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  1. Next Move?

    This, 100% this. There is no way they went out and got Kinsler for 1 year, without planning to make a run. Right now all eyes are on this season, not next, with a nod towards showing Trout they are serious. This is why i dont think they will go with the current 1B solution when options are out there to upgrade.
  2. Lineup balance problem?

    This is why i suspect we are not done, specifically looking at 1B.
  3. IF we do it has to be for top tier. We have enough depth at SP at this point. That having been said i still have RP as a higher priority in my book
  4. Can Angels win World Series?

    You only see a 5 game improvement from this roster to last? I agree with the needs but not the estimate. I also don't think we are done.
  5. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    WTF is with all these teams falling over themselves to help the Yanks and Dodgers.... im honestly starting to think there is something a little hokey going on.
  6. What if Cron kills it in ST?

    This board will explode over what a bad trade it was, since he wont be here
  7. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    not surprised, but doesnt bringing him back kinda dry up that well? To do anything else they will have to shed money.
  8. Next Move?

    I for one am not convinced hes done with the offense. But yes we need RP badly IMO.
  9. were assuming its prospects in any trade, that may not necessarily be true. Im still convinced that Epp is looking at upgrades at 1B, and perhaps this is a spot to spin Cron? Yes i know they have Davis and perhaps even Trumbo, but i think the value is about right based on the above mentioned possible concerns
  10. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    i dont think it affect Othani assuming hes going to DH 2-3 days a week. Hes going to get what he was prmised. Morrison would be the primary starting 1B, and give way a little here and there for Albert. I really dont think Albert can hold up to more than about 50 in the field at most. That leaves 100-110 for Morrison/Headley/Moreland/etc... plus a few at DH maybe assuming everyone stays healthy. I think it more likely they go for Headley than Morrison if they go after another 1B purely for the added flexibility, Unless Morrison can actually play the OF as the 4th, which he has done in the last couple years in a handful of games. IF IF IF he can actually play a serviceable OF that changes things a lot as he could then get more games in out there, but ive no idea how realistic that is aside from the fact that he has played both LF and RF in recent seasons (for all of 10 games) I just think its a place Eppler can upgrade the OBP he wants, and makes a lot of sense. But i could be way off base of course.
  11. 21 Games Back in the West

    Fair enough, but i still think its a 10 game upgrade, maybe more with luck
  12. 21 Games Back in the West

    We won 80 with literally everything going wrong in the rotation and a couple black holes on offense. 90-95 is completely within reach with minimal luck. will they win 100 again? idk, well see, but im not going to be a homer and say we are better right now. Lets see what other tricks Epp has up his sleeve
  13. I'm so &#@%ing pumped right now

    Yeah, hes not done IMO. He done the obvious, albeit in a very creative manner, but i think now we see what hes really made of. I think he replaces Cron, find 1-2 relievers, maybe even a starter before he hibernates for the winter. He is literally what DiPoto wishes he was.
  14. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Interesting thought, especially if we go with 6 man rotation. Having 1 guy back up all IF would be a huge plus
  15. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    As i recall we had about 40 based on the actual numbers not AAV, Kinsler and Cozart only take about 25, effectively we have about 15 left im guessing BUT, we still need RP in my view so it would depend on how thats filled what we might have left