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  1. Great news. But for Canning, I don't want to read this as an Angels fan lol
  2. PITCHERS please (preferably one's with arms attached still).
  3. zenmaster

    If Ohtani is rusty...

    .327 average vs RHP .143 average vs LHP
  4. zenmaster

    This upcoming Trade Deadline

    It's sad that anyone we trade is only going to land us some lower level prospect that isn't highly touted.
  5. zenmaster

    This upcoming Trade Deadline

    We are gonna flip Baldoquin for Vlad Jr. I heard.
  6. zenmaster

    Trade Garrett Richards

    I'd offer him a league minimum deal once he's back. Maybe.
  7. zenmaster

    Gameday Thread: 7/10 Mariners @ Angels

    Minus the MVP thing
  8. Well if you negotiate at your job in the beginning to include it in a contract then you would be sitting pretty like some of these players are.
  9. zenmaster

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    CJ playing 3rd would be fun...
  10. zenmaster

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    CJ Cron last 28 days .194 / .282 / .355 / .637 - 2 homers 6 rbi (19 games) and his numbers are only this high because of his hot start to July. He hit .130 in June in 22 games.
  11. zenmaster

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    Because he's on a team that no one cares about. Don't the players vote for pitchers? Guess the players suck at voting just as much as the fans do.
  12. Sell high! j/k, glad to see he's come around after his trip to AAA, I mean injury.
  13. zenmaster

    Angels' Run

    Once we are all but eliminated with no pressure I'm sure we will go on a run of some sort. It's easy playing with nothing at stake.
  14. zenmaster


    MLB and ESPN has him listed at 6'1" 170lbs lol Maybe his head is 170lbs? http://m.mlb.com/player/622161/eduardo-paredes
  15. zenmaster

    At Least We're Not The Mets

    Welcome to Anaheim DeGrom! See ya later Adell, Canning, and Marsh!