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  1. Should we do more? (Add another starter)

    I trust Eppler and the direction he is taking the team. If he wants to sit tight, I'm cool as 3 little Fonzies. If he wants to trade a couple of top-10 prospects for a pitcher he believes in, I'm good with that too.
  2. The OFFICIAL "Glen Complains About The CHARGERS" THREAD

    Big game tomorrow essentially for the AFC West title. Gotta bring the A-game in Arrowhead but expect the Bolts to bring the smackdown!
  3. What have you watched recently?

    That is now how I pronounce anyone named Millers last name now. Ha!
  4. What have you watched recently?

    Agree about episode 7. Episode 8 and 9 make up for it though.
  5. What have you watched recently?

    Already saw season 3 Broadchurch. Is there a season 4 in the works? Finished Stranger Things 2 last night. Awesome!
  6. Unforgiven

    Love Unforgiven. One of my all-time favorite Eastwood movies, if not my favorite. "We all got it comin', kid".
  7. We got him! Ohtani selects the Angels

    Stoked beyond belief. Eppler is a genius and is painstakingly enacting his grand plan.
  8. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I think Randle can be like Draymond in Golden State. He's our best defender at this point, switching onto smaller players while also guarding his own sized players well. His struggle is with true centers who are agile, especially when Luke puts him on an island and sends no help. But I think he could play 4 like you've said, and provide backup minutes to someone like Cousins.
  9. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    In regards to Cousins, I think so. He's certainly gonna have his moments but I think all in all he's gotten his attitude in check. He also gives us someone who can stretch the defense and match up against the better centers in the league (Embiid!)
  10. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Too frequently, turnovers have killed them. Other times, it's cold starts or leaving too many points at the line. Sometimes, it's Luke's substitution patterns. A lot of learning, immaturity (both players and coaching), and growth going on. Still excited to watch the team but it's frustrating as we are in position to win games and aren't closing. I suppose that's a good thing because if they sucked, it would just be depressing. But I am expecting more because I see the potential. And, yes, I agree with AO that a veteran free agent or two next summer will help immensely. How would you feel about the below?: Ball - George - Ingram - Kuzma - Cousins Clarkson - Hart - (?) - Nance - Randle *The small forward spot could be a drafted rookie, a cheap free agent (Corey Brewer) OR in the instance that Lebron and George come, you could play George a SG, Lebron at PF, and move Randle into the starting lineup at small-ball center. Then Kuzma slides into the second unit a SF and you run Thomas Bryant and Zubac at backup center. It's all good!
  11. He pitched in AA at the age of 18? Seems extremely advanced to only be our #26 prospect. I like him.
  12. The OFFICIAL "Glen Complains About The CHARGERS" THREAD

    Another W, now 6-2 after that 0-4 start and the two losses were to New England up there and a heartbreaking loss from ahead to the Jags. This team is tied for the AFC West division lead and has head to heads vs. KC and Oakland amongst their last 4 (the other two are Redskins and Jets). Not an easy schedule to wrap up but all winnable if we keep playing like we are now. Keep ballin' Boltz!
  13. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Are these the only serious teams they're negotiating with, or just the first two?
  14. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    None of our guys have reached their ceiling, but we are getting glimpses of how studly some will become. Brandon Ingram, while still having issues with consistently hitting his jumpers, is becoming a stud before our eyes. Julius Randle is surprisingly our defensive anchor and has probably been our best defender this year. That, combined with his huge increase in stamina, make him an absolute keeper. Next, I hope he focuses on setting amazing picks. We need to find a way to retain him moving forward. Kuzma just needs a little more bulk/strength, otherwise he's fairly polished. Lonzo just needs to get adjusted to the NBA three and develop a 10-15 foot pullup J. Excited to see what we add to this core of youth this upcoming summer.