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  1. HaloJustinBieber

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    I like when the Angels do good things. This Trout guy had better be worth it!
  2. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I think I'm OUT on trading for Anthony Davis unless it was at a discount relative to what N.O. has been asking for. I'd like to keep who we have longterm, add some beneficial free agent (s), and add another good youngster or two through the draft. Do that and see how it plays out. Worst case, I'd look into trading youngsters for youngsters
  3. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    What Lou said + forcing the Clips to eat the remaining Beasley $$$.
  4. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I'll give you that if you went on a specific Lakers site you'd likely see more people want Lebron gone. That number is higher than here but the % probably isn't likely very high (>20%). Kind of like when the Angels underperformed recently and you'd see lots of F'n Scioscia rants. Most probably wouldn't have voted him gone but a percentage would've.
  5. HaloJustinBieber

    New wave music hits of the 80's

    ^^^^One of my favorite 80's bands. Love "Driven Out".
  6. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    This season HAS been a disaster. However, the primary reason for that is injuries. If we hadn't missed 18 games from Lebron, 16 from Ingram, 21 from Lonzo, 34 from Rondo, and then 6-8 from Kuzma and McGee, I think the results would be different. Sure, the front office made mistakes last summer signing the guys they did. I only have issues with Lance and Beasley. I would've preferred keeping Brook Lopez and Julius Randle, and maybe adding Rondo or someone cheaper at the backup point. But, hindsight is always 20/20 and I don't know what players wanted to sign smaller, one-year deals with us. Ultimately, as Lou said I don't know anyone who wants Lebron gone. Is he perfect? Nope. Just gimme better health from the young guys, add some help in FA and the draft and see what happens. As far as this season goes, I don't feel it's a stretch to think there might be a 10 win difference if we have somewhat better health. That helps cohesiveness and depth on the floor and likely has us in the 40-28 area fighting for anywhere from 3rd-8th seeding in the playoffs.