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  1. Geoff

    More Thoughts & Prayers

    Teacher and student dead, dozens injured in deadly NJ bus crash. You send your kids off to school and just expect that they'll come home.
  2. Geoff

    More Thoughts & Prayers

    Colorado Springs police arrest 2 street racers who caused fatal crash Well, thank God the police were able to arrest them after they already killed someone.
  3. Geoff

    More Thoughts & Prayers

    Wrong thread, guys. This thread is about vehicles death machines.
  4. Geoff

    The Caravan(s)

    So, you weren't a professional
  5. It was more than a grope. He devil's triangled that thing!
  6. It does "violence" to the Constitution. Violence!
  7. "Do we need the UN to step in?" Lulz
  8. Geoff

    Random pics for no reason

    I think 4 is also Voyage To the Bottom Of The Sea, isn't it?
  9. Geoff


    Having not lived in CA for over 13 years, I've gotta ask ... is he right? Not that I'm trying to question CA's long and storied history of not wasting money.
  10. Not like Victor's mom. Everyone "knew" Victor's mom!