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  1. Loved Stu. His bro Stan sucked ass tho!
  2. RenoHalo

    David Robertson

    Thx for the link Fletch. That's one of the very few articles I can ever remember reading re: mercurial relievers. It's been a 'wtf' talking point every season w/me and my baseball nerd crew. I'm less baffled now
  3. RenoHalo

    David Robertson

    They have to do this. Out of all the FA RP out there, no one has been more consistent than Robertson. He's still got the 'Mariano-Lite' cutter that nobody can square up consistently too. The guy who taught him that lasted a lonnnnnnnnnnng time w/minimal injuries too, so I'm not as worried about his age either. What everyone has been projecting here about our bullpen if they signed him has me salivating tbh. Bullpens are so very important (especially nowadays), it's baffling when teams who have had issues there the prior season don't go into the off-season starting there.
  4. RenoHalo

    David Robertson

    "I gotta go get the papers....get the papers.."
  5. RenoHalo

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    If he can stay healthy for 30+ starts, I think he’s going to be really good. Especially in first half.
  6. RenoHalo

    Break the bank?

    I gotta sneaky feeling about Billy/Arte's plans. Maybe they haven't done sh!t thus far because they're about to drop another Pujols-esque nuke on MLB again? Why not have the two biggest names in the game? This franchise does have priors (w/Reggie, Rod, Vlad, Albert, etc.) of winding up the big 'Winter Winners'. Of course we all know that guarantees absolutely sh!t....but it's still way more fun!
  7. RenoHalo

    Random Angel players

    Terry Humphrey
  8. RenoHalo

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    HTG Halo peeps! Hope it's a great day, wherever u spend it. Cold here in Reno (finally), might snow. Hopefully will help w/the nearby NorCal fires.
  9. You're right. Like RF is the only issue. It was like #4 on the list behind the 5 TJ's, Bullpen, Ohtani injury.
  10. Imagine a world where they called up EYjr instead of the revolving YoungHermoBlash trifecta of horseshit when Kole was in need of early rescue. And he played like this... Might've been a W or 2 difference early on, who knows? Bad call, suits.
  11. RenoHalo

    Next 27 Games

  12. Young a 2B away from a Cycle....jeezus. This game is baffling sometimes.
  13. Jose is like a real life audio version of 'Translate This Page?' in Google Chrome..