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  1. I thought I heard them say on the broadcast the other day that they were giving Puello some reps at 1B.
  2. If his floor is basically Justin Upton, then I'd say that's a pretty good spot for us to be in.
  3. Last year Trout hit something like .130 in “late and close” situations. Hope it doesn’t become a trend.
  4. ADHB

    Puig and Kemp to the Reds

    Oh ok thanks. Looking at the tweets, they made it sound like Bailey had only one year left.
  5. ADHB

    Puig and Kemp to the Reds

    What do the Reds get out of this? They’re taking on a lot more money and giving up prospects/international money for the right to do so. Just to get rid of Bailey? They like Puig that much?
  6. ADHB

    Cowart has been abducted by Dipoto

    Yes. He is also the source of the nickname “big catorce.”
  7. ADHB

    Cowart has been abducted by Dipoto

    So he’s going to pitch in the majors after not having pitched a single inning since high school? That’s hard to believe, unless it’s just someone who can come in and mop up in a blowout... basically like any other position player, not a “two-way player.” In the past, haven’t people said that in order to convert to a pitcher, a position player would have to go down to the minors and start over, basically retrain themselves and come up through the system, effectively taking 2-3 years to make it back to the majors, if at all?
  8. ADHB

    Cozart for Gray?

    Did you mean Cozart and Tropeano for a gray Chase Utley?
  9. ADHB

    Next Order Of Business...

    Not to mention the actual record of the MLB club in recent years reflects more on the previous GM than it does the current one. Unless you have a Dodger type payroll where you can buy your way out of problems, there's really not much a GM can do when taking over a team with as many holes as this one had throughout the system. The overall health of the organization is much greater now than it was when Eppler took over. 2020 and onward will be more of a reflection of the job he has done.
  10. I would love nothing more than the Giants to screw over the Dodgers, and I have a feeling they feel the same. They pushed Bumgarner back to pitch Friday instead of in his usual spot. At the very least, make the Dodgers have to play some sort of tiebreaker game just to make their obnoxious fans sweat.
  11. ADHB

    Is Calhoun the starting Rf next year?

    Cozart injured his left shoulder, so that’s not an issue. But I agree. His performance this year is mostly in line with his career norms. There isn’t much to him other than an average hitting middle infielder with not a lot of power.
  12. ADHB

    Should the Angels allow Trout...

    If you ask Trout for input into personnel decisions, what you'd really be doing is asking his agent for that input. Trout doesn't seem like the kind of guy who follows the business side of things, or has any interest in how a front office runs a team as long as they're trying to improve the team. Sure, he could tell you to go after every guy he knows is an impact player, but that's no different than what the average fan would suggest. It's not like he'd be analyzing stats and coming up with a game plan for who to fit in under the budget. "Hey Mike, do you think we should go after Machado?" "Yeah that dude is awesome." Very useful.
  13. I don't think Trout has ever tweeted anything himself that was longer than one word, other than "Fly Eagles Fly" or if the next team we play has 2 words in it.
  14. ADHB

    Terry Smith

    This is exactly it. He talks too slowly, so that if he's talking about something else in between pitches, he doesn't finish in time to call the next pitch or play. Lots of uhhhhhs in between the words of his sentences don't help. And yes, he more or less tells you what happened after the play is over and has processed it in his mind, as opposed to calling it as it happened. The time whichever team it was turned that triple play on the Angels last month, it was ridiculous listening to Terry try and figure out what happened and describe it (after the play was over of course).
  15. ADHB

    Terry Smith

    Terry seems like a nice guy, but if you listen to other teams’ radio broadcasts, you’ll realize how little real time PBP he actually does. I don’t even know that he’s not paying attention, it’s just that he’s too slow in all facets to keep up, whether it’s in describing the play or telling a story too slowly to get back to the action in time. With other teams, I know exactly when the next pitch is coming whereas with the Angels, often there have been 2 or 3 I’ve missed because they simply weren’t called.