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  1. So very awesome! Excited to know that my 1-month old son will grow up seeing Mike in an Angels uniform for the rest of his career.
  2. A’s vs Brewers. Rooting for utter chaos.
  3. Diaz15

    Jered Weaver Retires

    One of my favorites. His jersey was the first I ever bougt. It was always a pleasure to watch him compete.
  4. Hahaha the best! Could you imagine the whole stadium watching the replay. That's something out of a nightmare
  5. That was a fun first inning to catch. Makes getting off work late a little better.
  6. Diaz15

    Yordano Ventura and Andy Marte Dead

    Simply awful. RIP
  7. Effectively Wild is one of my favorite podcast and this episode was pretty good. Ben and Sam are rad
  8. Diaz15

    Cubs @ Angels 4/5 7:05

    Guys! We did it!
  9. Omg I thought Cron was gonna get thrown out on that double. Dude is slooooooooow