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  1. Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    "Height supremacist" (credit to The League)
  2. Gameday 8-18-17 @ Baltimore.. Heaney Returns!

    Never too late for the Angels to take the HR crown.
  3. Gameday 8-18-17 @ Baltimore.. Heaney Returns!

    Goddamn I love Bmore. First stadium to step up its camera angle game.
  4. Gameday 8-18-17 @ Baltimore.. Heaney Returns!

    Albert's chugging around the bases is hilarious.
  5. Yeah, I really don't get including Calhoun either. He's basically free and has produced the same average WAR as Stanton in his career. Stanton just has more upside (but also less consistent), is younger, and is obviously trending much better than Calhoun this year.
  6. Yeah, I wasn't very clear there. I realize he has to be traded now, but it has been brought up that every team passed on just taking his salary when they had the chance. So why would they now do that plus prospects? The only reason I can think of is that the Marlins told everyone they wouldn't just let him go if a claim was made, so teams let him clear. Or maybe teams just assumed that was the case. But is that even true that a team can pull back a player when he's claimed? And would teams respect Miami's warning?
  7. Did anyone ever answer the question of why a team would give up prospects plus take on the entire contract, rather than just taking on the entire contract? I'm not a waiver expert, so I could just be missing something. Is it that the Marlins would have told teams not to bother claiming him, because they'd pull him back?
  8. Stanton over Calhoun is what, 1 or 2 WAR? I'm good on $20M per season plus several prospects for that. Signing Johnny Giavotella to replace Pujols would be a bigger upgrade for cheaper. Unless, of course, Calhoun's career is done and Stanton's is just beginning. Otherwise, I'd only be down for Stanton if it's to replace Maybin, although we still don't really know how good Maybin is either. Ideally, Stanton would just replace Pujols in the lineup. Regarding the star power in case Trout leaves: I suppose I don't speak for everybody, but I'm done with baseball if that happens, probably at least until he retires. Having a WS team maaaybe (probably) changes that, but just having a much, much, lesser star player certainly does not. You don't just lose the greatest player of all time and not feel it. A Miggy or even a prime Pujols is acceptable, especially if the team is better off afterwards. But we're talking about the GOAT. It's kind of a big deal. And having some pathetic top-10 current player still around does nothing to fill that void.
  9. Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Nats 8/16 - Early Game!

    I heard Cowart might have some benching insurance.
  10. Parker Done Didwell

    I was actually just amazed that he didn't get hurt the day after the Angels got into a playoff spot.
  11. Game Day Thread: Angels @ Mariners 8/13

    Pennington is a machine.
  12. Harper suffers apparent serious knee injury

    The original way you had it was obviously fucked up but also very droll.
  13. Why'd you skip Albert's 10 HR's in the playoffs?
  14. SPs you'd rather see tonight than Nolasco