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  1. tv streamers

    How do I clear the cache on one of these types of devices? Mine has been running slow and I need to do that. Maybe somewhere in settings?
  2. Just said goodbye to our dog Maximus

    Sorry to hear it Chuck. That's the worst. Condolences.
  3. Porn Board Dead

    I would check that board every week or two. Wondered where it went. Bummed!
  4. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I will admit to being very open to just about any of the top 4 or so prospects in this years draft. However, in watching Ball last night in particular has me very excited that we grabbed the exact right guy. I knew that he viewed the floor well but his outlet passes and court vision/awareness and his willingness to put balls up and allowing his teammates to go and get them was super impressive. He also showed the ability to get to the hoop, create shots, utilize his height against shorter defenders, and provide direct offense when his team needed it most. I think anyone watching him (Lebron?) had to be impressed and I don't think it will hurt our chances of being bigger players in next seasons free agency.
  5. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Or until he's traded to help get rid of Deng's contract. Second unit of Rondo/Clarkson/Kuzma/Nance/Zubac incoming. That might be pretty good as Rondo, Kuzma and Nance are good defenders and Zubac can help rim protect. Potentially good scoring from 3 or 4 of them too.
  6. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Paying Caldwell-Pope extra for one year to have him turn down longer term deals from someone else. He is an excellent addition. Can shoot, defend, run. Nice compliment at SG in the starting unit. Rondo is likely next to run the backup point.
  7. Angels scouting Quintana?

    Like everything, depends on the cost. Quintana has been inconsistent this season, bad for several starts in a row earlier, but has seemed to right his wrongs and back to the usual Quintana. We probably have the minors OF depth to trade from.
  8. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I watched a lot of game #2 and there was great effort defensively by this team. I think Magic has put an emphasis on players that have high bball IQ and that are two-way players. Kuzma, specifically, looked really good. I think if Buechler wasn't trying to get Ware and the other white dude floor time, we'd have won both games. But, good effort all around and a really fun squad to watch. Lonzo definitely has great court vision. Threw some sweet passes for easy buckets.
  9. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Saw a suggestion on how to clear more capspace for next season. Trade Jordan Clarkson to Milwaukee for Greg Monroe and a first round pick. Then trade Luol Deng PLUS the Milwaukee first and our 2020 first to a team with cap space and a desire for future assets (Brooklyn?) in return for an expiring deal. That would clear $30 million in cap for next summer. That would give us enough room to add maybe 3 MAX deals or 2 MAX deals and add depth around them.
  10. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    And is a plus defender. I like it.
  11. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.
  12. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Agreed. I think Westbrook has the ball in his hands by necessity. Playing with someone like Ball could make his life easier.
  13. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I don't think that Lonzo is getting moved to SG either and that wasn't anything I was ever condoning. I do believe that it would be a failure to bring in a true PG, like Chris Paul, who would be ball dominant and minimize what Ball offers. However, I think more in terms of position-less basketball and a ball movement system. Lonzo doesn't need the ball a lot to still be effective and believe he could be paired with another player that is considered a PG but has similar usage rates and style of play (good cutter, solid perimeter shot, see's the floor well, ball doesn't stick). I made a more blanket statement previously but thought I'd clarify.
  14. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Is Westbrook coming to L.A. even a thing? Sure it could work. Ball could play with Westbrook much in the way H&W has described. He did some of that at UCLA when their other guard (Aaron Holiday) was on the floor. I don't know how likely it is though. How are we expected to acquire him again?
  15. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Ultimately, I don't like the DLo/Mozgov trade because it could've been executed after any potential Paul George trade. If no Paul George trade was executed prior to the 2018 free agency period, then make another effort at that point to make a trade. Keep DLo for another season and see how he gels with Lonzo Ball and how he grows as a player. We did NOT need to make the trade. The hastiness of the trade almost seems personal, as if the new FO didn't care for DLo and was willing to sell low just to get rid of him. On the bright side, I thought the draft was tremendous. I don't really even care at this point if they make a trade for George. Just make a huge effort to make Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle marketable. Clarkson needs to seem like a great deal to have two years of control left after the upcoming season AND Randle needs to have a breakthrough season where utilizing him in a sign/trade to garner one of the MAX types Magic yearns for is possible.