    B H, O plz!
  11. Sherlock31

    Andrew Heaney

    No, I am pretty sure Ohtani would be the 4th sp, because 1. He could be the Dh for every game , 2 his pitching schedule.
  12. Sherlock31

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Royals (6/5/2018)

    Just another halo victory light that baby up!
  13. Sherlock31

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Royals (6/5/2018)

    Lots AWers got bitch slap by Skaggs and Heaney, they are both pitching like legit #2
  14. Sherlock31

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Royals (6/5/2018)

    Because their hearts are as big as chickens