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  1. JarsOfClay

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    He would be traded for the last 2-3 months of the season. I'm sure he'll survive.
  2. JarsOfClay

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    Trout said his first priority is winning, so why would he refuse a trade to a contender for a chance to win a WS? Unless you think he's a liar.
  3. JarsOfClay

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    I disagree. I think the angels don't want to make the same mistake the Nats did and try and get a return for him. Plus Trout's market is a lot more certain than Harper's. The Yanks, Phils, Dodgers, and even RedSox will want him.
  4. JarsOfClay

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    Angels are waiting for Harper and Machado to set the market and then they will approach Trout with an extension. I'm guessing something like 10/350m. If you think he's getting 400m or 500m, you havent been paying attention to free agency the last 2 years. No one hands out stupid contracts anymore now that John Henry is no longer an MLB owner except maybe the Nationals. Angels will offer Trout an extension this season to see if he's willing to stay here and if not, they will know that they have to trade him next season.
  5. JarsOfClay

    No Participation

    lol I forgot how much I hated Lou, I actually kinda like him now. I took stuff way too seriously back then.
  6. Is that the same Scioscia that was fired and no other team in baseball wanted?
  7. lol I think they still have some trade value especially if the angels eat some of their contract.. Teams might be hoping a change of scenery will help them or that they will rebound next year. if you can trade them to at least clear some payroll that would be good enough.
  8. I hope not, I dont think he's a starter at this point anymore, but he would make a great 4th OF. Angels should really trade him and Cozart and try and acquire Puig from Cincinnati. Angels are paying Pujols, Cozart, Calhoun 60 million this year and they combined for .8 WAR. That's basically the price of a Harper and Machado. There is too much dead weight on this team for it to be a playoff contender.
  9. JarsOfClay

    Which player will rebound?

    I think Cozart and Calhoun are pretty much done as everyday starters in MLB, I think Kole is better suited as a 4th OF at this point and Cozart a utility INF. If the angels roll these 2 out as starters next year you can pretty much say goodbye to any chance of making the playoffs next year. The Bour signing I didnt understand, angels needed a guy who can hit lefties not righties. Pujols should be playing against righties only so Im really baffled about this move. I think Lucroy will rebound and have a great year, I've always liked him and thought the angels should go after him, so I'm looking forward to see how he handles the pitching staff.
  10. JarsOfClay

    Remaining Starting Pitchers Available

    As much as I diskliked Santana when he was here, one thing he was great at was pitching deep into games. In the 8 seasons he was here he went over 200 IP 4 times, 3 of those over 220 ip. He actually played a really big part in keeping our bullpen well rested which made them even more effective. I dont know what his health status is right now, and he's obviously much older, but he did pitch over 200 innings in 2017, and I think it would be a smart move to pick him up and hope that he's healthy enough to pitch deep into games again. I would also love to take a risk on Bucholz and hope we get lucky that he repeats what he did last year.
  11. JarsOfClay

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Not bitching, Upton was great if you take away his horrid defense and his .197 with RISP, I think he's quite a player. I'm just saying that money could have been spent on a much more superior player and Machado fills a position of need at 3b.
  12. JarsOfClay

    2018 Hot Stove League

    No, we could have made a small trade or signed Billy Hamilton as a stop gap until Adell or Marsh are ready. And even we did have LF problem, Machado still provides a higher war than both combined and is 6 years younger.
  13. JarsOfClay

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Angels should have let Upton opt out and not sign Cozart that would have freed up 35m which could have been spent on Machado instead. Upton+Cozart WAR = 3.9 Machado WAR alone = 5.7
  14. JarsOfClay

    Why not waive Pujols?

    I did and I think it's silly to cherry pick stats to fit your narrative. wRC+ of 161 vs wRC+ of 146 a difference of 15 "during that period." What is that an extra double difference? lol cmon. Pujols the last 2 years (2017+2018) vs LHP .217/.284/.353 Not even an OPS over .700, yikes. I find it hard to believe Shohei can't do better than this. The insane part is that Scioscia kept plugging Pujols in there and not exploring other options.
  15. JarsOfClay

    Why not waive Pujols?

    So who is to blame for Shohei sitting against lefites if it wasn't Scioscia? The blame is always placed on the guy who writes the lineup card, the manager. Ausmus definitely wasn't my first choice for manager because his managerial style is way too similar to Scioscia's. But it will be interesting to see how Ausmus handles the Pujols situation. I hope he doesn't favor Pujols above actually winning games like Scioscia did. His comments today did sound very promising. I guess we'll see.