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  1. floplag

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    trade could still happen and the move was predictable... angels are better today than yesterday, thats all im worried about right now. If these guys can make a bit of a run, get a bit above 500 in the next moth, it might get interesting
  2. floplag

    Top 50 Trade Candidates (MLBTR)

    Not surprised really i think they see the same potential we do in that it makes more sense to buy than sell. The guys we would have sold have shat themselves into not being worth a chick-fil-a sandwich so...
  3. Any chance you might post the list for us non subscriber folk? Hate to ask but curious.
  4. Wow, big jump, exciting to see.
  5. floplag

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    I think we match up well with SF as thier OF is a black hole more or less, and we have some options there that would be obvious upgrades. Im just not sure about MadBum for whatever reason he seems... idk fragile both physically and mentally, but of a prima donna. Maybe im over thinking it. Im guessing the Gmen would want a young OF, obviously someone not named Adell, and a young pitcher not already part of the ML plan if were thinking wild card so... i gues well see.
  6. floplag

    Going For It... Blues Style

    Thats an awful lot of effort for basically day trading to gain an extra fringe prospect or two... just get what we need, dont get cute.
  7. floplag

    Another Trout Slump

    No i didnt miss the point there was no point... but facepalm away.
  8. floplag

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Word is they got Yanks top 30 guy Then, RHP. Article suggested he would slot into the top 15-20 on the Ms. Which is a tad odd when most places had them fairly even and our recent discussion had the Ms much higher than the yanks.. Bascially nothing overly staggering and saved a few million.
  9. floplag

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Cant wait to see how DiPoto fucked this one up...
  10. floplag

    Why I’m Optimistic About this Team

    i believe, in my soul, that if this team can actually get back over 500 it will take off... Then again i also believe in bigfoot so it could just be gas... but im hopeful
  11. floplag

    Another Trout Slump

    and we won 5 of them i think? ill take it. till the team names is "Trouts" ill take the team effort
  12. floplag


    and those counties that arent are called racist
  13. floplag

    Cody Allen DFA'd

    I think it had to be done, he just starting looking lost out there. no confidence no results... i feel for the guy i really do but for the good of the club this had to be done.
  14. floplag

    Going For It... Blues Style

    Side comment, this team, unlike some others in similar standings spot, has the talent to make a run. Offensively we are doing very well, much better than i had hoped. Making a positive move would easily be justifiable. I look at it like this, if we had gotten just average performance from Allen, Harvey, Cahill we would probably already be in the WC mix since were only 3.5 back and i think those 3 cost us at least 5 wins to date. If they can make the right move(s) here it could put us in that spot AND carry over to 20. But it cants be a rental or other silly move, we cant do that now after all the building that has taken place.