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  1. One Top 5 guy and two Top 30 guys in their system which is one of the highest rated.
  2. 5 guys for a rental? Seems like a lot to give, especially when you consider the Dogs should be able to win the NL West with or without him.
  3. VariousCrap

    Are the Angels simply 2 players away?

    As I just wrote to Mulwin, his numbers have been much better since he came back from the DL; however I have zero faith he keeps this up. I hope I'm wrong and I'll happily eat crow.
  4. VariousCrap

    Are the Angels simply 2 players away?

    Those are much better numbers, but I have zero faith that he keeps this up. I hope he proves me wrong.
  5. VariousCrap

    Ohtani getting some sex education in the dugout

    The Japanese are not grossed out with anything when it comes to sex.
  6. VariousCrap

    Are the Angels simply 2 players away?

    Don't forget about 2B. I agree, the pen has to be massively upgraded.
  7. VariousCrap

    Are the Angels simply 2 players away?

    The Angels will have to decide between Cozart or Fletcher for the starting line-up. No way you have both of them starting at 2B and 3B in 2019. The Angels will also have to do something about RF for 2019. Calhoun is done.
  8. Yup. Stick a fork in them. They are done.
  9. I am generally shocked Bedrosian got out of that. lol
  10. A must win? LMAO! This team is done this season. Just enjoy the occasional win and players like Trout, Simba, Fletcher, etc....
  11. VariousCrap

    Why would Scioscia return?

    Sosh drives me nuts on a weekly basis during the season, but I still think he is a good manager. The only reason I think the Angels shouldn't bring him back is I feel this team needs new ideas and a new direction. Things have been the same for so long, it just seems like a change is needed.
  12. VariousCrap

    Do you give up on the team at this point?

    I'll still be watching because I love baseball and this team, but these guys are done. No way they make the playoffs this season.
  13. VariousCrap

    The Blame Game of 2018

    The bullpen is 100% Eppler's fault. He practically did nothing to improve it. It was a horrible decision and it has kicked this teams ass.