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  1. Expansion and Realignment

    The double switch! It's so complex and intricate that only the best of the best can pull it off!
  2. Expansion and Realignment

    Let's mix it all up. This is getting boring.
  3. Second Base

    We will find a guy in AAA who had some promising upside at some point and drafted high but has fallen on hard times. He will probably be 27-29 years old.
  4. World's Shortest Books

    How I use Common Sense -Vladdylonglegs
  5. Aaron Judge???

    He has struck out more times in this post season than Joe Dimaggio did in a whole season (in 1941 he played 139 games, struck out 13 times and won MVP). As a side note, Joe D. struck out 369 times in his 13 year career.
  6. Kind of a pussy

    So far so good.
  7. Kind of a pussy

    Will Strasburg be given a pass if he throws a gem today?
  8. Kind of a pussy

    Home Simpson had it right "Beer, now there's a temporary solution!" But yes, a hot drink would have helped him more if it's a cold.
  9. Kind of a pussy

    Maybe he planned on starting all along but they wanted to throw off the cubs for a bit? My guess though is that he felt really sick and is now feeling better.
  10. Would Scioscia save Pujols?

    How's the hangover?
  11. No drugs here. I meant i don’t think we have a package they’d accept for machado unless we offered trout, which I or the angels would never want or do.
  12. That package doesn't exist unless it includes Trout.
  13. WC Playoff Sux!

    I think it's great. Play a grueling 162 game schedule then have to lay it all on the line in a winner takes all game. It makes the games very exciting IMO with SPs getting pulled in the first and being replaced by another SP etc...
  14. This probably won't be popular but I have been all for getting rid of Scioscia in the past but I think this is one of those situations where you don't realize what you have until you don't have it. I can see us getting rid of him and bringing in some hack and the board crying for someone of Scioscia's caliber. He may make some bad decisions from time to time but I feel better with him than most other options out there. Sure there's a handful of guys I'd rather have, but getting them here would be very hard to impossible.
  15. Is he incapable of losing weight at his age? Seems that could benefit him.