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  1. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    The last decent 3B the Angels had wasn't even a 3B Figgy..
  2. I like Scotty and appreciate his insights. I don't like Kinsler (and nobody can make me.) After the Ohtani signing, it's a real letdown to have to accept a jerk like Kinsler.
  3. glad I skipped 8 pages to see this....so there's still a chance this doesn't get done? (if I had a say, I'd say fuck Kinsler...and I'll probably be saying it a lot during the season if her winds up here) DONT Get'er Done Epp...
  4. Get Hardo for Eduardo

    Poor Kaleb...
  5. Cesar Hernandez

  6. Cesar Hernandez

    It's sad that Kaleb Cowart died...he was so young.
  7. What if Ohtani completely rakes in ST?

    Only if he makes the cut, but he's going to have to paddle his own canoe. I'll go out on a limb and say the world is his oyster. (Idiomatic proverbs)
  8. Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees

    He's at brunch with @Tank
  9. We got him! Ohtani selects the Angels

    I know...when I found out I let out a huge WOOP..a neighbor that was over for a beer, and knows nothing about baseball thinks I'm completely unbalanced.
  10. We got him! Ohtani selects the Angels

    I say tear out the rockpile and put in a huge sushi buffet...one of those with the floating trays. Oh, and a koi pond with a bonsai-meditation garden.
  11. Jerry Dipoto

    @Chuckster70 needs to get one of these and wear it around the greater Seattle area..
  12. We got him! Ohtani selects the Angels

    Wow...I just heard the news (yeah, I live in the sticks and am not tied to my cellphone) I went to plug in my phone and got the alerts. I'm still in shock..OMG. Is it true?? Next thing they are going to tell me is that Pujols is retiring and giving back his contract money so the Halos can get Stanton?
  13. Poll: Who signs Shohei Ohtani?

    What about Matsui? Unlike most Japanese players, Matsui played for the same manager that's (unfortunately) still here. No other contender can claim that.