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  1. VariousCrap

    Betts for Adell?

    Mookie is awesome. Don't be a stupid. That said, I don't trade Adell for anyone.
  2. Mike Trout's extension and then the season he has been having. We are so F'n lucky to have this man on the team. David Fletcher proving last season wasn't a fluke and that he is even better than that. He is the player I tell my son he should strive to be on the field. It was awesome to watch guys like LaStella and Goodwin finally get a chance to prove themselves and they both did so. I love those types of stories.
  3. VariousCrap

    Six man rotation in 2020?

    If the Angels sign Cole and Odorizzi for the rotation next season, I'd be so F'n stoked.
  4. VariousCrap

    The age of our rotation

    Cole must be target number one. I'd stay away from Bumgarner. I'd prefer target number two being Jake Ordorizzi or Zack Wheeler.
  5. VariousCrap

    The age of our rotation

    There is no doubt the rotation needs Ohtani and two new SP's as well next season.
  6. VariousCrap

    Trout buys $9 million Newport Beach mansion

    That is actually not that expensive for a guy that makes the money he does. About a month ago, I had to inspect a 25 million dollar home in the Newport Coast area. It was brand new and simply amazing. As I walked through it, I remember wondering who could afford such a home. Someone like Trout was all I could come up with. Anyways, good for Trout. I've inspected some condos in the Harbor Ridge community before. That is a very nice neighborhood.
  7. VariousCrap

    Eppler Polls

    I voted 70% and one more year. IMO, the Angels need to be a playoff team in 2020.
  8. VariousCrap

    Eppler to speak with media

    And making that trade and taking on that money is worth it from where the Astros are right now. It would have made zero sense for the Angels.
  9. VariousCrap

    Eppler to speak with media

    I just don't see a reason to trade away our future talent when there are some pretty good FA options that the Angels can get this off-season. Also, they could always work out a trade this off-season if there is someone Eppler really wants. It's not like the Angels had a legit shot at making the playoffs this year anyways.
  10. I'm not sure the Angels trade Goodwin. He won't get you much in return, he is cheap and Calhoun will be gone next season because the Angels aren't going to pick up his option.
  11. Fletcher should always be hitting in front of Trout IMO.
  12. VariousCrap

    Angels DFA McCreery, activate JC Ramirez

    His fastball has been averaging 90-91 in his rehab outings. This is going to be ugly.
  13. VariousCrap

    Missed the end of the game last night

    Pretty much. Even Victor said they had the entirely wrong approach with each at bat. They also seemed tired and drained.
  14. VariousCrap

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Dodgers 7/23/2019

    Anderson is a mental midget.
  15. Ugh....those photos are heartbreaking.