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  1. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Wow! What a W in OK last night. Watched the replay this morning. Lots of contributors in this one after it looked like we'd get boat raced during the first quarter. Luke went to the bench and the second and third stringers brought us back. Zubac, Kuzma and Lonzo were probably are biggest needle movers, but got nice chip ins from Ingram (assists), KCP (scoring), Hart (some scoring, boards and D), Svi (couple of 3's, nice D) and Wagner (little scoring and free throws). Thought this was a loss for sure and almost was as we had a foul to give with 5 secs left but Ball grabbed Russ to late and gave up 3 free throws with a 3 pt lead. OT! Good lesson and we pushed through the extra period and pulled out the win.
  2. HaloJustinBieber

    Craziness... 3 way trade idea?

    A. This is hypothetical. B. In this hypothetical, Trout WILL BE GONE. You'd get more for him with two years remaining than with one. I'd love to get Arenado + (prospects like Luis Garcia/Adonis Medina or young major leaguers), the chance at offering him an extention, and Harper (via FA) if we knew Trout was definitely not resigning or extending. Simmons-Ohtani-Arenado-Harper-Upton is pretty sweet.
  3. HaloJustinBieber

    The OFFICIAL "Glen Complains About The CHARGERS" THREAD

    Not the most satisfactory ending to a great season. I'll take 12-4 with some great road W's and second round in the playoffs. We had a ticket to the dance and had a chance. Shouldn't be embarrassed losing to KC or NE at this point. They are the best in the AFC and tough to beat at their home. Gonna be an exciting AFC championship game. Congrats to the Pats and Chiefs fans out there!
  4. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Can't go 6+ minutes without scoring. Can't miss free throws. Needed someone who would try to break Gobert's arm trying to dunk through him (Randle?). Nobody was hot, lots of foul issues. Next.
  5. HaloJustinBieber

    Rest In Peace Paul (Pablo) Smith

    Sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences.
  6. HaloJustinBieber

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    Preferred him in 3:10 to Yuma!
  7. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    We didn't have Kuzma, who takes some of the heat off of the others scoring-wise, in that Knicks game. Should have won it but we were down our two best scorers. For Utah, they are down Ricky Rubio, Exum, and Sefolosha. Still, playing at Utah has been a house of horrors for us historically. Keep Donovan Mitchell quiet (maybe have Lonzo guard him?) and our chances are much better.
  8. HaloJustinBieber


    A freshly shorn scrotum is breathtaking. You should try it. By the way Happybat, was your vasectomy "no scalpel" or "plenty o' scalpel"?
  9. HaloJustinBieber


    I'm about ready to schedule this very thing. And am also suddenly very interested in Mancini's next post. Also, I think I know what my Avatar/Member pic will be now.
  10. HaloJustinBieber

    The OFFICIAL "Glen Complains About The CHARGERS" THREAD

    Loved it! Two straight on the east coast sucks but it's better than the alternative. GO CHARGERS!!!!!
  11. HaloJustinBieber

    Prospect for prospect trades? How frequent?

    My wording could have been better. OF, more than most other positions in our system, seems like a position where we have quite a few names that could breakout and be top prospects in the organization (Adell, Marsh, Jahmai Jones (?), Adams, Deveaux, Knowles to name a few). Threw Jones in the mix as another team may like him as an OF considering his experience even though we've moved him to 2b.
  12. HaloJustinBieber

    Alfredo Amezaga

    All things considered, we got the 2nd best player from that entire round.
  13. Was wondering how frequently MLB teams trade prospects for prospects to improve depth at positions of weakness. For instance, could we trade top #100 prospect Brandon Marsh, OF, from a position of strength and depth for an upper level top #100 prospect catcher in another organization. Seems like catcher is the one position system-wide that we don't have answer coming long-term. Any thoughts or suggested targets?