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  1. Yes because Eppler will convince Albert to walk away from 100 million dollars. The guys not a magician.
  2. This moment in time? At what year of a GM do you expect them to get to the playoffs?
  3. Forgot to say Simmons as well. Thank you for reminding me.
  4. Everyone's complaining that Mike S hasn't gotten the Angels to the playoffs in so long but since Eppler has been here he hasn't gotten him to the playoffs either. The name of the game is playoffs and winning games. We aren't doing that and it isn't just on Mike S it's on Eppler as well.
  5. Barrett

    This Bullpen is on Eppler

    I agree I said Simmons and Upton and Ohtani is out and might be for a year plus so who knows there either. I said everyone outside of Calhoun Trout and Pujols he inherited. SImmons and Upton have done well the rest have not so 3 guys in our line up can hit and 6 guys can't. You said he inherited the 6th highest payroll which is not true.
  6. Who cares I care, those are all Eppler guys and none of them have worked out. Other than Upton no bats that he has signed or traded for have worked out.
  7. Good luck signing a valuable free agent? Free agents will sign where they will be given the most money. If you have a below 200 batting average and you expect to continue to play that's idiotic.
  8. Barrett

    This Bullpen is on Eppler

    He hasn't inherited all of that? Three guys in our starting line up he inherited after that its on him. Calhoun Pujols and Trout other than that every single player who's in the starting 9 is on him.
  9. If you don't have even a OBP over 300 you probably shouldn't be on a MLB roster.
  10. My point is if Eppler can't figure it out by now with the offense. This team has his stamp on it, other than Trout Pujols and Calhoun he has his finger print on every guy in this line up and the guy's he has brought in to hit have not done so that's on him.
  11. Let's go with just last nights game for an example. Those are just examples of their OBP their batting averages are even worse obviously. That's surrounding the greatest player in the game today and of our generation. Kinsler OBP 287 Pujols OBP 285 Fernandez OBP 276 I get it he just got up here and will give him more time than just 9 games. Valbuena OBP 268 Maldonado OBP 292 Calhoun OBP 202 Young OBP 275
  12. Barrett

    This Bullpen is on Eppler

    Eppler has been here 3 years and zero playoffs. We have a top 6 payroll in baseball and we are in 3rd place in the west. If they don't make the playoffs this year then it's on both of them.
  13. I don't know. I thought they would be better this season. I don't know who's ready to come up. People keep telling me there's no one in the minor leagues who can hit better than Pujols in the DH/1st baseman position. We have awful Cozart which was a bad signing so far from Eppler. His lack of a bullpen. The starting pitchers can't go more than 5 innings and that's even stretching it. We have 6 guys in the line up who shouldn't be on a major league roster who are starting for us. So the farm is better... that's great for the farm what's going on with the big league club is unacceptable.
  14. Barrett

    This Bullpen is on Eppler

    If the Angels don't make the playoffs this year, which I thought was a really good chance at the beginning of the year. Mike S and Eppler need to be shown the door. This is unacceptable. We have the greatest player of our generation and it is being squandered. Eppler has been here long enough to put together a winner and Mike S although a great manager all time, you can't let him continue with out making the playoffs for years.
  15. How does it look like we will be better next year? We need 6 position players and pitchers galore