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  1. Angel Dog and Beer

    The Truth is Out There. Conspiracy Theories

    I reckon I probably wouldn't mind if she went down under on me. Crikey!
  2. Angel Dog and Beer

    Statement from Tim Mead on Mike Trout

    Mike, I love you just the way you are. XOXO
  3. Angel Dog and Beer


    Please tell me it came with a cup holder for your Leinenkugel.
  4. Angel Dog and Beer

    Prime Day

    Thanks. Yeah, I was reading about the parental controls, setting time limits, etc. Definitely a needed feature.
  5. Angel Dog and Beer

    Prime Day

    Thinking about picking up a 10" Fire Tablet for my kid. On sale for $99 (was $150). Anyone have one? Is it any good? She'll use it for your standard streaming shows, apps, games, email.
  6. Angel Dog and Beer

    At The Break...

    Fletcher is so good he bats twice!
  7. Angel Dog and Beer

    What is the significance of your username?

    I only get to a couple games a year, but just always loved watching the game with an Angel dog and a beer, just simple. Plus, I have pictures of my dog in an Angels hat I wanted to use for my avatar but never got around to using.
  8. Angel Dog and Beer

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    I need A/C in my house.
  9. Angel Dog and Beer

    Question re: cord cutting

    Got FireTV a few weeks ago, and installed Terrarium. Thanks @Lou for the recommendation. Holy smokes, awesome app! Started Game of Thrones a few days ago (hello 2011!) After GoT, Billions is on the list, and then I will catch up on all the good movies I've missed the last few years. Terrarium seems to play fine, although there's some buffering issues. Not terrible, but it buffers for a second or less every 5 minutes or so. A little annoying, but I can't complain because I get to watch new movie releases. Anyone else have problems?
  10. Angel Dog and Beer

    What have you watched recently?

  11. Angel Dog and Beer

    Eppler's Manager

    Hopefully someone that can keep his players off the DL.
  12. Angel Dog and Beer

    Random Video Thread

    Common Courtesy! (That part was the best)
  13. Angel Dog and Beer

    Every firefighter in Long Beach

    Wait! Now who's going to man the BBQ at the station?
  14. Angel Dog and Beer

    Game Day Thread 6/27/208 Angels at Red Sox - Game #81

    Really need Heaney to step up today. CG, and the offense can scratch over a few runs.
  15. Angel Dog and Beer

    Game Day Thread 6/26/2018 Angels at Red Sox