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  1. happybat4


    Also Posey
  2. happybat4


    As expected he retired. How much HOF consideration will he get? Hall of very good to me. Great peak, but he is just short in my book.
  3. happybat4

    Highest dwar for a pitcher

    I shouldn't have asked
  4. happybat4

    Highest dwar for a pitcher

    So Nobody can look this up?
  5. I don't know how to look this up. What's the highest career dwar for a pitcher. Greg maddux is the only pitcher I can find with a positive dwar and it's .1
  6. happybat4

    MLB award silliness read today

    Betts deserves it this year, he has been the better player, though not by much.
  7. happybat4

    Apparently John Lackey has now retired.

    I loved Lackey. There is a reason he has three championships. He pitched big in the post season his rookie year.
  8. Erstad actually had several great years. He left the team in war in 2002 and he had the highest career war of all the 2002 players.
  9. happybat4

    Gameday Thread 09/21 Angels vs. Astros

    Statcast had that strike three on Trout way up. Was it?
  10. happybat4

    Justin Upton appreciation thread

    I thought Anderson hit 36 one year, but he might have been center that year.
  11. happybat4

    Gameday Thread 09/15 Angels vs. Mariners

    Seeing hitters in front of Trout who can't even get on base at a .300 clip year after year gets old.
  12. happybat4

    AL MVP

    I think Trout gets second. Betts has won it already. He has been better than Trout on a first place team.
  13. I like Fletcher but what do you think is his upside. He doesn't walk much and has little power. He is like Johnny giovellta with a better glove.
  14. happybat4

    Gameday Thread 09/12 vs. Rangers

    Cherry pick all the stats you want. Kinsler had an OPS over 700 with the Angels. Sure he struggled, but who doesn't. Fletcher has a sub 700 ops. We need better than that at 2nd base.
  15. Trout won't resign unless we make the playoffs. End of story.