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  1. JarsOfClay

    Gameday Thread: 6/22 Blue Jays @ Angels

    Is Briceno in Scioscia's doghouse already?
  2. -.3 WAR, a truly pathetic 77 ops+ One game does not a season make.
  3. Valbuena is just trolling us now.
  4. Ya he keeps hitting a homer every 3 weeks and earns himself another 3 weeks of playing time.
  5. It seems like Upton does that at least once a game.
  6. I missed the part about Valbuena helping us win, can you explain?
  7. I'm pretty sure the angels determine playing time based on how much you make not how good (or bad) you are.
  8. He hit the location that the catcher asked for to a tee. Stop placing the blame on everyone except Mashitty.
  9. Mashitty .3 war in 51 games. Briceno .4 war in 8 games. Napoli and Mathis revisited.
  10. Stupid comment, I never said we'd be contending with Houston. I said the team has fallen flat on it's face and nothing is being done to change things up. Briceno has got off to a hot start and hes still a backup to Mashitty, Fletcher is off to torrid start in the minors and comes up and takes a seat to Valbuena of all people. They let Calhoun play 2 months of 8 ops before they finally faked an injury, and It took them several weeks to finally call up JFM. Facking ridiculous.
  11. Ya I dont get it. The team is struggling badly and the front office and manager does nothing different. No roster changes, and Scioscia keeps putting in the same bad players in the lineup like Valbuena every Facking day and keeps using his worst pitchers with the game on the line. The Angels can keep saying they're trying to win, but I dont buy it - actions speak louder than words.
  12. JarsOfClay

    Nats trade for Herrera

    Angels are definitely sellers at this point, but every year they keep building this pretense that they are still contenders in a desperate attempt to keep selling tickets. They need to stop jerking the fans around and start choose winning over selling tickets. Trade Calhoun, Maldonado, Cozart, and Kinsler. You get can some pretty good B prospects for these guys. It's time to let the kids play and see what they can do. At least it'll actually be fun to watch a baseball game again.