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  1. floplag

    Why the Angels won't sign Wilson Ramos

    But.. its only Dec 16th.
  2. well i know people cant be in 2 places at once but no matter im sure it must be my lack of clairvoyance.
  3. Trop and Pena are AAA now? lol
  4. How you make such leaps is... whatever. The point is that you are assuming Canning and Sauarez opening the season in Ana if you are including them in the current rotation, this is well ahead of even any optimistic projection. The most optimistic ive read is second half of 19 so unless they both come out and blow everyone away in ST they are not in the current conversation for the first half. If we are to get even close to the wild card you think we can make in 19 its assumed the first half has to be competitive. The team needs need to get too the point where they are ready in all probability without them. In any feasible scenario that has this team actually competing in 19 the front office has much work remaining if we are to achieve that goal that doesnt include either of them.
  5. Obviously the players dictate this in ANY org, the point is that it is at bet optimistic to expect them to break spring training in the bigs. The most optimistic projection ive read suggested second half of the year. It matters as we have to play a competitive first half for it to matter do we not? No, the off season isnt over, never said it was, but so far the job is very incomplete. All along the consensus has been adding at least 2 more pitchers to get to that point, to date that has not been done
  6. The main problem with this is that neither Canning or Suarez are projected to open 19 in the majors so were kinda putting cart before horse including them thus much of the concern.
  7. floplag


    Is there literally any Mel Brooks movie that could get remade today? like even 1? Such great films that pissed off everyone, especially Hedy Lamarr. There are 2 kinds pof people in this world, those who know Mel Brooks is better than Woody Allen, and those who are wrong.
  8. floplag

    The Most Tired Lines in AngelsWin History

    I'm going to re-add "not x player away"... seems a lot of teams seemingly much further away than the Halos are adding while we "stay the course" , which comes in a close second.
  9. Yeah the all of a sudden back tracking is intriguing to say the least .
  10. Not with the offense we have today.
  11. Without knowing how close they were to know if it was really close, ill take your word for it. I get what they are doing, but when does this span begin? it certainly to date doesnt seem like 19 or maybe even 20 is a concern. well see how the rest of the off season goes. They give such conflicting comments... "Were ready to go" combined with "were going to continue to let the farm develop"... what conclusion is there to be had as those 2 things dont line up. Im sure your view on Trout will resonate with many here, but im skeptical. I hope you and they are right .
  12. I've based my opinion on sources that ive listed, none of which are made up or fabricated and are posted by people that get paid to know the game better than anyone on a forum message board. You choose to disregard since it doesnt match your view and youre explanation is purely opinion that this group of kids will outpace the projections. Im sure it never occurs to you that you might just be wrong, time will tell. I hope you are not as it if you are it means this org is in deep shit. Youre entitled to whatever view you wish, its unfortunate that this forum has become a place where others aren't extended the same courtesy. As for the party, ill politely decline that invitation thanks.
  13. floplag

    Puig officially on the block...

    By itself no, in conjunction with other moves, perhaps. Dont worry it wont happen.
  14. REally? i thought they just sprung from potted plats in GMs offices.... Honestly ive stated both volume (we have less of them) and their ratings (ours are lower) as reasons to have tempered excitement and the assumption that we will need more than patience to pass them. But im tired of the same old same old, well see when we see. Have a peachy night