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  1. Catwhoshatinthehat

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    No idea about rumors but came across this article which is one of hundreds discussing Kawhi and the Lakers: As mentioned on here given that Kawhi wants to play in LA there's little reason for the Lakers to overpay via trade. Meanwhile it's been discussed that the Spurs don't want to help the Lakers build another super team. That said Kawhi supposedly told Popovich he's done in San Antonio and if he won't sign an extension for teams that can put together better packages (Philly, Boston) it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I"m still hoping the Lakers get George and if they get Lebron too aside from a top 20 all time talent (for you Lou) we get at least a year of Lou quoting posts in this thread every time Lebron leads the Lakers to a win.
  2. Catwhoshatinthehat

    ouch - and bad newspaper headlines

    Saw this last week and the son responded to the criticism. He said she not only simply left him and his sister with their grandparents but when she came to visit she barely even acknowledged them and sat there talking about her other kid(s). When you first see the pic you think nice little old lady but that obviously isn't always the case. My wife works with seniors and they all talk about their kids, grandchildren and so on. Some of them have family living locally that never visit even though they love to talk about them. As nice as they are to my wife you never know for sure if it's a matter of crappy family members or if their family feels like they were treated poorly.
  3. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Harper hitting .213 in his free agent walk year

    It has nothing to do with economic envy rather the fact that he's going to get overpaid after under performing. Mike Trout, Jose Altuve and a lot of other players earned their contracts but Harper will get paid for what could be and I'm glad that won't be from the Angels.
  4. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Harper hitting .213 in his free agent walk year

    Sadly he's still going to get a contract that probably pays more him more per AB than the average worker in this country makes in a year.
  5. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Deadspin: Mike Trout doesn't deserve this sh*&

    Reading the article just makes me think even how more ridiculous Trout is as a player. That aside if you look at the playoffs the previous 3 years no team in the AL was in the playoffs all 3 years while the Dodgers/Cubs made it in the NL. If we include 2014 only the Dodgers in either league made the playoffs the previous 4 years and they don't have any rings to show for it. I just find it hard to say that a team or franchise who spends money and makes trades in an attempt to be competitive is wasting a players season. There's no for sure thing in sports just like the rest of life. That said Trout is signed through 2020 and depending on how competitive the Angels are at the deadline next season and whether or not there's an extension discussed they may have to think about moving him. Really hoping it doesn't come to that because even though I'm an Angels fan first and foremost he's been the main reason to watch.
  6. Catwhoshatinthehat

    We're kinda screwed

    My fantasy team may be screwed but as far a real baseball goes we're not even at the halfway point. Like Mulwin I expect the Mariners to regress and I think the Angels can play better.
  7. Catwhoshatinthehat


    I don't disagree but it's just one of many things that both sides do. The R's railed against Obamacare ever since it was created and when they had the chance to "fix" it they failed miserably. To be fair they had to address the fact that millions more now had insurance so whatever plan they came up with wouldn't have a high probability of success or support if people lost their insurance. Never mind the fact that nothing's been done by either side to address the actual costs of healthcare but in politics once you give something to people good luck taking it away, reducing what is given or asking people to pay more for it.
  8. Drugs are bad, mmmmkay I recognize the second picture from a Beavis meme that has to be 10 years old:
  9. Catwhoshatinthehat

    California Governor Race

    I'll gladly take gridlock or both sides actually having to work together over either side being able to push through pretty much anything they want at the state or federal level.
  10. Catwhoshatinthehat

    MLB Sees a Sharp Drop in Attendance

    Generally when we go to a game we either get tickets for free or buy some nose bleeds the day of. We park across from the stadium for free and grab a bite before heading in then grab a beer at the game. All in all it's not that expensive but there's only 2 of us. To me baseball can get pretty boring on TV at times but being at a game is completely different. That said between traffic and being able to watch at home in HD (and change the channel if it's boring or disappointing) we don't go to many games.
  11. Catwhoshatinthehat


    The cost jumps when you consider the unfunded pension liabilities: In the next 6 years cities expect their pension costs to almost double in terms of what they cost as a % of their budget: The pensions set return goals that are out of line with what the fed (not as underfunded, go figure) sets and when they don't meet those goals the cities have to make up the difference. Long term taxes will go up and people will see less of a return when more money has to go to meet pension obligations. Ridiculous.
  12. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Question re: cord cutting

    I have the $25 a month sling option which gets me Angel and Ducks games on FSW. Not sure about the Lakers because it's off season and as mentioned I think spectrum now has the rights. There's a couple of FSW channels that came with that sling option but I think someone living out of the area would likely get the local FS. The $25 option of sling includes TNT, TBS, FOX and various other channels: I've got Hulu no commercials, sling, netflix and amazon prime so still plenty of options and I'm saving about $500 a year compared to when I had cable which include equipment fees and taxes. I thought I'd miss some shows on CBS and other channels but since I don't see commercials for them it's out of sight out of mind. I could pay the $9.99 or whatever it is for CBS all access if I really wanted to watch those shows but I've realized no matter how many cable channels or options I've had over the years sooner or later I flip through it all and don't see anything I feel like watching.
  13. Catwhoshatinthehat

    CA split ... who's voting for/against this?

    So push the people who control the state to discuss breaking it up? I imagine something like that would take years and in the mean time when other issues come to the forefront (education, drought, immigration, wildfires, etc) suddenly it's off the docket. I think this could be a wake up call but I don't think it will ever happen and I don't think it will change how things are done. I like your analogy but here's the thing we've had the same issues going on a few decades now and nothing has been done to address them while they've only gotten worse. In 1994 when proposition 187 was passed (later declared unconstitutional) there were an estimated 1.3M illegal immigrants in the state of CA costing the state 3B a year. Current estimates today have about 3M illegal immigrants in the state costing 23B a year. Unfunded pension liabilities continue to grow and I remember reading when one real small city tried to get out of CalPERS the cost to exit was more than their entire budget. In the last decade voters approved raising taxes on higher earners (before LA votes came in it was losing, raising taxes on everyone didn't pass) and the bullet train. I think this state is past the point of no return and the only way real change will happen is when there's no other option. To be blunt I think it's easier to say address the issue and get things done when you aren't part of the group who feels like their voice/vote goes unheard. I don't disagree about the Republicans but the state is on a path that simply isn't sustainable and both sides get the blame while the citizens are the ones who will lose.