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  1. This is actually huge news...probably the biggest news that almost nobody will pay attention to all year. Too bad so few survivors of this classic clusterfuck are still alive.
  2. Comedy legend Jerry Lewis dead at 91

    Seriously he was still alive? Thought he died long ago. I challenge anyone to actually listen to this all the way through...Bill Handel plays this when nobody calls in to his law show, and threatens to keep playing it until the phone lights up.
  3. 2017 Fantasy Golf Season

    @tomsred and I battled it out with our sleeper C picks this weekend..someone had to win...glad it was Henrick. Nice call on Ollie though....it was close!
  4. The Official Major League Baseball Thread

    Sr. is the only player to ever hit two grand slams in one inning.
  5. Gameday 8-18-17 @ Baltimore.. Heaney Returns!

    Officially delayed
  6. Gameday 8-18-17 @ Baltimore.. Heaney Returns!

    DAMN Tonight Severe Thunderstorms Low: 72°F
  7. Gameday 8-18-17 @ Baltimore.. Heaney Returns!

    Except for Albert hitting 3rd..MS seems to have regained conciousness.
  8. The Official Major League Baseball Thread

    Rizzo has 12 RBIs so far this week. Cubs leading the Jays 5-1. Fighter jet does a tail hanging pass over Wrigley..
  9. Baseball Photo Trivia

    It would have to be Boog Powell and that would make it the 60's...so Luis Appricio? (wild guess..)
  10. The Official Major League Baseball Thread

    That game was wacky...9-0 Cin, then the Cubs stormed back with I think 7 hrs (wind blowing out obviously) to tie it 9-9. Final was 13-10 Cincy. All of that surrounded by practice for this weekend's Air and Water show, with Blue Angels and Thunderbirds getting ready by making low passes over Wrigley. That is a huge airshow, if not the biggest, one of the biggest in the US. I've been there for it and it was a great experience! Just remembering it gives me goosebumps.
  11. Talked to a friend in Roseburg Oregon yesterday. Apparently tent sites are going for $1000 there. We bought a box of glasses (125) and will settle for 80% totality on the courthouse lawn, with most of the town, 72 watermelons.... and 20 bottles of my own special Eclipse Lager.
  12. Nolasco needs to go!

    Any reports on forearm tightness or maybe dehydration with Nolasco after being pulled for medical/physical reasons today?