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  1. codenamerich

    Can you imagine being traded?

    As an ibew journeyman....change is the norm. I'm working here down at the power plant in HB...and one day I'll be laid off...its just a matter of getting used to it. My buddies who don't work construction find what I have to to do get new job crazy.
  2. Hey AW! The names' Rich. Im from HB. I have followed the Angels since I was a kid. Born in 74' My first recollection of being into the team was around 79-80. My dad was a big time Angels fan growing up in socal. He used to follow the team all the way back into the PCL days and went to many games as a kid at Wrigley. Its also where I get my intense distain for the Dogs per him. When I was a kid I'd say my favorite players were Rod Carew and Bobby Gritch. One of the most memorable games I got the chance to attend was the last start Nolan Ryan had as a ranger at the Big A. Also the elimination game against the Sux a few years back. Ive been a lurker on AW since 08 for the most part. I used to have an old account, but I thought Id introduce myself again since there are so many new members these days.
  3. codenamerich

    Tonight's game is on ESPN

    The angels have never fared well on ESPN Sunday night games for as long as I can remember
  4. codenamerich

    Baylor injured in 1st ball ceremony

    He might have osteoporosis.... Who knows.
  5. codenamerich

    OC weekly people of 2014

    Yes....I haven't read it in awhile...but I had to pick it up just for that reason.
  6. codenamerich

    OC weekly people of 2014

    Not sure if this is a Craig or not, but I just got the new OC weekly, and low & behold Mr Trumbo is on the cover. Its a good interview. He really talks about his love for the Halos growing up, etc...