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  1. zenmaster

    Tampa Bay

    Rays are still really good.
  2. zenmaster

    Tampa Bay

    Lowest team ERA I believe.
  3. zenmaster

    Matt Harvey suffers a setback

    Can we trade him and Cahill to anyone for cash considerations? Not the actual cash, just the considerations.
  4. zenmaster

    Tropeano recalled, Peters likely optioned

    Tropeano has been with us awhile now and he only had 1 good stretch (of only a few starts) where he performed like a possible middle to back of the rotation starter.
  5. zenmaster

    David Ortiz shot in the DR???

    My dislike for him on the Red Sox aside, this is scary stuff and I wish him the best. He seems like a nice guy who's doing good things for the community.
  6. zenmaster

    This pitching staff

    This is one of the weakest group of starting pitchers I have ever seen on a team. This is impressively bad.
  7. zenmaster

    Predict Keuchel’s 2019 Numbers

    Better than half the starters we've thrown out there, which isn't saying much
  8. zenmaster

    Cahill ERA is over 7

    He has the 2nd highest ERA (7.18 in 57.2 IP) in the MLB for a pitcher who's thrown over 50 innings behind David Hess of the O's at 7.36 in 55 IP. Our own Matt Harvey is just 2 innings shy of overtaking Hess at 7.5 ERA in 48 IP. Anyone wonder why we aren't over .500 yet? lol
  9. zenmaster

    Mike Trout

    The Rays really struck gold when they traded Archer to the Pirates for Glasnow and Meadows. Glasnow is hurt but this year he's 6-1 with a 1.86 ERA, 0.910 WHIP with 9 BB and 55 K. Meadows is an MVP candidate so far this year hitting .357 with 12 HR and 37 RBI and a 1.085 OPS. Meanwhile Archer is 2-5 with a 5.66 ERA. and a 1.469 WHIP.
  10. zenmaster

    Who are the Angels' Rivals?

    Dipoto Scioscia
  11. Overworked and undertalented
  12. I'd trade him while his value is high.
  13. Even at his current pace he's better than Cahill and Harvey for sure.
  14. At this point we should object having to play any day.