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  1. Randy Gradishar

    Alright you damn A-holes

    You mind if I use 0-3 Inc. as my company name?
  2. What's the record for consecutive 5-3 victories? Get Kurkjian on the phone.
  3. Do we have any players named Wade?
  4. If they could somehow get into the playoffs at 13 games under .500, they'd cruise to a WS win in straight-sets.
  5. I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked.
  6. Aloe, conditioner, and blueberry facial.
  7. Following via this thread: has Skaggs gotten out of the first yet?
  8. I scrub my dog in Upland. Small world.
  9. It will be hilarious when Gubi doesn't use this.
  10. Randy Gradishar

    Zack Greinke?