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  1. JarsOfClay

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Is it 2019 yet?
  2. Im surprised WeatherWonk hasn't predicted Pujols will win the MVP this year based on those numbers.
  3. JarsOfClay

    KC signs Martin Maldonado

    How is it asinine? That injury was entirely on Mashitty. He had no chance to throw the runner out at the plate. NONE. It was stupid to throw the ball to a pitcher with a 250 lb man charging toward him. You put it in your pocket rather than risk injury. Watch the vid and tell me if he actually had a chance and why even risk it? https://www.mlb.com/video/jewell-exits-game-with-injury/c-2205292383
  4. There's really nothing to be concerned about. Spring is when you work on new pitches, conditioning, arm strength, etc. I'd be more concerned if the pitching was doing really well because that would mean they are pushing themselves too hard and might end up getting injured which would be a really stupid thing to do in spring training. I'm certainly concerned about the rotation as a whole, but spring stats are really meaningless.
  5. JarsOfClay

    KC signs Martin Maldonado

    Mashitty is garbage. No one thought he was good except delusional Angel fans. He couldn't block a pitch to save his life, tons of passed balls, bad pitch framing, poor game caller, I mean you name it, he was bad at it. He also nearly ended Jewell's career by making an ill advised throw to home plate that he should have held in his pocket, but Mashitty has no brain either. What if it was Griffin Canning and not Jake Jewell? Can you really trust him with your pitching staff? I was so glad when he was traded. He did have a cannon for an arm and I thought the angels should have made him a 2 way player a few years ago while mainly focusing on pitching. With that arm + accuracy he would have made an excellent relief pitcher.
  6. I think Harper is doing this because he knows that Philly fans wanted Trout instead of him and he's trying to temper their fear/anger that they may not be able to afford Trout now. I get why he's doing it, but it's still an ahole thing to do.
  7. what channel is the game on?
  8. JarsOfClay

    Zack Cozart Diagnosed with Calf Strain

    Well Cozart's a total bust. I like Eppler, but my god his free agent history has been horrendous.
  9. Angels need a real lead off hitter badly. I don't want to see another season where Trout hits 35 solo homeruns again.
  10. It's disrespectful to angel fans with Harper actively trying to get him to avoid signing an extension and leave the angels. Some of us would actually like to keep him, if that ever crossed Harper's mind. It's not like Trout's a free agent. It's an ahole thing to do, and as Lou mentioned tampering.
  11. He then did an interview and asked to clarify that remark and said Trout by name as the player he was referring to. Seriously wtf? What an asshole.
  12. How does Rosenthal find out about it? Do you believe it was leaked intentionally?
  13. Agreed something doesn't seem right, but Rosenthal is usually a pretty reliable source. Maybe @Jeff Fletcher can weigh in on this?
  14. He was being paid pennies his first 6 seasons though, so not really fair to include his last 2 seasons on top of 350m. I think it has to start 10/375 at least.
  15. Sometimes these things are leaked to see what the reaction would be around the league, fans, players, Trout himself, etc.