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  1. Trumped

    Root beer? sad
  2. #metoo

    The drumbeat continues ... Rep. Ruben Kihuen (D-Nev.) said Saturday that he will not seek reelection after facing accusations about sexual harassment.
  3. 4th OF?

    Yeah, I'm on board with him too.
  4. 4th OF?

    Oh, he knows. He just doesn't get on base enough to do it.
  5. 4th OF?

    I'd be down with this. Good glove. Good speed. You're not picking up a 4th OFer for a power bat.
  6. Trumped

    His guitar work on the Hotel California album is the stuff of legend, though.
  7. #metoo

    Dustin Hoffman Accused Of Exposing Himself To Minor I feel like we should put together a pool of who will be next. For some reason, I feel like Blake Shelton will be coming up soon.
  8. FCC Giveaways

    Because both parties are the same.
  9. FCC Giveaways

    You said before you wrote in your own name. Were you not telling the truth before or are you not telling the truth now?
  10. FCC Giveaways

    RIP net neutrality. dicks
  11. #metoo

    By "that guy" I assume you mean that he drinks Coors Light.