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  1. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    One win in the books. HORRIBLE D in the first half giving up 67 pts and 14 of a Minni record 21 3's. TWolves looked like they were shooting free throws from out there. We tightened that up in the second half, only giving up 43 pts. in the second half. Loved to see the improvement and adjustments. Also, completely loved seeing solid defense in the post all game long, especially the couple of times that KAT tried to go directly at Chandler. Chandler should be solid for 15-20 minutes per game.
  2. HaloJustinBieber

    The OFFICIAL "Glen Complains About The CHARGERS" THREAD

    6-2 is amazing considering we played maybe the two hottest teams in the league (KC and Rams) and were in both games, have yet again NO friggin' kicker, and have been without Joey Bosa and Hunter Henry all season. I'll take that all day. Apparently, Russell Wilson had never lost at home to an AFC West team, so to go up there and beat them while they've been playing well goes against our recent history of blowing games we should win.
  3. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Inconsistency is to be expected, but the one thing that can be consistent is effort (both physical and mental). We didn't have that last night. Here are our next 7 games, all of which are winnable. Could go 7-0 and be 11-6 overall after this little run OR lose a few and go 4-3 and be around .500. Be nice if we could take advantage of weaker teams and begin to put "it" together. Minnesota At Sacramento Atlanta Portland At Orlando At Miami At Cleveland
  4. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Nice W AT Portland last night. McGee (whew those blocks!) and Rondo played huge, as did Lebron. Too many turnovers and gave up too many offensive rebounds, but I'll take it. It'll be nice running out McGee and Tyson Chandler at the center position for the majority of minutes moving forward. Also, Isaac Bonga playing really well in the G-League. That dude is making huge strides. Wouldn't be surprised to see him getting minutes at the NBA level later this season.
  5. Past few weeks I've watched: Hereditary: 8/10 I don't typically do horror flicks, but really liked this film. It took me two viewings to get what was going on, and still have a few questions to totally get my head wrapped around it. Highly recommend. A Star Is Born: 8/10 Thought the movie was well done and was surprised at how well Bradley Cooper sings. Bohemian Rhapsody: 6/10 Just didn't feel that engaged. They did a nice job recreating some moments from Queens career but the difference between the live music scenes in Queen and A Star Is Born were big. I felt like the scenes in Queen were just recreating old moments, while A Star Is Born was creating new moments that really helped the character development.
  6. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Tonight in San Antone. Time to exact some revenge for that OT loss last week. I'd like to get Rondo to the bench and continue starting Lonzo-Hart-Lebron-Kuzma-McGee. Keep up that solid D, gotta run second defenders at Aldridge.
  7. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Stephenson got us that W last night, but I was also very pleased with Lonzo. Many good moments, obviously the step back 3 but also the little pull-up 15 footer, the spot up 3s, the boards, the switching D, the pick, the strip/dive. He does so many things and should be starting. Hart is also a huge favorite of mine too.
  8. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Mmmmmm......that felt good!
  9. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Extremely tough game vs. Denver tonight while again short-handed. We will need to continue that D tonight as Denver has a great offense.
  10. HaloJustinBieber

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    I'm willing to give Eppler (and Ausmus) the benefit of the doubt. There have been a lot of managers that failed and then didn't.
  11. HaloJustinBieber

    Met This Guy Yesterday

    Nice purse sweetie.
  12. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Probably looking at suspensions for Rondo and Ingram. Ingram running back into that scrum and throwing punches is likely gonna cost him. I sure wish the league would tighten up these foul calls that Harden tries to get. I feel like that play that led to the fight had Harden causing all of the contact. That foul call frustrated Ingram and he lost his composure as a result. Gotta work on that D, though. Cannot give up 130 and expect to win, I don't care who you're playing.
  13. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    The impact that Lebron had cannot be understated. Example from my own house: my wife used to watch and enjoy the Lakers when we first met and married 12-13 years ago. She knew the players and loved Kobe and Shaq. The past few years she has completely tuned out and now doesn't know any of the players. But last night, we were in the middle of some family game night when she said that she wanted to finish the game so we could turn on the Lakers. My kids exited the room and she called for them to come back in to see the back to back dunks in the first quarter by Lebron. The Lakers excitement is permeating past the level of hard-core fans like myself thanks to Lebron!
  14. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Cold as ice from 3!!! 7-30 overall and 0-15 at one point. That was rough. Nik Stauskas has the game of his life!! That was rough and unlikely. Gotta be better on the offensive glass, giving up 14 o-boards. Didn't guard the 3 well. Had some turnovers from lack of playing together. Got a ton of points in the paint. We were in this game all night despite our 3-pt shooting woes and rebounding. Tough opening game in a city we historically haven't fared very well. On to Saturday vs. Houston!
  15. HaloJustinBieber

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I don't disagree with you. In a vacuum, I'd also rather have AD. But, when you add in the opportunity cost: *Sign a free-agent next summer (Kawhi, Durant, etc), keep ALL young players + Lebron *Trade for AD, keep Lebron, lose KCP (for salary purpose) AND some combination of young talent that probably begins with Ingram and Kuzma/Ball + picks