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  1. I agree fully with 2 things; #1 Sea will fall back #2 we need to take advantage. This is precisely why i think waiting is a bad idea specifically as it pertain to the pen. We haven't been able to do so with this bullpen to date, how will waiting another month change that? How could we possibly take advantage of anything with a 50/50 shot at a blown save? If the pan saved even half the games it lost we are already in the race, how does waiting help us? How does it do anything other than seal the fate of 2018 season? Its 5+ weeks to the deadline, its the difference between saving the season, and conceding it in my opinion.
  2. Hardly any trade is ever perfect, usually someone gets the better of it. Most think the Nats got the better of the Royals in the Herrera deal, but only time will tell on that. The issue with us IS time though. We have a much greater sense of urgency than some others based on one simple fact, IF we wait, we do more damage. This isnt a minor upgrade, its a necessity. The pen cannot be left as it is without likely doing more damage than it has already done. Waiting 4-6 more weeks will likely take us out of the race, its simply to long to let continue. As for who or what we are competing with, does it matter really? The playoffs are a crapshoot, often dictated by the hot hand at the time and we all know full well that a wildcard can win it all. But one thing is absolutely certain, if you dont at least get there, you have no chance at all. It doesnt matter if its one game wildcard or the division champ, you have to qualify in some form to have any chance at all. And i dont think we have to choose between short/long term, we can have both in the right situation, look at the Upton deal. It isnt necessarily either/or. I would never suggest trading a top guy for a pure rental, if it was the last piece and made us a title contender, maybe, but under any other circumstance, no. and thats not what ive ever suggested here. I do believe Hou is the class of the division and probably the AL. I also believe Sea will fall back and that we still have a shot. I do not believe that shot will be realized if we wait 6 weeks. Its really that simple for me
  3. is it too early? waiting a month with this bullpen might make it irrelevant. There is nothing that says you have to wait till July 31. I agree, we arent as flush as some think we are, but then ive never been one to hoard prospects. 9 out of 10 never become more than average ML players at best. Most are highly over rated. It isnt about not being cautious, though im glad you asked that. Cautious is good, cautious is wise, but cautious also often means you wait too long and someone else gets the girl you were going to ask to dance. There is nothing wrong with a little aggression when the situation warrants it, and in this case, with this bullpen, if anything ever did warrant a little aggression, its now. Let me put it another way, over the next 5-6 weeks between now and the end of July, how many more games could this bullpen cost us? I dont want to throw away the future, ive never suggested anything of the sort, but we will have to give up something to get something of value, thats simply the way it works regardless of the date on the calendar. We have a couple of spots on the farm that have some depth, we can deal from that without significantly hurting the future. No, i dont like rentals, but im also not opposed to them if the cost is right and that means not dealing a top 10 guy for a moderate upgrade. Why do people go to extremes? wanting them to do something doesn't mean selling off the top guys for something barely better than what we have, it means legit upgrade.
  4. i do, do you realize we arent making trades to help this club today and keeping them all, right?
  5. Kole looking himself is like making a huge trade, please let him keep it going
  6. the difference is mine was sarcasm
  7. Thank god, the 2021 seasons is saved!
  8. Guess who is at #2... https://frsbaseball.com/mlb/inside/inside-baseball-some-surprise-sellers-could-emerge/ Bye bye Trout
  9. The game has a number of problems, though im not sure i fully agree with his definition of bad baseball. The game isnt what it once was, thats for certain, with most of our top athletes that were playing baseball in the golden ages now opting for the faster money of the NBA and NFL. Add to that a complete loss of fundamentals in virtually ALL pro sports in america. Something i call the ESPN affect. Everyone wants to make the highlight reels and lest we forget, chicks dig the long ball. When you prioritize and glorify the power game, you do the same for the strikeouts game, the 2 tend to go hand in hand. Would guys like Carew or Gwynn be as revered today? IDK. And dont get me started on the egos. OMG he threw inside i have to charge the mound. Guys standing on top of the plate wearing knights armor acting like they are wearing skirts. Even in recent generations pitchers took the inside, dont like it tough shit, now... its a brawl. The loss of anything resembling the running game, how many guys left can actually steal bases consistently? Bunting as a dead skill. Im not talking about 90% of pitching in the NL walking up there giving zero fucks hoping they get one down, im talking bunting for hits, keeping infielders honest so they have to play in the same area code rather than on the outfield grass. (See espn effect above on that one). Loss of bat control. Were obsessed with bat speed, exit velocities... who freaking cares. When did guys forget how to go the other way or go with the pitch. Everyone's swinging out of their shoes on every pitch. Take the damned thing the other way, inside out one, slap it where you want it... do what the pitch lets you do. The shift. How are teams not countering this? 90% of the time if players actually had most of the items listed above, its a freaking no brainier. I dont care if i had to bunt every damn at bat, i would do it till they stopped. Finally... moneyball. In my opinion it and the utter obsession with stats has absolutely 100% hurt the game. Its become live action strat-o-matic. In the very beginning of it people didnt want those players, there were reasons Beane was able to get them for peanuts. Most of them were not good hitters, but they had a good eye and drew walks, if Ks are boring, walks are 10 times as much so. So for me, is it bad baseball, or is it more accurately a reflection on the sports watching community. Baseball has more or less gone with the flow on this, trying to give the audience what it wants. Its not unique to baseball, the NBA has devolved into a 3 pt contest with no defense being played, the NFL is run and gun with scripted end zone celebrations. As for me, i miss the old days, badly.
  10. floplag

    Pitching matchups for Toronto series

    On paper it certainly favors us, im pleased at how many starter we have with ERA under 4. Something odd always happens so im certainly not looking sweep, as nice as it would be, but 3/4 is reasonable
  11. floplag

    Would 90 Wins & No Playoffs Make You Happy?

    Over a decade of picking in the top 5. Were havent been anywhere near that in as long as i can remember. You cant assign the same value to thier picks that you could ours. Thats just nonsense.
  12. floplag

    Would 90 Wins & No Playoffs Make You Happy?

    Draft picks do not have near the same value in MLB as they do in NFL/NBA. no #1 pick in MLB starts and/or is a star the very next season. Even a #1 isnt any guarantee in MLB. The goal is meaningful playoff baseball, always, at the ML level. We might be on pace for the upper 80s currently, but yes, the 13-3 start raised the bar. We saw what the team is capable of, and seeing them not be that is frustrating. We are also 6 games under 500 since that time. Would i be happy with a 90 win season, yes and no, but if that was still without a playoff game of any kind it would lessen it significantly. It would also depend on how we get there from here. If we do nothing, make no deals, get no upgrades, and finish there, no, i wont be happy, cause we could have and should have done better. If we make the effort, plug a couple holes, make some good deals, and still fall short, well heck all you can do is congratulate the marinersfor a lucky season, but i personally dont think they keep up this pace.
  13. Good, we should have no problem making deals to help during Trouts tenure then Seriously before anyone jumps my case thats mostly kidding, but it does mean we have some trade parts we lacked in previous years to make better deals, should we choose to do so.