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  1. Denver sports radio is going to be a party this week.
  2. Having a catcher who can catch the ball is key.
  3. Trumped

    Fair enough. I can respect that your Armageddon porn fantasy is not a fantasy.
  4. Trumped

    Shhhhh ... you're ruining UndertheHalo's Armageddon porn fantasy.
  5. Fair enough. There's one reason that isn't dumb.
  6. Isn't any reason that someone would use for voting for Trump a dumb reason?
  7. Trumped

    MT & Tank sound like horrible humans for their lack of caring.
  8. You really don't understand it?
  9. Thoughts and Prayers

    It's the "Thank You Harvey Weinstein for all the Money" Act of 2017 Oh, Jerry Brown. You silly man.