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  1. Puget Sound Angel

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    Still no way the Dodgers let the Angels into LA County.
  2. Puget Sound Angel

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    My priorities: 1. Angels stay in Anaheim. 2. Move to my hometown of Tustin. 3. I could live with them in Long Beach as long as they stay in Orange County.
  3. Puget Sound Angel

    Leroy Stanton R.I.P.

    Got to see Stanton play for the Mariners in the team's first ever game against the Angels on April 6, 1977.
  4. Puget Sound Angel

    Pujols' Historic Decline Revisited

    Albert is Exhibit A on why you should never sign a player to a 10 year deal. Unless it's Mike Trout.
  5. Puget Sound Angel

    Lee Smith and Harold Baines get the hall call

    If nobody is truly worthy, then they should not have a vote that year.
  6. Puget Sound Angel

    Eppler’s final season or not

    I mean if Dipito can keep his job...why not?
  7. Puget Sound Angel

    Mathis Signs Again!

    Who knew Mathis was still alive?
  8. Puget Sound Angel

    The Mariners staff is falling apart

    Hey Seattle, Angels fans are laughing.
  9. Puget Sound Angel

    Woah....more Jerry Dipoto & Seattle Mariners greatness

    And the Mariners gave Dipito and Servais contract extensions because they had a good June.
  10. Puget Sound Angel

    Kris Bryant??? Yes please!

    What the hell did Bryant do to piss off the Cubs this early in his career?
  11. Puget Sound Angel

    Seattle considering full rebuild...

    Diaz is the only player worth a damn.
  12. Puget Sound Angel

    Willie McCovey

    McCovey, second greatest Giant to Mays.
  13. Puget Sound Angel

    The Official "Official 2018 World Series Thread"

    Thank you, Red Sox.
  14. Puget Sound Angel

    The Official "Official 2018 World Series Thread"

    If I had known this season was gonna lead to a Doyers/Red Sux World Series, I would have checked out of baseball till 2019.
  15. Puget Sound Angel

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    How'd he do on the written test?