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  1. HaloMilliVanilli

    Trading Jo Adell

  2. HaloMilliVanilli

    What places do you refuse to eat?

    I never used to eat at Arby's, but I've been getting the sliders there and I like them. Jalepeno Roast Beef and Buffalo Chicken. Not award winning but they'll do the job. And they're pretty cheap.
  3. HaloMilliVanilli

    Russell Westbrook

    This ought to be interesting.
  4. HaloMilliVanilli

    Angels and Marlins match up well for a trade

    So remove Barria from the conversation and center a deal on the pieces we have some redundancy in or who may be blocked by a better option. If we can trade Thaiss, Ward, Jones, etc. types for a cheap guy with some upside (to me that means can be a #4 or #5 at MLB level now), do it. We may not be raising the front end ceiling, but we may be raising the back end floor. We need both. Not sexy but one of the solid moves a contender makes.
  5. HaloMilliVanilli

    RIP Rip

    If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball! RIP!
  6. HaloMilliVanilli

    Hawaii trip

    Putting a list together. Fire away!
  7. Ha! Just f'in with ya. Neither my 9, 11 or 43 year olds (my wife) will likely watch either of these films with me. Pussies!
  8. More like psychological thriller/horror. If you haven't seen Hereditary, I highly suggest. Gabriel Byrne and Toni Collette are primary along with one of the kids from the newer Jumanji.
  9. Watched Hereditary twice because there were so many things hidden in plain site that I missed the first time through. Your right, dread is the word. One of the few movies that I've read online forums about trying to understand certain things and getting way more detail. Looking forward to Midsommar. Might take the family this weekend. My 9 year old is really looking forward to it.
  10. HaloMilliVanilli

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Just a taste of what Davis and Cousins are capable of. Distance shooting, paint work, rebounding, starting and finishing the break. Add the gravity that Lebron will require with some good spot up shooters.... I realize this Boogie isn't that Boogie, but he will be quite a distance away from the initial injury and surgery and it could be expected that he will be improved over what we saw last season. He isn't going to be on the floor against all stretch 5's but quite a few.
  11. HaloMilliVanilli

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Agree, but that squeezes Kuzma out of many lineups, as you'd have Lebron, AD and either Boogie/Javale at center often. Not always though. The other thing to consider is: does AD WANT to play center. Seems if he was that open to it they wouldn't have needed to bring in two more guys that will get big minutes there.
  12. HaloMilliVanilli

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    With the exclusion of last season as he recovered from injury and acclimated to new team/environment, Cousins has shot somewhere between 33% and 37% from 3 point range. He has to be accounted for out there, much like Nikola Jocic. Neither are Curry-esque but both need to be guarded out there.
  13. HaloMilliVanilli

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I think "who's starting" will be lineup/opponent based. Lebron isn't going to be chasing Curry's, Lillard's, etc. And if Kuzma is your SF in the lineup, he isn't either. Our SG could slide down for that responsibility, but then we've got a slower footed wing (Lebron, Kuzma, etc) trying to guard a quicker player.