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  1. UndertheHalo

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

    Uhhh. Want to pick up the bobble head for me ?
  2. UndertheHalo

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

  3. UndertheHalo

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

  4. UndertheHalo

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

  5. UndertheHalo

    Last night, the Angels unleashed this lineup

    You’re probably right, it’s a lot of holes to fill in one offseason. I do think the Angels can do a lot better then they have been though digging up value from less premium players. I mean, the A’s went and got Brett Lawrie. The Astros got Josh Reddick. The Dodgers do what they always seem to do. The Angels got Luis Valbuena. They have to do better then that. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the offseason. Though, my expectations are pretty tempered.
  6. UndertheHalo

    Last night, the Angels unleashed this lineup

    I mean, we hope not. But who knows what will come up. We did go into the season this year expecting to give Marte and Valbuena a shit load of AB’s. Also, Young who got hurt but definitely was pencilled into the plans. All of which is on Eppler. Really, not great. Arte and what he allowed Eppler to do also plays a role. The back up options were Blash, Cowart, Hermosillo etc. guys you named. Again, pretty bad. I don’t want to be too harsh because a lot of this is just a consequence of years of shit before Eppler. And Arte DID spend bringing on Upton, Cozart, and the 20+ million it took to get Ohtani (tho, let’s not pretend that Ohtani’s marketing power doesn’t make that a nothing thing for Arte) My point is, going forward, the team is going to have to spend to fill out a roster that isn’t a joke. The biggest issue with the team is the line up and It’s horrendous lack of depth. We can’t win games with 5 major league hitters. Even if they are very good. The bench aside, we have work to do to get reasonable major league players at 3B (maybe Ward) 2B (Maybe Fletcher/Rengifo) C, 1B, and RF. Maybe Cozart and Calhoun turn out fine. But its going to suck if we go into next season hoping everything works out at all these spots. Eppler needs to figure out how to get some acceptable major league production from at least a few of these spots. It’s going to be a big job, and hopefully Arte is onboard. I don’t think this has anything to do with Scioscia.
  7. UndertheHalo

    Last night, the Angels unleashed this lineup

    Not tripping man. I don’t care if they lose every game down the stretch ! I’ve been saying that ! My point is that we have way too many non performers. And again, I realize that it was an irregular situation last night.
  8. UndertheHalo

    Last night, the Angels unleashed this lineup

    Ya I get that. And like I said. I know it was an abnormal situation. But it’s wild to me that they have this many utterly worthless players. I appreciate that the Angels have some great players. We’re going to really struggle if we have to carry 4 or 5 zeros tho. We need to have 9 reasonable major leaguers in the line up regularly if we want to have any expectation of making the playoffs. Even the wild card. Look at what Tampa Bay and Oakland have done. They’ve managed it without starting pitchers. That’s tricky but it can be figured out, as they’ve demonstrated. Half a line up zeros isn’t something that can be over come over the course of a season. Also, Kole Calhoun has transformed back into a pile of shit. Add RF to list of problem areas to address (probably just have hope for the best and wait it out for Adell here)
  9. i know this is a result of a bunch of things, expanded rosters etc. Still it’s incredible to me that they literally were able to send out a line up like this. Some of you guys can complain about the bullpen or starting pitchers or whatever. But the Angels most pressing issue is that they carry a bunch of terrible players who shouldn’t be in a major league line up ever. Eppler has to figure out how to get at least league average players. This doesn’t work. Regardless of how great Trout or Ohtani may ever be.
  10. UndertheHalo

    What's going on with a new stadium?

    The California spectacular ?
  11. Ya, I figured this would be your response.
  12. I’ll add one more thing. Just to be clear. I do think that since she’s chosen to bring her story to light. It would probably be best if she told her story under oath. I guess we’ll see if she ever does. While I think she should do this, I don’t think a refusal to do so necessarily makes her a liar. The whole thing is an ugly mess.
  13. You’re shameless Blarg. Absolutely shameless. It’s amazing how zealous you are about this. It’s funny how you’re so passionate about hard evidence all of sudden. I guess it depends what the topic is eh ? What joke. And I’m not clinging to anything. I’ve said, over and over again that he’s going to be confirmed. As far as this sexual assault business all I’ve said is that the woman should be taken seriously. All of my arguing with you guys has been about belittling and mocking her. That’s it. I don’t know what happened and neither do you. And I don’t need you to tell me that the FBI isn’t going to crack this case. Even if they got involved. And im not convinced that they should. But even if they did, obviously there’s huge problems with investigating a 40 year old claim of sexual abuse. I’ll just say this, if they did show up on someone’s doorsteps asking questions. Maybe someone who’s been quiet speaks up a little bit. That’s possible. I don’t know enough of about the role of the FBI in vetting surpreme court appointees to know whether it’s appropriate or not. Its also entirely possible that this Ford woman decided to speak up now because she finds his elevation to the highest court in the land offensive. Maybe she decided to not be quiet about it anymore. You can never know when someone will decide to speak up. I don’t know if this what happened. But I also won’t discount it. We just don’t know. It sure seems like an awful lot of trouble to get run out of your home and deal with death threats so you can be a part of (scary) Diane Feinstein’s political games. Anyway, you don’t know shit about this Blarg. That’s the only thing objective here.