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  1. Homebrewer

    2018 Hot Stove League

    And I thought last off-season sucked...this one has been even more boring-er.
  2. Homebrewer

    Are we cutting Eppler too much slack?

    Already starting to feel sorry for Ausmus. Gonna be a lot of late inning grimacing unless something is done to put together a bullpen.
  3. Homebrewer

    2018 Hot Stove League

    What's really nice, is drawing like a contender while fielding crap and missing the playoffs every year. That's an owners dream.
  4. Homebrewer

    RIP Eli Grba

  5. Homebrewer

    RIP Eli Grba

    Venue "Memorial Stadium" means the Coliseum?
  6. Homebrewer

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    Not very far if you want to drive out there and "support" you know, give them a little pre-round encouragement.
  7. Homebrewer

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    @Tank @Adam @Roy Hobbs @Lou This week's contest is now open...make your picks. https://fantasygolf.pgatour.com/#/roster/league/22115
  8. Season 2 was pretty bad...but you just knew that they could recover from it and rebound, because season 1 was so damn good. Ray D and True Detective tonight..sweet.
  9. Homebrewer

    Mel Stottlemyre dies at 77

    Doesn't seem that long ago that he was in the Yankee's dugout. RIP Mel.
  10. There's NO excuse for this kind of beating. RIP 2018 Chargers.
  11. Bolts D Coordinator should be fired at halftime. Blown coverages, no tackling, no pass rush.
  12. I'd like to see them put a hurtin on the Pats today, but I'm afraid they will find a way to fold up and collapse, as usual.