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  1. When is that cutoff date for when you bring a guy up to delay when his club control clock starts? For some reason I remember May being in discussed in articles about some of the top prospects. If that's the case you don't bring him up before then.
  2. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Game of Thrones

    Thought this was a cool story:
  3. Catwhoshatinthehat


    I realize my mistake is that yahoo is a site I've used for years to just to see news stories and they've now morphed into the epitome of the narcissistic butt hurt generation.
  4. Catwhoshatinthehat


    Doesn't surprise me. Newsom has a budget surplus and is constantly looking for ways to get more tax dollars out of citizens. To be fair though politicians on both sides are always fans of new taxes.
  5. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Calolfornia I always wonder how much "outrage" there really is and how much of it is a function of social media.
  6. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Question re: cord cutting

    One of the streaming services I have is Sling and at least their second cheapest option which is $26 a month comes with FSW. Their cheapest option which is closer to $20 may include it as well.
  7. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    Between Italy and Spain we saw so many Duomo's that I almost didn't appreciate it by the end of our trips. I've only been to Paris for a day trip and unfortunately the Cathedral wasn't one of our stops and now I really wish it was.
  8. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    My thoughts exactly. I know there's renovations going on and I really hope it was a simple accident or mistake. Terrible loss.
  9. Catwhoshatinthehat

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    I really hope Lebron's tenure with the Lakers isn't reminiscent of Kobe's last few seasons. There's multiple articles talking about how Lebron alienated himself from his teammates and it only got worse as the season wore on. That's nothing new in his career nor is coach turnover. I just hope the franchise doesn't screw itself long term by trying to appease him. Real interesting off season and if the Lakers can't bring in another star I'll be curious to see how the current roster puts this year behind them.
  10. Agreed. I'm guessing I haven't been to as many stadiums as many of the regulars here but aside from Angels stadium I've been to Dodgers, Padres and the new Yankee stadiums. I'd like to see games in Fenway and Wrigley because of the history but outside of that I don't go to stadiums because of how new they are or what I might be able to see from my seat. I hate traffic and like having multiple ways I can leave a stadium which are the biggest reasons I prefer the Big A to Long Beach.
  11. Whatever happens happens. I'm just curious what it would take to get Arte to move the team to Long Beach. I realize you've got Long Beach and other areas possibly trying to woo him then you've got Anaheim who may want him gone. I can't imagine voters will approve taxpayer dollars to build a new stadium in Long Beach nor should they. Is Long Beach offering to give the land to Arte and if so is going to pay to build a new stadium? I actually mapped it and for me to Long Beach or Anaheim it's the same distance wise but as I said in the other thread the proposed Long Beach location couldn't be much worse for traffic.
  12. Catwhoshatinthehat

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Feel free. I think it's a good attention grabber.
  13. Catwhoshatinthehat

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    "Impossible Foods, based in Redwood City, California, launched its first faux meat patty over two years ago. A genetically modified yeast creates the key ingredient, called heme, which makes the patties appear to bleed and taste like real meat." So they want to feel like carnivores without actually being one. I wasn't sure if Tank was a weirdo because he doesn't eat meat or if he doesn't eat meat because he's a weirdo. Now I know he's not the unique snowflake I thought he was.
  14. Catwhoshatinthehat

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Edge, Tank:
  15. Catwhoshatinthehat

    What is your definition....

    So does anyone who gets out before the ride ends. The guys left holding the bag, not so much.