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  1. floplag

    The next big Sensation....

    If im not mistaken they knew each other, in fact i recall reading they may have gone to same school and Ohtani actually took his number after he left.
  2. floplag


    I'm thoroughly disappointed in the lot of you that no one had yet posted this...
  3. With the volume of injuries weve had, it is kinda stunning that we are even a 500 team with mostly positive stats.
  4. What this tells me is that weve literally exhausted anyone even remotely near ML ready on the farm, lol
  5. I must admit im a bit surprised, albeit pleasantly. If hes anything other than the starting 3B its pointless though.
  6. floplag


    Deja Vu all over again. We've had this chat sooooo many times around here, this cant miss prospect, that cant miss prospect, and most of them have missed, especially on the position player side. This year alone it was "Call up Blaish, call up Hermosillo, call up literally all of SLC and half a Mobile... top what end? Why rush it, whats the point? There is literally no logical reason to call him up now over waiting till Sep. Service time, playing time, roster spots, options, almost everyone of them suggest its not a good idea. Let him keep playing down there, even finish out the season, call him up in Sep, give him a cup of coffee as they say, and see what he can do for a month of full time ABs. Doing anything else is just fan desire, not really club or organizational sense. We arent likely to be buying in Aug, bringing him up could hurt and wont help any possible trades. I get the frustration, but lets be real, this is more impatience and curiosity and anything the club really needs. Relax a little, let it play itself out, he will be here soon enough, likely along with Thaiss. There is no reason to gut SLC or the main roster till then.
  7. Yeah im guessing the whole "for personal use" argument isnt gonna be valid here.
  8. Sweetie? Well, you know where you can shove that and your victim bullshit. im sure Tdawg would help if you cant make it fit
  9. hardly, but if it makes you feel big to think so you go right ahead. lol
  10. probably right along side yours on how to make friends and influence people.
  11. Can i not comment on the fickle nature of the media? is that not allowed? I guess i missed that memo
  12. and just like that.... everyone in the baseball media forgot all about Judge/Stanton. They are so desperate for that east coast superstar they will jump on whatever train is necessary to fond a reason to ignore Trout. Till he end up in Philly, then noone else will exist.
  13. floplag

    Starting pitching or a MOTO bat?

    To me this means this... Someone that helps every day, or every 5th day? Ill take the every day guy
  14. floplag

    The shift has ruined Pujols

    Thank you thats exactly correct. I am still a bit perplexed though how different sites are using different formulas for WAR and the deviation its creating. The stat has no meaning is not standardized