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  1. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Fantasy Football

    That's right I just remembered you are generally pretty active in the annual Broncos thread. Thanks for the input and I'm definitely hoping the offense steps up and it doesn't feel like they're screwed if the other team scores first.
  2. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Fantasy Football

    Royce is a guy I"m targeting but his current ranking/ADP has him in round 4 to 5 and I'd like to have him or someone else in that range as my flex and not RB2. One of the leagues I'm in a few of the guys always go heavy on RB and guys like Royce may get scooped up a bit earlier. You hear more about the Broncos than me (believe you live in CO) so what's the word with the O line?
  3. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Fantasy Football

    I'm in 2 fantasy football leagues I've been playing in for years now but my interest has dwindled because of life and some of the rules the NFL implements which they can't even seem to explain. That said it's draft time and when I look at the rankings I don't really see a lot of guys I like but again I think that goes back to my lack of interest. Any players any of you are targeting because you expect them to break out or think they'll be good value picks? I look at QB's and after the first tier think there's enough value to where I don't want to pick a top 5 guy when guys like Cousins, Rivers, Luck, Mahomes, Ryan, Mariota and Goff are available. I can come up with negatives about all of these guys or their situations but a few of them will end up as top 10 fantasy QB's. Like the last few years there seems to be a lot of WR's I can target a bit later so I'm leaning towards RB's early.
  4. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Mass shooting in Jacksonville

    Did you ever see the Madden show they had on MTV where "top" players played one another? Pretty sure Brandon used to crack some jokes about it and if you ever saw the show you'd know why.
  5. Catwhoshatinthehat


    Under Reagan they granted amnesty back in the 80's to those who qualified and that was supposed to be it yet we find ourselves in a similar situation today only there's about 3x as many illegal immigrants in the country. It's laughable that this discussion has been going on for decades and it's one of the revolving issues that takes center stage during elections. They aren't going to tackle the debt, deficit spending or how much we spend on the military. I'll settle for the feds finally enforcing immigration laws, hopefully coming up with deterrents (hammer employers) and fixing something that should have been addressed decades ago. I'm not counting on it actually happening though.
  6. Terrible timing for the country. We're already hearing too much from the fringe elements on both sides in regards to immigration (for example - abolish ICE) and this will only make it worse. My condolences to her family and friends. I'd like to think the president wouldn't exploit this and drag her loved ones through it but I know that isn't the case.
  7. Don't forget to cup the balls.
  8. Catwhoshatinthehat

    More Thoughts & Prayers

    Ban duck boats:
  9. Catwhoshatinthehat


    I know we're a year and a half+ in but it still amazes me that the president of the country is using twitter daily to attack people, stir the pot, make threats and the list goes on. One of the worst trolls online is the leader of the free world and short of moving somewhere with no tv/internet/cell service/radio signal there's no escaping it.
  10. Catwhoshatinthehat


    One cries for smaller government and does the opposite. The other talks about helping people but a lot of it turns into handouts that don't actually help people make a better life for themselves in the long run. Two sides of the same coin that stay in power because voters buy into their BS year after year. Meanwhile a bloated and inefficient government continues to grow, the middle class continues to shrink and personal liberties get eroded.
  11. Catwhoshatinthehat


    Both sides deserve credit for that accomplishment. Keep kicking that can down the road.
  12. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Can someone please explain Mookie Betts to me

    Yeah I hope the Red Sox crash and burn in the playoffs but Betts has been a damn good player since his first full season in 2015 when he was 22. Runner up MVP at the age of 23, 6th last year and right now he's gotta be leading the pack. Last year was a let down compared to 2016 but he's shown this year that 2016 wasn't a fluke. Doesn't mean he'll keep up this pace but he's done a lot more than Judge to warrant the comparisons to Trout.
  13. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Another awesome Amber Alert last night

    I wonder how many people affected by the fires woke up from a dead sleep last night when their phones went off thinking they may have to evacuate.
  14. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Trabuco Canyon Fire

    Makes sense given how much different the sky looks east from our office today. My boss lives east of Irvine and between the air quality alert and falling ash they were thinking about staying in a hotel. I'll ask her when she gets in how it looks out by her. Good luck to anyone in the affected areas.
  15. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Trabuco Canyon Fire

    Is it growing as it moves towards the IE more? I know yesterday the news said it was at 9,600 acres and was only 5% contained around 1-2pm. I work in Irvine and yesterday looking out our office window facing east about mid-day there was a giant plume of smoke that looked like a mushroom cloud. By the time I got off work and was heading home to HB looking in my rear view mirror it looked like Armageddon while the skies to the west were clear. My boss' zip code had an air quality alert and eventually last night the skies in HB were filled with smoke but not nearly as bad as it was in Irvine. Right now when I look out that same window at work the skies look pretty clear.