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  1. If you are assuming i would apply it in cases that arent obvious, yeah, which you did. No matter, youre welcome to your view.
  2. Perhaps because i hadnt heard about it. sorry i dont hear about every case. Though assuming it to be true it doesnt change my view. Again im not suggesting it as a widespread thing and feel it should only be used in cases that are as close to beyond reproach as is possible, you act like im in favor of it for parking tickets.
  3. The death penalty in severe cases is often the only leverage prosecutors have to get them to reveal things like body locations or other information about other potential victims, thus allowing them to bury them or at least understand their fate and try to move forward. It isnt coercion, its bargaining, trading off information for a lesser sentence, happens all the time, ask any lawyer you know. Noone forces them, to do it, if they would rather face the needle thats on them. In most of the cases the facts are already proven beyond reasonable doubt, there is little if any doubt they will be convicted, the trade off is a benefit to the victims and the criminal in the sense that he gets to live in exchange for helping others. and im sorry but the victims should be a consideration, above the criminal in my opinion. We all have certain basic rights, but you take anothers live you violated thier you should lose yours to a certain degree. Hiding behind that is absurd under those circumstances. I suspect there is little i can say on this issue you would agree with, you are clearly against it in any situation, i ytuly hope you never have to learn what im talking about the hard way.
  4. i agree, the point is if you take the leverage off the table the chances of getting the victims closure lessens, that to me matter more. the death penatly can be used as a tool for this even if it isnt used as a frequent punishment. When states make it a laughing stock that leverage is gone.
  5. The Wall

    restating what should be obvious... Any wall is pointless as long as the benefits remain. Remove the reasons for doing it and you remove the need for a wall. Take away the freebees and benefits and the wall is moot. There must be about a thousand other ways we would benefit by putting that money elsewhere.
  6. #1. Net positive to whom? not the victims. Shouldn't they come first? #2. No, i would not, but they arent exactly hard labor any more either are they, thats the point. Dont take me literal when i say resorts please. #3. Obviously a case by case basis, but what else is there in place of it? what leverage does law enforcement have? Having spoken to lawyer friends and acquaintances it can be a valuable tool to getting information to give families some form of closure. In my mind the victims and their families rights and needs trump the criminals rights, every time, in every possible way. #4. We can agree to disagree. It isnt about revenge or being cruel or unusual, its about punishment fitting the crime. You forget one key factor in your calculations though, the cost of housing that person for the rest of their life. Not to mention prison over crowding. I disagree strongly on your point regarding incarceration being a failure of society. I believe in personal accountability. Noone makes a person do what they do, they chose to do so. Weve seen to many examples of people seemingly snapping in an otherwise normal life as opposed to the recent FLA shooter where we definitely failed. Regardless it still doesnt shift responsibility for his actions onto anyone but him. I do agree on asking why, its been one of my biggest argument regarding the increase in calls for gun control and hearing virtually nothing about root causes and calls for mental heath reform and other such things... everyone is laser focused on the tool, not the reason for the act, this make no logical sense to me. BUT, im not asking why the community failed, im asking why the person failed.
  7. How does one make reparations for the loss of a loved one? Or to society for the loss of a hero police officer? If prisons weren't such freaking resorts these days with room board cable TV and rec time factored in not to mention officials caring more for the right of the criminal than the victims i might agree. Plus the fear of the death penalty is leverage law enforcement needs. I do however feel that unless the case is an absolute slam dunk no brainier it shouldn't be there... if based on circumstantial evidence and such it opens the door for mistakes, but if it is obvious, yeah, im fine with it
  8. These are the most improved teams in MLB

    of course, what the hell was i thinking !?!?!?
  9. LOL Angeles

    Im not wealthy, my taxes are very simple, theres nothing sinister. I didnt think it was possible either which is why i had it looked at.
  10. These are the most improved teams in MLB

    and yet Tex and Oak made the list in the same division with far less improvement? No mention of full season of Upton? Tor and Bos in same division as the top win improvement and it didnt affect them? People cant read thier own bullshit.
  11. LOL Angeles

    No, i dont, its been checked, its been the same pattern for the last 5 or so years. Hate to break it to you but you are 100% wrong on this one.
  12. Pick 6

    Above: Kinsler Pujols, based on expectations being very low, i think he has a little bounce back though nothing huge Colhoun Bonus: Johnson, i think he could become closer outright. Below: Othanis bat Cozarts bat, by a little as i dont think he replicates last season but will still be good 1B platoon
  13. LOL Angeles

    Yes that must be it... insert rolls eyes emoji.
  14. LOL Angeles

    i paid 10 times the amount of taxes to state, than i did federal, how does this make any logical sense?
  15. Yankees release Adam Lind

    hes even played some OF so would fit the flexibility angle. but i dont see it at this point weve got too many bodies already even if hes likely better than they are