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  1. happybat4


    http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26797380/pitcher-skips-mlb-draft-japan-deal Essentially a prospect signed with a Japanese team instead of being drafted. 7 million guaranteed and he will be a free agent at age 25, which is better than he would have received by MLB. I wonder if more top prospects might take this route.
  2. What ever happened to Cowart. I don't see any stats for AAA.
  3. Trouts Ops is now under a 1000
  4. He had a 2.3 defensive War in 2007 as a first basemen. I have never seen a first basemen rated that high, ever. We talk about his offensive drop off, but his defense fell off a cliff when he came here as well.
  5. Trout always sucks against lefties. 0-4 with a GIDP. (Hence the jinx and he hits two Homer's)
  6. happybat4

    War and pitchers

    I realize War is not a perfect Stat and it has its flaws, but I was looking at pitcher stats today was surprised how high Zack Greinkes War is. It is 66.5 for his career. He is a great pitcher, but he is a hall of fame based on this. A further breakdown of his stats and he has 4.9 War for offense. I understand positional adjustments, but in 558 career plate appearances he has a. 601 Ops (and he is a perfect 8-8 on stolen bases which is amazing for a pitcher). According to war his 558 plate appearances (essentially one season) has been more valuable on offense that any season that we have had Albert Pujols. More interesting than anything. I'll keep my Greinke uniform for when he is in the hall of fame.
  7. happybat4

    Lowest strikeout rates in baseball

    Heyward is coming back to life. Maybe he will end up in HOG conversations after all.
  8. happybat4

    Former angels we wish we still had?

    Can Greinke play first base? He has a 1700 Ops.
  9. happybat4

    Mike Trout

    I saw Bourjus pitch ran and played centerfield for Trout to finish the game. Is he injured?
  10. happybat4

    Former angels we wish we still had?

    At least we have Harvey
  11. happybat4

    Former angels we wish we still had?

    At least we have Harvey
  12. happybat4

    Former angels we wish we still had?

    Blake Parker
  13. happybat4

    Former angels we wish we still had?

    Kendrys has a 585 ops
  14. I love the threads about former angels we wish we still had because they could help are team RIGHT NOW! It's always fun because it is way to early. I'll star with Ji Man Choi (785 Ops)