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  1. Angel Dog and Beer

    Gameday Thread: 8/19 Angels @ Rangers

    What the heck. Stupud way to lose.
  2. Angel Dog and Beer

    Gameday Thread: 8/19 Angels @ Rangers

    Ha, who said stealing bases is dead. Pujols with the SB.
  3. Angel Dog and Beer

    Do you think that the game has changed too much?

    You'd rather watch a weak, uncoordinated pitcher attempt to swing a bat?
  4. Yes, good to hear about Jones' last couple of weeks, that's encouraging given his early season performance. Hope it's something he can build upon for the rest of the season.
  5. Angel Dog and Beer Today: Happy Birthday, Mike Trout!

    Ah shoot, you're right.. that's what I meant.
  6. Angel Dog and Beer Today: Happy Birthday, Mike Trout!

    And thank you Jeff and Debbie for getting it on 27.75 years ago to give us this perfect human.
  7. Angel Dog and Beer

    This years banner

    Im sure I'm in the minority here, but i like Ender. He gives it and takes it (no, not that way, well, maybe?) without being overly annoying or disrespectful. Just some good ribbing when we deserve it. Plus, I feel bad for him being a Mariners fan.
  8. Angel Dog and Beer

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    The family and I were camping at an RV park on the Gaviota Coast last fall. One night, later in the evening, we all walked to the "glamping" campground next door, where they have a general store and cafe. As I walked into the cafe area, I see a guy sitting with his daughter at one of the tables and didn't think anything of it. As I was standing at the counter deciding what to eat, the guy was talking loudly to his daughter, having fun, laughing. The voice was loud, gravelly, and unmistakable. Without looking I knew it was Adam Sandler. "AhhhhvoooooCAAAAHdooooo!!" He yelled over and over as his daughter laughed. There was no separation between him as a person and any one of his goofy movie characters. After a few minutes he got up to get something at the store. I told my daughter to go up to his daughter and give her one of her glow-in-the-dark necklaces she made earlier. So she did, and Adam's daughter seemed pretty happy to get that.
  9. The good news... At least I don't have to watch this craptastic performance tonight.
  10. Angel Dog and Beer

    Detroit Tigers

  11. I used to have a few T-shirts with Stassi's signature on it:
  12. Angel Dog and Beer

    Amber Alert!!!

    Dang, Eppler looks like a stone cold killer in this pic. An assasin. Gangsta.
  13. Angel Dog and Beer

    Favorite Toy as a kid

    I remember asking my parents for months on end to get a bike for Christmas. I so wanted a Mongoose, GT or Diamond Back bike, you know, the ones all the cool kids had. I raced downstairs on Christmas morning to see a bike wrapped up!! F*ck yeah! I open it up and its some Kmart or Sears brand knock off, called MACHO. My friends were ruthless in their teasing. Everyone called me "nacho" as we raced to school.
  14. Angel Dog and Beer

    Favorite Toy as a kid

    Haha that was it! Totally forgot what that stood for.
  15. Angel Dog and Beer

    Favorite Toy as a kid

    Pretty much GI Joe, He-Man, Transformers, Matchbox cars, baseball cards, skateboard and the ol' trusty bike. I also remember some toys named MASK, they were smaller action-figures with cars/trucks. I think I also had some A-Team toys. AO would like this, I also had those rubber, flexible WWF wrestling figurines with the wrestling ring. Those were cool.