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  1. This is the Angels we're talking about. Of course you could fracture a ligament or break a hamstring. But, yeah, I meant his ankle.
  2. Is the recovery time for a grade 3 sprain longer than if he would have fractured it? Jeeze this sucks.
  3. Angel Dog and Beer

    Adell hires Boras?

    Can we hook him up with a girl from Anaheim Long Beach, to keep him from going to the East coast?
  4. Angel Dog and Beer

    Gameday Thread: Twins @ Angels 5/20/2019 (Walsh 1B)

    Indian burial ground strikes again.
  5. Angel Dog and Beer

    Gameday Thread: Twins @ Angels 5/20/2019 (Walsh 1B)

    Players hurt on back to back plays? We're cursed.
  6. Angel Dog and Beer

    Co Worker Catastrophes

    I had an instructor in College who told the class a great story about his first week at a high-profile Architecture office. He was tasked with preparing the project's final conceptual drawings for a big presentation they had with a prospective client that afternoon. Rushing, he got all the presentation boards together, and since they were all hand-drafted or drawn, he applied spray fixative on each of the boards to preserve the pencil and pen markings. After he did about 12 boards and stacked each one on top of the next, he noticed that he'd been spraying adhesive instead of fixative, and the stack of boards was now one giant mess completely stuck together. They tried to carefully separate the boards, but most of them were damaged beyond repair. Needless to say, the work was ruined and the company didn't get the job.
  7. Angel Dog and Beer

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    A single here would give Cahill a HR-3b-2b-1b-BB- WP inning. That's hard to do!
  8. Angel Dog and Beer

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    CaHRill strikes again.
  9. Angel Dog and Beer

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Twins 5/14/2019 (Rengifo 2B)

    Thanks Bedrosian.
  10. Angel Dog and Beer

    Jo Adell... All Day

    Is no one at least a little concerned or find it interesting that the Angels hired a "return to performance strength coordinator" nicknamed Juice?
  11. Angel Dog and Beer

    Gameday Thread: Angels at Minnesota (5/13/2019)

    Skaggs already doin Skaggs things.
  12. Angel Dog and Beer

    Trout and his Love of Fans

    Alive fans > dead fans
  13. Angel Dog and Beer

    What's wrong with Trout?

    As I type this he hits a HR. Nice!