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  1. Puget Sound Angel

    Fridays are RED

    Take Me, Lindsay Lohan.
  2. Puget Sound Angel

    Angels trade Chris Stratton to the Pirates for cash

    Hey Pirates...SUCKERS!
  3. Puget Sound Angel

    Sole Possession of Second Place!!

    I Believe!
  4. Chris Russo proves he's a grumpy old man.
  5. That's like finding a guy's wedding ring and not giving it back.
  6. Puget Sound Angel


    So we have to manage his appearances now to let him pitch when he can do the least amount of damage?
  7. Sinclair? Oh Sweet Jesus NO! Expect more Trump Is God ads.
  8. Puget Sound Angel

    July 26-27-28 AngelsWin Softball Tourney & Tailgate Party

    Administrator, keep me posted about the Seattle game at the T.
  9. Puget Sound Angel

    July 26-27-28 AngelsWin Softball Tourney & Tailgate Party

    I'm down for June 1st at T-Mobile.
  10. Puget Sound Angel

    Worst Halos decade

    I became an Angels fan in '71. They would not make the playoffs till '79. That's eight years of my childhood destroyed.
  11. Puget Sound Angel

    Are Yankee fans always louder than Angel fans?

    It's the same way in Seattle with Yankees fans, and Red Sox fans, Blue Jays fans, Cubs fans, Giants fans, Dodgers fans,...etc.
  12. I guess that is good news? Right?
  13. Puget Sound Angel

    Do games count in April?

    The Dodgers lost home field advantage in last year's World Series because they tanked April and May.
  14. Puget Sound Angel

    The Angels Mount Rushmore....

    Trout, Ryan, Vlad, Tannana
  15. Puget Sound Angel

    Gameday Thread: Mariners @ Angels April 18,2019

    Battle of the Crummy Starting Pitchers.