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  1. Interesting Albert Pujols tidbit

    Anything north of .250 this season and I'd be happy as a pig in poop.
  2. Blowtani

    The worst part is the talking heads on sports radio talking about how they (DOYERS) are "glad they didn't get Ohtani after all". It's a shame we have to pay that huge salary of his for so many years.
  3. The first #Angels pitching injury of the spring.

    Our 6 man rotation will eventually include 3 guys that didn't make an MLB roster by opening day.
  4. Pick 6

    Above: Pujols, Calhoun, Cozart Below: Skaggs, Shoemaker, Heaney In other words we better score about 10 runs per game.
  5. Skaggs extremely overrated IMO

    The only pitchers on our staff that I have ANY confidence in are G Rich and Shoe (can they stay healthy though?). Outside of them, our rotation is a huge question mark (Ohtani is a huge ? mark too of course). Lots of guys with potential and some short bursts of success but nothing worth of praise. I think many of us on this board overrate some of our pitchers because we saw them pitch a few good games from time to time (Skaggs/Heaney/Tropeano the main ones).
  6. BillJamesOnline: Release Pujols

    He'll have a great year this year so we will then keep him around the rest of his contract, then he will suck balls.
  7. This could have all kinds of impact that we don't think about. Guys try going opposite field for once, pitchers not going away from righties as much, guys swinging just a bit harder to try and hit it out of the shallow part, homerun robbing attempts, etc...
  8. Pujols & Ohtani news

    I'm calling it right now. Pujols finishes top 10 in MVP voting. And I'm the guy who successfully predicted he'd hit 2 homers in a game day thread last year. So I'm right damnit.
  9. 9th Inning proposed rule change

    I'm all for some change, but this is fucking dumb.
  10. I did this manually so I may have missed a few but the Red Sox and Yankees both have 6 in the top 100. Red Sox Yankees 6 Mookie Betts 13 Giancarlo Stanton 20 Chris Sale 14 Aaron Judge 61 J.D. Martinez 48 Gary Sanchez 63 Craig Kimbrel 56 Brett Gardner 74 Jackie Bradley Jr. 59 Luis Severino 94 David Price 83 Didi Gregorius
  11. C.J. Cron to the Tampa Bay Rays

    Probably be a 26 year old AA guy none of us have ever heard of.
  12. He probably took a big #2 and then weighed himself and lost all that.
  13. Arte Moreno Comments

    He forgot to finish his quote "Didn't turn a profit...when you factor in the cost of the yacht fuel"
  14. Why not just sign Arrieta?

    Trending downward, getting old, and expected to make huge $ = no thanks.
  15. We're scouting Tim Lincecum AGAIN?

    I don't care how good he looks. He also "looked good" last time he played for us and produced that amazing ~10 ERA.