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  1. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    If you're getting paid, I want you 100% committed to whatever it is that you do. I don't think Magic was. Did it need to come out this way? Nope. Should Magic have owned it and stfu? Yep. Moving on.
  2. To this day one of the most radioactive places on earth is the hospital basement where the Russian firefighters were taken after radiation exposure. Firefighter suits were thrown down there and remain still (I believe).
  3. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    He's missing the goat. It's Sammy Hagar. Duh!
  4. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I like Garland at #4 or #6, whichever is our earliest pick and figured Hunter would be gone by #8. I probably like Jarrett Culver a little better than Hunter, but would take either at #8 if we'd already secured Garland. We could go directly to either Culver/Hunter if the FO plans to sign K. Irving or K. Walker this summer.
  5. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Lots of ways to go with that #4 pick. If it were me.... 1. Keep the pick and select Vandy PG Darius Garland. Kid can shoot and distribute, although admittedly a small sample size. 2. Use the #4 to trade down, acquiring more assets. One path would be to entice the Hawks to move to #4 and give up #8/#10. If we could come away with two players from a group of Coby White, Brandon Clarke, Jaxson Hayes, Kevin Porter Jr., Goga Bitadze, Nickeil Alexander-Walker and a few others, could be interesting. 3. Would anyone trade Lonzo to Phoenix for #6? If you could tell me that we could come out of this draft with Garland at #6 combined with Kevin Porter Jr. and Goga Bitadze with picks from Atlanta in #2 scenario (even trading those picks down to early teens to collect future assets) I'd be ecstatic.
  6. If he's throwing, even just in bullies, then I'm optimistic. Angels continuing to be patient and conservative with these young guys and their return from injuries.
  7. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    Any update on that kid we signed last year? Alex Ramirez or something like that?
  8. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    I love that we've patched up our issues in the latin market.
  9. Nobody will fault you for checking in with your doc. Might give you pain relief stronger than Advil? Personally, I'd probably ride it out for a few days and see a doc if symptoms worsen (trouble breathing, worsening pain).
  10. HaloJustinBieber

    If you were to trade Adell.....

    When did Max Scherzer enter into a 3-way with Kate Upton and Justin Verlander? Clearly, Tank isn't keeping up on his TMZ. That's where I get all my up-to-date news.
  11. HaloJustinBieber

    Looking for a date?

    I don't think "hand bones" would really make useful utensils. The metacarpals are only 2-3" long. What an idoit.
  12. HaloJustinBieber

    2019 NFL DRAFT

    I had never heard of OT Trey Pipkins. Did a little research this morning. Dude is huge, 6'7" and 300+ lbs but is super athletic and doesn't look fat at all. D-2 school where he dominated and opened eyes at the East-West shrine game. Scouts were saying after the E-W game that he was likely going to shoot up into the 2nd or 3rd round range but needs pro coaching to extract more from his game and some strength training. Might not pay dividends immediately, but maybe as the season goes along he might be able to get into the rotation as a swing O-lineman. By 2020 or 2021, might have a real steal on our hands and a cheap replacement for Okung. Might replace our RT next year. Have to give it some time.
  13. HaloJustinBieber

    2019 NFL DRAFT

    Really liked getting DT Jerry Tillery and S Nasir Adderley to help that D. Will help to be more stout against the run and get some pressure up the middle. Never heard of the OL-men we grabbed in the 3rd.
  14. HaloJustinBieber

    The OFFICIAL "Glen Complains About The CHARGERS" THREAD

    You would....."Packer" fan.