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  1. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Nolasco and Chavez are not, thats silly. Noalsco is in line with previous years, and down from his 2014/2015 ERAs, you didnt really think you were getting a 3 ERA guy there did you? Same with Ramirez his overall ERA is the lowest its been in 3 seasons, again i hope you didnt expect that small cup of coffee was what he was? As for the rest its cute how you cherry picked certain parts, but like i said im sure Sven gets all the good credit and none of the bad in all cases as he is the genius of geniuses. Note: all lols removed to avoid distraction. Except this one, ooops.
  2. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    or just facts, that would be a nice change of pace. or dont, i dont care anymore your going to give him credit for the eclipse at this rate, im over it
  3. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Thats what you got from the reply, really? Ignore the content and focus on the sarcasm? lol, just lol You give him all the credit you want, ill pass.
  4. i hated that they had to argue if it was actually an out, it deserved to be but by the rules... idk..
  5. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    The original comment was "roster of mostly crappy underperformers, i stand by my comments as the pitching staff has MORE than made up for that and has far exceeded expectations. I would easily argue more over than under considering even Trout and Simmons are over expectations. But hey lets give him credit for that too i guess.
  6. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    An entire starting rotation injured and down to like its 10 or 12th options and a bullpen made up of castoffs in the top 5-ish of the league pitching staffs is not in my estimation under performing I mean offensively sure, but we also played most of the first half with Espinosa/Valbuena in the every day lineup, they have been or were about as expected. Its no coincidence to me the team picked up with Cron/Cowart in there everyday, well almost, lol
  7. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    i literally lol'd at "under performers"
  8. Is it time to add?

    You miss the point, the boated contract means we DONT have to part with top guys, i would think thats obvious, unless the contract gets paid down as ive said multiple times. I get it, youd rather go for bargain basements guys who will not have the impact the other guys will and save the farm in its entirety, i fully understand your view. Youd rather play it safe, i get it. The problem with it is that it sacrifices the now, which im not in favor of. Granderson doesnt makes us more than we are significantly in comparison to Stanton for example. If thats all you are willing to do, then there is no point in doing anything in my view.
  9. Is it time to add?

    well then were both confused cause thats not what i intended at all, but no, im not getting pulled back into this again. its not about Verlander, its about the master plan, ill leave it at that
  10. Is it time to add?

    and any of those are even rumored to be available? if so i havent read it. And how do we even get into that conversation with our farm? Whatever im done, like i said you guys want it both ways, and it doesnt exist.
  11. Is it time to add?

    Give YOU a break? lol OK Name one thats available, just.... one. OK actually let me clarify, names one who are actually rumored to be available that even our entire farm might actually get? Were talking about realistic options here, taking on money over giving up farm. There is literally not one of those guys even remotely supposedly available, not one. The whole point is that we have to look at contracts to lessen the prospect requirement. You know this. Now you want me to find you someone thats NOT that? really? then you just come back at me with not wanting to trade top prospects allllll over again. Its catch-22 and youre playing both sides.
  12. Is it time to add?

    Dude, i hear you, but it literally doesnt matter what name you suggest, it gets shit all over. People want the perfect deal without risk, it doesnt exist. If Justin Verlander and Giancarlo Stanton wont get people to part of the these kids in A ball, noone will, its literally become a moot subject.
  13. Dodgers get Granderson for Cash and PTBNL

    For me its a long standing hatred and resentment of being treated like an also ran in the market, they have NEVER given us any support whatsoever, why should we return the favor? For the record i like what they have done currently and really want to root for them, then i got to the freeway series games and see the fanbase talking so much shit it makes me laugh and i just cant.
  14. Dodgers get Granderson for Cash and PTBNL

    Equally surprised Cespedes is still a Met.
  15. Is it time to add?

    I understand completely, so what? The tax is what 195 Mil i think? We have a TV deal worth 150 M per year so payrolls costs are what, currently less than 40 mil? So lets say we went over by even as much 20 mil.. as a first time offender we would have to pay i think 17% of that, or a whopping 3.7 mil. with the bad money falling off we would be right back under next year so were talking about a 1 year penalty... one damn year. Are we to believe that unreasonable at this point with 3 mil fans every year, Trout merchandise flying in every ML city etc... Are we actually suggesting we cant afford more or less whatever the hades we want? I thought we were done being the old time bargain basement angels and Dodgers little bitch, i guess i was wrong.