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  1. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Timing is the more important issue. The Lakers can sign 2 max deals and THEN sign Randle while going over the cap with his bird rights. However, if a team like Dallas comes into the free agent period and day 1 offers him any deal really, I believe we then are on the clock (3 days?) to sign the FA's we desire while also trading Deng before matching his deal. Lots of moving parts.
  2. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Luke said to Randle during a time-out yesterday that he was the best one-on-one defender in the league. An argument could be made for sure, but I think what Luke meant was Randle's ability to switch and guard various positions on the floor.
  3. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    The Lakers pummeled the Cavs tonight behind a huge game from JR, and nice complimentary games from I. Thomas, Lopez (who I'd like to sign to the room exception this summer), and KCP (who I'd like to sign to the midlevel exception this summer) after we sign Lebron and PG13. Draft Aaron Holiday with the 2nd round pick. Ball...George...Ingram...Lebron...Randle Holiday...Hart...KCP...Kuzma...Lopez
  4. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

  5. 2018 NFL Draft

    The Browns have been active. Wow! Now, they have Taylor at QB, could have Saquon Barkley and Duke Johnson at RB, have Jarvis Landry, Coleman and Josh Gordon at WR, and recently drafted David Njoku at TE. They could add a QB through the draft to sit behind Taylor for 1-2 years. That is a team that could surprise.
  6. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    In the past 15 games, the Lakers are #2 in the league in 3 point shooting percentage. I believe they are #7 if you move it out to 25 games.
  7. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Just shows you how selfless he is. He knows how good it makes the other players feel when he allows them to contribute.
  8. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Man, they really tried to give that one away. My immediate takeaway is why are we closing games with JR NOT on the floor? My second takeaway is, whew, without BI and Hart our bench is I. Thomas, Zubac, Caruso, Wear and Bryant. Oy!
  9. Boy, I bet that former Braves GM doesn't make their Christmas list this year for sure now.
  10. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Couldn't believe the comeback by our boys IN San Antonio last night. Sure, they were without Lamarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard, but they are a playoff contender and we were without Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart. To get the W at their place while coming back from 17 down, that is impressive. Lonzo and Julius were amazing, but we also got great support from IT, Kuzma, KCP, Lopez and the recently signed Matt Wear. Looking forward to another matchup vs. Portland Monday night.
  11. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I thought I'd read approx. 2 weeks, and then check again.
  12. Guess I have to use this emoticon>>>>>more frequently!
  13. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Having a great time watching this team. Bummed that Josh Hart is hurt, but otherwise pretty happy with these guys.
  14. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Is $18 mill per an extreme overpay? I was kind of assuming he'd be getting somewhere in the $12-15 range, so to lose him over $3-5 million would piss me off.
  15. The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Randle will have to want to be here, maybe enough to take a paycut. I have a feeling that a team like Dallas will offer Randle a contract that would be more than we really want to pay. But if they offer him a over-our-budget deal and he signs it, we CAN match it and not lose him, but will we? If he wants to stay bad enough, he won't sign any contract offers and negotiate directly with us. Almost certainly means less money but still alot of money and staying in LA with the core he's grown with.