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  1. UndertheHalo

    This team the past three games...

    It is what it is. They win a few, and they lose a few. Whatever. Obviously, they’ve gotta win these next 2.
  2. UndertheHalo

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Mariners 7/19/2019

    This is ridiculous. An embarrassment
  3. UndertheHalo

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Mariners 7/19/2019

    So......they really gotta win these games against Seattle. Not great !
  4. They could probably get a lot for him. That said, the Angels absolutely must keep David Fletcher.
  5. He’s a really good player and another reason why the Angels need to urgently fill in their holes and get into the mix. I think they will !!
  6. UndertheHalo

    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    Shhh. The 3rd eye must be open as often as possible.
  7. UndertheHalo

    Never Forget?

    We’ll see if it passes.
  8. UndertheHalo

    Never Forget?

    Yet he votes to support the tax cuts without set in stone decreases to offset the cuts. Weird how the tax cuts managed to meet his rigorous fiscal responsibility thresh holds.
  9. UndertheHalo

    Never Forget?

    Also, regarding turning point. I was being extremely facetious. Don’t tell your niece to go within 290 yards of those freaks.
  10. UndertheHalo

    Never Forget?

    You know Flop. I’m confident that you’re massively overstating whatever you saw at her campus and I’m very sure that your niece has plenty of friends and gets along just fine. In fact if she’s like 99% on the kids of these campuses she probably has zero impulse to argue politics like us dopes on this board.
  11. UndertheHalo

    Never Forget?

    Tell her to go find the campus turning point chapter.
  12. UndertheHalo

    Never Forget?

    This complete bullshit. He didn’t have any problem voting for that tax reform that massively added to the debt he supposedly is so deeply concerned about. And seriously, when was the last time you or fs79 spent any time on a college campus ? Indoctrinated. Jesus Christ.