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  1. happybat4

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    I'm good with this signing. Hopefully he bounces back.
  2. happybat4

    Angels sign Kevin Kelleher

    What warrants this signing? He sucked in rookie ball and the independent league.
  3. happybat4


    Saw doctor. He says just inflammation and blood pooling. May take a couple weeks to go away.
  4. happybat4


    Thanks! I'm hoping it gets better soon.
  5. happybat4


    Not going well for me. Still swollen and I have a hard lump that's getting bigger each day. I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow to have it looked at.
  6. happybat4


    Rubbed one out today. Felt good and bad at the same time.
  7. happybat4


    Everything works the same.
  8. happybat4

    Ongoing NBA Thread

    Nick Collision is having his number retired by the Oklahoma City Thunder. First player in franchise history. They are setting the bar pretty low.
  9. happybat4


    I'm a runner though so I don't like not being active.
  10. happybat4


    It was scapel.
  11. happybat4

    Rest In Peace Paul (Pablo) Smith

    Sorry for your loss
  12. happybat4


    Its been a week and I still feel it. I was hoping to run a week later, I'm hoping I can run this month now. One testicle is still seollen and very purple, also has a weird lump. Hopefully this gets better. Good news is I can walk almost normal now.
  13. happybat4

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Holland was good for the Nationals.
  14. happybat4

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Good back up catcher. Can play a little 3rd. I can't believe he started a game at SS last year.
  15. happybat4


    It's easy to tie tubes if it's done during birth. If it's after birth getting a vasectomy is much more simple and safe than getting tubes tied.