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  1. JarsOfClay

    Is Adell really that good?

    What does this have to do with Adell? Off topic, but he was considered the top prospect in baseball after the angels signed him, and yes they could have traded him after they signed him.
  2. JarsOfClay

    Is Adell really that good?

    He could turn into Brandon Wood or he can turn into Mike Trout. What would you rather risk? With that kind of thinking maybe we should have traded Trout and Ohtani when we had the chance.
  3. JarsOfClay

    Eppler extension to be announced?

    Did you hear this from somewhere or just speculating?
  4. JarsOfClay

    FA Flashback

    I wanted Cain instead of extending Upton, and I did want Hosmer but only on the condition it was 5/100. The deal the padres gave him was unbelievably stupid. I also wanted Reed, glad we didn't get him afterall. I was adamantly against Heyward, so I'm 3/4.
  5. JarsOfClay

    Angels hire Doug White for Pitching Coach

    Hinske was held accountable as well. He was awful too. I don't get the argument for Nagy. Are you guys suggesting he's a great pitching coach who worked miracles and was fired because he was too good at his job? Or are you suggesting the angels are trying to lose on purpose? If he's as good as you think he is, why was he fired? I dont get it.
  6. JarsOfClay

    Angels hire Doug White for Pitching Coach

    The 55 reclamation projects Eppler picked up turned into useful arms. That's a testament to him being a great GM not Nagy being a good pitching coach.
  7. JarsOfClay

    Angels hire Doug White for Pitching Coach

    What did you like about him? We had Tommy Johns galore while he was here and not one pitcher improved with him.
  8. JarsOfClay

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    He should have 100% final say. Why would he take the job if the Angels are just setting him up to fail by forcing him to play Pujols?
  9. JarsOfClay

    scioscia's availability

    No one wants Scioscia, he's a fossil. He still thinks it's the 1980's and he's the most predictable manager in baseball. I can see him managing a team like the Orioles, or any other team that's likely to lose 130 games and wont have many people wanting the job, but that's about it.
  10. JarsOfClay

    Hypothetical Blockbuster deal with Arizona

    I would honestly do it. As long as it's only a salary dump by the Dbacks and no good prospects are traded. Goldshmidt is the kind of bat the angels need right now at 1b, and Greinke is a 200 inning guy, something this team desperately needs. It would be a risk, but it's the only way the angels can reach the playoffs next year. If they still dont make the playoffs then you can trade Goldschmidt for prospects. Pujols needs to retire or be DL'd for the entire year though.
  11. JarsOfClay

    Hypothetical Blockbuster deal with Arizona

    It's not bitching, it's just that some of us find it annoying when people abbreviate stuff and we have to figure out what they're talking about. Arizona abbreviated is AZ, I dont know what Ari is, I thought it was someone's name.
  12. JarsOfClay

    Cozart for Gray?

    No he wasnt. He was the best hitter they had in the first series of the season when he hit .368 with an 1.137 ops in a 4 game series against the A's. From Apr 2 to Apr 29 he hit .198 avg with a .581 ops In May he was a little better .235 avg .731 ops June .140 avg .399 ops. If by beginning of the season - you mean first 4 games then you are correct lol.
  13. JarsOfClay

    Cozart for Gray?

    Cozart was a huge flop both offensively and even defensively. It would be huge to get Gray for him, but I'd seriously doubt the yankees would do it. I believe what we saw last year was the real Cozart, and it's best to trade him. Cozart still has some value since he's only 2 years away from a very good year. If Cozart has another bad year like last year, his value will plummet to Pujols territory and the angels will have a very expensive utility guy.
  14. This test is poppycock since we all know managers don't really matter.
  15. This is awesome. I love how seriously Eppler is taking it. I was gonna post that the angels should force each managerial candidate to write his starting lineup. If Pujols plays over Ohtani, throw his application in the shredder. If Pujols is hitting 3rd or 4th, put his application in the shredder. If Ohtani sits against lefites, put his application in the shredder. If Calhoun and his 250 obp is hitting leadoff put his application in the shredder. Only bad managers do this. So the lineup card alone will give you an idea if the manager is bad or good.