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  1. Homebrewer


    Wonder what CJ Wilson is doing these days?
  2. Homebrewer

    It's time to cut our losses with Zack Cozart

    F'n Sosh..
  3. Homebrewer


    soft...is the only word I can come up with
  4. Homebrewer

    Thoroughbred Racing

    I've had money on horses in the Derby that have been completely brutalized ..and never once was there even a whimper of "foul". Churchill becomes more of a joke every year.
  5. Homebrewer


    He's working on some things and missed a few spots. I don't get what the big deal is..it's early man...turn the page.
  6. Homebrewer

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    I always cringe when I see that Lou has quoted me from an old post. What happened? Did Brad say something Scioscia like? I'm not able to watch this team at all these days, I certainly don't tune in just for the post game interview.. ^^^^I stand by what I said when Ausmus was hired.^^^
  7. Homebrewer

    Worst Halos decade

    90's is an easy call. Collins and Bavasi both resign in 1999 near the end of a 90+ loss season to end a mostly bad decade of baseball..
  8. Homebrewer

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Javy Baez is one very special player. WOW.
  9. Homebrewer

    Talk me down or confirm my reality

    I have been doing about the same thing. The games I have watched I've turned away from at some point. I have the MLB.TV subscription for the 7 or 8th straight year and do watch other teams almost every day when I see a good matchup, and everyone knows I'm also a Cubs fan so there is still baseball out there for me. I feel badly for Mike Trout. I grew up with the Angels from the 60's on and I'll always be a fan and follow them..Just can't watch them right now.
  10. Homebrewer

    Cody Allen to be removed from closer role

    Well, there is is...season over.
  11. Homebrewer

    Lefties bunting against the shift?

    Bring back the Scioscia Bunting Machine!
  12. Homebrewer

    Any word on the type of injury Cozart sustained?

    This is correct. Deep Vaginal Bruising.
  13. Homebrewer

    Lefties bunting against the shift?

    I saw Brantley (astros) do this just yesterday vs the Twinkies. It was amazing how well it worked and you know what? He ended up scoring. I think guys that can't do this should be fined or benched or both...it's f'n embarrassment to the game.
  14. Homebrewer

    Some praise for our Halos last night

    Bedrosian always reminds me of a lamb who just knows there is a dude with a big knife coming up behind him.
  15. Homebrewer

    Any word on the type of injury Cozart sustained?

    fixed. Calhoun and Cozart have got to go. Today is not soon enough. Hard to watch a team starting players like that.