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  1. Interesting article, even though it's about the Yankees. But it also talks about the general trend of all teams spending less of their revenue on players: http://riveraveblues.com/2019/01/guest-post-window-contention-wide-open-theres-no-better-time-yankees-spend-big-182764/ Yankees spent less money than any team in baseball other than CWS last year, in terms of percent of revenue. Angels spent the 10th most. Obviously, as the article explains, there are a lot of other expenses besides player salaries. But that $17M or whatever that Forbes estimated in net profit for the Yankees has to be BS. If they're paying $300M to their analytics team, they'd be better off just buying every player in the league like they used to.
  2. Randy Gradishar

    Angels the "Mystery Team" in on Machado?

    Enough with the Hamilton bashing. Machado is much, much worse than Hambone.
  3. Randy Gradishar

    Jo Adell Comps

    I was thinking Ed McCaffrey actually.
  4. Randy Gradishar

    2018 Hot Stove League

    And the Angels will easily compete for the division this year if they use fewer than 25 SPs.
  5. Randy Gradishar

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Harper would probably still be on the Angels roster in 2020 if they sign him now.
  6. Randy Gradishar

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Ah, good ol' Chuck Finley.
  7. I feel like the current location is perfect, especially with KStrauss and free parking across the street. Why can't they tear down and build a new stadium in one offseason? How hard is it to build a goddamn stadium?
  8. Randy Gradishar

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    I was wondering, can he sign an NFL rookie deal and then immediately bail with the guaranteed money? Football is better short-term, but baseball is faaaaaar better in every other way. He probably sucks at both sports.
  9. Randy Gradishar

    Angels Interest in Will Smith and Tony Watson

    Eh, that one's a pipe dream.
  10. Randy Gradishar

    Angels Interest in Will Smith and Tony Watson

    To be fair, we've been calling for Posey ever since the Harvey signing. Eppy tying up the loose ends.
  11. Randy Gradishar

    Angels Interest in Will Smith and Tony Watson

    Well by most accounts, they're right up against their budget and seemingly about to go over. So the only way to "go for it" any harder in 2019 would be to trade everything for Realmuto, Arrenado, Kluber, etc. Or get a new owner. They aren't rebuilding this year, they're trying as hard as possible to win without Dipoting the future.
  12. Randy Gradishar

    The Angels top-5 longest home runs in 2018

    So they never figured out that Trout 500-burger?
  13. Randy Gradishar

    Every time Trout comes up in the baseball media...

    Did Trout not have a favorite baseball team as a kid?