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  1. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Money has to go somewhere I guess!
  2. Dump Valbuena

    We aren't in a position to drop any LH bats that can make good contact from time to time.
  3. Longest Playoff Drought...

    Fun fact, the Minnesota Timberwolves are next at 12 years (I think).
  4. I highly doubt the longer your tenure as a manager the more teams know how to counter your decisions. That's just a ridiculous statement. I'd rather have them try to counter a well thought out decision with decades experience behind it than a decision made by someone who has never managed an MLB team.
  5. I'll give 2. 1. It's a long season. 2. There's no better replacement out there in my opinion.
  6. We have the Cy Young winner on our team not named Ohtani or Richards.
  7. Messy situation at 1B

    Convince Pujols to retire. Trade Valbuena and/or Cron. Sign Logan Morrison. Profit?
  8. OC Register: Whicker: Those who left us in 2017

    I'm pouring out my 8am beer for them. RIP
  9. Tim Lincecum is coming back

    Fool me once blah blah blah
  10. Jerry Dipoto fan club check-in

    Checking in. Oh wait what? Where am I?
  11. Closer?

    I think we will be closer by committee this year.
  12. A good draft and signing the Ohtani and Maitan can work wonders. Maybe the draft this year, along with some nice years from the farm and we move into the top 10 farms.
  13. Cole Hamels is a GOOD dude...

    Dang, you have to truly be a good person to do something like this. Props to him. He has a new fan!
  14. Let’s go get Arrieta

    He had a nice run but I think his downhill slide will continue and he's not worth the risk or price.
  15. Fangraphs: The Angels Have Won the Offseason

    Now if we can handle the on-season