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  1. Puget Sound Angel

    MLB Blows Off Labor Day

    I don't get it. For Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, MLB celebrates with special jerseys and hats to mark the holidays. Yet today for Labor Day, nothing. You would think it was just another Sunday in the long grind of a season. Ya think it has something to do with MLB's going to war with the players association over the decades? If so, that is pretty petty. Hell, even the Angels did not play Monday.
  2. Puget Sound Angel

    Tyler Skaggs autopsy results

    If a team employee was somehow involved, this makes this the worst Angels season ever.
  3. Puget Sound Angel

    Players weekend uniforms

    MLB thinks this type of stunt is gonna gain younger fans?
  4. Puget Sound Angel

    Do you think that the game has changed too much?

    I will always love going to the ballpark. But I must admit, I can't remember the last time I watched a regular season game on TV that was not Angels related.
  5. Puget Sound Angel

    Do we contend in 2020?

    The question is do you trust Eppler?
  6. So we'll have one pitcher next year?
  7. Puget Sound Angel

    ROIDER alert

    Has that organization learned nothing after Robinson Cano?
  8. Puget Sound Angel

    The season is over

    The Orioles and the Tigers killed our season.
  9. Puget Sound Angel

    Jo Adell to AAA Salt lake

    So he makes it to the show in 2021?
  10. Puget Sound Angel

    Are the Angels a dysfunctional organization?

    How did the Mariners not make this list?
  11. Puget Sound Angel

    What are you excited for the rest of the season?

    Dodgers choking in a third straight World Series.
  12. Puget Sound Angel

    That was for Tyler

    I'm an emotional wreck right now.
  13. Puget Sound Angel

    Verlander - "Balls are juiced, duh!"

    How is it everyone is willing to come up with some kinda excuse, except to say maybe the players are juiced again?
  14. Puget Sound Angel

    UK Trout Pron

    If Trout is not known, it's because baseball has no clue how to market its players.
  15. Puget Sound Angel

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    The video of Skaggs and Trout at the NFC Championship game got me weepy all over again.