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  1. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    nice pitching sequence there to arenado... fastball x 10
  2. Fire Scioscia

    It's called false modesty, go look it up.
  3. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    That the angels organization and their fans have very low aspirations. It's sad really.
  4. Gameday: 3/3 Angels vs Mariners

    THaiss' swing looks a lot more quick/compact. And he's starting to show some good power. He crushed that ball.
  5. Gameday: 2/28 Angels vs Indians

    I wonder why he never wanted to play for the angels? It was pretty obvious he had some animosity towards them while watching him play for the rangers, but I never knew why. Anyways, I'm excited to have him. He's a great player and I think he will make a huge difference this year.
  6. Skaggs extremely overrated IMO

    Hard to believe he was ever a top prospect. Skaggs body is made of glass, he doesnt change speeds, no plus pitches, and lefties hit him almost as well as righties. That being said I think he can be good enough to be a #3 if he can add a 3rd pitch to his repertoire. If his change is no good, then why not try learning something else like the cutter, splitter, slider? You have one of the best lefties in the organization in Mark Langston right there to help you out. Chuck Finley threw an amazing splitter. I never really hear anything about Skaggs working on something new to improve his performance. It feels like he's just treading water every year and that's disappointing because he has potential.
  7. Gameday: 2/27 Angels vs Rockies

    When do the regulars start playing?
  8. Gameday : 2/23 Angels vs Athletics

    I agree last season wasn't as bad as usual, but I was talking about the last several seasons where they are the perennial leaders at making stupid outs on the bases: Outs on bases by the angels the last several years: 2016: 77 (led MLB) 2015: 71 (3rd in MLB) 2014: 72 (led MLB by 10) 2013: 66 (led MLB again) 2012: 72 (led MLB again) 2011: 71 (led MLB again) I wont bother looking any further but you get the point. This is a good point, I cant argue that, but this year they look like they added a lot more power and it might benefit the team more to be more station to station. There's a time to be aggressive but the angels such seem more reckless on the bases than smart.
  9. Gameday : 2/23 Angels vs Athletics

    Free outs = stupid baserunning, caught stealing, bunting, etc. It's the baserunning and bunting that's mostly annoying. Someone should tell Scioscia u dont get a break on your taxes by donating outs to the opposing team.
  10. Gameday : 2/23 Angels vs Athletics

    2 points: 1. In a time where homers are being hit out of the park at a record pace, station to station gives you the highest chance of winning. Unless you prefer solo homers. Im guessing this is why Eppler emphasized a more OBP in hopes of hitting more 3 run homers. 2. Taking a chance is fine, but theres a time for it. Running around the basebaths recklessly is not smart or conducive to winning a baseball game. You're giving the opposing team 5 to 6 free outs a game, how can you win at such a huge disadvantage?
  11. Gameday : 2/23 Angels vs Athletics

    Huh? It's been happening for the past 17 years. And spring is usually when you work on stuff.
  12. Gameday : 2/23 Angels vs Athletics

    Jeff Fletcher‏Verified account @JeffFletcherOCR 2h2 hours ag #Angels now up to 4 outs on the bases. They are up 4-3, mid 5th. Parker Bridwell pitched 2 scoreless innings in his spring debut. lol 4 outs on the bases in 5 innings? The sad part is there doesnt seem to be any urgency to fix this.
  13. Yep, and the 3rd homer came after Scioscia asked him to bunt, he failed on the bunt try and ended up hitting another homer that gave the angels the lead. Nice call Scioscia.
  14. A yellow line across a scoreboard is just cheap looking. Why not just build an 8 foot wall in front of the old scoreboard?
  15. Angels Sign OF Chris Young to a one-year deal

    I never understood this. Let's keep a lefty who cant get lefties out because he's a lefty? Blake Parker held lefties to a .168 BAA vs Alvarez .245 BAA. Alvarez is nothing special. Im surprised Eppler held onto him.