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  1. UndertheHalo

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    My favorite is the dip shit front and center throwing the white supremacy sign.
  2. UndertheHalo

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Kids will be kids. Totally normal.
  3. Ya I wondered. Oh well.
  4. UndertheHalo

    Stan Lee dead at 95

    He just recently stopped doing conventions and stuff. Seemed like he was pretty active as he got older. Good for him. Rest In Peace Stan.
  5. They are not. The concessions people are all contracted out. I forget the name of the company doing it for the Angels now.
  6. UndertheHalo

    Rosenthal: Angels looking to shed payroll

    Eppler has his work cut out for him pulling this off. I’m all for it though.
  7. UndertheHalo


    It’s wild to me that voting isn’t standardized across the country. This shit is crazy.
  8. UndertheHalo

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    This is a great point that isn’t discussed enough. The Angels don’t really have a clear lead off hitter. Calhoun is a disaster in that spot. Fletcher doesn’t seem to get on base enough. At least thus far. I think Simmons is a good guy for this but apparently he doesn’t like it.
  9. UndertheHalo

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    I’m not counting on him. I want to see if he’s a viable everyday player. The Angels can’t sign FA for every position. I know., that you know this. Until the Angels break out of this trap of requiring external players to fill half or more of the line up card the team isn’t going to do shit. We’ll keep paying big money to vets who are as likely to be terrible as they are to being decent and dumpster dives like Matt Joyce. Ward is as good a ready to go prospect as the Angels have right now. I see people talk about Ian Kinsler like he was some great success. It’s nice that we were able to flip him for a couple reliever prospects. Buttery looked solid. Let’s remember. Most prospect rating have them in the 20 range for us. Again, it’s fine that we got them. Buttery I do believe has upside. But Kinsler didn’t work. He was terrible for 2 months which contributed to costing us a shit load of games and we were out of it by the ASB. Kinsler was a waste of time. You guys talk about wanting to win now. We need to stop wasting time (with Trout Simmons) with players who don’t work. If Ward can give us something near league average production that’s an incredible win for the team. Those resources can be directed somewhere.else. Now maybe we’ve filled 2 holes and the team is that much better. Put the money into longer term solutions or into a place where the Angels have less hope of having an internal replacement. This is why they’re looking at pitchers and catchers. To a lesser extent I think 1B is also a bigger issue. Ward may well fail to be an adequate big leaguer at this point. But we have cozart to slot in there and Fletcher already demonstrated that he might be adequate to be counted on at 2B. Plus we’ve got Rengifo who may be about as good a prospect as Ward. There is some measure of depth at these positions. There’s none at others.
  10. UndertheHalo

    The Caravan(s)

    It’s not the only two options. Anyway, it doesn’t matter.
  11. UndertheHalo

    2018 Hot Stove League

    And I think Boras is planting the Philly stuff about Harper to stir up the market.
  12. UndertheHalo

    2018 Hot Stove League

    What ? Paxton is a very good pitcher. If the Astros or Yankees get him life gets that much tougher for the Angels.
  13. UndertheHalo

    Voter Suppression in Georgia

    This made me laugh.
  14. UndertheHalo

    2018 Hot Stove League

    the rich apparently may get richer.