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  1. It’s like he’s a desperately seeking attention 14 year old girl from 1994. Pretty lame.
  2. UndertheHalo

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    He’s a brain damaged gweedo. These freaks are all over the place. Pretty good reason for Trout to stay west.
  3. The worst take is Colin Cowherds.
  4. UndertheHalo

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    They have a 6 year window to build a world series contender around him.
  5. UndertheHalo

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Put down your phone and waste time at work idiot !
  6. Between his perpetually being hurt and sucking otherwise. Seems like a good bet. But hey, here’s to hoping it works out.
  7. UndertheHalo

    2018 Hot Stove League

    A minor league deal for a vet like him to play for the Yankees ? I doubt it.
  8. Bourjos odds of being decent are probably pretty close to Koles odds. Its wild how this guys career has just been wrecked by injury issues. He’s had literally 3 seasons in his career with more then 200 AB’s. Only one with 500. Hopefully he’s learned how to take a walk.
  9. UndertheHalo

    Internet Free Speech Thread

    Seems like a pretty accurate description of existing circumstances to me.
  10. UndertheHalo

    Why is optimism so hard?

    i think that overall I’m optimistic. I think I’m probably higher then most on Harvey and Bour in particular. Those 2 are on 1 year deals so. We’ll see where that goes I guess. I think that if you pay as much attention to the team as most of us here do, it’s difficult to not have some pessimism. Bottom line is that the team is banking on a whole lot of things breaking right with players that don’t necessarily have great track records recently. Or don’t have track records at all. They have a lot of money tied up in an old player that basically shouldn’t be in the league. I remain optimistic that they’ll sign Trout up long term, but he isn’t signed yet. They have real problems. That’s true of all teams I guess. But the Angels have been pretty bad for a long time. Worse I’d argue then several of the .500 seasons indicate because Trout floated the team. its just tough to get too enthusiastic before we actually see it on the field. I agree with you that there’s no point being a fan if your thing is just take a shit on everything no matter what. Is there a lot of that here ? Maybe a couple of guys I guess.
  11. UndertheHalo


    Maybe something is up. Trump was losing it this weekend. I mean he’s always nuts but more so the last couple of days.
  12. UndertheHalo

    Rojas over Ward for 3B?

    I don’t think I’m overly enthusiastic about Angels prospects. Ward even, I understand very possibly wont pan out long term. Still, I’ve been a little hopeful about him with all the progress he showed last year. I have been hoping that this year he’d be able to lock himself into an everyday role, thus taking a big problem off the Angels check list. It seems that maybe, I’ve been a little bit off in my understanding of where he is at this point. I’ve had the impression that he’s ready to have a shot at grabbing 3B. When it comes to prospects, I generally think the thing to do is hand them a lot of consistent AB’s and see what happens. Maybe it’s not time yet. Still, if he’s not the guy. Or if the Angels don’t feel like they can give him an extended look. I have to wonder about why they didn’t do anything in FA. Realistically, they don’t have a lot going on in the near term prospects wise other then Ward. Jeff is saying they don’t want a big contract. Fine. There were guys that signed for relatively light contracts. The market is depressed the price is what it is. We keep talking about how they’re going to be in a win window soon. Without introducing guys like Ward into an everyday role soon. The idea that the Angels are close seems kind of like bullshit. In 2 years we’re going to have a team of almost all 25 year olds or younger and be a winner ? Most of them basically rookies ? That seems far fetched. Next years FA class isn’t deeper then this one. Hope for the best I guess. And I get that the defense is also an issue.
  13. I genuinely believe that it is good and right to purchase a Trumpy bear and keep it in good condition. That is such a freakish thing that it might make you some money some day.