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  1. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    screw Pedro skip the middle man got JoBoo
  2. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    also a fabulous idea i didnt think of that one.
  3. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    Ive often wondered about Tim Salmon in that capacity, like to see him maybe get a shot but i think that ship sailed and hes going with the broadcasting thing.
  4. Kind of a pussy

    Why would he, doesnt change the actions prior. Getting lucky and doing your job after trying to get out of it doesnt change that.
  5. Kind of a pussy

    This kinda seems like even pussy would look at him like "WTF dude..." This is more the category of those fake pussies i think.
  6. Stanton wants out if they rebuild

    Because it wont be a salary dump, at least not entirely. Our prospects are not likely highly enough regarded to justify it in their eyes. You are welcome to think how you wish but if would literally be shocked if we were even in the discussions
  7. Stanton wants out if they rebuild

    Precisely, were not talking about some random very good power hitter, were talking about the best in the NL last season. Zero chance they do anything thats a pure salary dump at this point.
  8. Thoughts and Prayers

    This. Both are so far to the extremes they run off the map.
  9. Stanton wants out if they rebuild

    Fair enough, but viable and realistic are not the same thing. I'm not being Debby Downer or intending to insult, im just being realistic. Realistically speaking, we dont have the parts for such a deal and are not likely to take on another potential albatross type contract. What about those things suggests a realistic possibility? I would be happy to be proven wrong.
  10. Thoughts and Prayers

    In this case im not sure how anyone could have predicted this and im actually surprised its not getting more coverage. I recall another case on the opposite ends of the spectrum i think was also in Texas where a woman who had a legal carry permit was raped withing yards of the campus police station because she was following the no carry on campus policy and was unarmed. Same man who raped her eventually killed another woman. Just interesting how people only see the side of the argument that suits their opinion.
  11. Thoughts and Prayers

    Ah yes the emblem of brave souls, lol.
  12. Stanton wants out if they rebuild

    Obviously if a team takers on more money they give less in prospect value. If the assumption is that whoever gets him is taking on that money then yes. That also limits the possible suitors to about 3, at most, and were not on that list.
  13. Stanton wants out if they rebuild

    There is virtually no way we have the parts to make this happen, not for Stanton, even if we took on all the money which i highly doubt they will do given current concerns i doubt they do anything like that again in a long time for anyone. Id love to see it happen, but its on par with getting a hummer from Kate Upton kind of thing. What might be more reasonable is taking a shot at some combination of Yelich/Gordon. This would assume that Upton opts out or we are looking to move Calhoun in the process.
  14. Projected Arbitration Salaries For 2018

    I don't really have an issue with any of those numbers, they seem fair or certainly about what a replacement level player would be or less. It would come down to who that replacement was in virtually any case. Cam is the hot topic, and ill say this... He had maybe 5 or 6 really awful outings that literally accounted for 2/3 of his runs allowed, the other 40 were solid. Paying 1.2 mil isnt that much, and replacing him would cost a lot more. Now im on record as saying we should put money into the pen, not the rotation, and i stand by that. He would be a valuable part of that equation and simply casting him aside over that amount makes little sense to me.
  15. Calolfornia

    WTseriousF? this is real? what possible logic or reason could be involved as i see zero