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  1. If he goes 2-4 today he's back up to .306
  2. Stretch Drive Rotation

    As bad as things have gone they could have gone worse I suppose. Bridwell is a nice surprise and had he not stepped up we'd be in trouble. And getting Skaggs/Heaney back is huge too, even if they aren't aces. Just having warm bodies with mid rotation numbers is a huge upgrade for us. Now if we can get Richards and Meyer back.
  3. I think you are most likely right. Pujols loves baseball and remembers his glory days and to him he probably thinks he would be abandoning his team or something if he left before his contract is up. Maybe he thinks he could help the team and bring his performance back up again.
  4. It scares me to think we could be fighting for the wild card spot at the end of September and have to start Nolasco and have Salas come in later to relieve him before Bud Norris goes for the save.
  5. He's 71 hits short of 3,000 He's 108 RBI short of 2,000 He's 51 HR short of 660
  6. 3,000 hits = 2018 2,000 RBI = 2019 660 HR = 2020 Looks like he is ours for awhile.
  7. Imagine if he didn't have the greatest player on the planet batting before him?
  8. Ok, I adjusted the calcs to be a bit more accurate. I put him at 150 games per year until his contract is up with 573 ABs per year hitting .230 per year. With this formula his average drops to .299 in late May / early June 2019. He will be hitting .290 when his contracts ends with this formula.
  9. It sure is going to feel like 18,000 years.
  10. It was easiest to do .250 or 1/4 everyday. I'm adjusting now to see what .230 the rest of his career puts does to these numbers.
  11. The day his contract expires can't get here fast enough. I hold onto hope that he'll hang it up early (but I don't think he will). I thought maybe he'd be stat oriented enough that he'd retire before his career BA dips below .300. I put together a spreadsheet to try and estimate when this will happen. Since I don't want to waste my time on this too much I used round numbers to estimate. So these numbers will be off but maybe a good indicator. I put him in as a .250 hitter the rest of his days and playing 162 games a year just for ease of creating the spreadsheet. So it may even out in that he'll hit lower than .250 the rest of his days but also play much less games than 162 per year so maybe those things balance each other out. Anyway, popping all this into a spreadsheet I estimate that his average will dip below .300 on 8/1/2019. If he plays significantly less games or hits significantly worse, this will move the date forward or backwards. I'm going to update it later when I get time to limit his number of games per year and lower his average below .250 for the rest of his days but for now this is the easiest. Using the same generic formula his average will be .293 when his contract is up at the end of 2021. I'll update this thread periodically as his career average drops. I don't predict the next drop to .304 until 4/4/2018 if he hits at a .250 clip until then. In summary, this is all depressing because I thought his average would drop faster.
  12. He pretty much jumped over the fence without touching it. Impressive!
  13. Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    Norris back to not blowing it now that trade deadline has passed? Lol