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  1. JarsOfClay

    Can we please get out of the AL West

    Astros used to be an NL team, I have no Facking clue why they brought them over here. It's seriously bullshit.
  2. If you bothered reading my post, I didn't say we should have traded him when we had the chance. I said we should have traded him while he still had an iota of trade value before the season starts and he totally shits the bed like I knew he would. He didn't have much trade value, but there's always a team willing to take a risk in hopes of a rebound. Now he has none, he's as worthless and unwanted as Pujols. As for the rest of your nonsensical post, can you tell me why the Rangers GM didn't recognize Hamilton sucks, or the Yanks GM didn't recognize Vernon Wells sucks. Angels got money back from both those transactions, correct? Angels even got a couple (irrelevant) minor leaguers in the deal. Ya, that's what I thought
  3. Redsox dumped all of their dead weight on the dodgers, Marlins are famous for doing it to every single free agent. But not the angels. The entire league is colluding on them! Hamilton was dumped to save a few bucks, so was Vernon Wells. Gary Mathews jr? Mo Facking Vaughn ring a bell? I'm shocked such a statement is coming from an angel fan of all people.
  4. I can't possibly remember that far lol, but the Yankees, Pirates, Cubs, Drays were a few that come to mind, and there were many others.
  5. Cozart was only 1 year removed from a great year - the angels could have blamed his down year on injuries. Also, Before last year he was known as a very good fielding SS with a decent-good bat, and many teams were highly in need of a SS this year. Of course the angels would have to eat some of the 26 million owed. But even if you can get the team to eat 3-6 million, it's totally worth it.
  6. Not much, but I think the angels could have enticed potential suitors by saying something along the lines of "He had a down year last year due to injuries, but healthy now and ready to contribute." Part of a GM's job is to bullshit and sell it as much as possible.
  7. I said during the offseason that the angels should trade him before the season starts and he still has some iota of trade value. Now he's dead weight, and clogging up another valuable roster spot. There is something seriously wrong when I have better foresight than the angels GM.
  8. Off day, just thought everyone should sit back and enjoy watching Albert in motion.
  9. I've always thought that way about you. I'm always happy actually.
  10. Why do I feel like Faddy is gonna hit a 3 run homer here.
  11. Pena always starts to completely unravel around his 4th or 5th inning. He's total garbage.
  12. JarsOfClay

    Lucroy & Smith

    Because I'm not just talking about last night. You really think I'm that myopic? Im talking about Harvey 8.03 era, Cahill 5.93 era, Allen serving up dingers nonstop like he's pitching in the homerun derby. Until Skaggs performance it was a struggle for any of our starters to get past the 4th inning. It's hard to believe that an entire pitching staff can just shit the bed all at once.
  13. JarsOfClay

    Lucroy & Smith

    Seems like our pitching staff always gives up 10 or more runs when Lucroy is catching. First game vs KC, Smith is behind the plate and 1 run. Royals offense is not this good lol. It feels like the other team always knows whats coming when Lucroy is calling the game.
  14. JarsOfClay

    Game day 4/25/19 - Luis Rengifo debut

    The. Ball. Is. Juiced.