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  1. whoa doc getting a little chippy with the tone. alright, allow me to retort. madison bumgarner had a bad motorcycle accident when he was 27, he will be 29 years old to start this season. he pitched to a 3.26 era last year on a bad team. his fastball velocity is 1 mph less than it was pre-accident. he has 102.1 innings pitched in the post season with a total era of 2.11. oh what's that you say? his last 5 inning post season outing was indicative of his future? well, let's look at that. it was 2016, it was pre accident, and he lost to the eventual world series champion cubs. tough break, but i wonder what he did 5 +/- days earlier in the wild card game against the mets? oh, he through a complete game 4 hit shutout. you know what sample size is doc. so post 2014, where i live in the past, he has had 2 post season games and pitched to a total era of 1.93. he also has pitched in a total of 240 innings to an era of 3.30. the only concern with bumgarner is his durability post accident. he came back after rehab. pitched 111 innings, then pitched 129. if whomever thinks he can't pitch a full season anymore, then that's a fair opinion. i'd suggest that's an overly critical assessment of an extremely durable pitcher coming back from a non baseball injury. as i said, he's not the greatest regular season ace ever, but he holds his own and dominates in the playoffs. he's the real Mang, until he's not. any team with serious designs on a world series championship for this year would be clamoring to acquire him, at the right trade price. anyway, cheers.
  2. ukyah

    2018 Hot Stove League

    nobody's giving them what they want. they've been told a number for so long, and it's not happening.
  3. scott kazmir doesn't even enter the picture as a comparable. he had a career era of 4.01 and a post season era of 5.18 over 6 series. i understand players decline, but madbum was never the most dominant ace in the regular season with a career era of 3.03 , but what's the list of post season pitchers that have dominated more than he has, 12 postseason series 11-1 and a 2.11 era, and in the biggest spots? it's a pretty friggin' short list. i stick by what i said, until he shows us that he's no longer the pitcher he was, then that guy is the ace of aces. last point, madbum is 29 years old. you're talking about him like he's 33.
  4. madbum is the friggin red baron in the post season. he's the ace of aces, until he's not. there's no way his acquisition can be overstated for a team, like the yankees, that expects to win the world series.
  5. ukyah

    Payroll update

    who would have thought matt harvey would be our biggest FA signing this offseason? i don't think there's a man or woman on this board that would have bet that. how about our biggest FA contract being 11 million total guaranteed? crazy.
  6. ukyah

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    i'm sorry, what the hell does this mean?
  7. ukyah

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    you really need to mix in some salient points. flop gets his balls busted continuously, but i see where he's coming from and what he's getting at. your posts are weak ass shit, homey.
  8. ukyah

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    or the year after that.
  9. ukyah

    Ottavino 3/27 to Yankees

    just playing devil's advocate here, you don't think having harper or machado dramatically changes this team's potential? or spreading 30 million around on a closer and a catcher? 30 million allows for a lot of different configurations of adding some pretty serious talent. i'm totally on board with them not giving up prospects or draft capital, but i'm not on board with that AND being cheap, which is what i think they're doing with their false ceiling. i think it's disingenuous.
  10. ukyah

    Ottavino 3/27 to Yankees

    the angels are signing nobody this offseason. that's just the way it is. and you don't have to worry about them signing kimbrel. if they're not going to sign the guys for 6-9 million per year, then they're certainly not going to pay kimbrel a huge contract.
  11. i believe albert is 45 years old.
  12. ukyah

    Why didn't the Angels go after Harper/Machado.

    it's not a great article. it's an amateur piece written poorly. none of his suggestions add up into a cohesive timeline, then he summarizes his article with a paragraph that should be about another article entirely, milb and a potential strike. tell me, what does the last paragraph have to do with anything that came before it. if i was his teacher? D+.
  13. ukyah

    Angels sign Kevin Kelleher

    "i want you to hit the bull."
  14. if the going rate is 175 million over 7 years, sign all three and i'll go down to the naval yard and greet all the sailors.
  15. ukyah

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    i can guarantee you the liklihood of that being said or even conveyed by the angels to trout is somewhere below 0%.