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  1. VariousCrap

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Any news of when the press conference will be?
  2. VariousCrap

    Trevor Cahill is the opening day starter

    Now back to reality and the fact the Angels rotation sucks.
  3. VariousCrap

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Honestly, for that price, the Angels should have been all over him.
  4. VariousCrap

    My New Favorite Person

    Hernandez withstanding, don't umpires end up getting it right most of the time?
  5. VariousCrap

    My New Favorite Person

    Isn't there a section of the board for politics? People should post the political crap there. Leave this section for baseball and Victor's mom.
  6. VariousCrap

    The Angels rotation

    I agree they haven't upgraded the team that much. The biggest upgrade would be for the rotation to stay healthy for the season. Personally, I'd still like to see the Angels get Keuchel for the rotation.
  7. VariousCrap

    The Angels rotation

    This is what kills me. That the Angels are content going into the season with an over-under of 84ish wins being a realistic goal. I understand there just weren't that many realistic options out there in FA land this off-season for them, but it just feels like 2019 is going to be another year of wasting Trout. The Angels are going to need to be healthier than the last few years and have some luck go their way.
  8. VariousCrap

    The Angels rotation

    How did this get ignored? Made me laugh.
  9. VariousCrap

    The Angels rotation

    Jackson is trash. Last years limited success doesn't change that. Gio or Keuchel are who the Angels need to get. Neither one are perfect options, but they are historically durable and have been good pitchers over the years. Even with the pick attached, I think it is time to sign Dallas if you can get him for 2 or 3 years at a lower price.
  10. VariousCrap

    The Angels rotation

    I think the Angels need to get Gio Gonzalez. He makes way too much sense for this rotation to not sign him.
  11. VariousCrap


    I don't think anyone is excited, but I like Bourjos as the fourth outfielder over Young last year.
  12. I guarantee you if the Angels called Trout's agent with an offer of 10/375 or 12/400 he'd start thinking about it and talking about it with his agent. What is Trout supposed to say here? "Now that Machado and Harper got their contracts, I need to get paid!!!" Come is totally like Mike Trout to say he isn't even thinking about it.
  13. VariousCrap

    Harper and Machado Contracts/Trout Extension

    As Jeff Fletcher said yesterday on Twitter, Harper and Machado are further proof that the vast majority of players go where the biggest contract is at. The Angels will rock Trout's world with contract extension and he'll sign it.
  14. VariousCrap

    Harper and Machado Contracts/Trout Extension

    My prediction in that other thread is 10/375. I could see them offer 12/400 if they want to buy out his last two years of his contract and have him signed until he is 40.
  15. At that price??? You are a fool.