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    Terrible situation. I was going to post more but it seems like a waste of time given the current direction of the thread.
  2. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Justin Bour has agreed to a deal with the Angels

    Career OPS+ of 123 and if we could have acquired him after the 2015, 2016 or 2017 season I think a lot of people would have been for it. If it doesn't work out no big deal but I'm liking the upside as he plays on a 1 year prove it deal.
  3. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Why not waive Pujols?

    The millions of dollars Arte still has to pay him should mean enough. He's been below league average the last few years and aside from a small uptick this year in AVG/OBP/SLG his stats have been on a steady decline. If the Angels were rebuilding or terrible like the Marlins maybe you keep him while he chases milestones but aside from feelings being hurt it doesn't make much sense. Most future FA's aren't going to turn down Arte's money if his offer is what they're looking for. I don't expect him to get cut or retire but if someone isn't pulling their weight at your work I'm guessing most of you aren't in favor of keeping him or her. He's one of the best to ever play the game and nothing he or the franchise does right now is going to take away from what he's accomplished.
  4. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Bauer or Kluber?

    I think the Indians can do a lot better than Heaney for Bauer.
  5. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Bauer or Kluber?

    You're right when I looked at his contract I missed the last year. He's under club control for the next 3 years for a total of 52.5M which again in baseball terms isn't bad. If he declines rapidly or is injured it's a 1M buyout in year 3.
  6. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Bauer or Kluber?

    Kluber is older but he didn't pitch more than 200 innings at the ML level until his age 28 season and has 1,306 IP in the majors. He's signed for a total of 35.5M the next two years so the financial commitment in baseball contract terms isn't bad. Over the last 5 years he's averaged 218 IP and 246K's with an ERA+ of 156. Bauer has pitched 906 innings in the majors so age aside the mileage difference at the ML level isn't as big as you'd think given that one is 5 years older than the other. Over the last 5 years Bauer has averaged 174 IP and 180 K's with an ERA+ of 120 which is really driven by 2018 when his ERA+ was 198. Bauer is a guy I've targeted in fantasy baseball since he came up, he looked great last year and maybe he has put it all together. He's under club control for the next 2 years and as of one point he only wanted to sign 1 year contracts his entire career: No idea if that will be the case but it's something to consider. Since they're both under club control for 2 more years which is coincidentally how long Trout's current contract lasts I'd opt for whoever is cheaper in trade.
  7. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Anthony Rendon

    They appear to be going all in for 2019 so even if they can't or don't extend him I don't see why they would want to move him now when he's under club control for one more year. If they're out of it as the trade deadline approaches and haven't extend him then it would make sense to move him but not before.
  8. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Luis Valbuena Killed in Car Accident

    Terrible. RIP.
  9. Catwhoshatinthehat

    Stock Market: The Thread

    At times like this I wonder how much of the movement is due to big players like massive funds buying or selling. I know during the great recession quant funds triggered huge moves as stock prices hit certain levels and I'm guessing big drops are triggering some moves the last few days. The market recovered a lot today but after it was closed yesterday and the shellacking it took on Tuesday I was thinking with the Chinese government confirming the 90 day tariff cease fire there would have been more of a bounce back. I guess they're attributing some of today to the arrest of the Huawei executive and how that may impact the ongoing tariff talks.
  10. I read that Harris' break is a chip and supposedly there's a chance he could be back by week 17 if they were by some miracle still in the playoff hunt. Really sucks for Sanders because he seems like a good guy, he'll be 32 before next season and it happened so late that word is if he decides to play next year he may not be ready by week 1. He was likely to be a cap cut after this year already given his cost and age so I'm assuming he played his last game for Denver.
  11. Catwhoshatinthehat

    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    Agreed but it feels like their offense or offensive playbook hasn't changed while a lot of other offenses across the league have. If you look at yards per game they're 8th but points per game they're middle of the pack at 16th. When I saw McCarthy got let go I wasn't surprised because of the supposed rift between him and Rodgers but then I was trying to think of notable players they've drafted in the last 5 years and don't know how much of that is on McCarthy or the GM.
  12. Catwhoshatinthehat

    and Shoe gone as well

    Shoemaker was a good story in 2014 when he got the call up and posted much better numbers than he had in the minors. After that he seemed like one of those guys who would look average to good for maybe 3 starts then look bad for the next 5. Just enough to make you think he was going to put it together but it never happened as his best year was 2014 and from 2015-2018 his ERA+ was 92. The Angels had so many question marks on their staff that I'm fine with them parting with some guys because they can't afford to hope guys from last year finally put it together and/or stay healthy. If they can get him back for less than he would have gotten in arbitration I'm all for it. If not I wish him the best as he always seemed like a good guy.
  13. Catwhoshatinthehat

    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    Happened in February and the chiefs are saying he wasn’t truthful as they were made aware of it before and asked him about it. Crazy it took over 9 months for the video to get out.
  14. Catwhoshatinthehat

    7.2 Earthquake/Tsunami Warning Anchorage

    Crazy stuff. Hopefully no one was seriously hurt but given how some of the roads look and the magnitude not sure how likely that is.
  15. Catwhoshatinthehat


    I did like the "slip a Johnson" into the White House plan.