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  1. They already have the overall GOTE, defensive GOTE, and two-way GOTE on the team at the same time.
  2. Randy Gradishar

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    I just went from six to midnight.
  3. I didn't like the 3rd to 1st rule (I've seen it work, and it still works even when it doesn't "work") and even the IBB rule (also seen some crazy shit). But those had a fairly minimal effect, although again, people don't realize how important the 3rd to 1st move was. This 3-batter rule, though, ends the sport. Have to hope the Angels win this year or they pull a "transfer" rule and scrap it after two weeks.
  4. Randy Gradishar

    MLB and the MLBPA made a deal.

    I'm just glad that instead of pitching changes after every batter, now we'll get pitching changes after every batter preceded by injury delays and succeeded by extended warmups.
  5. Randy Gradishar


    Bour, Jos, or Bourjos?
  6. I doubt any team in the league has 4 guys better than Trout, Ohtani, Upton, and Simmons. So what the Angels need to go from WC to WS is a few 1-2 WAR players to replace the 0 and under guys. Once the depth catches up to Houston and injuries go down, the Angels are the better team. I think of the 2014 Angels as the Colin Cowgill team. Rengifo, Bour, etc. could be this year's Cowgill-Navarro.
  7. Are we okay with Trout and Pujols playing golf on the side? Brings back nightmares of Clady.
  8. Randy Gradishar

    Do you watch spring training games on TV?

    Seriously though, as much as I like the Angels, it is annoying that it bumps the DLSwS. Show is better on the radio than podcast.
  9. Randy Gradishar

    Do you watch spring training games on TV?

    Nope, radio only.
  10. Randy Gradishar

    Quinn and/or Altherr

    Calhoun still has at least another 8 or 9 good years left.
  11. Bellinger truly has a dizzying intellect.
  12. Randy Gradishar

    Thunder Thaiss

    The Thaissman Cometh.