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  1. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Kelvim has "Donkey" taken too.
  2. Third base plan

    But a search of "coz art" is much lamer.
  3. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    It's a bittersweet symphony of Chinese chodes.
  4. At Angel Stadium, whichever team has more righties in the lineup has the advantage. Yankees/Angels ALCS will be epic.
  5. Ohtani Porn (Fangraphs)

    Who would want to?
  6. Ohtani Porn (Fangraphs)

    And being snubbed from the HOF.
  7. Ohtani Porn (Fangraphs)

    Too busy watching gladiator movies.
  8. Complete the Roster

    We really don't; just look at the Yankees. Read my lips: no left-handed hitters.
  9. Ohtani Porn (Fangraphs)

    What's interesting is that Ohtani would actually be less valuable than his total WAR, because he's taking up two positions. If he puts up a 10 WAR between pitching and hitting, that's less valuable than a Trout 10 WAR in CF while a pitcher can rack up some additional WAR of his own. Of course this assumes that this hypothetical other pitcher isn't putting up a negative WAR, and depends on whether Ohtani is playing part-time while another DH is also racking up WAR. But you can't just add up Ohtani's WAR from both sides and compare that directly to other players. This is probably obvious, but you also know we'll see some "Ohtani leading MLB in fWAR!!!!" posts if it happens. At the same time, even a 3&3 season would be amazing, even if it isn't a true 6.
  10. A possibility regarding third base

    Mussorgsky makes the least sense, though, with an exact replica already on the roster.
  11. A possibility regarding third base

    Troubled off the field, but I don't think anyone would consider Hamilton a douche, then or now. Hambone is a Greek tragedy.
  12. A possibility regarding third base

    It seems like the Angels have avoided douchebags in Arte's reign; but then again, at any one time there are maybe 4 douchebags in MLB, so it's a small sample size. Most teams have zero, some have one, and there are no Cincinnati Bengals (maybe Rangers?). But who have the Angels had? Jose Guillen didn't last long. Valbuena's bat flips? Weaver for Tiger fans? Maybe it's just that I would have trouble rooting for him, for at least 7 minutes or so.
  13. Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees

    'Twas wondering the same thing. And still no word of Stanton accepting? I did see people speculate that we're probably just waiting for the physicals, but still seems weird.
  14. Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees

    Think this means they're putting Stanton at 2B, with Judge already in RF.
  15. Ohtani Porn (Fangraphs)

    I liked the "both Rick Ankiel's at once" comp in the comments. But I doubt the world will ever again see anything as beautiful as Ankiel's outfield assists.