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  1. TroutBaseball

    Cody Allen DFA'd

    Kimbrel hasn't even pitched this year and I still prefer the contract we gave to Allen. Even more so compared to the contract Kimbrel wanted in the preseason. Allen was a bad move that's easy to move past.
  2. TroutBaseball


    From Joe Sheehan: So it’s reasonable to say that for the last year, Ohtani hasn’t been the two-way player of mythology but, rather, a one-way player. In that year, Ohtani has hit .282/.353/.556. Left alone to rake, he’s been one of the 15 best hitters in baseball, with a 146 wRC+. Here are his comps in that time. Oh! -tani (Hitting since June 14, 2018, min. 250 PA) PA AVG OBP SLG wRC+ 11. Max Muncy 589 .286 .380 .551 149 12. Mookie Betts 711 .307 .416 .524 149 13. Shohei Ohtani 375 .282 .353 .556 146 14. Josh Bell 602 .299 .385 .544 145 15. Pete Alonso 277 .258 .339 .598 145 “I’m pretty sure Shohei Ohtani is a five-win pitcher, and I can be convinced he’s a five-win outfielder. I just don’t know if we’re taking those players and making them into a four-win P/DH.” Ohtani is a top 15 hitter since last June. Do you take that kind of production out of the lineup 40% of the time? Probably yes if you have a pitching staff like the Angels.
  3. TroutBaseball

    Alright you damn A-holes

  4. TroutBaseball

    Simba Sighting...

    What took Jo Adell so long? #weak
  5. TroutBaseball

    Why is Buttrey not our closer?

    The replies to this make me want to cry in gratitude. Baseball fans CAN learn that the way it's always been done isn't always the best way. #hope
  6. TroutBaseball

    Positive note on Ausmus

    See also: Buttrey, Ty (high leverage usage)
  7. TroutBaseball


    I don't know why any pitcher would trust him to catch a pitch in the dirt with a runner on base. Other than that he's fine.
  8. TroutBaseball


    I'm referencing the microcosm of this message board. Real baseball writers aren't suggesting Ausmus is on his way to getting fired.
  9. TroutBaseball


    This message board defaults to "fire the manager" the same way lazy sports talk shows lean on "Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame". Ausmus MAYBE cost the team an opportunity to win twice this season (which is way different than saying he caused them to lose). Harvery, Allen, Noe, Cahill. . . it's not his fault they can't pitch. You don't seen Allen or Noe in high leverage situations and he can't cover up both Cahill and Harvey with bullpen games. You tell someone to bake a cake with a turd and it's going to taste bad. There's no sense in critiquing how he makes the butter cream frosting. Jury is out on Ausmus. Maybe he sucks but there's no way you can say he's the reason this team is 5 games under .500. A MUCH bigger discussion should be going on about what the hitting staff (which Ausmus hired) has done to La Stella.
  10. TroutBaseball


    Buster Olney and Keith Law talked about this in detail
  11. TroutBaseball

    Broadcast Question

    It always makes Victor appear to have magic powers.
  12. TroutBaseball

    Broadcast Question

    Does it seem like the video on the FSW broadcast is delayed by half a second. A lot of times it seems like Victor is predicting pitches as they are thrown. Tonight he said La Stella's HR bounced off the wall before it actually did. I'm streaming off YouTube.TV so that might have something to do with it.
  13. TroutBaseball

    Another opener question

    OR . . . we could all just recognize the inherent weakness with the W stat and stop using it.