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  1. That 18 inning loss to the Orioles really messed us up the most. It felt like that sent us into a tailspin of pieces together plans for pitching.
  2. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27636942/pirates-vazquez-jailed-child-solicitation-charge Looks like the Dodgers dodged one here. Video of him performing sex acts with a 13 year old is no bueno.
  3. zenmaster

    Concerned about Trout

    Winning the MVP probably isn't a top priority when your team is set to lose 90+ games.
  4. zenmaster

    This f'n season

    Well at least.........I got nothing.
  5. Per the link posted: Does not require treatment. (unless you play for the Angels)
  6. zenmaster

    Tyler Skaggs autopsy results

    Wouldn't it make most sense that he was just took oxy laced with fentanyl and he didn't know? I can't imagine he intended to take fentanyl but I'm a bit out of the drug culture loop. Either way a bad decisiom to take oxy from sketchy sources, and add in alcohol. And I agree that most IPAs taste like ass juice and it's just trendy to drink them. Kind of a manhood thing. Like guys who eat wings so hot you can't breath after and they go on how amazing they are.
  7. zenmaster

    Tyler Skaggs autopsy results

    ...used to tread advanced cancer pain and 50-100 times more potent than morphine. https://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/opioids/fentanyl.html
  8. Success for me: Suarez and Sandoval pitch well the rest of the year Heaney continues to look good Trout wins MVP No one's arm falls off
  9. zenmaster

    Angels sign Luiz Gohara

    Low risk but when his TJS is announced this board will lose it's shit, even though he's not costing us much of anything. We sign previously damaged goods then wonder what's going on when they break again.
  10. zenmaster

    Arm Mismanagement

    Found this data online and did some pivots based on it. It includes surgeries from August 2019 so I think it's up to date.
  11. We needed 2 pitchers this offseason, now 3. I say we go for 5 just in case our bad luck continues.
  12. zenmaster

    Jo Adell to AAA Salt lake

    Man this really sucks for Adell. Nice to see him hit 2, but it sucks that they don't count.
  13. zenmaster

    Betts for Adell?

    Haters gonna hate but we can only hope that Adell becomes anywhere near what Betts has been so far.