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  1. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    The total number of deaths increased which is an issue of volume (i.e. more people being detained at overcrowded facilities) but the rate per 100,000 detainees fell in 2018 while it was below the 15 year average . You're now mentioning deportations because they haven't increased at the same rate as deaths implying it somehow strengthens your earlier criticism of the increase in total deaths. The number of deportations has nothing to do with the number of detainee deaths.
  2. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Why I’m Optimistic About this Team

    Each of the last 3-4 years there's been a post of someone trying to spin why the future should look brighter. I'm not saying it's been because of the same reasoning.
  3. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Why I’m Optimistic About this Team

    I feel like there's been a post like this each year going back to 2016. I think there's definitely reasons to be optimistic with the young players contributing now but I also think next year we will see some growing pains. I know it's a risk, will be expensive and most big contracts aren't worth it when all is said and done but I'd still like to see the Angels make a strong run at Cole. I'd feel a lot better about next year and some of the younger pitchers developing if the Angels had a legit ace they'd start in the wild card game. Regardless I like seeing the young guys get a shot and look forward to what the next few years brings.
  4. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    2018 saw the most people in immigration detention since 2001: Despite that according to this article the death rate fell in 2018: Through May in the current fiscal year there's already been more people apprehended at the southwest border than all of FY2018: I'm guessing overcrowding doesn't make life any easier on the detention centers who can't turn people away when they're full. 12 people died in detention centers in 2016 but I don't recall hearing much about it. Just goes to show it's only an issue when it happens on the other guys watch. Instead of pointing fingers it would be nice to see something actually done to address the issue while I haven't heard any solutions out of anyone criticizing the current situation.
  5. Catwhoshatinthehat

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Intends to and actually doing it are two different things. I don't blame him for not signing an extension now because if he and Lebon don't work out or the team implodes for any other reason he has an out. Unfortunately for the Lakers if that happens their next so many years will completely hinge on FA. They're definitely all in on next year which was too be expected.
  6. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Ongoing NBA Thread

    I didn't think GS could afford to offer them both max contracts but apparently that isn't the case as it's being reported they plan to do just that. If Durant stays I'll be curious to see what kind of offer NY makes the Pelicans for Davis who supposedly said he wants to go to the Lakers or Knicks. Knicks were linked to KD for quite a while and it sounded like at one point he was their top target but that changes depending on what you read.
  7. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Ongoing NBA Thread

    Durant and Thompson both ended up suffering torn ACL's. I wouldn't be surprised if both of them end up getting max contract offers (not from GS) despite the fact they'll miss most if not all of next season. That said their injuries as two of the biggest names available definitely impacts FA and the trade market. Congrats to the Raptors.
  8. Catwhoshatinthehat

    LA homelessness numbers increasing

    I don't know if I can handle it. My wife likes to read the news and tells or sends me stories she comes across and my faith in humanity is always taking a beating.
  9. Catwhoshatinthehat

    LA homelessness numbers increasing

    TORS reading your posts made me wonder how much we spend on keeping some of those that are addicted to drugs alive. Those shots can't be cheap and you've got people who have been given it multiple times to save their lives. Add in the time cost law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors and so on to treat or deal with these individuals and I imagine there's a ridiculous sum of money spent on a thankless effort when a high percentage are right back at it the next day. Meanwhile more and more people can't afford health insurance or their prescriptions.
  10. Catwhoshatinthehat

    LA homelessness numbers increasing

    I always wondered about that. There's no loitering signs posted in some areas yet there's people who post up and in some cases live there. I realize law enforcement has bigger things to worry about though.
  11. Catwhoshatinthehat

    LA homelessness numbers increasing

    We went to Palm Springs a few years back and after going to the main strip I was left wondering how anyone who was homeless there hadn't done everything in their power to get closer to the coast. I know there's no simple solution but the problem with just throwing money at this type of issue just guarantees more people will come. In our area we used to see the same 3 people who would always be on the move during the day and we now see 6 regulars and a couple new people just last week standing at intersections panhandling.
  12. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Calolfornia Meanwhile there's citizens living on the street, others struggling to afford their health care costs and the list goes on.
  13. Catwhoshatinthehat

    David Ortiz shot in the DR???

    Glad to hear he's alright. Is anyone else kind of wondering what Mota's translation would look like?
  14. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Mitch Haniger ruptured his testicle via a foul ball

    That's nuts.
  15. Catwhoshatinthehat


    Are you insinuating that tweets aren't reliable? Joking aside anytime I go to yahoo, msn, etc. there's some article talking about how twitter is "roasting" or rather ridiculing or harassing someone for something they said or did. If someone does that in the real world they're usually considered a bully. In my day we called them internet trolls but with twitter it's somehow it's accepted. Weird.