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  1. i thought the real ID wasn't supposed to go into effect until 2020?
  2. katrinab

    scioscia's availability

    My brother was at the game last night and he said the crowd was chanting we want Scioscia when they lost the lead.
  3. Really enjoyed this show. As long as doesn't go too far off course it has the potential to be really good.
  4. katrinab

    Long Beach Airport?

    i would think it depends on what airline she is using to fly to Oahu i know that Hawaiian air has started flying from Long Beach, but someone told me that the planes are smaller and cramped and it took a little longer to get there
  5. i have this on the DVR so i cant wait to watch it, looks really interesting
  6. i thought i had heard on the radio that they postponed it because of the hurricane in the carolinas, but i could be wrong
  7. I binge watched this yesterday. Fantastic series. I def recommend
  8. working, but have tomorrow and friday off so its worth it
  9. katrinab


    I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but yes there are females here
  10. katrinab

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Mariners (5/5/2018)

    I guess not...