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  1. Homebrewer

    NCAA Bracket

    HA! I picked Murray State..but I got almost everything else wrong. I was looking for a big upset day.
  2. Homebrewer

    NCAA Bracket

    Tomorrow it's ON! I love the first and second rounds.
  3. Homebrewer

    NCAA Bracket

    I see yours...my post was to AO
  4. Homebrewer

    NCAA Bracket

    I don't see it on the board...did you see the yahoo bracket a few posts back?
  5. Homebrewer

    NCAA Bracket

    Dont forget your golf team.
  6. Homebrewer

    NCAA Bracket

    You aren't entering a bracket with us? @Tank @Lou you two dudes either? Gotta do it today if you're going to do it
  7. Homebrewer

    NCAA Bracket

    Group ID#: 128774 Sorry..I will put this on the other post also..some of the members from years past have already received invites and have signed up for this year!
  8. Homebrewer

    NCAA Bracket

    I set one up at Yahoo if anyone is interested. team name: angelswin Group ID#: 128774 password: tommyjohn @Tank @Lou @Adam @fan_since79 @Chuckster70
  9. Homebrewer

    NCAA Bracket

    I looked back fora few years and couldn't find any sign in info for it anyhow...anyone want to set up another one?
  10. Homebrewer

    NCAA Bracket

    The CBS Angelswin bracket is still active...anyone else going to fill one out? Lots of names on the list and everyone who has played should have received an email from CBS sports and have all their password and username info stored. I got right in. Ill look back and see if I can find info for new players who want to join...check back here later to see if I found it
  11. Homebrewer

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    Both my guys Fleetwood and Rahm into the water on 17. F*ck. Rory just has to par 18 for the win
  12. Homebrewer

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    One thing I learned just this week was being sure to click on the round you want to adjust (above the players.) I've had a hard time bringing players off the bench...until I noticed that. Another thing to consider here is that this is a full segment we're playing. I will score a lot of points this week, but I will have burned a lot of starts in order to do it. With the three start limit in place points will be easy to make up, especially later in the segment. Missing a week is not a death sentence.
  13. Homebrewer

    Kole Cahoun is tinkering with his swing again

    What's really amazing is Kole's great day at the plate came off the mighty Kendall Graveman. 1-7 .760 era TJ Surgery in July.