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  1. Cleveland Indians

    The Indians will come into Anaheim with a 25-game winning streak, and commence the Angels' 25-game winning streak (includes playoffs).
  2. Cleveland Indians

    I see you've never heard of Tim Lincecum, famous Angel pitcher from the 2010's.
  3. Twins Can't Fail

  4. Partial UCL Tear for J.C. Ramirez

    As long as we don't have to give up any Rondons.
  5. Gameday Thread: 9/6 Angels @ A's - No Pujols

    Honestly, that guy's shouting words of encouragement is probably killing the bats.
  6. Gameday Thread: 9/6 Angels @ A's - No Pujols

    Gradderall looked extra focused there.
  7. Gameday Thread: 9/6 Angels @ A's - No Pujols

    But not the one it deserves.
  8. Gameday Thread: 9/6 Angels @ A's - No Pujols

    Gradderall time.
  9. Upton Makes Angels Worse?

    I already said you're welcome.
  10. Gameday thread: Angels vs. Rangers 9/1/2017

    Skaggs with a good job getting out of the inning. Upton and Phillips killing this team right now.
  11. Upton Makes Angels Worse?

    You're welcome.
  12. Upton Makes Angels Worse?

    Albert just went from the 5th most important spot in the lineup to the most important.
  13. David Wiess is a the deceased former oboist of the LA Phil; it's a hoax.
  14. I mean, based on the math, the Upton trade improves the team by like 0.6 games the rest of the year. If it was Pujols getting replaced instead of Maybin, it would still be like 1 game at most. Now DD me.